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It was probably the only thing that she could have said to get him out of her ass at this point. Lee whispered his agreement into Nikki’s ear before placing a light kiss on her neck. He felt her response and regrettably pulled out. Nikki made a little disappointed sound, but she knew it was necessary.

They made sure not to touch each other as they quickly got redressed. Hot glances at each other as their treasures were once again hidden added a little spice to the moment and anticipation of what was to come.

Lee drove quickly to Nikki’s place, coming around to help her out of the car once more. Getting out Nikki let her skirt rise and flashed her naked, dripping pussy at Lee. In response he roughly pulled her up and against him, crowding her back against the car. He growled low in his throat promising payback. Nikki licked her lips and smiled.

Lee released her knowing that if he kissed her they wouldn’t make it into the house. Nikki was a step ahead of him as they walked towards the house, she swayed her hips provocatively feeling his eyes on her. Her hands were shaking so badly with anticipation she couldn’t get the key in the lock. Lee pressed up behind güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her and taking the key from her hand unlocked and opened the door.

Lee followed Nikki in – when he picked her up he hadn’t gone in so he took a moment to orient himself. Nikki had moved towards the kitchen so he closed and locked the front door. He took his shoes off leaving them by the door before following Nikki towards the kitchen. He leaned in the doorway watching as she moved around the kitchen. Walking towards him, Nikki handed him a full glass of water along with a bottle of water.

“We’ll be a while and it will be thirsty work” she said with a wicked grin.

Picking up a glass it hurt rather than felt good, no matter how much lube she rubbed on it. It was just too long, it bumped her cervix painfully when she pushed it too far in. So she left it alone. Purple Passion was her very first vibrator, kind of a junior model. It was cute, but it was short and slender, for beginners. Something had broken in it and it no longer vibrated anyway, so she mainly kept it for gentle anal insertion.

Lee looked at the The Silver Bullet. He figured güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it was by far her favorite toy, based on how much usage it got; her companion to while away the boring hours when she was alone. It was shiny metallic silver, generously sized, about 8″, and nicely thick. Nikki told Lee that she had recently put in fresh batteries.

With one hand Lee’s fingers slowly traced the slick sides of her clit as Nikki thought about the thrusting dildo. Sensations gathered as her juices flowed more freely. Lee’s other hand twisted her nipple, cupping her big breast. After a moment she lifted her head off the pillow, pushing her nipple into her mouth, and sucked it while he strummed her clit with his fingers.

Her pussy twitched with need and it was finally time. Lee picked up the Silver Bullet and turned it on low, placing it on her clit. Waves of pleasure started in her. She was careful not to push the vibe too hard against herself, he wanted to build up slowly. Over the years she’d trained herself to prolong her orgasm, building up a tolerance to the direct stimulation of the vibrator.

Slowly he increased the speed. güvenilir bahis şirketleri The Silver Bullet hummed busily as Lee pushed his other finger deep into her cunt, then pulled it out, wet. He gently inserted his middle finger into her ass.

He turned the speed on the vibrator up higher, louder. It surged, causing her to gasp.

“Oh, shit!”

She tensed up; the orgasm was crashing like a wave, coming closer. Lee thrust the finger deeper into her ass, as deep as it would go, and turned the speed up even more. It was as high as it would go, as loud as a chainsaw.

“Jesus Christ!”

Nikki couldn’t believe the power, the extra kick of the fresh batteries. She let out a scream as she orgasmed, pumping her asshole with his finger as she bucked against the relentless hum of the vibrator. She came so hard she almost pissed herself; and then right after that, for the first time ever, she came again!

“Oh God, oh fuck!”

Her entire body spasmed against the bed. She came down from her high, finger still inside her, vibe still humming. She lay there for a long time, smiling dreamily. After catching her breath, Nikki sat up and kissed Lee deeply and passionately. Their hands explored each other’s back for what seemed like days. After awhile, Nikki slowly pulled away from him. Sliding off the bed, Nikki told Lee, “Watch me dress for you slowly. I have an outfit that you are sure to enjoy before I explore an area of you more thoroughly than in the car.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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