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Part 7 – More sexy fun in Romania!

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This story is again pretty long, and takes a bit to get going, but is a mainly build up for upcoming chapters.

This story continues from part 6.


The evening at the club was fun without being very eventful. Several guys trying it on with Hayley whenever Dan wasn’t around, if he went to the bar or toilet for example. After the thorough ass-fucking she had received from George that afternoon, she wasn’t really interested in entertaining them tonight, instead looking forward to getting back to their hotel and giving Dan a proper thank you for getting her the massage. The last time he returned from the bar, Hayley was dancing and talking with two girls he recognised from arriving at the same hotel he and Hayley were staying at that morning. Hayley introduced them as Cassie and Lily, and not only were they staying in the same hotel, it turned out they were also from the same city in England. Cassie was similar in height to Hayley, although she was a little bigger in size without being fat, and had long dark hair that came to below her breasts. Lily on the other hand, was 5 or 6 inches taller than Cassie and Hayley, a lithe frame gained from a love of long distance running that had almost no perceptible fat on it, and small boobs like Hayley. Lily’s most obvious feature though, was her hair, being an extremely thick, long mane that hung down to past her waist.

It was around 3am when Dan and Hayley decided to call it a night, so Cassie and Lily chose to walk back with them, reasoning it was safer to be with others rather than just two girls on their own. When they arrived, they all said good night and went their separate ways, saying they will most likely see each other around the hotel. When they got back to their room, Hayley stayed true to her intentions, giving Dan quite possibly the best blowjob he had ever received before riding him with her all, finishing off by swallowing his load before they finally passed out. The following morning, they headed down to the restaurant for breakfast before taking a seat at the pool bar, ordering a drink as several of Ben and Paul’s friends came and went, heading towards the main beach as Dan and Hayley chatted.

Roughly an hour later, Cassie and Lily walked over, both dressed in bikinis, ordering a drink before saying they were intending to sunbathe during the day before going out at night, and asked if the couple fancied joining them on the loungers. Instead of laying around by the pool, Dan suggested they go to the spot on the beach where he and Hayley usually go, so having ordered several drinks, they made their way up the beach. They arrived and Hayley immediately took off her bikini top before laying down, which brought a smile from Lily.

“Oh thank god. I wanted to take my top off but was a bit unsure if you guys would mind!” she laughed, reaching behind to undo the string of her bikini top, before pulling it over head and releasing her small boobs.

That comment brought a wry smile from Dan, considering that this holiday Hayley has probably spent more time without a top on than with. As they lay in the sun, they mainly chatted about things at home, until Lily asked what they had been doing during the day on holiday. Hayley explained how they had looked around the town a few times, before saying she had met two different photographers and had then done multiple shoots with each. She first told her about Miruna, and how the challenge was to get amateur girls to flaunt their body by posing topless, especially in front of everyone at the beach. This immediately grabbed Lily’s attention, and she began asking questions, clearly interested in doing a shoot, so Hayley went into more detail, even saying that she did several nude shoots at a different beach because she enjoyed it so much. Cassie turned to Dan when she heard this, commenting that she knows Lily will do that as she is always getting naked.

“If you want to do one, get Dan to give her a ring. I’ve left my phone at the hotel but he will call her and tell her you want to.” Hayley said.

Lily turned to Dan and asked if he would mind, and sat watching as he made the call.

“Hi Miruna… Yeah I’m good thanks, how are you?… Oh, well, I might be able to help you out with that, I’m sat on the beach by our hotel with another very good looking girl who is interested in doing a photoshoot with you if you’re available… I’m not sure, she didn’t say, but considering she’s laying here with me, Hayley, and her friend and has got her tits out, I’d guess topless won’t be a problem… Ok, I’ll see you soon.”

Pressing the button to end the call, Dan told Lily that Miruna is on her way, which made Lily excited and nervous simultaneously, before taking a big gulp of her drink and laying back on the lounger to wait for Miruna to arrive. The wait wasn’t long, as the dark haired cutie was soon within view, walking up the beach to where the small group were waiting. When she arrived, Dan introduced ümraniye escort Miruna to Lily, and the two began chatting about how the challenge and website came about. As they talked, Lily was flicking through the portfolio at the pictures of previous girls, before Miruna asked to confirm about the shoot and handed her the release form.

