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~*~ Author’s Note: This is a rewritten version of the story. Several people I showed it to were unhappy with the ending as was I. So I went back and rewrote the ending of it. I hope you all enjoy the story. ~*~


Mykael and Jon were twins. Tall and strong with athletic builds, they were identical twins in every way, both having shoulder-length wavy brown hair and green eyes. They did everything together and had since they were children. They were always into sports and were very good at them. Baseball, football, whatever they played they excelled at. Their high school football team won 4 straight division championships with Jon at quarterback and Mykael at running back. They got full athletic scholarships to the local university and almost from day one they were the stars of the show.

The university’s football team was trying to build its running game to go along with its powerhouse passing. After the surprise departure of the old quarterback to the NFL, Jon was bumped to the starter’s job and once again the brothers were working together on the field of athletic competition. Soon the brothers were leading their respective rankings in their conference and all was good on the football field.

Ayaria was popular with everyone. She couldn’t figure out why, but she was. Naturally smart, she didn’t have to work hard to maintain her grades but again, she didn’t even realize it, not giving herself the credit she deserved. She was a statuesque red-head with seemingly never ending legs and a body that she loved to show off at parties but was quite humble about the rest of the time. She had been asked to be a cheerleaders but declined thinking she didn’t have the look for it.

She took a job tutoring the jocks to help them pass their classes. Soon she was asked to help Mykael and Jon. She agreed and began tutoring them in their history class. They passed that class and immediately asked her to stay on to tutor them the next semester. Intrigued by the handsome twins she agreed. Soon they were a regular sight around the campus, the twins sitting one on each side of her studying as she tutored them.

Soon the sessions went from tutoring to something more after a day when, out of the blue, Ayaria leaned over and kissed Mykael. As he looked at her surprised, she turned and kissed Jon too. The two young men looked in shock as she pulled her hair down over her face, blushing furiously. “I’ve wanted to do that since the day I met you two.” With a laugh the two brothers hugged her and they have been an item ever since. At first the trio garnered their fair share of odd looks and whispered words, but over time people began to grow used to them, knowing that generally where you saw one, you saw all three.

Mykael and Jon were happy with the arrangement after a short bout of initial uneasiness. They quickly adapted to the idea of sharing a girlfriend and arranged between the two of them to split their time with her so they could both get private time alone with her as well as the wild times with the three of them. Ayaria on the other hand was comfortable with it from the beginning. Something about the idea of openly having two boyfriends appealed to her innate exhibitionist nature. Many were the night that she spent up talking with her roommate about her two football player boyfriends and their sexual adventures.

The night of the team’s blow-out victory over their conference rival, Jon suggested they attend a party a mutual friend of theirs was having. They all went to celebrate the victory and spent the majority of the night drinking and dancing, Ayaria alternating between dancing alone, dancing with Mykael, dancing with Jon and dancing pinned between the two of them. After a few drinks, or more than a few, she walked them back to a seat on the couch and grinned. “You two stay here, I’ll be right back. I’m going to make a request to the DJ.” She handed Jon her drink and blew each of them a kiss, spinning and making her way to the guy running the music.

The twins watched her as she walked, both admiring the sway of her hips, a sway she exaggerated knowing they would be watching her in the low cut hip-hugger pants, a red thong peeking out of them, and a very loose, very low-cut shirt. Mykael leaned over to Jon, not taking his eyes off of Ayaria. “Damn she’s such a tease. Her every move shows she knows people want to do things to her that are immoral and even illegal in some states.”

Jon laughed, never taking his eyes off of her. “Yeah, I know. Do you even think she realizes that she walks different when people are watching her?”

Mykael shook his head. “No, she doesn’t. And if anyone said anything about it to her, she would deny it and get all flustered and blush and stuff.” He got quiet, listening as the beginning of a song started. “Oh here we go.” He and Jon grinned at each other, an oddly mirror image as she reached the middle of the floor in front of them and started dancing to ‘Shake That’ by Eminem. At first there were a few people who tried to ikitelli escort dance with her, but her eyes were all on the twins and they all moved off to dance with others. Mykael and Jon couldn’t take their eyes off of her as she began to dance.

