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“Cut! Cut damn it” yelled the director. The camera stops rolling and the crew started to chatter as the director goes up to the star of the commercial. It is the Disney Channel star Peyton List. Today they are shooting one of those “My name is __ from ___ and this is Disney Channel>” commercials. Problem is, Peyton List keeps messing up the shoot. It is either her forgetting her lines or would drop the wand.

The production team have been at it for over an hour now and are getting furious with the blonde. It isn’t Peyton List’s fault but none other than a stranger who has snuck into the crowd, Dan Everett.

Dan Everett have been using his reality warping powers to mess with Peyton List. The reason he is fucking with her is for personal revenge for all those times his little sister forced him to watch the horrible sitcom, Jessie. He remembers the only good thing was watching Peyton List and Debby Ryan. But now he gets to take all that frustration on her.

“Alright everyone break time is over. We’re filming again.”, said the director. Everyone gets in their positions while Dan Everett just watch the scene before him. The director gets in his chair and mutters to himself “I hope this dumb bitch can get this.”

“And shoot!”

Peyton List smiles at the camera and said “Hello! My name is Peyton List from Bunkd and you are watching Disney Channel”. The film crew sigh silently thinking they may get to go home. The director had a big smile of relief. Peyton List began to “draw” the logo with her wand, but right before she does a splash of water his her. She was wearing a white NY Giants shirt and now everyone can see her bra underneath.

Dan Everett smirks as he put down the bucket where the water come from. Everyone in the crew groaned in frustration, but not at Dan Everett but at Peyton List.

“You fucking dumb cunt!” yelled the director at Peyton List. She looked around confused before replying “ B-but it isn’t my fault. He threw the water onto me.”.

The director walks up to the soaked Peyton List and smacked her on her right cheek. The crew cheered and applauded the slap while Dan Everett laughs. Peyton rub her cheek in shock, but before she can open her mouth the director smacked her on the other cheek. The crowd once again applauded it.

“That’s it! The dumb bitch deserves it.” Yelled a cameraman.

The director then grabs Peyton List by her hair and said” Listen to me, you dumb bimbo. All of this is your fucking fault no one else. You shouldn’t have been standing there when the bursa escort water hit you. Do you understand!”.

Peyton List hesitates, and the director gives her two firm slaps for it. “Yes! I understand”, she said with tears forming up in her eyes.

The director then turns her towards Dan Everett. “Now cunt. You are going to go crawl towards him and apologize for accusing him of sabotaging the set. Do you understand?”.

Peyton List nods and the director throws her on the floor. She slowly gets up and slowly crawl towards Dan Everett, who was on the far side of the sit. On her way, members of the film crew would insult her and spit on her as she walks by. Cumdump, ditzy dumb bimbo, and slutface are the nicest of what they had to say.

She eventually reaches Dan Everett and started to stand up, but he puts his hands-on top of her head and push her back to her knees. “Whatever you have to say slut, will be at your knees where you belong.”.

The Disney Channel star has a confused look on her face, but she ultimately accepted it and began an apology.

“I’m sorry” said Peyton List. Dan Everett smirks and began to caress her blonde hair.

“For what whore?” asked Dan Everett. She had to think before she replied.

“I’m sorry for accusing you?” cried Peyton List, hoping this would be the last of this.

Dan Everett shakes his head “What you accused me of is serious?” he said while unbuckling his pants “You’ll have to show your remorse.”

He then pulled down his pants revealing his thick massive dick. Peyton List screams at the size of the dick and tries to run away but Dan just grabbed her hair and force her to stay on her knees.

“Bitch don’t run again. Own up to your remorse so we can continue shooting.” Yell the director.

Peyton List sighs and she grabs the dick and slowly started to stroke it. She doesn’t have much experience with handling cock but knows guys like to receive blowjob from a barely legal teen. She then engulfs the dick in her mouth and began to slowly bob her head on the massive cock.

Dan Everett let her blow him on her own for a few minutes. He sighs because it was lackluster, she is just moving her mouth slowly on it. There are no licks on the head or any slurping, he also hates the slow pace.

He suddenly grabs her hair and began thrusting in and out of her mouth hard and fast. Peyton List opens her eyes wide in shock at her throat being penetrated and gags on it, causing drool to spit over his dick. She began banging fists on his knees and try to bursa escort bayan escape, but Everett just pulls out and give her a hard slap on the face.

