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Monday came and Joy was at work. She was so emotional from what had happened over the weekend that she couldn’t concentrate at all. It was getting close to Thanksgiving, so the office was having a Thanksgiving luncheon, but Joy couldn’t even participate.

“He won’t call today, I doubt it anyway” she told herself as she sat in her office.

Since Joy wears her heart on her sleeve, everyone noticed that she wasn’t acting like her normal bubbly self. Things would get worse since her birthday had just passed, and everyone at work kept asking her what she did for her birthday. Truth is, she didn’t care about her birthday, it was just another day to her. The real thing that was on her mind was her weekend with Paul.

Joy continued to sit in her office and her secretary, Jessica, finally came in and said “What is wrong with you? Tell me, please tell me, I know something is wrong with you. You didn’t even come into the conference room to eat, and we never pass up free food around here.”

Joy ended up telling Jessica the whole story. It felt so good to tell someone, someone who wouldn’t judge her and would be her friend. Joy told Jessica everything from beginning to end, from the first moment they met in the chat room, and up until the previous weekend. Jessica sat on the other side of Joy’s desk with her chin in her hands and listened to every word.

After she told Jessica the entire story, Jessica said “Sounds like that man is in love with you.”

Joy just rolled her eyes and said “He’s not in love with me, this is just some sex thing. No, he is not in love with me.”

Jessica just ignored Joy’s comment and said “And sounds like you are in love with him too.”

“I’m not in love with him. I shouldn’t even be doing this, but I just can’t help myself, but for sure, I’m not in love with him” Joy said.

Jessica just continued “And it is the best kind of love there is, a forbidden love. Two people that want to be together, but can’t. What could be more romantic?”

As they were talking, Joy’s phone rang.

Joy picked up the phone and said “Hello.”

“Hi Joy” she heard, it was Paul, he called.

“I just have a few minutes here and I wanted to call and to tell you what a wonderful time I had with you and to let you know that I am serious about taking you to Vegas.”

Jessica pointed to the phone receiver and silently said to Jessica with wide eyes “It’s him, it’s him” and Jessica excused herself from Joy’s office.

“How are you? I had a great time too, and yes, I would love to go to Vegas with you” she responded.

“I only have a few minutes here, so I’ll give you a call later on and we’ll plan a trip. Start looking at flights and I’ll talk to you soon” he told her.

“Ok, I will start looking for flights, talk to you soon” she said then hung up the phone.

Later that week, Joy had to go to Ft. Lauderdale for business on short notice. She sent Paul and e-mail letting him know that it would be safe to call her and that she’d be staying in a hotel room all by herself. She wondered if he’d read the message in time to be able to call her while she was out of town. She hoped so, they really hadn’t had any time to reminisce since their last trip and she was looking forward to having time with him. They also still needed to work out the details for their upcoming trip to Vegas.

Joy worked all day at the office her company has in Ft. Lauderdale. She went to dinner with the other girls from work, and in the middle of dinner her cell phone rang. Joy answered “Hello.”

“Good evening” Paul said on the other end.

She excused herself from the table and said “Oh, I’m so happy, I guess you read my e-mail. I’ll be staying here for a few days and if you’d like to call me later tonight that would be great.”

“I have to run home and then I’ll go back up the office and give you a call about 10:00 tonight, ok?” he said. “Is that time ok?”

“Yeah, that’s fine, talk to you then” she responded.

Joy went back to dinner just wishing the hours would pass by. She ate and got back into her room about 8:30 p.m. She turned on the tv, grabbed a magazine, and hopped into bed just going to relax until he called.

Exactly 10:00 her phone rang. “Hi there” she said.

“Well hello Joy, how are you?” Paul said.

“Oh, I’m doing good, had a stressful day at work though, and I think I have a headache” she responded.

“Well let’s see if we can fix that” he said.

They started discussing details of their last encounter. He told her over and over again how much fun he had, then of course discussions about sex started.

“It was so good seeing you naked” he told Joy because she seemed so shy their first encounter.

“You like the way I look naked, really? It is hard for me sometimes since I can be so shy about my body, but I think I am starting to come out of my shell nicely for you” she replied.

“Oh you are incredibly hot, the way you looked at me with those big brown innocent eyes when I used that toy on you, just everything. canlı bahis Can I ask you a question? Do you always shave your pussy like that, or did you do that for me?” Paul said.