Ayaria moved her body to the beat, her hands roaming over her body slowly. She closed her eyes, knowing the twins were watching and just lost herself in the music. She didn’t even notice as she moaned softly as she danced through the room towards them, unaware that as the song went on, she became the only person dancing as all eyes were watching her.

The twins watched her intently, the extremely erotic performance before them having the same effect on them as their cocks swelled and hardened in their pants. As the song switched to Xzibit’s ‘Choke Me, Spank Me, Pull My Hair’, both of them groaned, their arousal skyrocketing, knowing now that what she had in mind for later included a lot more than just teasing.

She made her way to Mykael and ground her way down his body, her hair hiding that she nipped at his cock through his jeans, moving back up and whispering “Choke me with that cock tonight, baby,” in his ear. She spun towards Jon with a mischievous glint in her eyes as she winked at his brother. She slithered her way slowly over Jon, grinding her ass hard in his lap, feeling his thick cock pressing against her ass. She moaned as she licked his earlobe, growling “Spank me while you’re fucking my ass with that huge cock of yours, lover,” in his ear. She flitted away from him teasingly as he growled back at her wordlessly.

The two brothers thoroughly enjoyed watching her enjoying herself as she danced through that song, and then ‘Buttons’ and ‘Promiscuous’. When they did take their eyes off of her they looked around the room, noticing that all eyes were on their girlfriend as she ground and rubbed against them. Finally they grabbed her, almost at the end of Promiscuous Girl’ and at the same time growled in each ear “Time to go.”

She grinned as she heard the decision to leave in stereo. She stood up, her every movement sending shockwaves through her clit. She turned and took their hands, squeezing with a grin, “Where to?” Her eyes fairly burned with the hunger she was feeling and she knew it but didn’t care.

Jon and Mykael again spoke at the same time. “Dave’s room, he’s out of town for the weekend so we won’t have to hurry,” and turned with her to head upstairs to the chosen room. A chorus of catcalls wolf whistles and suggestions followed them from the room. Jon called back a few suggestions of his own over his shoulder and Ayaria let go of his hand long enough to slap his chest and jokingly telling him to behave before taking his hand again.

The three of them made it up the stairs and to Dave’s room with a minimum of drunken staggering and bouncing off of walls. They stopped at the door, Mykael pressing his lips to Ayaria’s in a kiss fueled by alcohol enhanced lust. Jon stepped up behind her, pressing his swollen cock against her firm ass through her low-cut jeans, holding her hips against his, rubbing against her before starting to walk forward into the room. His brother backed into the room without breaking the kiss and he kicked the door shut behind them.

Mykael quickly pulled off his shirt and then started pulling on hers, kissing her again, his lips tight to hers. Jon reached around her waist, keeping his hips against her ass, and unfastened her jeans. He slipped his hands down her hips, tugging the jeans and thong off and lifted her feet one at a time to remove her shoes and pull the jeans and thong away, tossing them onto a chair before raising back up and pressing back against her. Mykael got her shirt off and Jon unfastened her bra, letting his brother tug it off, sending them flying over to join the pants and thong on the chair.

Ayaria laughed and leaned back against Jon’s chest. “This isn’t right. I’m the only one stripped. I guess I better change that.” She reached down and unfastened Mykael’s pants and jerked them down to just fall, reaching behind her to do the same with Jon. The brothers each finished stripping themselves, keeping her pressed tight between them. Ayaria slipped from between them and made her way to the bed, laying down across it and spreading her thighs, resting back on her elbows and sending a look of pure lustful invitation at them.

The twins quickly accepted the invitation and without a word moved towards her. Jon moved between her spread thighs and spread them even more with His palms, beginning to kiss his way along one slowly, teeth occasionally grazing the soft skin. Mykael moved around to the other side of the bed and crawled onto it, walking across it on his knees to Ayaria. She reached over and took his cock in one hand, stroking it with her fingertips as he came closer.

Jon kissed his way down her thighs, moving from one to the other, nibbling, licking and kissing his way along the soft flesh, kadıköy escort drawing slowly closer to her wet sex. He smiled to himself as he heard her breathing grow heavier. Glancing up he saw her lean over, licking her lips just before engulfing his brother’s cock in her mouth. He smiled and flicked his tongue against her clit, circling it lightly hearing a muffled moan from her. He slid his hands under her ass, squeezing as he ran his tongue up and down her wet slit slowly, enjoying the taste of her. Suddenly he speared his tongue into her.

