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Nineteen year-old, Marcie was in the bedroom, painting her toenails, wearing only red panties and a black, T-shirt, with Fifth Harmony on the front. Eighteen year-old, Evie sat across from her, wearing an extra large powder blue men’s shirt that probably belonged to Tucker at one time and nothing else, engrossed in a True Romance magazine when Marilyn threw open the door to the apartment and shouted for them to come out from wherever they were hiding.

Both girls considered Marilyn their fairy godmother because she had the good heart to take them both in at a time of great need for each girl. The small breasted Evie was in fact, a runaway, while the redheaded Marcie found a home with Marilyn after her father raped her and threatened to kill her if she told anyone about it.

Marilyn had of course, seduced each girl in turn, and in time, had them make love to each other and introduced them to her current lover, Tucker Treeman, who had also bedded both of them at the same time.

Now both girls were sex crazed that they were constantly in each other’s arms unless either Marilyn or Tucker, or both, wanted them for their personal sexual pleasure. But the girls were undeniably happy and content with their life and seldom complained when it came to chores and being responsible. One could argue that they were indeed better off with Marilyn than without.

Evie sprinted out to greet her, jumping into her arms and giving Marilyn a ferocious bear hug. Her T-shirt rode up exposing her cute young ass and Marilyn’s hand was quick to glide over it, and caress the puckered brown spot at its center. A second later, Marcie trudged stiffly out to join Evie in greeting their questionable benefactor.

Marilyn’s keen eye noted the Kleenex stuffed between Marcie’s toes and smiled as she opened her arms to accept another hug.

“Girls,” she shouted although there was no need to shout as they were standing beside her, “We’re going to help throw a fantastic Christmas party!

“Yahoo!” Both girls shouted, and Evie threw her magazine in the air as a token of celebration.

“So who all’s coming? Marcie asked.

“All sorts of people,” Marilyn replied, her hand still teasing the youngster’s now wriggling rectum. “Well you know, Tucker . . .”

“Oh, yeah,” Marcie said, “we sure do know him.”

“And we want to know him better, too,” Evie added with a big wink and tugged Marcie’s T-shirt down so that her rear end was no longer exposed. Marilyn discretely withdrew her hand.

“Let’s see,” Marilyn said as she pretended to be thinking, “there’s a pro football player with the 49er’s, and the Hutchins’s. He’s in computer software, sales, I think and she’s a realtor, makes lots of money too.”

“I don’t know them, “Marcie said, her face in a pout.

“Me neither,” Evie added as she mimicked Marcie’s expression.

Marilyn acted as if she hadn’t heard the girls and kept on going. “And there’s Jason and Cara Salter. Now she’s an artist. Does nudes, lots of erotica and sells everything she does. He is, believe it or not, a bank vice president with Wells Fargo and not a low level one either.”

Marcie chimed in with, “Well aside from Cara what’s her name, they sound kind of average.”

“Hmmm, well there’s Jack Sullivan. You’ll probably adore him. He likes younger girls and he makes porno movies.”

“Yeah, that’s more like it!” Evie burst out.

“Uh huh, so then you’ll probably like his guest. That would be Bev “Watch Me” Anderson. Have you heard of her?”

“My God!” Marcie yelped — she’s a real movie star!”

“Well, she’s certainly a porno star, but that’s far from being a real movie star.”

“Hey I don’t care, she’s a star as far as I’m concerned,” Marcie said.

“And a few others, as well,” Marilyn continued, “and you’ll meet most of them at the party. But the other really big news is,” and with this Marilyn jumped up and down, her unencumbered breasts almost hitting her in the face, “that we are going to have our bodies painted for the party!”

“Body paint!” both girls whooped and spun each other around before ending in a group hug.

“Does that mean we …?” Evie started to say.

“Yes, we’re going nude!” Marilyn exclaimed.

“Oh, God, that’s so way cool,” Marcie said with a huge smile.

“Yeah, that’s so cool!” Evie added.

Marilyn noticed that Evie of late had begun to repeat almost everything Marcie said and thought it was so cute of her that she gave her a special hug. Then realizing she shouldn’t forget Marcie, embraced her too.

Evie started licking Marilyn’s neck, and Marcie’s hand wandered under her sweater and fondled her right breast. Marilyn groaned happily.

“In the bedroom girl’s and hurry!” She cried and half carried Evie as she headed toward her bedroom.

