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Johnny Drake just turned eighteen. He had lived with his parents in the apartment next door to mine for the past three years. He was very shy and quiet, but he was a very handsome young man, and I admit I have had a few fantasies about him.

He is over six feet tall and very muscular. His buns are tight and look hard. He must be an athlete in school. His hair is dark, and a shock of it is always falling over his forehead, I have an urge to gently brush it back for him. The fact that I am almost thirty does not enter the picture. He is handsome, and I am attracted to him.

For the past two years, he has definitely been noticing me. His apartment door faces the long hallway to the elevators, and mine is on the side of the hall. When I go out, I get the distinct feeling that he is watching me walk down the hall through the peephole in his door. A moment after I reach the elevator bank, he often comes out and walks to the elevators. We smile and greet each other, but we have never conversed. The doors open, we get on, and he always tries to stand behind me. I think he wants to smell my perfume. I have noticed his hand in his pocket. I wonder if he masturbates as he stands behind me? A few weeks ago, his parents went on a two-day trip, leaving him home alone. I decided to find out what he was really like.

I took a long bubble bath. I dried myself with a big, thirsty towel and then went into my bedroom. I sprayed myself all over with perfume. From my lingerie drawer, I selected a pair of frilly pink French silk panties and slid them on. The silk felt cool and smooth against my warm skin. I coaxed my breasts into a cute little nylon satin bra that barely covered me and fastened the clasp. I sat on my vanity seat and began to pull on my stockings. They were very sheer thigh-highs with lace tops and felt sensuous on my legs. Then I slipped on a pair of black patent three-inch heels.

I brushed my long honey-auburn hair until it shone. Then I put on my makeup. I created mysterious eyes with shadow, pencil, and liner. I added a little blush to my cheeks and carefully applied my lipstick. I put on rhinestone drop earrings and a delicate little rhinestone choker.

From my closet, I took out an ivory chiffon poet’s blouse with nylon ruffles at the neckline and cuffs. When I buttoned it güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri up, the ruffles framed my cleavage nicely. Then I pulled on a flirty little black jersey mini-skirt that was very short. It barely covered my panties, and I only wore it when I wanted to make a very special impression. I was satisfied when I looked in my mirror. If I knew men, anyone male should be very impressed.

From the armoire, I selected my frilliest, sexiest, laciest nightgown. It is black nylon satin with a tiny rose at the décolletage of the lace bodice. I took it into the living room and draped it casually over the back of the ladies’ chair in the corner.

I undid the clasp of my purse. Into it, I placed my lipstick, perfume, eye shadow, compact, my little lace hanky, and some change. After all, I did not plan to leave the building. I surveyed the apartment. Everything looked right. My delicate Queen Anne furniture complemented the soft pastel wallpaper. My black nightie was very apparent on the chair.

I picked up my keys and purse and went out the door. As I locked the apartment, I could feel Johnny watching me through his peephole. I dropped my keys into the purse and let it slip from my hands and fall to the floor. My things spilled out and rolled all over, just as I planned. I bent to pick up the handbag, making sure my back was to Johnny’s door. I know he could see up my skirt and was getting an eyeful of my panties. Sure enough, as I straightened up, he came out his door. “Miss Townsend!” he exclaimed. “What happened?”

“Oh, good morning, Johnny. I just dropped my purse. Now everything’s all over the place.”

“Don’t worry, Miss Townsend,” he assured me, “I’ll help you pick it all up.”

“Why thank you, Johnny. That’s very sweet of you,” I cooed, smiling at him warmly. I stood there and held my purse while he picked up every one of my things and placed them inside, staring hungrily at my cleavage every time he came close to me.

“There,” he said finally. “I think that’s all of it, Miss Townsend.”

“I am really grateful to you, Johnny, and my name is Cheryl, please.”

“OK, uh…Cheryl,” he said hesitantly.

“I’d really like to thank you for being so helpful. If you’re not busy right now, why don’t you come in and have a drink güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with me?” I asked sweetly.

“Uh…s-sure,” he stammered.