“So, I understand you are happy to do topless pictures, right?”

“Yeah I’m fine with that.” Lily replied.

Miruna then asked her to put her top back on, as getting the girls to remove it is part of the websites gimmick, before they moved out on to the sand and started the shoot. Dan, Hayley, and Cassie all watched on as Lily played up for the camera, not hesitating to take her top off again when Miruna asked, posing as requested and improvising at the same time. After a while, Miruna asked Cassie if she wanted to join in, but she was reluctant, instead preferring to remain sunbathing on the lounger as the shoot continued. After about an hour, Miruna said she thought she had got enough pictures, and sat down with the others to go through them with Lily, stopping on several of them and saying how much they both liked the pictures, before Lily took a deep breath.

“I don’t want to stop now. I’m having fun doing this. I want to keep going, can we do more sets?” She asked, looking to Miruna.

“Yeah of course” Miruna said, “I was having a bad day at the beach as it wasn’t very busy and girls didn’t want to pose, so I’m happy to get lots of sets.”

With that, they moved back on to the sand and started shooting again, although this time, there was something different in how Lily was posing, being a lot sexier and more seductive as she looked into the lens than the playful 2 sets she had just done. Miruna noticed it too, changing the frequent compliments she was giving from things like ‘that’s really nice’ or ‘you look so pretty like that’, to ‘ohh, that’s sexy’ and ‘wow, that’s really hot’. Hayley had now stood up and was by the side of Miruna, helping demonstrate some of the poses that she had also done in her shoots, including the one where she pulled the sides of her bottoms in alternative directions. After this, Miruna encouraged her to play with the string at the side, which she gladly did, undoing it and pulling it in various directions, before holding on to the string from the back but letting the front completely fall open, giving Miruna and Hayley a full frontal view.

This surprised Miruna, as she thought Lily was only prepared to do a topless shoot, but she continued taking pictures as Lily made no attempt to cover herself up, instead starting to undo the string on the other side, and letting the front hang down completely.

“I didn’t know you wanted to do a nude shoot, or we could have gone to the other beach” Miruna said while briefly pausing from taking pictures.

“Oh, I’m ok to do it here if you’re happy to take the pictures. There is only us around, but there is always the risk that someone could walk up the beach and catch me, which is a big thrill.”

“Of course I’m happy to take the pictures, I was just surprised you want to do it here. We will stop if anyone comes”. Miruna responded.

“No, that’s ok. If someone comes up and catches me, good for them.” Lily laughed, and resumed posing for the camera.

“Besides, you never know, I might get caught by a fit guy or two..” she added.

“I can make that happen if you want, I’ve made a few friends here that I bet would like to watch this, as they loved watching Hayley!” Dan offered, inadvertently revealing that Hayley had done a nude shoot for another photographer, and that she had been watched by at least one, maybe more men.

“Hmm, it depends on how fit” Lily replied, still changing her positions for Miruna to capture.

“Oh god Lily, I know I said I’m not bothered who or how many guys you sleep with, but can you stop thinking with your vagina for a few hours, please!” Cassie blurted out, bringing a laugh from everyone else.

This gave Dan an idea, and it sounded like Lily would likely be up for what had just come in to his head, so he thought he would wait and ask after the shoot. He did ask if Lily wanted him to text the guys to come and watch, but after a few seconds of thinking, she decided no, but if they come up anyway, then she would carry on. As Hayley and Miruna continued with Lily’s shoot, Dan began talking with Cassie, who revealed that she would like to do a shoot, but felt a bit self-conscious being photographed in hardly anything for a website that has so many thin girls on it. It took a lot of encouraging, but finally Cassie agreed to a shoot, insisting topless was as far as she would go, when Miruna finished with Lily. When the first nude shoot finished, Miruna suggested for Lily to swap bikinis with Hayley for a second shoot, which Hayley was happy to do, and for Cassie to join in for the start of the shoot, saying she can drop out whenever she likes.

Whilst they were discussing various poses and shots, üsküdar escort Dan decided to head back to the hotel to get more drinks for the group, and quickly made his way to the pool bar, asking the bar tender for a couple of pitchers to save keep coming back. As the drinks were being made, he took out his phone and called Stephen, seeing if his plan may be viable.

