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When my apartment was being painted and decorated, I decided to stay with Trisha, one of my longtime girlfriends, so I wouldn’t be inconvenienced by the smell and dust. She lived several miles away, with her 22 year old son, Danny. I was excited to be staying there, because she was very well off, and had a sauna and Jacuzzi in her personal gym, and it would be a welcome change from my small apartment, and a chance to relax.

At 35, I was single, dating a nice, quiet man, and we were settled into a nice, comfortable routine. I did fantasize about being with other men, more physically appealing ones, but opted to stay in the safety zone. I had never cheated on my guy, except in my mind, but sometimes right after we finished making love, I would have to run into the bathroom to get myself off, rubbing my fingers feverishly over my nipples, and my clit, until I was satisfied. I always figured it was worth the tradeoff, to have security and love, even if the sex wasn’t fantastic.

I arrived at my friend’s house in the middle of the day, when she was at work. I had the keys, so I let myself in, and walked through the house, and out the back door to the guest cottage which I would call home for the next few days. It was quaintly decorated, very homey, and had large multi-paned windows, even in the large double doors. The sunshine coming through the thin, filmy curtains made me realize that there wouldn’t be much privacy in there, and I made a mental note not to walk around nude, which was my habit at home. I put my bags down in the bedroom, and found a chilled bottle of white wine in the little refrigerator in the tiny kitchen.

I opened the bottle, and poured a glass, and sat down to catch my breath.

I heard a rustle, and jumped up, wondering what or who was outside. I held my glass in front of me protectively, and went to the doors, looking outside through the curtains. Then I saw him, “that must be Danny,” I thought to myself, as a stocky, young man moved away from the cottage quickly. I opened the door, and called, “Danny, is that you?”

He stopped and turned slowly, with a half-smile on his face, and started toward me. “Hi Aunt Suzy, I just wanted to make sure it was you in the cottage, but didn’t want to disturb you. Are you all settled in?” I met him midway, and looked him over. “Well, well,” I thought to myself, “he has grown,” then almost blushed at the realization of what I was thinking. I was sure it was the wine, as I didn’t usually drink during the day. “Thanks, Danny, I got my bags inside, and was having a glass of wine, would you like to join me?” He looked down at his feet and mumbled, “Can’t, gotta go clean the garage out for Mom, before she gets home. My friend Eddie is coming to help and staying for dinner.” With that, he turned and walked away, leaving me to watch his tight, well-shaped ass move beneath his snug jeans.

I started back for the cottage, shaking my head in disbelief. I was actually seeing my best friend’s young son in a sexual way. I laughed to myself, musing that he would never be interested in someone as old as me, and sat back down on the soft chair to read and sip my wine. I finished my glass of wine, and moved to the sofa and stretched out on it to relax.

As my mind wandered, I started to review mine and Danny’s brief meeting earlier. I thought about how nervous he had seemed, and thought for the first time of how I was dressed. “It’s no wonder he was nervous,” I thought, as I reached down and fingered the ends of my very old, frayed jean shorts. They were truly “Daisy Dukes”, very short, tight enough to be embedded in the cleft between my legs and molding my feminine charms and my ass cheeks to rounded perfection. They were worn so thin in spots that they looked as if they might just fall away and into a pile of dust.

My blouse was in disarray, unbuttoned to just between my breasts, and showing a fair amount of deep cleavage from my full tits being pressed into my satin push-up bra. I was often told that I looked 10 years younger than I actually was, and I did work to keep myself fit. A smile crossed my full lips as I thought of the fact that Danny was probably attracted to me. Then I rolled my eyes and laughed at my own foolishness. I got up and poured another glass of wine, and went to unpack.

After I had put away the few things I had brought, I undressed and went to take a shower. There were big, fluffy towels, and a nice thick robe in the bathroom, and the shower was enclosed in dense, glass block. I turned the water on, and stepped inside the chamber, and noticed little buttons around the walls, at the level of my chest and hips, and overhead. I started pressing them, first one, then another, as gentle sprays of water started shooting out. They were spaced so that they would hit you all over, every sensual area of my body was battered with gentle pressure, the water a perfect temperature.