Once inside, Marcie struggled to peel the sweater over Marilyn’s head. Her 38-D’s flounced up and then down, only to be captured by first Marcie’s mouth over one nipple and by Evie’s on the other.

“Oh, Christ, suck ’em girls! avrupa yakası escort Suck ’em!” Marylyn moaned and fell backward onto the bed with both girls following without relinquishing their respective hold on each breast.

Marilyn sent her hand under her skirt and under her panties; two fingers stealthily found their way past her open gash and into the marshy swamp she called her coochie.

Marilyn was quick to cum and in a few short minutes she had Evie hovering over her face, offering her succulent pussy to Marilyn’s lips, while Marcie knelt between her parted legs sucking and licking on her coochie which was oozing a frothy-like substance Marilyn called ‘cooze juice.’


Epsolen (Eppy) Anderson noted jazz saxophone player had just finished his last set at Pearl’s and was on his knees placing his arrangements and packing his saxophone in its case as a young woman approached him.

“Hi,” she said shyly as if fearing being rejected.

Eppy looked up at the woman for a long moment, and then said, “Hello, its Judy, isn’t it?”

The young woman nodded.

“Well, how are you? It ‘s sure been a while hasn’t it?”

“You remember me? I can’t believe it. A big star like you and you remember me!”

“I don’t recollect your last name, but I remember you all right. You were with Nancy something, at a Jazz festival, maybe seven years ago. My old buddy, Warren was with you, and we all had quite a time of it as I recall. “

“I can’t get over it, you remembering and all.”

“I’m just about finished here,” he said, closing the case and standing up.” Want to take a walk?” He asked, giving her every opportunity to decline and walk away.

“I’d like that Eppy. I’d like that very much.”

He offered her his arm and she took it and they left the Pearl and headed down the street. Neither said anything for a while, and then Judy broke the silence, saying, “Well I remember too. I remember Nancy and Warren looking over the front seat at you and me the first time I saw your ….”

“My what?” He said with a grin, and using his arm, pulled her close enough so that her breast was nudging his arm.

She ignored his question and closed her eyes. “This is my holster,” is what you said.” And opening her eyes, she looked into his. “Your trousers had been specially tailored because of your . . . extra large . . . endowment.”

“My endowment?”

She giggled. “I knew you’d tease me. I just won a bet with myself, your thing, your cock.”

“If memory serves, young lady, you asked me to take my, umm, dark member out into the light.”

“I did no such thing,” Judy protested, but gave way to laughter and pressed her breast tighter against him.

Both they both knew that he’d said was true.

“What ever happened to Nancy?” He asked with genuine concern.

“She’s been married, divorced and remarried . . . to a different guy. They’re happy, with two girls. Let’s see . . . one’s 4 and one’s 2.”

“She was very nice, and if I may say, a great lay. But not quite as good as you my dear.”

Judy felt her heart skip a beat and her body flush. She stopped walking, turning into him and kissed him. “That was very sweet of you to say,” she told him. Her eyes were shining.

He took her in his arms and kissed her back. Her knees went weak. “Is . . . is your place near?”

“Not near enough, Judy. I need you now!” The urgency in his tone told her all she needed to know.

“Where then?”

He looked around them. “This alley will do,” he said, taking her arm and leading her to its entrance. He looked into the alleyway and saw nothing threatening and took two steps in. Judy followed and like Eppy looked carefully around.

“It’s okay, I guess,” she said and reached for his fly, unzipped him and reached in and freed his giant member from its confinement.

“Hello you,” she whispered softly and leaned in and planted a wet kiss on his knobby tip. Then not wanting to kneel and soil her slacks, she squatted, and began to suck on him, making soft squishy, slurpy sounds as she strove to take more of him into her mouth. Eppy threw his head back as her marvelous mouth pleasured him and he didn’t see her opening her own slacks or her hand delving inside to touch her very damp pussy with her fingers.

His huge hand pressed down on Judy’s head as she managed to engulf the head of his purplish prick. She thought her jaw might be dislocated for several seconds, but perseverance paid off as his black snake began to move back and forth in her throat.

“Yes! Good girl!” Eppy said, encouraging her to continue.

“Thas’ good Judy, Thas’ good!” Eppy crooned.

Judy’s fingers were rubbing her clitoris frantically by this point, trying to hurry her own orgasm.

