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This is a story of fantasy that bridges ancient and modern times – with apologies to any female readers. It’s been put in the erotic coupling section, but there are several other categories which better fit some parts of the story. Please note that it won’t make much sense unless you read it from the beginning. It’s a long story, but there are juicy bits in it at regular intervals.

* * * * *

Alex was pleased with himself. He had finished the project for the Sultan early and well within budget but had nevertheless attained the quality required. The Sultan too was very pleased. They had returned to his hotel after inspecting Alex’s work and everything was just as Alex had claimed.

“Mr. Alexander, I have a few more similar projects coming up soon. Would you be prepared to quote for the work?”

“Of course.”

“Excellent. In that case, I would be honoured if you would visit me in my country and spend a few days at my palace as my guest. I could then show you around. We could get to know each other better and of course discuss the new projects.”

“I would be delighted to do so.”

“Good – I’ll get one of my private secretaries to contact you to make the arrangements. Now, if you will excuse me, I must leave as I have a plane to catch.” The two men bade each other farewell and Alex set off back to his office.

“How did it go?” enquired Penny, his secretary.

“Fantastic! He’s delighted, as I knew he would be and he’s asked me to fly out and spend a few days at his palace to discuss more work.”

“I had every confidence in you, Alex.”

“Anything happening here?”

“No, it’s been very quiet – no phone calls, nothing.”

“Well, it’s always quiet after a holiday weekend. Have you had any lunch yet?”

“No, not yet.”

“Okay, c’mon – I’ll take you out to lunch to celebrate.” He took her to a nearby restaurant, which he used occasionally to entertain clients. They just made it in time before the restaurant stopped taking lunch orders. “Since we’re celebrating, let’s have some wine with the meal.”

By the time they finished eating it was gone half three. “Not a lot of point going back to the office at this time; shall I drop you off at your flat?”

“That’s very kind of you and thank you for a wonderful meal.” He followed her directions and ten minutes later they were outside her flat. “Are you coming in for a coffee – sober you up after all that wine?”

“Uhm, well, why not.”

She led the way and a few minutes later, they were in her kitchen. He leant against the counter and watched her put the kettle on and make the coffee. Fabulous legs – in fact she was fabulous all round – long blond hair and a well trimmed figure. He remembered interviewing her, a couple of years ago. Her looks had certainly helped her get the job, but she’d proved to be good at her work too. She turned and caught his eye. She looked away again – yes, he was definitely checking her out. She carried the coffee through to the lounge and set the mugs on the coffee table. She sat down on the sofa and invited him to do the same.

After a few minutes small talk, she caught his eye again. It was one of those moments when both sides realise that the attraction is mutual. The conversation stopped dead and in the ensuing silence their two heads slowly inched towards each other, with neither side wanting to make the first move in case they had misunderstood the situation and would end up making a fool of themselves. When their lips were almost touching, Alex reached up, put his hand behind her neck and gently pulled her into their first kiss. The kiss was short and gentle. They both pulled back slightly and looked at each other with slightly shocked expressions.

The next kiss was anything but gentle. Two years’ worth of pent up frustration were unleashed in a split second and they were all over each other. As soon as he gained the confidence to do so, he moved his hand onto her tits, feeling them through the material of her blouse and bra underneath. They broke their kiss a second time, but this time their expressions were of hunger.

His hand was still on her tit, but it was now motionless. Without breaking eye contact, she reached up and undid the buttons on her blouse. The invitation was not lost on Alex and he felt a jolt of desire course through his cock. She leant in for another kiss and immediately they were all over each other again. Alex ran his hand over her body under her blouse and round to the clasp of her bra, which he undid with one hand. His other hand then pushed the bra aside so that he could fondle her bare tits. She was now tugging at the belt of his trousers. They broke the kiss again.

“Shall we go somewhere more comfortable?”

He nodded.

She stood and taking his hand, led him into her bedroom. Once again, they were all over each other, pulling each others’ clothes off as fast as they could. When she was naked, she turned away, pulled the covers of the bed back and got on it. Alex joined her as soon as he güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri too was naked.

He went straight for her tits; he kneaded them, cupped them, squeezed them and kissed them. His hand then travelled down over her stomach to the deep valley between her legs. She opened them slightly to give him better access and he slipped a finger into her slit. After running his finger up and down a few times, he dipped it into her cunt. She gasped when his finger penetrated her. He withdrew it and began to finger her clit.