“I shave a lot usually, but I did shave a little extra for you” she said back.

“Well you have the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen, and it is so tight” he said.

“My pussy is tight?”

“Yes, it is so tight on my cock, and hot and wet, and you don’t even need a few minutes or anything. You have a hot horny pussy that is always ready to fuck” he said.

“I guess I will take all of that as a compliment.” Joy said with a chuckle and then said “Oh, and I wanted to tell you something. I told someone about you.”

“You did? Who did you tell and what did you tell them?” Paul asked.

“I told my secretary, Jessica, and I told her pretty much everything. I hope that is ok. I had to tell someone I was going to explode. What about you? Did you tell anyone?” Joy asked.

“I did tell someone. I told my friend, Brad. I have known him since high school, so I trust him. He didn’t have much time when I talked to him, but he told me that he wants to hear more details ASAP” he responded.

“What did you tell him?” Joy asked.

“I just told him that I met this hot chic in Florida, and that I went back to see her again” Paul said.

“And? You must have told him more, come on” Joy asked.

“I didn’t because he didn’t have time, but I am going to tell him more. Can I tell him what a good little cock sucker you are, Joy? he asked.


“Can I tell him what a hot incredible beautiful pussy you have?” Paul asked.


“Can I tell him what a hot and horny little thing you are, and how much you love to be fucked?”

“Yes. You can tell him whatever you want to tell him as long as you tell him that I am a nice girl too” she said.

“Ok, I promise I will tell him what a nice person you are” he responded then asked “Can I send him some of you pictures too?”

“Well, not the racy ones, those are for you, but you may send him something, you pick, but not the dirty ones, I’m warning you” she responded.

Joy was flattered that he told one of his friends and Paul felt the same way.

They talked for a couple of hours reminiscing about their last encounter, then decided to look up flights to Vegas. Paul looked on his computer for Joy and they found the flights they wanted to take. Joy didn’t have a computer in her room, but told Paul she would book her ticket as soon as she returned home.

When Joy got home she told her husband that she was going to Vegas with girlfriends. Joy goes to Vegas as much as she can, and her husband knows that, so nothing looked suspicious.

They ended up booking their tickets for six weeks away. The countdown was on and they couldn’t wait to see one another again. Of course during the six weeks there were many phone calls and e-mails. All of them discussing what they were going to do when they got to Vegas and a phone sex call every now and then.

During one of the phone calls Paul brought up the fact that they talked about tying Joy up. “Do you still want me to tie you up, Joy?” Paul asked.

“Yes, I still want to do that. I want you to be in total control of me, and I want to get rough. Can you bring something with you? What can you bring?” Joy responded.

“I will think of something, don’t worry” Paul said.

“I want to tie you up too. Is that ok?” Joy asked.

“Oh, you want to be in total control of me too, hmmmm, ok, you can do that to me as well” Paul responded. Then he asked “Can I cum on your face?”

“I don’t know. Have you ever done that before?”

“No, I haven’t, I’ve seen pictures of it, and it looks so hot, but I have never done it. I would love to cum on your face, I think that would be so fucking hot” Paul said.

“We’ll see.”

Joy was coming out of her shell quite nicely. She was starting to overcome her shyness around Paul. Paul asked for more pictures of Joy.

“I want more pictures of your pussy, Joy. Will you do that for me? Will you send me more pictures of that hot wet pussy?” Paul asked.

“I actually have a few ideas in mind, Paul, and I think you are going to be quite surprised” Joy said with a very sexy and playful tone.

Joy starting taking pictures in poses she never thought she’d do. She started sending the pictures every Monday with each one getting more and more racy. Joy sent Paul a picture of her in a gray and black striped dress with no panties, with her squatting down and showing the camera her pussy.

Paul saw that picture one Monday morning and called Joy first thing at work and said “Ok, I have a new favorite picture now.”

She knew exactly what he was talking about and said “Really, you liked it?”

“Fuck yes.”

“Does that mean I am your little pussy girl?” Joy asked Paul.

“Oh, yes, you are my little pussy girl, mmmm. My little sex kitten, the girl I love to fuck” he told Joy.

