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He took the remote and pointed it at the wall above the bed. A screen lit up and Jodi watched as her master fucked her mother. Their master had her on all fours and he was fucking her from the back. Her mother had a ball gag and collar on but nothing else. Jodi watched in disbelief as her mother’s tits flapped back and forth as he pounded into her. The camera zoomed in on her mother’s face and Jodi could see the tear streaks. He wasn’t fucking her, he was raping her. He finished in her and then pulled out.
“There, slave,” their master said as he pulled out. “I hope you liked it because that’s all the fucking you will ever get from now on.” He then spit on her and prepped for round two. Jodi watched as her master swallowed something and then went around the back of her mother again. This time, the camera angle changed and Jodi could tell that he wasn’t aiming for her mother’s pussy. She cringed slightly as he rammed his cock into her mother’s ass. The ball gag didn’t stop the scream her mother emitted as he violated her ass.
Jodi fought hard to keep her emotions in check. This violation was heard of, but she thought her master was better than that.
“I’m sorry. That’s the wrong recording,” he said. He clicked the remote again and the scene changed. This time her master’s back was to the camera and he was moaning. She could see that someone was performing oral sex (or what she had been instructed as a blow job) on her master. The camera angle changed and she could see it was her brother. She gasped. His hands were tied behind his back and a collar around his neck was tethered to the wall. He was also blindfolded. She watched as her master pumped hard into her brother’s mouth and then finished. Her brother gagged as cum came out his mouth. He coughed for air and their master backhanded him.
“You will swallow next time, bitch,” bursa escort he said. She watched as he untied her brother’s hands and made him stand doggy style. She could tell that their master was ready to go again and had lubed up his rather impressive penis. She cringed for what she knew was going to be very painful. Her brother now had a ball gag in his mouth but it didn’t stop his scream as their master forced his way into her brother’s ass. The screen went blank.
“Your brother ended up cumming all over the floor when I was finished with him. He begged me for more. He loves getting fucked in the ass now,” Darren said coming up behind Jodi. He reached around and grabbed her breasts. She tensed up. He reached down the front of her and slowly unbuttoned the dress. After it fell to the floor he pushed the straps of the slip off her shoulders and it too fell silently to the floor.
“I like taking the innocence of all of my slaves. Your brother was just the beginning. You, on the other hand, will be more fun. Even if I have to rape you, I will deposit my seed inside your womb. It will be better for you if you willingly fuck me. If you resist, it will hurt more than it has to. You will beg me for more when I get through with you. You will beg me to fuck you again and again and again. I own your body, but I want your soul.”
An involuntary shiver ran through her body as his skilled hands made their way beneath her panties. He had taken her bra off while he spoke to her and now his hands played between the lips of her sex. She stood motionless, knowing her body was about to betray her. He kissed her neck as his fingers played with her clit. She could feel the warmth of her juices as they lubed the area between her legs. He chuckled.
He slowly pushed her over to the bed and then turned her around. He stuck his fingers into her bursa escort bayan mouth. She was slightly revolted by the taste of her own juices but she was careful not to react in such a manner. He was still her master and she was his slave. If he deemed it so, she could be punished. He pushed her to the bed and she watched as he got undressed. His cock was just under 9”. He knew he was bigger than average and he expected that she was now scared of the pain she would endure from him. He then pulled her panties off and spread her legs open. She smelled intoxicating. After raping her mother, he knew she would be better.
He tickled her for a few moments and then plunged open mouthed into her juices. She was so sweet. He was in heaven as he worked her pussy for more juices. He licked, sucked, and stroked her until he was able to entice an orgasm from her. She moaned and bucked into his face as she experienced her first real orgasm. Pure bliss radiated through her body as she climaxed. He pulled away as she came down and hovered above her. His face was still covered in her juices.
“Clean my face off,” he commanded. She went to get off the bed for a towel but he held her there. “I didn’t say get a towel, slave. I said clean my face off.”
A little confused, she sat up and timidly licked his cheek.
“That’s right. Lick it off like the whore you are,” he said.
She continued to lick his face, trying not to gag with each stroke. She had just experienced the most pleasurable thing in her entire life and now she was being forced to do the most disgusting thing. When she was done, she tried to kiss him but he grabbed her throat and pushed her to the bed.
“No kissing, slave,” he said. “You are a slave, not my wife. I will fuck you but I will not kiss you.”
He positioned himself above her pussy, not wanting to wait any longer. escort bursa He did have the idea of her giving him a blow job but he couldn’t wait any longer for her sweet innocence. He pushed his cock to just inside her pussy and she tensed up. He had warned her not to fight it, but it probably couldn’t be helped since she was about to lose her virginity. He went in slowly and he watched as her eyes closed tight as she expected the tearing of her womanhood. He came to it and stopped. It was going to hurt, and he wanted her to remember who took it. He pulled out slightly and then forced his way past it, tearing it. She screamed as he groaned. She was tight.
She held onto the bed as he pulled out slightly and then back in. Again, searing pain racked through her. He thrusted again and pain followed. He began to get into a rhythm and each time was less and less pain. Something else started to work its way into her consciousness. It was a pleasure she wasn’t familiar with. It was deep and exhilarating. Soon, the pleasure became stronger then the pain and she found herself trying to cling onto anything to keep control.
She was so tight. She would learn how to fuck him back, but for right now, this would do just fine. For just a moment in time, they were intertwined as one body. He began to pick up the pace. He could feel himself building up. He watched her face as she began to experience another orgasm. He had been fucking her for less than ten minutes and she was going to cum again.
“It’s ok, slave. Let yourself go,” he said softly as he continued to pump. She did just that. Her screams of pleasure were too much for him. He began to let himself go inside her. Pumping all of his cum into her, he held her as she came down from her high.
“Very good, slave. You will be a good fucker when you are finished training. You have pleased your master. Go and clean yourself up,” he said.
She left and her master swallowed another pill. He was immediately revived. His next slave was there for their session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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