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“Baby!” She called out to him softly from the dresser as he stepped into the room after his shower. His body was nothing spectacular. Yes, he had that lean build she liked, but his lower abs were buried under a small pouch of a belly. His arms showed tone, but only when he moved them and they flexed. It was a good starting point, and he’d get better with time. She’d make him better with time.

He turned toward her just as he finished tucking the corner of the towel into his waist. She was in front of the mirror, in her maroon pencil skirt, and a black top to go with it. She had just finished putting some eyeliner on. Putting it down, she went for her lipstick. He walked to her.

Uncapping the lipstick, she looked at him in the mirror. Her expression was that of content smile.

“Leave the towel somewhere, and come back? On your fours this time..” She turned back to the lipstick in her hand.

He went back into the bathroom and hung the towel off a hook, next to hers. Meanwhile, she twisted the bottom of the lipstick slowly, and the lipstick began to slide out of the container. Soon, he returned without the towel. She unwound the whole thing and the lipstick was ready to use. She looked up at her face in the mirror and leaned in to apply the lipstick. Before she began, her foot rose up behind her, in front of his face.

“Kiss it..” She said, and began to apply her lipstick. He pecked softly on the ball of her foot. It smelled way better than before, and it looked cleaner than ever. He missed the stink a little though, in a way.. as if this was not bad enough. As soon as he leaned back from the first kiss, she put her foot down and showed him the other one, going back to applying her lipstick. He kissed the other foot too – the same way as the first one. The foot dropped back into its place. She stayed silent and went on to finish putting on her lipstick.

When she was done, she pursed her lips güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri together gently to even out the coat of lipstick on them and then leaned back from the mirror, looking at herself. She smirked a little, still able to feel the spots where he had just kissed her. He was a beautiful toy. Twisting the lipstick back inside, she took one last look at herself in the mirror. She put the lipstick down and ran her hands down the length of her hair to brush out the loose strands. Finally, she squinted and unsquinted her eyes, and then turned back around to find him still kneeling there. As she was perfecting her own look, she had almost forgotten about him being there. But there he was. And his duties for the day needed to be told to him.

M walked toward her shoe closet and pulled out a drawer. Ten pairs of formal heels presented themselves. Meanwhile, he waited on his knees by the dresser.

“Alright. Now that we have the basics figured out, we need to do one last thing before this deal is finalised.” She picked up a pair of black heels and walked over to the edge of the bed.

“Come here…” She said as she sat down and set the heels on the floor before her. When he was a few feet from her, she gestured to him to stop and looked at him as she began to wear the first heel.

“You need to resign from your job. Write your resignation letter, have any conversations you want with your boss and your team. I’ll get your new offer letter ready and sent to you in less than an hour. If your company wants a buyout, that will be taken care of. But I want you to finish all the paperwork today, and be free from your old job by the end of the day. I want to have you, legally, from tomorrow. Yes?”

It was getting real. His heart raced in his chest as she told him what was going to happen. He could feel himself sliding deeper into the hole for her, but he was already too far down. He güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri nodded in agreement.

“Yes, M..”

She smiled.

“Good boy!”

“Just… one question..?”

She finished putting on the first heel and sat up. He had her full attention.


“What do you plan to employ me here as..?”

“I told you there are only good things in store for you, didn’t I?”


“Yes. I’ll be signing you as my partner today.”

His eyes widened in shock. They had just met, and she was willing to let him be partner!? This was crazy!

She read his face like a book.

“Don’t get too excited, babe. You will be signed as my partner, but you won’t be a 50-50 partner. You won’t even be a 10-90 partner…”

She leaned down to put on her other heel and spoke as she fixed it on her foot.

“You will be a working partner. You will draw a salary, of course, but 66% of it will go into your holding account, which is really one of my accounts. The 33% should cover your ‘salary’. Or should we call it your pocket money? Hm..” She got lost in thought for a second, but snapped right back out of it.

“… anyway. You will share no profits, and you will have no share in the assets. You will be on the board, yes, but your presence will not be mandatory…”

He was confused, and she saw it.

“This is how it works — I sign you as my working partner. Because having records of you being my employee will not work well in the long run, should things materialise as I expect them to. I want you to have the same status as me in the outside world, and this agreement will be revised based on your performance as the working partner…”

She crossed her legs and leaned down toward him, her hands resting on her knee. Her voice changed to a softer, sultrier tone.

“The happier you make me, the more say you will have in the affairs of güvenilir bahis şirketleri the company on paper. It will always be on paper. I want the world to see you as a silent but genius partner. That is what will keep you by my side without being seen as a useless boytoy. And it will earn you respect in the world outside. They don’t need to know who pulls your strings. That – is between you and me. Understand?”

“Yes… but… what if…”

“What if you plan to betray me two years later?”


“Don’t worry about that. Let’s just say I’ll make sure you get what you deserve. And I will do it personally, if that helps. Does that answer your concerns?” She cocked her head to the side with a little smile.

After a second of no reply, she stood up. It was clear she didn’t care for a reply anyway. She ironed out her skirt with her hands, and began walking out the bedroom. She looked taller in the heels. They clicked sharply on the floor as she walked out.

“Come..” She spoke as she exited the room. He crawled after her.

“On your feet.” She added. He got up to his feet and hurried after her.

When they got to the elevator, she turned back around. She was a couple of inches taller than him in those six-inch heels. She looked into his eyes and saw a man at her mercy. He couldn’t betray her if he wanted to. He couldn’t take her physically, and mentally, she was light years ahead of him. He was smart enough, but his brain was not wired to work well with schemes and lies. Hers was. It was the perfect match.

“Have the place clean when I get back. Spotless. I have an OCD about these things, and I suggest you don’t test that.” She smiled but not too much. Her eyes watched both of his.

She grabbed him by the ass and pulled his crotch into hers. She squeezed his butt in her hand and leaned in to kiss him, but remembered that that would ruin her lipstick. So she slid her tongue out and gave him a soft, wet lick across his lips.

“I’ll be back soon…”

With that, she turned and entered the elevator. The glass doors closed between them. He watched her go down with the elevator as she took her phone out of her bag and placed a call. And then she disappeared from view.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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