Ayaria moaned on Mykael’s cock as she felt the tongue begin sliding in and out of her. She swirled her tongue around the tip of the hard shaft before sliding her mouth farther and farther along its thickness. Her hips jerked as Jon’s tongue danced over her clit, his fingers spreading her glistening petals to expose the pink nub as he lashed its tip with his tongue. She tightened her inner walls as he slid two thick fingers into her, his hand turning slowly to caress her slick tightness. She sucked harder on Mykael’s cock as Jon’s fingers and expertly flicking tongue sent her passions soaring and driving her faster along the path to bliss.

Mykael slid his hand into Ayaria’s hair, keeping it out of her face as his hips began to slowly work back and forth, pistoning his cock to meet her hungry mouth. Her head bobbed faster on the throbbing pole between her lips as she was brought closer and closer to cumming. His moans and hers grew louder as she sucked furiously on his girth. Jon began to flick his tongue over her slick petals and between his fingers into her, until she came with a muffled series of moans, drawing a low moan from Mykael as the sound vibrated his cock wondrously.

Jon lapped at her pussy as she came, fingers sliding in and out faster, feeding her slick juices to his waiting tongue before he returned it’s attentions to her clit, closing his lips around it and sucking, his lips squeezing firmly as his tongue flicked lightly against the tip. She squirmed at the ministrations to her already sensitive nub and he moved to keep up with her motions.

Ayaria came again as he lapped at her clit, her moans of pleasure vibrating Mykael’s cock as her head slid back and forth along the thick pole. She slid her tongue around it faster as her head bobbed on the rod pushing between her lips, sucking hard on it as she pulled her head back. Her hips writhed almost on their own at the double stimulation of Jon’s tongue and fingers on her drenched pussy and Mykael’s hand teasing her breasts as she sucked his cock.

Mykael tweaked her hard nipple as his cock slid in and out of her mouth, his hips pistoning as he tried to keep pace with her hot lips. She moaned as his fingers moved from one nipple to the other, pulling her head back from his cock, licking slowly from his sack up to his bulbous head, her tongue flitting back and forth on the thick shaft before swirling around the crown. She engulfed his hardness between her lips in one sudden lunge, drawing another moan from him, matched by the muffled sound from her as her body was teased by his brother.

Jon sucked on her clit as his lips squeezed the sensitive nub, his fingers moving in and out of her slick tunnel before rising up, licking his lips and fingers. “My turn for her mouth, bro.” He took Mykael’s place on the bed as his twin moved out of the way and headed down between Ayaria’s smooth thighs. Jon just moved over to their girlfriend’s head and reached out, taking a handful of red hair, growling a quiet “you can suck my dick and fucking like it” to her as he pulled her head towards his cock.

She gave a low growl as Jon’s hand wrapped in her hair almost lunging forward, her lips wrapping around his cock as the excitement surged within her. She loved the odd duality of the twins. Mykael was gentle during sex. He knew how to please a woman and what he liked and simply did it. On the other hand, Jon was rough and demanding. He knew what brought him pleasure and he made her do it. He too knew how to pleasure a woman, and did it well she had to admit. The caring side of Mykael excited her body and mind, but the demanding, controlling Jon drove her wild with lust as evidenced by the furious sucking on his long thick cock. She moaned on the throbbing shaft as Mykael moved between her thighs, rubbing his cock against her wet slit for a moment before pushing the engorged head into her.

As his hard cock slid into her, Mykael chuckled inwardly. He didn’t understand the attraction his brother held towards girls and at the moment he didn’t care. He slid his thick cock into Ayaria, the slick tight walls gripping each inch he slid into her. He rubbed his hips against hers before pulling back out of her fully. He took her thigh and raised it up, half rolling her to her side facing Jon as he pulled her head back and forth along his cock. Mykael put her thigh on his shoulder, thrusting in and out of her in long slow strokes. He let kartal escort one hand slide down her thigh to her wet pussy, his thumb rubbing against her clit as he thrust into her, his deep thrusts moving steadily in and out of her.