Eppy jerked his unbelievably big cock from her mouth and said, “Better lower them slacks baby, I gotta stick this here bat into ya, and soon.”

Judy nodded and stood up and carefully stepped out of her slacks. She was surprised at herself for bahçelievler escort bayan stripping in public, something she’d never have considered doing in her own fantasies. But just hearing him say the words brought her to the verge of cumming then and there.

Eppy placed his hand around her ass and lifted her up against him. Holding her precariously with one hand, he hefted his prodigious cock with his free hand and found her pussy, then nudged himself into her.

By this point, Judy had her arms around his neck, assuring them she wouldn’t fall and Eppy slowly turned so that he was facing the wall and Judy’s back was pressed against it, providing additional stability.

Bracing his legs first, he kissed her and told her to be ready for him. “Here it comes, Judy baby, here it comes,” and with that, he drove himself into her tight vaginal slit.

“Jesus!” She cried.

“Hurt you baby?”

“Only a little, but that’s all right, keep going.”

Once again he slammed his black prick into her, causing her to groan with the pain as her cuntal walls were ripped asunder.

“Oh, you’re so tight baby,” he gasped, preparing yet another assault. Three more thrusts and he had opened her sufficiently to accommodate his huge cock. Now the walls of her vagina clasped Eppy’s black prick like a glove, and she could feel every particle of him inside her.

They kissed and as they held it he began to move against her.

As their tongues dueled, he felt himself getting ready to spend and warned her that he was about to come.

“Cum, I’ll come with you,” she moaned loudly, and for a brief second wondered if any passersby had heard her sounds. But then she felt his seed spewing along the walls of her cunt and into her womb and that drove her over the edge and she was cumming too, tightening her legs around him, pumping her hips into him as the joyous pleasures swept over her.


Later, at his apartment, he went down on her and she on him. Judy would always remember that night, playing with his black cock as though it were a Christmas toy that she had wished for all year long.

In the morning, during breakfast, Eppy asked her if she was going to be in town for a while.

“Yes, I live here now, got a job, a good job and a decent place although the rent’s sky high. Will you want to see me again? Oh, I’m sorry. That was tactless of me. I shouldn’t have broached the subject.”

“No, Baby, thas’ all right. I do want to see you again and on a regular basis too.”

He watched the relief flood across her face and smiled at her, then kissed her lips.

After a while she drew her hand along his arm and asked, “And have you seen Warren recently?”

“Warren?” He said and his face clouded.

“Did you two have a falling out?”

“No, I wish that we had. But he’s with his Maker now.”

“He’s dead!”

“I’m sorry . . . I didn’t mean to shock you.”

“How? He was so young.”

Eppy thought for a minute. “You know, it musta been ’bout a year after we all got together. Umm, he was drivin’ with another guy, probably going to meet some girls, you know how he was. They were on the Garden State Parkway, and … well this is speculation on my part, but it seems he took the wrong exit, and rather than do the right thing and reenter, he backed up and onto the Parkway.”

“Yes ….?”

“The exit was kinda on a curve, there was poor visibility . . . and as he backed out two tractor trailers were on him. They wuz side by side; they wuz nowhere for him to go. No one knows if he saw them, heard them or what. Both trailers rode over them. They wuz nothin’ much left. “

Judy sobbed twice before gaining a semblance of control over her emotions.

“I wuz at the funeral. It was a closed casket and you know, and this is true, ’cause I counted. They wuz two hundred and eleven woman there, mourning for him. I mean young women, I didn’t count the older ones, might have been relatives, might have been girl friends, I don’t know. The one thing I do know is that his whole life he was searching for his momma. She left him with her sister when he was three years old. He never found her. I think that’s one reason all the women found him so attractive and all. I mean, him being so forlorn and all. They wanted to mother him as much as love him and he only wanted his momma for that; and that’s why he never settled down with any of ’em.”

Judy was crying, “I think you’re right, I know I felt that way about him. Oh, not that first time with you and Nancy, that was pure unadulterated sex. Sex like I’ve never experienced before or since. But over the next two weeks we got together several times and that’s when I noticed it, ya know? The maternal thing as well as the sex thing, it’s crazy, but maybe that’s why he never called me again. Maybe I showed him my mothering side and he didn’t want any of it. He was such a sweet guy.”

Eppy held her as she cried over Warren’s passing.