“Hi Stephen, it’s Dan, you ok?” he began.

“Yeah, I’m good mate, thanks. Look, I’ve had an idea, I might have a group of girls for you if you fancy some photoshoots tomorrow. One of them is another photographer but not very experienced, I was thinking I’ll see if they’re all available to do some shoots for you if that’s alright, and the girl might pose for you in exchange for some advice and pointers. We met these other two girls from our hotel yesterday and one of them seems up for anything, so what do you think?” He questioned.

“Yeah, I’ll see if they can do tomorrow, what are you thinking, do you want them to meet you somewhere?”

“Wait, what?? Alright, that will probably seal the deal. Oh, the other thing, one of the girls, the one I said seems up for anything, she seems to be hoping to meet what she called fit guys, so if you want to take a few of your mates along, that’s fine, so long as they are going to behave as her friend seems a bit more shy.”

“Ah, Ok, cool. Let me ask then, and I’ll be in touch with a yes or no. Alright, speak to you soon.”

Picking up the pitchers, he headed back towards the rocks where he knew the shoot would be underway, but chose to stay close to the edge where the hotel property meets the sand, just in case Cassie had gone a bit further than topless as he wasn’t there. He slowly moved into a position where he was pretty well hidden but could see the shoot pretty easily, and watched as both girls moved around for the camera. Both were already topless when he started watching from his ‘hideout’, and Cassie seemed to have now lost any apprehension she had earlier, and was now smiling as she happily let Miruna photograph her with her boobs out. Dan kept watching as Miruna kept clicking, and it was only a few minutes before Lily began playing with her bottoms, encouraging Cassie to do the same, getting her to expose more of herself in doing so. As before, Lily didn’t wait too long to take them off completely, however Cassie wasn’t so eager, so Miruna suggested that she take them off and the two girl hug, before offering more solutions so that Cassie wasn’t showing everything, which she went with. The advantage Dan had, was that due to the position of Miruna and the girls, he could see everything, so took out his phone, and began filming it from where he was, until finally Cassie said enough and moved away, putting her bottoms back on and laying on the lounger.

Dan took this as his cue to move, so picked up the pitchers of drinks and walked back, making it fairly obvious that he was there so they saw him, but Lily just carried on like nothing was different, and Dan headed back up to join them. He sat down and poured everyone more drinks, before Miruna called time on the photoshoot, and after Lily got re-dressed, they both came over to join them. Dan asked Lily and Cassie how they enjoyed the shoots, to which both responded highly positively, so once everyone was sitting down, he decided to tell them about his phone call with Stephen.

“Ok, now I’ll tell you what took me so long to get the drinks. I was on the phone with a guy we met here.” He started. “He’s a professional photographer who has been published in international magazines, he’s had exhibitions in galleries, the lot. He did a few shoots with Hayley earlier this week, and he’s asked if you all would be interested in doing some shoots tomorrow. Now, before you rush in, here is what he’s offering – He was intending to go out fishing with a couple of his friends on his boat, as apparently he’s got access to this yacht, but has said if you all want, they will do that another day, and tomorrow him, Josh, and his other friend will take you four out on it. Apparently, he knows this great place to go for shoots, so you can all spend the day doing photoshoots and partying with a rich guy and a couple of his mates on his yacht. And yes Lily, before you ask, his friends are fit, me and Hayley have seen them and all his mates are unfairly good looking, but also ripped!”

Turning to Miruna, Dan also extended Stephens additional to her.

“He’s even offered an extra bit for you, if you pose for a set for him, he will be happy to give you advice or offer any pointers he thinks if you want it, it’s up to you. What do you think, you girls fancy living it up tomorrow?”

Hayley turned to Dan and asked if he would also be going, but since she knew he gets sea sick very easily, his response that he wouldn’t didn’t surprise her, but made her curious as to what he would do while she was out with the others. He replied that he would head to the town and have a look, buy some presents for when they get back home, yenibosna escort and then head to the English pub for a bit and probably find someone to play pool with.

“What kind of photoshoots does he want to do? Is it like, landscapes and stuff, bikini, topless, nude, what?” Lily asked, clearly interested in the proposition.

