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I hurried in and started getting things ready. I knew you would be there soon, and wanted everything to be perfect. I had stopped at the florist and picked up some white blooming flowers, jasmine, tuberose, gardenia. The fragrance filled the house. The table was already set with candles, china and crystal, and the wine was chilling in a silver bucket. Dinner had been carefully prepared and was ready to be served.

I went through the house leaving some flowers in each room, and lighting candles, all jasmine scented, filling each room with an intoxicating aroma. I had candles surrounding the tub, and another bottle of wine chilling in the bathroom.

Then, I started at the door with a trail of clothing articles. One stocking in the entry way, one stocking in the doorway of the dining room, white lace panties in the hall way, white lace bra in the door to the bathroom, blue combing coat on the floor by the tub. And I was waiting for you there in the tub, nearly covered with bubbles, no light except the glow from the candles, fragrance of the white flowers permeating the room. I wanted to heighten all your senses. You had stopped and gathered the silky clothes along the path, and were caressing their softness in your hands as you stood in the doorway, your eyes piercing mine, your body still, not moving a muscle.

You said “what’s for dinner?”

I told you that you would have to join me to find out. Instantly, moving only your hands and arms, you began to undress dloely, your eyes never leaving mine. You had a slight smile on your lips. You said, “But, I’m hungry, and the table looks ready for us to eat.”

I said “No, silly, that’s the main course, I thought you needed an appetizer first.”

I heard a low, growling chuckle build in your throat as you finally freed yourself of your shirt and tie. Still, your eyes never moved from mine. I watched as you began to unbuckle your belt, and licked my lips as you let your slacks fall. Then you where there in the doorway, wearing only your boxers. I could see that you were beginning to get excited and I smiled. You still kept your eyes riveted on mine, as you walked toward the tub, removing your boxers and stepping free illegal bahis from them just as you reached the tub.

“When will your husband get home?’ you asked.

“He’ll be gone for two days, and will be back on Monday, we have plenty of time.”

You smiled and started to step into the tub. “God, I love tubs that are large enough for two,” you said.

I sat up to make room for you to join me, and my breasts came out, resting just at the top level of the water, my nipples were hard and wet, with bubbles slithering down them. As you stepped your other foot into the tub, you said “Mm, nice,” and you reached down with your finger, tilted my chin up, and then let your finger slide down my neck, stopping to finesse my nipple.

I arched my back and laid my head back and said “Mm, you know how much I like that.”

Then, you were on your knees in the tub, between my legs. Your hands were soapy from the bubble bath, and you cupped my breasts, tweaking the hard nipples with your thumbs and forefingers, as your mouth crashed down on mine. Your mouth took complete possession of mine, your tongue probing my lips apart, casting, plunging, in and out, hot, hard, wet, while your fingers continued their exquisite torture of my nipples. My hands came up and went around your head, my wet fingers entangling in your hair, pulling you closer, forcing your tongue deeper into my hot, yielding mouth. My tongue was probing back at yours, lunging, mating with yours, giving a preview of the probing and thrusting our bodies would do soon. Our mouths were making love to each other, hot, passionate, hungry.

Then, you withdrew your mouth from mine and looked into my eyes. You said “I love how dark your eyes get when you are aroused, they look like green fire. It turns me on to know that you lust after me like this.”

Then, your mouth fell to my left breast. You kissed its dark peak gently and then covered it completely with your lips, sucking, nibbling, flicking your tongue over it. I gasped for breath and pulled you closer. You captured the nipple in your teeth, and pulled back, stretching in out, as you squeezed the base of my breast and moved it from side to side. You let illegal bahis siteleri it pop out of your mouth, and then immediately took it back in. You did this over and over, for what seemed like an eternity. I was moaning softly, encouraging you, saying “Suck it baby, bite it, oh, yes, just like that, do it again and again, yes, bite it, bite it, oh yes, make it ache for you.” Then, you serviced the other breast just the same, making my nipples red and swollen with your loving them.

I could feel your hard cock rubbing against my stomach. I reached down and took it into my hands. It was hard, bulging, demanding my attention. My hands were still soapy and slick, and I heard the breath leave your body in one jagged gush. You said “Oh yes, that’s right, that’s so good. I want to be inside you. Can I fuck you?”

I said “Just wait, don’t hurry.” I was pumping your hardness with my hand, suckling your nipple now, biting it, and rubbing my wet clit with the other hand.

You had your fingers tangled in my hair and said “Oh baby, you’re sucking my nipples and it’s making me burn. I want to fuck you now.”

“I said, ok, sit back and lean on the tub.”

You leaned back and stretched your legs out straight in front of you. You were reclined against the back of the tub. I stood up and looked down at you. The bubbles were sliding off my body, and I was still fingering my clit. The head of your cock was just under the level of the water, and I could see you, stroking yourself, as I inserted my finger into my hot pussy. You said “Hh, yeah, get it ready for me, I’ll give you more than a finger.” And I just smiled at you.

I straddled your legs and began to squat down until my knees were on either side of you legs, and my hot, throbbing pussy was poised just above your cock. I said “Do you want it? Do you want it hard or easy? Do you want to put your dick in my cunt? Do you want me to ride that wet, hard rod until you cum?”

You said “Yes, I want you, I want you to fuck me hard and nasty, make me cum inside you.”

I impaled myself on you then, taking you all the way in, and arched my back. You grabbed my hips and pulled me down harder. “Oh, mm, yes,” canlı bahis siteleri you said. I began to rock on you very slowly, moving my hips in circles and side to side, slipping up an down on you, nearly all the way off, then slamming back down. You captured my breast with your mouth and raped it with your teeth, hurting me some, but I loved it. I grabbed your head and pulled you back from my nipple, your teeth tearing at it, pulling it out of our mouth as I withdrew myself up your cock, then slammed myself back down on you and thrust my breast back in your mouth. I was fucking you hard and nasty. Riding you, you were thrusting back at me and biting my nipples, hard, my hands were wrapped around your head and I was grinding my pussy on your hard cock. I lifted your head and took your mouth with mine. Fucking your mouth and your cock at the same time. You were helpless to me, I had you in complete submission. My tongue was choking you and my pussy was squeezing you tight, hot, wet, all you could do was moan in helpless pleasure.

I felt that I was nearing climax, and sat up straight, you raised your knees so that I could lean my back against them, and you put your finger on my hot, swollen clit. You reached around and gently fingered my ass with your other hand. I was riding you saying “Hh, yes, fuck me, fuck me….make me cum……..rub my clit……..finger my ass………….I want you to fill me with your cum.” My head was thrown back and we were just plain fucking hard. Rocking and rolling and grinding.

You said “I feel you tightening on me, are you nearly ready? Tell me, I want us to come together.”

Then, my muscles began to squeeze, and I said “Yeah, baby, here it comes.” My muscles began to jerk and quiver and I was climaxing, hard. At the same time, I felt your hot cum explode into me. I leaned against you, mashing my chest to yours and gripping you tight. I said “0h yes, mm, yes.” I screamed “Oh God, that’s it right there, give it to me.” You were filling me with hot sticky cum.

You were mumbling, half growling “Take it all. Take it all now, damn.” And your voice trailed off into a series of rough, hoarse, animal like grunts.

I collapsed on you. The water had long since grown cold but we did not feel it. We were spent, completely, worn out with lovemaking so intense. We rested for a minute, and then you pulled my head back and looked deep into my glazed eyes. “What’s for dinner?’” you asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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