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My sister-in law, Kim, phoned me, asking me to come over to her house. Her husband was out for the day, and she wanted to talk to me about something. I had been waiting for this call for a few weeks now, and I told her I’d be there in about fifteen minutes. A little while ago my brother, Al, confided in me that he had been seeing another woman for almost a year, and he was getting ready to leave Kim. He was just trying to find the right time to leave. I was flabbergasted.

Kim is blonde, blue eyed, 5’4″, about 130 pounds, and has the most beautiful set of tits I have ever seen. They are 34D’s. I know that for a fact, because, I’m ashamed to say, I’ve been through her lingerie drawer many times when they’ve been away on vacation.

I told my brother he was crazy, as any guy who knows Kim, would give his left nut to climb into bed with her. He said that the problem wasn’t sex, but that she was too bossy, and he was tired of doing everything she wanted. He said he hadn’t gone looking for someone new, it just sort of happened, and this new woman made him very happy. He swore me to secrecy, until he finally made the break.

So here I was on the way over to their house, not really sure what Kim knew or wanted from me.

Kim met me at the front door, and I followed her into the kitchen, and sat down at the table. She offered me some tea, which I graciously accepted. She sat there for a few minutes, just staring into her teacup. God she was beautiful. She was wearing a pair of jeans that looked like they had been painted on, and a bulky sweater, that couldn’t hide the outline of her beautiful breasts.

Finally, she told me that she thought my brother was having an affair. I told her she must be joking, hoping my facial expression did not betray my knowledge of the situation. She went on to tell me that they seemed to be drifting apart, and how my brother was always coming up with excuses to go out by himself. I told her it was probably just her

imagination, since she was so good looking, any man would be proud to be with her. But she still insisted that she thought my brother was wandering, and she asked me if I would help her.

Now, I would stick by my brother no matter what, but I decided to see, what kind of help, Kim wanted.

She asked me if I would talk to my brother, and find out if he was playing around, and then illegal bahis report back to her.

Now, like I said, there is no way I would turn on my brother, but I suddenly realized how I could turn this situation to my advantage. I looked pensive, for effect, for a moment and then agreed to help my sister-in-law.

She smiled, and thanked me, but a quizzical look came over her when I asked what was I going to get in return.

She asked me what I meant by that. I told her that if I was going to spy on my own brother I wanted something in return. I knew at this point, I couldn’t lose. I certainly wasn’t going to tell on my brother, whether she gave into my demands or not.

I then told her how I had always admired her fabulous breasts, and if I agreed to help her, I wanted her to show me her tits.

She said I was crazy, and threatened to tell my wife, to which I replied that no one would believe her, because I would say she was just angry because I wouldn’t help her.

I told her that if she wanted my help, this was my price, take it or leave it.

She thought about it for a minute, and finally realized that she had no choice.

She shrugged and said that if I helped her, she would show me what I wanted to see.

Bingo! I had her. Then I started to get a little bolder. I said that just to be sure she would keep up her end of the bargain, how about taking her sweater off now, and giving me a preview of her breasts. I said what if I gave her some information about Al, and she then decided to renege on our deal. I’d have nothing to show for my trouble.

I wasn’t really sure if she would go along with this idea, but I felt if I didn’t try to get what I could now, I might not get anything after she thought about it for a while.

After a slight pause, she stood up from the kitchen table, and pulled her sweater over her head, and dropped it to the floor, and asked me if I was satisfied.

I thought my eyes were going to pop right out of their sockets. There before me, was the most beautiful set of tits I have ever laid eyes on, being restrained by a sheer white bra. I was speechless.

As I stood gawking at her luscious melons, my sister-in-law bent over to retrieve her sweater. As she was about to put the sweater back on, I told her I wanted an unobstructed view of her mammaries, and told her to remove illegal bahis siteleri her bra.