“Oh, yes, Alex, oh yes. Oh, that’s lovely. Arrghhh, yes.”

He continued to finger her, gradually building her passion until she was thrashing about all over the bed. She was now moving about so much, he could hardly keep his finger on the right spot.

“Oh, Alex, I want you inside me. Make love to me. I’ve waited two years for this – please don’t keep me waiting any longer. Arrrghhhh, yes – put it in please.”

He moved round and positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt. He pushed forward slowly, and buried the first inch inside her.

“Oh, Alex, stop teasing me, I want all of you in me, now.”

He pushed another inch in.

“Oh, my god – fuck me, Alex, put it all in and fuck me hard.”

He pushed and another inch went in.

“Alex! Stop teasing me. I want it all.”

He rammed the rest of it right in and she came immediately.

“Arrgghhhh. Oh, my god! Arrrrgggggghhh, yes, oh, my god, I’m coming. Arrrrghhhh.”

He was now thrusting hard and as she bucked around underneath him.

“Alex, oh my god, fuck me, hard as you can, I love your cock inside me – empty your balls in me – I need your cum.”

He paused and then thrust hard, emitting a guttural groan as he did so. The first spurt of cum flooded into her cunt.

“Yes, Alex, give it to me.”

He paused and then thrust again. The second spurt flooded into her and she cried out again.

Five spurts later, he was spent. He flopped down on top of her, panting. After a few moments to recover, he rolled off to her side. It had been short and sweet – very sweet.

“Jesus Christ, Penny, that was fantastic – I never knew a woman could be so passionate.”

“And I’ve never known a man take two years to find out.” They both laughed.

“Believe me, I’ve wanted to make love to you many times, but I held back trying to stick to a professional business relationship.”

“And you’re married too.”

“Well, yes, I guess that’s also a factor. But now that we’ve done it once, I’ll be after you every day.”

She laughed. “I’ll hold you to that.”

They lay together for some time, exchanging a few words every so often until it started to get dark. “What time is it?”

Penny looked at her bedside clock. “Just gone six.”

“I should really be on my way.”

“Promise me this won’t be a one off.”

“You kidding! As I’ve already said, I’ll be after you every day from now on.”

They got up and Alex used the bathroom to wash and clean himself up. Then after a goodbye kiss he was gone.

* * * * *

“Hi honey, I’m home.”

His wife Wendy, looked out from the kitchen. “Alex, you’re back! How did it go.”

“Really well. The Sultan is very pleased. Wants me to visit him in his palace next to discuss more work.”

Wendy threw herself into his arms. “That’s fantastic, when?”

“Don’t know yet, but probably later in the month.”

“Does that mean we can order the new kitchen, now that the money’s flowing again?”

“Guess so, darling.”

“Hopefully, you’ll also have a bit more time for me too before the next project starts.”

“That’ll be good.”

“Starting right now.” She reached down and fondled his cock through his trousers. “This fella hasn’t had much use recently, what with you being too busy and too tired after your work. Hope you’re not too tired tonight.”

“Er, no – you try and stop me,” he replied, but inside he was panicking. Christ, he was thinking, hope I’ve got enough left for her. Hope I washed all traces of the afternoon off too.

She reached down with the other hand, undid his trousers and fished his cock out. Taking hold of it, she pulled him upstairs and into the bedroom. Once there, she knelt down and took him into her mouth. He held his breath – would she notice anything? He was hardening slowly as she worked her magic with her tongue and he gradually relaxed. If she hadn’t noticed anything by now, the danger was probably past. Thank Christ he’d washed himself carefully after fucking Penny! He was now hard. Thank Christ for that too – he would have had a difficult time explaining why, had he not got hard.

“Looks like he’s ready for some action!” Wendy exclaimed. She undressed and moved over to the bed. “How do you want me tonight?”

“How about from behind?” He chose that position because she’d be less likely to notice any remaining traces of Penny’s perfume on his body that way. Of all the days Wendy decides to be fruity, she would pick the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri one day that he’d hoped she’d not be interested.

Wendy turned and knelt on all fours on the edge of the bed. He ripped his own clothes off, walked up behind her and fingered her slit whilst stroking his cock with the other hand. She was obviously very turned on already – must be the thought of that new kitchen!