In his eyes I could see that he could not believe what he was hearing. He looked like he was remembering every wet dream he ever had about me. I fished out my keys and unlocked my apartment door. “C’mon in,” I invited, “but I’m afraid the place is a mess.” I held the door open, and he walked into my living room. Then I quietly closed and locked it again. I could see he was already turned on by my perfumed scent in the air and my very feminine decor. When he noticed my lace nightgown on the chair, the expression in his eyes was delightful. “Have a seat,” I offered, gesturing to my sofa. He sat down on the soft cushions. “I’ll make us drinks. What would you like? Rye? Bourbon? Scotch?”

“Anything,” he said. From the way he said it, I could tell he was no drinker.

“I’ll make you a double Scotch and soda, then. It’s a real man’s drink.” I said, smiling sweetly. I could feel his eyes burning on my rear end as I walked slowly away from him to the bar. I mixed his drink with only a few drops of Scotch, just enough to color the soda. I poured myself a pre-mixed whiskey sour. I took the drinks back to the couch and handed him the Scotch. I sat down on the couch next to him and leaned over. I knew he could see down the neckline of my blouse. “I’d like to thank you for being so gallant out in the hall. Not many men will stop to help a lady these days.” I gave him a soft, winsome smile and sipped my drink. He downed the Scotch-colored soda, I imagine, like he had seen cowboys do in the movies, all in one gulp. He could not hide the surprise in his eyes. “Wow!” I exclaimed. “That was a double Scotch! Not many men I know could drink it down like that.”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” he bragged, still surprised by the innocuous drink.

“Oh, yes it is something!” I breathed. “You must be very strong.”

“Well, I do play football,” he said.

“A man has to be strong for that,” I purred, touching his arm. “Your arm muscle feels so hard!” I left my hand resting lightly on his arm as I put my whiskey on the coffee table. “I love strong men. I feel so safe and protected when I am with a strong man like you.” I said softly güvenilir bahis şirketleri as I moved closer to him, placing my other hand on his arm. I leaned even closer. I could see his raging lust for me in his eyes. “Thank you for helping me, Johnny,” I whispered as I gave him a breathy little butterfly kiss, barely brushing his lips.

He could not resist. He took me in his arms and pulled me close. I slid my arms up around his neck, fluttered my lashes closed, and parted my lips invitingly. He kissed me tenderly, like he was still hesitant, but I could sense the teenage hunger he was repressing, so I responded eagerly, kissing him warmly, licking his lips with the tip of my tongue, inviting him to really taste my sweetness. When I felt him licking my lipstick, I opened my mouth to him. His tongue thrust deep into my mouth, exciting me. I could feel my breasts swelling and my nipples getting hard. He was really getting into the kiss, letting some of his animal passion show as he moaned softly. He kissed me even more deeply, and I began to tremble in my panties. I clung to him, kissing him ardently as he stroked and petted me. My kisses were becoming very emotional as I began to feel my pleasure start to rise. My pulses were pounding in my temples and my heart was fluttering in my bosom. His hand slipped under my skirt and began to stroke my panties. I was really getting high now!

Suddenly, he broke the kiss. I was worried until he laid me back on the cushions of the sofa. He reached up under my skirt and slid off my panties, caressing me all the while. Then he stood up, and I helped him take off his pants. His penis was huge! It had to be at least nine inches long! It was stiff, straight, and very hard. I could not wait. I reached up for him, and he climbed on top of me, thrusting himself at me. I was already very slick and wet, but when the tip of his penis touched me, it was like fireworks. I lost control, writhing under him as he went deep inside me. I moaned with ecstasy as he fondled my breasts and pumped harder and harder. I was clawing at his lean body, rapidly approaching orgasm, and I hoped he was ready to come.

Just as this thought crossed my mind, my orgasm hit. In a frenzy, he exploded inside me as he felt me come. My pleasure was exquisite as he filled me to overflowing with his love.

Johnny has never said, but I think he was a virgin when he came to me. He has been one of my lovers ever since, but I do not think we have ever again achieved the passion of that first time. I am enjoying teaching him all the ways to love a woman, and I am sure he is enjoying the lessons.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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