She hesitated for a moment, but then reached behind her back, and unfastened her bra. As the bra fell away, I stood up myself, and walked over to my sister-in-law. Before she could protest, I cupped one of my hands under one of her breasts, and placed my lips around its nipple. I started gently sucking on the nipple, and to my surprise felt it stiffen to my touch.

Kim moaned softly, and asked me to stop, but I had come too far to be denied now. I cupped her other breast with my other hand, and then placed my head in the valley between the two monsters. I rubbed the sides of my head with her massive globes, and at that point, decided I wanted more.

I dropped one of my hands to the crotch of Kim’s jeans, as I returned to suckling her breast. She tried to take a step backward, but was stopped by the side of the refrigerator. As I continued stroking her crotch, I felt her arms encircle me and pull me closer to her.

I stopped rubbing her for a moment, and without releasing my lips from her tit, I undid the button of her jeans, and slipped my hand inside. As I moved my hand down her panties, I discovered they were quite moist; in fact, they were drenched with her juices. As I grabbed

her mound, through her panties, I felt her hips pushing out to me, imploring me to go further. I took my hand out of her jeans, dropped to my knees, and pulled her jeans down to her ankles.

For just an instant, I took in the scene before me. Here was my gorgeous sister-in-law, standing in front of me, wearing only a pair of sheer white panties, seemingly willing to obey any command I might make.

I grabbed the cheeks of her ass, and buried my face in her pantie-covered crotch. Her scent was heavenly. If this had been as far as I went, I would die a happy man, but I had to keep going.

Like a man possessed, I removed her jeans from around her ankles, and helped her step out of her panties. I placed my thumbs on either side of her cunt lips, and spread them wide, as I entered her love hole with my tongue. I lapped up her love juices as my tongue searched for her bud. It didn’t take long for me to find her magic button, and I grabbed

her ass cheeks again, so that I could get deeper inside her.

At this point, Kim lifted her canlı bahis siteleri left leg up over my shoulder and rested it on my back, allowing me unrestrictive access to her honey-pot.

I could feel Kim start to tense up, and it wasn’t long before she had a gut wrenching orgasm. She groaned in ultimate pleasure, as she grabbed the back of my head, and pulled me into her crotch. For just a moment, I thought I would suffocate, but I quickly adjusted my position, and resumed eating Kim’s pussy.

She begged me to stop, saying she couldn’t take any more, but I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I wasn’t ready to end it just yet.

I continued to lash the walls of her cunt with my tongue, and when I started sucking on her clit, she screamed with delight. I thought for a minute, her neighbours might hear the commotion, but by now, I was beyond caring.

Kim brought her other leg up over my shoulders, and now had both her legs wrapped around my head. She started humping her pussy into my face, begging me to make her cum again.

Her actions became so frantic; I started to lose my balance, what with all her weight on my shoulders. I fell backwards, and she fell on top of me, but my tongue never lost contact with her beautiful pussy. Now as I lay on my back, I looked up to see her tits flopping around as her cunt bounced up and down on my face. I reached up and took one in each hand, and started kneading them as I continued to lick and suck her flower.

Finally, I felt her tense up again, and she let loose with a moan, the likes I have never heard before. Her thighs were squeezing the sides of my head so tight; I could hear the blood rushing in my ears.

All of a sudden she seemed to stiffen up, and she fell forward, over my head, landing face first on the kitchen floor, and then rolling over onto her back.

Lying there completely naked, legs spread apart, she was totally spent.

I had just had the most electrifying sexual experience of my life, and I still had all my clothes on.

I bent down over Kim, and kissed her on the lips. To my surprise, her lips parted, and our tongues met, and for what seemed like several minutes, we kissed each other as passionately as any lovers ever could.

I went and got her a robe to put on, and then told her I had to leave. I told her I would call when I had some information about my brother, knowing that I would never tell her anything.

Whether deep down, she knew I would never betray him, or not, she told me to come around every couple of days, just to have a cup of coffee or something with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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