I lathered up my hair and rinsed it, then washed my face zümrütevler escort bayan and pinned my long auburn hair up. I was now ready to experience this shower fully, and started thinking of Danny, as I lathered up my body with a fragrant shower gel, my hands massaging it into every inch of my skin. The feel of my hands sliding around on my smooth skin made me feel like I was in a trance, and I pressed one button after another, and turned to let the gentle, pulsating jets lap at my body. I felt my nipples get stiff as they were pushed back and forth by the streams shooting at them. I moaned softly as the soap was rinsed from my body, and turned once more to let the pressure stream between my ass cheeks, and between my thighs, to rinse me well in the deepest places. I felt water pulse over my sparse bush, and into the cleft of my pussy. As it spouted over my clit, my body started to move, my hips rolling, my breasts swaying, my head back with my eyes closed, and my tongue caressing my lips. I let that sweet jet of water lick me until I came hard and fast, crying out loud, and then leaning against the cool glass wall to recover.

When I stepped outside the shower chamber, I thought I detected a slight movement or the feeling of someone’s presence, but there was no one there, so I shrugged the feeling off, and toweled off, slipping into the robe. I went to the bedroom, and without thinking, let the robe slip off. I was standing naked in front of a wall of glass panes only covered by thin, chiffon curtains.

I stood in front of the mirror and brushed out my long hair, making it full and soft around my face. I then applied the sheerest film of lip gloss to my plump lips, they were too full to overdo the makeup. I selected a bra and thong from the drawer, and slipped into them, admiring the way the thong strap lay flat, in between my ass cheeks, and how my nipples were still stiff, pushing out the material of my bra.

I pulled a simple summer wrap dress from the closet, slipped it on and tied it securely around my waist. At the door, I slid my feet into my sandals, and went to the main house to greet my dear friend.

I walked slowly to the main house, taking in the lovely scenery and the quiet of this place. I was feeling very relaxed after the nice afternoon I had spent there. I couldn’t wait to see Trisha and catch up on things. I realized how long it had been since I had spent any time with a good girlfriend.

When I got to the walk that led to the house, the front door opened, and Trisha sprung out of it, skipping the steps two at a time and skipping like a girl. She bounded towards me, jumping onto me and screaming, then showering my face with kisses. “Suzy, oh, Suz, it has been far too long!” She then stepped back and looked me over, taking in my outfit. “Mmmmm, you look wonderful,” she murmured, and I felt her eyes roam my body. I swear, Trish licked her lips as her eyes rested on my breasts and hips.

The feeling was a little uncomfortable, but I noticed that I was warm between my legs and my nipples had stiffened into hard points. I blushed hotly and said, “Well, Trish, I have to keep up with you,” eyeing her body thoughtfully.

“Ah, here’s Danny,” Trish announced, pointing at her handsome son, who had just entered the room with a friend, a tall, very handsome one.

“I thought you were going to clean out the garage before dinner, dear,” Trish said to her son, “Cook will have everything done within an hour, and you both need to shower and change. I’ll get someone to do the work, you boys go get dressed for dinner.”

Trish turned back to me, and I could see she still had a look on her face that said that she had more than dinner on her mind.

Danny and Eddie were walking away whispering, and snickering to themselves. I watched them as they turned to look at Trish and me, then burst out laughing as they walked to Danny’s room.

I wondered what that was about, but shrugged it off. We went out onto the deck in back of the house and sat at a pretty marble table. There was already a pitcher of Sangria and a plate of delicious-looking fruits and cheeses. We sat and talked, getting a bit high on the Sangria, laughing over old times and gossiping about people we had heard things about.

Cook came out and announced that dinner was ready, so we got up and moved into the dining room. The huge table was laden with crystal, silver and China. Lovely sprays of orchids highlighted tiny rosebuds and miniature lilies. I felt I was in heaven, I never wanted to leave this place.

As we dined, I exchanged sultry glances at my friend, which just felt natural, watching her mouth move as she ate was actually getting me turned on. I had the urge to feed her from my fingers, wanting to feel her soft tongue and sharp, little teeth grazing my fingertips.

I noticed with some amusement that both Danny and his friend were aydınlı escort bayan watching silently, their eyes going from Trish to me. I could see beads of sweat on Danny’s upper lip and over Ed’s eyebrows. Their hands were under the table, and I had the feeling they were trying to squeeze back their excitement.