Jon thrust his thickness into her mouth faster, moaning as she sucked hard on him, her lips squeezing and milking. Wrapping one hand in her hair he bucked his hips taking her mouth as he knew she loved. He growled down at her with a grin. “Suck faster. Suck it like my good slut.” She moaned on his cock and sucked harder on it, releasing occasionally to lick it all over before plunging her lips back around it. Jon looked at his brother who was looking at him with an expression of shock on his face. “Relax, bro, she likes the occasional dirty talk and rough treatment. You should try it sometime. It drives her wild.”

Ayaria groaned hearing him, her lips pausing as they wrapped around the end of his cock, her tongue laving around and over the end of his sensitive cock, fluttering teasingly against the underside before plunging it deep, moaning as Mykael’s thick shaft slid fully into her drenched pussy. She rolled her hips as much as she could as she felt Jon reach down to pinch and tweak one hard nipple as he fucked her face. The throbbing of his cock against her tongue was exciting her immensely as she moaned the pleasure of Mykael’s cock sliding deep and fast into her against it.

Mykael thrust faster into her as he felt her slick pussy gripping him, shaking his head as he heard his brother’s comment. He didn’t thrust harder into her, instead just rocking his hips forward faster, grinding them against hers before pulling back and pushing forward, almost dragging his cock out of her before sliding fully into her again and again, moaning as he felt her tightness grip him in a swift orgasm, her cries of pleasure muffled by his brother’s cock as he pistoned in and out of her mouth faster, his hand tight in her hair. Jon thrust into her mouth as she sucked hard on his throbbing shaft. Finally he pulled from her hot lips as he heard his brother’s moans of pleasure. “Time for us both to take her Myk. Pull her on top of you on the edge of the bed so I can take her from behind.” He moved around as Mykael moved to lie on the bed, Ayaria straddling him. Jon moved in behind her, her saliva glistening on his cock. He reached down and gripped her ass as she lowered to catch the head of Mykael’s hard rod within her glistening tunnel.

Ayaria pressed her lips tight to Mykael’s as she felt the hard cocks pushing against each of her tight hot openings. A low moan escaped her lips as she slid Mykael into her, the moan intensifying as Jon pushed his thick head into the dark star of her anus. She rocked back slowly, taking him into her ass with each slow push forward. Forcing herself to relax, she took inch after inch of his hardness into her hot nether hole, pausing only occasionally to let the muscular rings grow accustomed to his thickness. She broke the kiss and looked over her shoulder at Jon as his hips pressed against her ass, his thick cock sunk fully within her tight nether opening.

Mykael waited until Jon pulled back and thrust up into her, his lips pressing to her neck, nibbling down slowly. She arched her back as he thrust up into her, moaning as he felt her tightness gripping his pistoning shaft. He reached up and cupped a firm breast, his lips moving to the stiff nipple, sucking as he alternated his thrusts with Jon, one pushing into her hot depths as the other was pulling back. He moaned on her hard nipple, tongue flitting lightly against it as he and his brother thrust faster into their girlfriend.

Jon, feeling the tightness of Ayaria’s muscles gripping him, began to thrust faster into her, moaning deep in his throat. He gripped her hips and drove faster into her, his hips slapping against her firm cheeks again and again. He gave her ass a sharp slap as He pulled back, drawing a squeal from her as she was pinned between Mykael and him.

Ayaria writhed in pleasure as she was filled completely with her men’s hard cocks impaling her on their throbbing length. She pressed her hands to the bed and leaned back against Jon’s chest as Mykael lashed her nipple with his tongue. She came hard as Jon reached around and stroked her clit with his fingertips as He drove into her ass. Her body bucked and convulsed as she came hard on the two cocks powering into her, one fast and relentless, the other rough and fast.

Jon and Mykael, feeling the already tight muscles of her gripping their cocks even tighter as they powered into her as she came, gave almost simultaneous sounds of pleasure, a moan for Mykael and a groan for Jon. Ayaria arched her back and cried out loudly, cumming again as she felt their cocks shooting their hot loads of cum deep into her clenching pussy and gripping ass. They held tight to her as their cocks emptied their cum into her waiting body, the pulsing slowing and stopping.

With a moan Jon pulled from within her and they all curled up on the bed. Ayaria pressed a hungry kiss to Mykael’s mouth before rolling and kissing Jon. She grinned contently and slipped off to the bathroom to clean up, leaving the two of them with a wink and a giggled “I hope you’re not finished. I don’t think I am,” before disappearing into the bathroom.

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