“This is all you fault cunt. Should’ve gave better head” he says with a smirk before sticking his dick back into her mouth and fucking it some more. He put her hair in a ponytail and slowly enter his entire dick. Once hit the back of her throat he holds it in. After a few seconds Peyton List gagged on the dick and she tried to dislodge it from her mouth. But Everett’s firm grip prevents her from doing so.

Drool rained down from her mouth and onto her soaked clothes. For a couple of minutes, he held his dick in her throat. Her eyes began to flutter, and she was on the verge of passing out. Any attempt she made to break way was pathetically weak.

Dan Everett laughs as he continued to thrust in and out of her throat again. GACK! GACK! GAHCK! Is all you can hear from her as she tries her best to breathe.

The film crew around them had their phones out and are recording the Disney Channel star throat getting destroyed.

“Damn! Fuck that bitch up!” yelled one of the crew.

When Peyton List’s face started to turn purple the director yelled out “Hey! We need her conscious for the shoot!”.

Dan Everett nods his head at the director and he finally takes his dick out of Peyton List’s mouth. She started to cough up a storm while trying to regain her breath. The film crew was amused at her struggle and laughed at her.

Everett gets on his knees and force Peyton List into a doggy style position. She has an emotionless face until Everett thrust his cock full force into her asshole.

“AAAAAAAGH!” she yelled. She tries to crawl away, but Dan Everett holds her down at the waist and he holds his dick into her ass.

“Holy shit! Your ass is tight!” moaned Dan Everett. He could feel it tighten on his massive dick and the pleasure he is receiving was phenomenal. Peyton List on the other hand had never experienced pain like this before. She could feel her ass being teared up with his big dick inside of it.

Dan Everett then started to trust in and out very hard and fast in her ass.

“AHHHHGH! AAAAAGH!” yelled Peyton List. Once he started to pummel her ass there was no reprieve. He had no regard to her wellbeing and he refused to slow down. She thrashed about and inadvertently slammed herself on the floor in reaction to her asshole being torn apart.

The film crew and director just laugh and tease the Disney star as her screams escort bursa become horrified sobs when he pounds her ass harder and faster. The only reason her make up isn’t running down her cheeks is because of Dan Everett’s powers. He likes her pretty.

Dan Everett pin her down to the floor and squats over her while pounding her ass. She was rocked back and forth on the floor and her clothes started to be torn up from it.


Her face went red as her ass was decimated. Dan Everett had no concern or sympathy as he rode her like a cheap toy because that’s all she was to him. He doesn’t light up for a moment and pushed her ass to the limit of its elasticity. She would not be able to sit down for over a week without a painful reminder of this day.

Eventually Dan Everett felt the tingle in his dick and he does on hard thrust into her ass and cums inside. She screams loudly as her ass gets filled with cum. There was too much that it overflowed, and he pulled out and flipped her over and squirted out massive glob after glob over her body and face. After he finished there Peyton List was passed out on the floor covered in cum and cum gushing out of her asshole.

“That’ll do whore.” Everett said, “That’ll do.”.

“AHHH damn it.” The director said half-disappointed “We need her awake for the shoot.”.

“No, we don’t!” said a commanding voice. A man in a black suit walked out onto the set and walked towards the passed-out Peyton List and Dan Everett, who was up and getting dressed.

He looks down at the unconscious Peyton List and shakes his head. “I honestly knew she would end up like this when I auditioned her back when she was 16.”

He then unzips his pants and piss all over Peyton List before zipping them back again. “She is done with Disney. Well at least in the acting department. She can be a whore for our directors and producers.”

The Disney Channel executive turns to Dan Everett “What is your name young man?”

Dan Everett smiles and says “Dan Everett, nice to meet you. “

“Well I am John Oakhill. You know how to handle a slut. How would you like a job?” said the executive.

“Yes, I would like one.”

The executive smiled, and they go off the set with the director to talk business.

The rest of the crew started to clean up the set while Peyton List is still covered in cum and passed out in puddle of cum from her ass.

When she wakes up she screams from the cum getting in her eye. Once she clears it up she looks around and she see the whole film crew surrounding her with their dicks out. A few hours later she is found in the men’s bathroom, passed out with her head in a toilet full of cum and piss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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