My foot happened to touch Trish’s, and before I knew it, it was caressing hers gently, and she had a sly smile on her lips. She looked deeply into my eyes as she said, “Lets go have some more Sangria out back,” then turned to Eddie and her son and asked if they wanted to have some with us.

“Er…no Mom,” Danny replied, “we were going to go look at some things out in the garage. Maybe we’ll start that cleaning you wanted.”

“Suit yourself, son,” Trish shrugged, and turned to me. “I guess its just you and I, my friend, let’s go get drunk.”

With that we went, and Danny and his friend left the house.

After drinking a good amount and talking, Trish suggested we take a swim. We giggled as we took our clothes off and jumped into the pool, acting like schoolgirls.

I felt Trish’s hand brush against my breasts, and my ass as we swam around each other. Circling each other, looking at each other, our laughter slowed, as things got serious. Trish said, “You know, Suz, we’ve been friends for so long, there’s something I never told you about me.” I wondered what it could be, since I thought I knew all about my friend. “Go ahead, Trish, you can tell me anything,” I said.

We moved to the end of the pool and sat on the stone steps there. Trish took my hand and looked at me with intensity. She slowly leaned into me and her lips brushed against mine. Instead of being taken back by her actions, I let my tongue snake out between parted lips and touched hers with it. Before I knew it, we were kissing deeply, her tongue moving against mine, our lips making our mouths one. Her hand moved to my breast and started touching the nipple. It was hard and her hand felt so good.

Trish took my hand and placed it on her small, nicely shaped breast. It felt warm and wet, her nipple huge. I took a breath, not believing what I was doing, and bent my head to take it into my mouth. I felt my pussy getting wet as I licked and sucked her nipple, licking the pool water off her as my tongue roamed this new territory. I reached down to touch myself, but Trish had another idea.

She pushed me to the top step, and I was almost out of the water. Her hands went under my thighs and she pushed me higher, lifting me out of the water more. Before I knew what was happening, I felt her head move between my wet thighs, and her tongue was stroking along my slit. All I could do was moan softly, and lace my fingers into her hair, as she ate my pussy better than anyone ever had.

I felt her fingers enter my hole, and her tongue grazed over and over my clit. I started to cum, as I felt her hands move up my body to play with my breasts, pinching my stiff nipples as I burst into her mouth, crying out with pleasure.

I lay there in the water, breathing hard, as Trish started to kiss me. I tasted my juices on her mouth and cheeks, and felt her body press against mine. She still had her fingers inside me, and was fucking me with them slowly, as we kissed.

We then got up and I led Trish to a lounge chair beside the pool. I laid her down on a towel, and started to lick her body, kissing and sucking her breasts. I had my first feel of another woman’s pussy, and I loved it already. It was so soft, the folds so deep, and I wanted to taste the wetness that seeped from her. I knelt between her legs and started lapping at her clit, spreading her with my fingers as I like done to me. I exposed the little bud and had her screaming as I licked it. When I stuck my tongue in her hole, she clenched down it, and her pussy grasped at it. I fingered her and licked her asshole, and she came in a gush over my mouth and chin. I crawled up her body, allowing her to taste her cum on my face, and we held each other, starting to doze a little.

It was late when we woke, and we decided to say goodnight and I started walking to the guest cottage. I think we both needed to digest what had happened. Was I a lesbian? Was I bi? I just knew that I loved what we did, and I knew I would want to do it again.

I passed the garage and smelled the pungent aroma of pot coming from there. I kept going, chuckling to myself that Danny and his friend would have loved to see what went on at the pool between his mother and myself. In my reverie, I got to my door, and started to go inside.

I never saw who approached me first, but before I knew anything I was pushed to the floor, and two huge men were on me. Hands roamed my body, and I tried to get my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I was in shock when I saw that Danny and Eddie were stripping their clothes off quickly, and then they pounced on me.

When gebze escort I started to protest, Danny said, “You know you want this, Suz, we can give you something you didn’t get from Mom.” I realized that they must have seen us, and started to protest. “Danny, get off me, you can’t do this,” and tried to push him away. When I pushed at him, Eddie took over, groping and sliding his fingers in between my legs. I knew I was outnumbered and would be overpowered by these two strong, young men.