“Hey, I have been thinking. I bahis siteleri have another idea. I think it would be fun if we could go buy some lingerie together. One of the hotels on the strip has a lingerie store in it. Do you want to go there and pick something out for me? Joy asked.

“Yes, that is a hot idea, let’s do that for sure” Paul said. Then he asked “Are you going to bring the vibrator I bought you for the last trip?”

“Of course I am, and I can’t wait for you to use it on my again too. Are you going to chase me all over the bed again with it?”

“Mmmm, I hope so, and you know I’m going to cum in your pussy again too” Paul said.

The calls and e-mails continued over the weeks, and Joy continued to send Paul pictures.

It was the weekend before they were to go. They were leaving on a Wednesday night and returning late Saturday night. Joy decided to go to the mall and look around for some new stuff to buy for her trip. She went into a novelty type store that had a section with light sex toys and lotions. She found a couple pairs of handcuffs and was looking at them. One pair was plastic, and the other pair was metal with leopard print fur around them.

“Hmmmm. He said he was going to bring something to tie me up, but these may be easier, and they are so cute. Which ones shall I get? Well, the plastic ones look too cheap. I think I’ll get the metal ones” she thought to herself.

She went up to the counter and bought the furry handcuffs. She hid them in the glove box of her SUV until it was time to go.

Wednesday came and Joy was planning on working until about 3:00 p.m. Her flight left at 5:30 and she had to change planes in Atlanta. That was the only flight she could get. Uhhhh, she had to travel all day practically, but it was going to be worth it because she was going to get to see Paul again, and she got to go to her favorite place in the world, Las Vegas.

They spoke on the phone before lunch that day and decided that they would stay in contact by calling each other as they were boarding the planes.

Joy drove to the airport and she was already nervous and worried. “Oh, what if something goes wrong, and I’ll be in Vegas all by myself? I hope everything works out” she thought to herself.

Joy arrived at the airport and called Paul as she boarded the first plane. She knew that he was going to be in a meeting, so she left him a message. He was to call her when he was on his way to the airport and she would be on her first plane.

When she got off to change planes in Atlanta, and turned her cell phone on, she felt much better when she heard he left his message.

“Good, no emergencies, he’s on his way just like me” she thought.

Joy called Paul as she was boarding the plane in Atlanta and he answered and let her know he was at the airport as well.

“See you in a few hours, I can’t wait” Joy told Paul.

“I know, call me when you get off the plane in Vegas. My flight gets in a little bit before yours, so I’ll probably be in the baggage section when you get there. You know where that is, right?

“Yes, this is my seventh time to Vegas, I know my way around, don’t worry about me, I’ll call you when we land.

“Ok, hear from you then” he said.

From Atlanta to Vegas is still a four hour flight, and the time went by so slowly. Joy doesn’t sleep well on planes so she tried to watch the movie they were playing, but of course is was so stupid that she couldn’t get into it. Finally the plane arrived.

Joy called Paul and he was already waiting for her in the baggage section. She came down the escalator and he saw her first. She was wearing a pair of jeans, a white sweater, and a pair of new white sneakers.

Joy saw Paul and immediately she smiled and looked down. She was already getting a little nervous. Paul had already collected his bag and was standing with one elbow resting on the pull part of the luggage with his legs crossed.

As Joy got closer she smiled bigger.

“You nervous again, Joy?” Paul asked.

She shook her head up and down and said “Just a little, you know me.”

As they waited for her bag to come off the plane they just kept talking and bumping into each other with their shoulders and hips and Joy was giving Paul very flirty looks. Finally her bag came out and Paul picked it up and they headed out to pick up a cab.

On the way to the hotel they sat very close and Paul kept grabbing at Joy. She just laughed and would push his hands away.

When the arrived at the hotel, the bellhop took their luggage and they went inside. As they waited in line Paul looked at Joy and said “You have great eyes.”

“They still look good? You know with the time change, I feel like it is three o’clock in the morning.”

“Yes you still look great, and your fuck me eyes look just as hot at three o’clock in the morning as they do any other time.”

“Next” the lady behind the counter said. It was their turn to check in.

They went up and Paul gave his credit card and she started bahis şirketleri checking them in.

“I’m out of rooms with a king bed, and I notice that is what you signed up for. I can give you a room with two queen beds and give you a view of the strip to make up for it, and then if you want to change to a room with a king bed tomorrow, just call down and let us know” the clerk said.