“You know,” he said bakırköy escort softly after a time, you said something about never having had sex like that before or since?”

“Oh, Eppy, I didn’t mean with you – you’re sensational – you and your . . . big old thing.”

“I know, I know, “He said, “but what I’m getting at is . . . some friends of mine have invited me to a Christmas party. It’s a special kind of party, with lots of people who will be changing partners and all. Would you be interested? I mean, they’ll all be clean so far as STD’s are concerned; some very interesting people too, married couples, regular couples and singles. What do you think?”

“You’ll be there?”

“I’ll bring you and I’ll take you home.”

Judy reached for him and gave his flaccid appendage a friendly squeeze. “Of course, I’d be delighted to meet some of your close friends.


“I just don’t know about swinging” Debbie said, as she looked over her Friday afternoon martini at her husband “Meeting with a group of people I have nothing in common with, just to fuck some strangers doesn’t hold much interest for me.”

“All I’m saying is to give it a try” Greg stated, leaning over his wife of ten years, “We’ll go and check out the scene, and if either one of us doesn’t like what is happening, we’ll just hang it up to experience.”

Since moving to the City by the Sea, both Debbie and Greg had become aware of the increasing number of acquaintances who were either involved in or very interested in participating in ‘adult’ situations and quite frankly they had been amazed at the number of couples who were actually into swinging.

Debbie sipped her drink, crossing and uncrossing her long legs while she pondered her husband’s suggestion.

“It’s a Christmas Party, for Christ’s sake!” he said with feigned exasperation. Truthfully, he was concerned that she would refuse to go and that would put an end to weeks of slowly leading up to this moment. He didn’t want to fail. Jackson had all but told him to bring Debbie to the party. He was afraid of Jackson, and for good reason, he was a major stockholder in the company Greg worked for and he owed Jackson $43,000 in gambling debts. There was no way he could pay a debt this size off. It would take him months to do, and he could only do it that way with Jackson’s permission. Jackson wanted Greg’s wife as well as his money, he’d made that abundantly clear after a stockholders meeting that Greg had been told to attend.

“Why is this important to you?” she asked, “don’t I keep you happy?”

Greg smiled, and trying to ignore her question, admired his wife’s lean yet endowed figure currently clad in a white silk blouse and black skirt, silently formulating an answer she would find acceptable.

“No, it’s not that,” he said after a pause, “I just think that considering how much we both enjoy sex, we should add the excitement of experiencing the physical pleasure with other people. I don’t think it would take anything away from our relationship.”

As he uttered the words he found himself entranced by her physical beauty. She was just as supple and inviting at thirty-five as she’d been as his bride at twenty-one.

To his surprise, he heard Debbie respond, “Well, it does sound interesting. But every time I try to imagine it, I conjure up images of you with some young slut while I’m left with her fat under-endowed husband, or boyfriend.”

Relieved beyond belief, Greg laughed nervously, but Debbie didn’t pick up on it, being concerned over her last comment.

Greg had known for some time that there were other men who felt the same as he did about their respective wives. They took great pride in having another man admiring, even lusting after their woman. And there had been occasions, and Debbie was aware of them that he had purposely created situation that left her exposed to the eyes of other men … and women.

He recalled with a certain pride the time a house painter got a glimpse up Debbie’s summery dress while she was hanging clothes on the porch landing at first light, taking advantage of the warm spring air. And the following day when she caught their young gardener watching through the bedroom window as she ironed a blouse, dressed only in panties —through a vanity-table mirror. He was pleased that she had told him of these incidents, although he had been aware of them, watching her himself at the time.

Their love-making right after that was brief but spectacular. After, she asked if the painter looking up her dress had had something to do with his passion. He’d kissed her, and said “Maybe.” Every so often thereafter, he would inquire if anyone else had taken advantage of her. At first she greeted his curiosity with mild amusement, then annoyance. Later, when he pushed her, she cried and told him she didn’t understand how other men wanting her excited him. She said that she doubted his love for her. Sometimes she was firm in her refusal to cooperate; others, merely reluctant.

And then one late afternoon, she came to bed with an impish light in her eyes. She related how an attractive business executive in the crowded subway at that morning’s rush hour had remained so long with his hard-on firmly pressed between the cheeks of her bottom, his breath in her hair. Greg pounced on Debbie and half carried, half dragged her to the bedroom and fucked her three times without pausing to rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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