“It’s completely up to you. He does all of them. When he shot Hayley, he told her it was up to her how far she wanted to go, level wise. Since you enjoyed today so much, why don’t you three do another nude set tomorrow for Miruna wherever he takes you, and Cassie can stop if she doesn’t want to go that far, then get Miruna to join you and get Stephen to do a set with all of you, and again, Cassie can stop if she doesn’t want to get naked, then see how you feel about the level you want to go to.” Dan explained.

“Ok, so what level did he shoot with Hayley?” Lily again quizzed.

“All levels. They started out with her in a bikini for some landscape pictures, then topless, then nude. In the end, his friend Josh, who helps him out but is also a part time model, joined in, and they did a few shoots, including full nude, the last one being, shall we say, very erotic. It was just them in the moment, and he captured it on camera.”

This brought a very surprised gasp from the two new girls, as they were clearly surprised at what they had just heard. Dan had basically told them he watched his girlfriend do a “very erotic” photoshoot with another man, and was now actively encouraging her to go and do another shoot with the same man, without being there himself.

“So, let me get this right, you’re actively encouraging your girlfriend to go and do a naked photoshoot, and then party with a rich guy and two of his friends, on a private yacht, and you’re not going to be there? Aren’t you worried something might happen?” Lily asked, clearly trying to understand the relationship between Dan and Hayley.

Realising she wasn’t going to put two and two together, Dan decided to spell it out for them, explaining how their relationship has changed recently and the fact that he gets off watching her with other men. He then went further, confirming that during the shoot with Josh, he actively encouraged them to continue to full sex, and that he isn’t worried about tomorrow if Hayley goes, because he is encouraging her now to do anything tomorrow. He is completely fine if the photoshoot or the partying turns into sex, so long as she wants it and has a good time, he is happy. He then went on to re-iterate that Stephen had promised the other girls are not expected to do anything they do not want to, either in the photoshoots, or at any other time, even saying if the girls modelling don’t want Josh and his other friend there, they will go away for a bit so you are comfortable as not all girls are relaxed if there are other men around watching.

This was enough to convince Lily, who stated that she was definitely going to do it, but would obviously prefer it if the others did too. Hayley was the first to say she would also do it, before turning to Miruna as Lily spoke to Cassie, trying to convince their friends to come with them. Finally, Miruna agreed after Hayley reminded her of how much fun they have had recently, and re-iterating that there will be 3 more good looking men there, so who knows what could happen. Lily used a similar tactic on Cassie in order to get her to agree to go, throwing in that there will be a lot of alcohol on the boat, so they can party for basically free, as all it is costing them is an hour or two of their time. Finally, all of the girls had agreed, and were now chatting excitedly about it as Dan texted Stephen.

‘Hey mate. All girls have said yes and are looking forward to it. I got a couple of things to ask of you though – I would like a copy of all the pictures tomorrow, not just Hayley’s pics’

‘Yeah of course, no problem. What’s the other thing?’

‘I have told Hayley she is free to do whatever she likes, both on the shoot and after when you’re partying on the boat. If the shoot goes the same way it did with Josh, I am cool with it, and I want you to encourage them to keep going further if it’s as hot as last time. If she says no at any point, then obviously that means no, but if you’re on the boat and everyone is drinking and things happen, don’t worry about it.’

‘Fair enough, the guys coming with are all good and would take no for an answer, so don’t worry. They’ll be fine.’

They text a few more times, with Stephen arranging to meet them at 10 o’clock behind the hotel, before they all made their way back to the hotel and Miruna heading back to the main beach, hoping to find one or two more girls to shoot before finishing for the day. As Dan, Hayley, Lily and Cassie sat around the pool bar drinking and talking, the day seemed to fly past, and soon it was almost midnight and everybody was feeling pretty drunk. The conversation then began to turn raunchy, with Lily asking everyone what was the “naughtiest” thing they had done, sex-wise. Cassie thought for a second, before saying it was the time they had a threesome with her ex-boyfriend. Lily said hers was also a threesome, but it was with a friend of hers when she lived in Germany, and they had a threesome with the other girl’s boyfriend in a really expensive hotel, before they both turned and looked at Hayley and Dan.

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