Paul asked Joy if that was ok with her. “Ok, that’s fine with me” Joy said to Paul, but then she turned to the clerk and said “I want to ask you something. The last time I stayed here, the room I stayed in had a full length floor to ceiling mirror on the wall next to the bed. Do all the rooms have those?”

“Yes, all the deluxe rooms have those mirrors in them” she said.

“Then any room is fine with me, plus I think I’d rather have a view of the strip then worry about one or two beds. We won’t want to change in the morning either I’m sure” she said to Paul and the clerk.

Joy had stayed in that hotel the one time before. She remembered those full length mirrors and is even part of the reason she suggested that they stay in that hotel.

Paul smiled at Joy thinking “Full length mirrors are pretty hot. Mmmm, she thinks of everything.”

The clerk gave them their room keys and they were on their way to the room.

When they arrived in the room, Joy called down and told the bellhop to bring up their luggage. As they waited for their luggage to arrive they started kissing. They were standing in between the two beds and Paul grabbed Joy around the waist and started kissing her. Just a few minutes later, there was a knock at the door and the bellhop was there to drop off their luggage.

They looked like teenagers again. Giggling and jumping around when the bellhop got there. They looked guilty of something and the bellhop could tell. He started showing them all the features in the room and he finally realized they just wanted to be alone. Paul gave the bellhop a tip and he left.

Immediately they started kissing again. Pretty quick Paul started unbuttoning Joy’s jeans. After he unbuttoned her jeans, she took off her shoes and socks and she helped him pull her jeans off. As they slid down her legs, Joy was thinking about how happy she was to be in Vegas with Paul.

Joy was wearing a silky pair of black panties with strings on the side. After her pants came off, she was standing there in just her sweater and black panties. Paul looked at her in the full length mirror next to the bed. He looked at that great ass of hers and pulled on the inside of her panties and said “Very sexy.”

“Don’t you love these mirrors?” Joy asked.

“Yes, I do, and we are going to put them to good use too” Paul replied.

“Here we are in another hotel room, here we go again, only this time I am not nearly as shy as that first time” Joy said as they kept kissing and kissing.

Paul started pushing towards Joy and she backed up until up she sat on the bed. He took her sweater off, she was now is in her bra and panties.

Joy lay down and started undoing her bra. At the same time Paul was on top of her and he took off his shirt. Then Paul lifted his body up a little bit and Joy started undoing his pants. She helped him take off his pants and now he was naked. Joy took her panties off and stared Paul in the eyes in the barley lit room.

Paul started rolling Joy’s nipples in his fingers, and then Joy said “Oh, I forgot to tell you. While we were apart I started trying to learn my body more. I forgot how sensitive my nipples are. When my nipples are played with, oh, it makes me so horny and excited, and it makes my pussy really wet. We should really focus on my nipples this trip.”

Paul was getting aroused at thinking about Joy playing with herself. “Have you been playing with yourself and thinking about me, Joy? Thinking about me, and using your fingers and acting like they are mine?”

“Yes. Mmmm, and do you get hard when you look at the pictures I send you?” Joy asked.

“Oh, yes. I grab my cock like this” and he demonstrated how he grabbed a hold of his cock “And I look at your pictures and I stroke my cock. That is how bad I want you. I sit in my office and I stroke my cock to your pictures. It’s ridiculous. I can’t help it.”

That turned Joy on more than ever. Thinking of Paul looking at pictures of her and getting hard and horny like she was a girl in a magazine.

“Fuck me for a few minutes. I know we were supposed to do more foreplay this time, but just fuck me for a few minutes” Joy said as she pulled down her panties.

Paul knew how bad Joy liked to get fucked, and he almost smiled thinking about her not being able to control herself. First Paul went down and licked and sucked on her pussy. He took his tongue and ran it down the inside of her pussy and then he sucked her clit. Then he got on top of her and he stuck his cock inside of her. Since he knew her body from the last time, it just went in. His cock slid inside her hot juicy pussy and he started fucking her missionary style.

He was fucking her missionary style, and Joy looked at them in the mirror and watched Paul move up and down on her. Then Paul said “Are you going to be my little cum slut this weekend?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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