He stepped forward and slowly fed his cock into her until his balls were resting on the backs of her legs.

“Oh, Wendy – that feels fantastic.”

“Never mind that – just fuck me.”

He grabbed hold of her waist with both hands and started thrusting. He’d enjoyed the afternoon fucking Penny, but his wife was good too. Since he’d already come once this afternoon, he was going to be able to last a long time – that should please her. He thought about fucking Penny again tomorrow – would it be possible? Could he manage them both if they were both after him at every opportunity? He’d certainly have to be careful not to get caught.

He was now thrusting hard and Wendy was gasping and moaning. “Oh, Alex, I love it when you pound me from behind – it’s so animalistic. Keep going. I’m near; keep going. Pound me with that big cock of yours.”

He continued his deep thrusting, causing her to gasp every time his balls slapped against her legs. He could see the sides of her tits bouncing about with each thrust. After fifteen minutes of vigorous exercise, his knees were getting weak, so he changed position slightly to relieve the strain. The most sensitive part of his cock was now rubbing against her pubic bone and he was not going to last much longer.

“Arrghhhh, yes, Alex, arrrrrrrrgh.” Wendy came with much grunting and gasping just as Alex unleashed a torrent of hot sticky cum into her. He collapsed onto her back and slid his hands underneath her to grope her tits.

“My god, Wendy, that was fantastic. What made you so sexy this evening?”

“Dunno! I just felt like a good pounding tonight. You’ve been working on that project so much recently, this was the first opportunity.”

He stood up straight and backed away, causing his now flaccid cock to slip out. “Dunno about you, but I need a shower.”

“We’ll have one together – I might even be able to make you hard again.”

He laughed. “If you can make it hard, you can have it.”

They showered together and she did manage to get some response out of him, but not enough for any action.

“I guess I’m just too tired – could do with a break after that project.”

* * * * *

In the morning, Alex arrived early for work but Penny had beaten him to it. “Well, good morning! How’s my sexy secretary today?”

“Still feeling sexy, just like yesterday,” she replied.

“Well, I’ll have to do something about that if I get a chance between meetings. What’s my diary looking like today?”

She clicked on the icon on her laptop to open his diary and glanced at her watch. “You’ve got a tit-grope in two minutes, followed by a blow-job at 8:30 and a quickie at 8:40. Then at 9:30, Fred Morgan is due for a planning meeting.”

He laughed. “In that case, we’d better get started in case the old codger is early.” He locked the door and then led her into a small alcove where there were several filing cabinets, a printer, a photocopier and various other large objects. At the back, they were completely out of sight of anyone who might look through the window or the glass door.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately. Within a couple of minutes, he had the hem of her blouse pulled out from her skirt and her bra undone. He was right on schedule for the tit-grope.

After playing with her tits and kissing her for several minutes, he paused and leant back. She took the hint and dropped down onto her knees. She undid his trousers, pulled his cock out and took it into her mouth. Alex groaned with pleasure. She sucked him till he was rock hard then stood back up. She turned away from him, leant over the photocopier and stuck her bum out.

“Try not to get cum on my skirt.”

“I’ll do my best.”

He undid the belt of his trousers and let them drop to the floor. He didn’t want cum on them either. He lifted the hem of her skirt up and tucked it under her belt. She was wearing a dainty pair of pink panties, which he took hold of and pulled halfway down her legs. Stepping forward, he aimed his cock and pushed.

“Arghhh, yes, Alex. Squeeze my tits while you fuck me.”

He pushed her blouse and bra up out of the way and clamped his hands on both tits then started thrusting. Within minutes, they were both gasping with pleasure. The photocopier started whirring – they must have leant on the start button by mistake.

“I’m coming Penny, god, you’re fantastic.”

“Fill my pussy with cum.”

He did.

“Arrrrrghh, yes, oh, god, keep going, fuck me hard. Arrrghhhhh, yes, arrggghhhhhh.”

They both calmed down after their quickie. “God, I needed that,” güvenilir bahis şirketleri said Penny. Don’t suppose you’ve got a tissue, have you?”

“There’s a couple in my trouser pocket. Hold on, I’ll bend down and get them – next time we’ll have to remember to get them ready beforehand.”