I began to protest, and they pushed Eddie’s T-shirt into my mouth, and dragged me to the bedroom. I didn’t know what to think, I felt my body becoming more aroused, and the thought that my dear friend Trish’s son and his sexy friend wanted me was beginning to make me crazy with lust.

I was thrown onto the bed, and my dress torn off. My bra was ripped off, and my thong was pushed to the side, as the pair of young men started to kiss my face and body. They stroked my legs, saying, “man, she’s so soft,” their harsh breath on me, coming in puffs.

“I want to lick the sweet pussy my Mom just did,” Danny cried, and he pushed my thighs apart, and dove in between them. I felt his tongue licking me, his lips nibbling my clit and his fingers stabbing inside me. The T-shirt was ripped from my mouth, and replaced with a very thick, wet-tipped cock. I rolled my eyes upward and saw Eddie thrusting with a grimace on his face. “Damn, Danny, she feels so good, I gotta cum in her right now!” and with that statement, he groaned loudly as his cock twitched violently and shot a load of cum into my throat. I had no choice but to swallow around his big dick, but it was in the way of letting me. I felt the cum spurt from the corners of my mouth, and Danny, seeing that, got up on his knees between my legs and looked into my eyes, red-faced and sweaty, and jammed his cock fiercely into my juicy pussy.

My eyes flew wide open and my mouth did too, as I felt entered by the biggest cock I had ever felt. It pushed the walls of my pussy open, almost hurting, as he moved it into me. When he had as much as he could get inside, he started to grunt, and I felt his cock spurt. He fell onto me, not pulling his huge dick out of me, but pressing it deeper. I felt him slowly starting to move, his cock getting thicker instead of smaller.

Danny braced himself, and started to fuck me very hard with long, smooth strokes. The giant cock invaded me, again and again, making waves of pleasure ripple up and down my body. My pussy was sucking at him, and he was moaning, saying “God, this is the hottest cunt I ever felt.”

As I lay on the bed, immobilized by the giant dick stroking me. I thought, “should I have protested?” After all, this was Trish’s son, and his best friend, both years younger than myself. then I thought, “I had found Danny and his friend so sexy and tantalizing, why not enjoy this?” It had been so long since I had even one cock that size, and now I was getting two handsome studs and their great big dicks.

I put my hands on Danny’s shoulders and he flipped onto his back. I was still poised on his cock, and he pushed me down onto it hard. He held me there, just pressing in as deeply as he could go.

I felt hands caressing my back, and moving to my shoulders alongside Danny’s. Eddie was sliding his cock along the crack of my ass, pushing it between my cheeks rapidly, half jerking it off, and using my crack to stimulate the head. He slapped it against me feverishly, and I could feel it swelling each time he hit me with it.

I realized what was about to happen, and braced myself for the double penetration I believed I was about to receive. Eddie pressed the fat head of his dick against my asshole, and having spread spit all over it first it started to slip inside. A strange thing happened though, and his dick slipped and the head was now at the entrance to my pussy next to Danny’s. He pushed anyway, and I felt the opening of my cunt stretch, accepting his cock. Before long they were both fucking my pussy, their cocks rubbing together as they fucked me, moaning loudly. The feeling of being filled with two huge cocks was so intense, I couldn’t make a sound as I felt myself stretched to the limit, and experienced the feeing of two bulbous cockheads stroking my rippling insides.

Danny held my ass cheeks apart, while Eddie reached around to squeeze my breasts and guide them into Danny’s mouth so he could suck them. Two giant cocks were stroking me deeply, and all I could do was accept them and groan with lust.

I was never so filled up in my life, and it felt fantastic. I started to cum as I felt the two big cocks in my pussy throbbing, and I was suddenly filled with two huge loads of hot, thick cum, as I throbbed and orgasmed all over those cocks. We stayed sandwiched like that for a while, then ended up on our sides, me between the two guys.

We were all breathing hard, and Danny started to get up. He sounded nervous and was very pale. “It’s all right, Danny,” I said, “I wanted you to fuck me. I loved it, honey.” He sighed and laid down again, putting his arms around me. “Suz, I never…that was the best fuck of my life.” He started to kiss me again, and Eddie started touching my body, kissing the back of my neck, agreeing that it was the greatest sex he ever experienced.

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