Penny laughed. “Forward planning!” She retrieved the paper from the photocopier out-tray. It was blank. “Fortunately, the lid was down; otherwise, there’d be a photocopy of my tits here.”

“I’d frame it and hang it over my desk.”

She laughed. “Yeah, right!”

They wiped themselves with the tissues and sorted out their clothing. Penny then disappeared to the ladies’ cloakroom to clean herself up properly. When she got back, Alex went to the gents’ to do the same. When he returned, Fred Morgan was sitting there, waiting for the 9:30 meeting. Alex looked at Penny; that was close! He hoped the office didn’t smell of sex, but if it did, Fred gave no clue that he had noticed.

After Fred had left, Alex and Penny couldn’t stop giggling. “That was a bit close – too close in fact. We’ll have to be more careful next time. We should open the window too to refresh the air.”

“I was desperate,” replied Penny. “I needed your cock in me.”

A few minutes later, one of the Sultan’s private secretaries rang to discuss Alex’s trip to the Sultan’s palace. They agreed on some dates and the secretary said he would make the arrangements and send the plane tickets by courier.

“You’re going to have to do without my cock for several days, I’m afraid. I’m flying out on the twentieth and returning overnight on the twenty fifth.”

“Don’t you need a secretary with you to take notes while you’re there – and of course to look after all your other needs?”

He laughed. “Would be nice – very nice in fact, but I’d be pushing my luck to ask, since they’re paying for everything and in any case, someone’s got to man the office.”

“Yeah, I know – just wishful thinking on my part.”

“It’s not the place for a woman anyway – someone as attractive as you would probably end up in his harem.”

“You’re joking! Has he really got a harem?”

“No idea – doubt it in this day and age.”

Later that afternoon, a courier arrived with a package for Alex. It contained his itinerary and the return plane tickets.

“Wow!” exclaimed Alex, “They’re first class tickets! I’ve never flown first before.”

Over the next ten days, he fucked Penny almost every day, sometimes in the office and sometimes in her bed. Wendy too was going through one of her fruity periods, so he had to manage her too. It wasn’t easy and he had to be very careful not to get caught.

* * * * *

On the day of his trip, Alex woke early and fucked his wife before they got up. “Wendy, that will have to last you till I get back.”

“I’ll be waiting – probably need your cock the minute you get in.”

“By then I shall be desperate anyway, so you better be ready for me.” They got up and after breakfast, he drove to his office.

His secretary pounced on him. Alex, I hope you’ve got time for me before you’re picked up. He did and they fucked in the stationery alcove, which had become their regular sex-location when they didn’t have time to go to her place.

“Don’t go messing about with any of those girls in the Sultan’s harem, will you.”

“No chance! I don’t want to end up as one of the eunuchs in it.”

She laughed.

Dead on time, a car arrived and took him to the airport. He checked in and then relaxed in the first class lounge until the flight was called. The flight was uneventful and Alex enjoyed the unaccustomed luxury of flying first. On arrival, he cleared customs and immigration and immediately spotted a man holding a board up with his name on it. The car was parked right outside the terminal, rather than in the car park. The police knew better than interfere with the Sultan’s private fleet of cars and some time later, they arrived at the Sultan’s palace.

“Mr. Alexander, welcome!” The two men greeted each other like long lost friends. “I hope you didn’t overindulge on the plane, because we have a traditional meal planned for this evening, followed by some traditional entertainment, which I’m sure you will enjoy.”

“Well, the food on the plane was excellent, but I took your advice and only ate lightly and that was several hours ago. I am looking forward to whatever is planned for this evening.”

“Excellent! Dinner will be in about an hour – in the meantime, I’ll get someone to show you to your room. If you wish to shower or have a bath, please feel free to do so. Despite the desert environment, we have an almost unlimited supply of water, provided by a desalination plant.”

An aide showed Alex to his room and an hour later, knocked on the door to collect him again. He led Alex to a large room with a dining table and some lounge furniture. There was also a large empty area, presumably for the entertainment, which was to follow.

Alex and the Sultan sat at the table and were served by three stunning girls. Alex wasn’t sure whether it would be considered impolite to look at them, so he did his best to only steal short glances when they served him. The Sultan noticed his dilemma and laughed.

“They are very attractive, don’t you think?”

“Yes, indeed.”

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