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Public Sex

All my writing is fictional. Although I advise the use of contraception, it would seem that some of my characters are less careful.


Caroline looked over at her ex-husband, Geoff, on the other side of the room; they exchanged tight, small, smiles and then he turned back to his new wife and kissed her cheek. Caroline turned away, an angry flush rising to her cheeks. James reached across the table and touched her hand.

“Caroline, what’s the matter?” he asked, softly.

“Nothing! It’s just that bastard knows how to wind me up,” she almost snapped at him, “I’m sorry.”

Before James could reply, the Master of Ceremonies stood and tapped the table sharply. Everybody in the room turned to listen, as the singer took her microphone and the backing group picked up their instruments.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bride and Groom will take the floor for the first dance,” he announced.

Caroline’s breath hitched in her throat as she watched her new Son-in-law take her daughter’s hand and lead her into the middle of the dance floor. His arms held her waist and she slid her arms around the young man’s neck, as the band began to play; their song was ‘I will always love you’ and, from the looks in their eyes, Caroline believed, that for them, the words were true.

For the length of that song, the rest of the world faded, and all Caroline saw was her beautiful, radiant, daughter and her husband. The irritation of seeing her ex-husband and his new wife standing and beaming at the guests, as if she, not Caroline, had given birth and nurtured the beautiful young woman dancing in front of them. She even called her ‘Jen’ rather than the ‘Jennifer’ that she had been christened, or the ‘Jenny’ that she allowed a few close friends to call her.

But now the song was ending and the band were swinging into another number, something more lively to encourage the guests to dance. Caroline watched as Geoff guided his wife onto the dance floor and they began to move with the rhythm of the music. James pressed his fingertips against the back of Caroline’s hand and she looked around, into his hazel eyes, flecked with rays of green.

“May I have this dance?” he asked, softly, his eyes holding hers.

She blushed prettily, letting him take her hand and lead her onto the dance floor. His arms circled her waist and she leaned against him. Without realising, she slid her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. They moved gently to the rhythms of the band, Caroline slowly relaxing in his arms.

Caroline idly wondered what the other guests would think, if they knew that James was an escort she had hired to accompany her to the wedding. When Jenny had sent her the invitation with the words ‘and partner’ across the bottom, Caroline had realised that she had not confided in her daughter about the break up with her lover; he had been obsessed with his work and she with hers, leaving them as acquaintances in their shared apartment. He had left and, in the five years since, she had thrown herself into building a successful business.

It had been her business partner, Elizabeth, who had suggested a solution; she had been in a similar situation; she had needed a male companion for a family function and had hired an escort for the day. In her case, it was to conceal the fact that she was a lesbian and had not told her very conservative family.

So now, Caroline was dancing with a man, admittedly attractive, attentive and well-spoken, who she had met only that morning; the knowledge excited her and, without her realising, lent her an inner glow. Jenny had noticed and had been especially happy for her.

“Caroline,” James whispered in her ear.

Caroline tilted her head to look slightly upwards at James; the next moment, his lips had brushed hers lightly, tenderly. Her eyes widened, in a mixture of surprise and shock at the way her lips tingled as he moved his mouth away. He looked into her eyes and his lips came down on hers again. This time, as if they had their own idea of what should happen, her lips parted under his and the tip of her tongue slipped between them to meet James’s.

The kiss lingered, promising and teasing at the same time and, despite herself, Caroline felt a flutter in her tummy. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Geoff, staring, his face set in a frown. His displeasure added a little spice to the kiss and Caroline leaned into the kiss a little more.

“Why,” she whispered, “did you kiss me? You know I only wanted you to escort me to the wedding and the party this evening.”

James’s mouth was close to her ear again and he murmured so that only she could hear him, “Firstly, because I thought you would like to push some of Geoff’s buttons; secondly, and more importantly, because I wanted to; you’re very attractive, you know.”

James tilted his head again and kissed her mouth. For a moment Caroline kept her lips closed while the unfamiliar tingle fizzled, this time spreading through her body. She felt her nipples swell embarrassingly and she parted her lips, allowing the tip of his tongue to slip into her mouth. His güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri mouth tasted good, no bitter taste of tobacco, as she remembered from Geoff’s kisses. It was so easy to lose herself in the caress of James’s lip.

This time, when they broke the kiss, the song had finished, and a few of the guests were making their way back to their seats. Caroline could see Geoff scowling at James’s back and she felt a sudden thrill, as she realised that he was jealous. Keeping her hand tucked under his arm, Caroline allowed James to lead her back to their table. He released her hand, so that he could draw her chair out and then ease her back into her place, before he pulled out the chair next to her and sit, within touching distance.

Caroline smiled at James, nodding when he lifted the wine bottle from the table and gestured toward her glass. She watched his movements, controlled, precise, as he poured a thin, golden stream into her glass. He handed the glass to her and their fingers touched, lingering, as she had a flash of imagination, picturing those hands touching her.

Slowly, the guests thinned out as they abandoned the wedding breakfast for their hotel rooms, or for cigarettes in the hotel grounds. Even the bride and groom had disappeared, to rest before the evening party. Hotel staff busily started to clear tables; the band had stopped playing and were busily packing their instruments. The party later would have a DJ and the music would be livelier.

“I think the staff would like us to get out of their way,” James, told Caroline, as he glanced at his watch, “It’s four o’clock. and they need to get the room ready for the party.”

“Yes, and we need to change, at least I do,” she replied, “it’s all right for you men, your suit will be just fine tonight, but I need to change.”

“Let me escort you to our, I mean, your room,” James offered.

Caroline blushed, but did not argue, or resist, when James took her hand and led her over to the elevators. He kept hold of her hand while they were waiting for the elevator car to arrive, his warm fingers enveloping her own. The elevator was empty as they stepped inside and James pressed the button foe the top floor. For a moment, Caroline wondered how he knew what room she was staying in but then remembered that, when they had arrived, before heading to the church, the porter had taken both their bags to the one room; the booking had been for a suite, because Caroline had wanted to treat herself.

The top floor was deserted, James and Caroline walked along the corridor to the suite and Caroline reached into her bag for the keycard. The lock clicked, she pushed the door open and then turned to face James. Her lips parted as she started to speak, but before she could utter a sound, his mouth was on hers; this time she kissed him back as eagerly as he kissed her, their tongues wrestled, in his mouth, then hers.

They broke the kiss, both gasping; Caroline felt her whole body tingling. James guided her backwards, through the door of the suite and pushed the door closed with the sole of his foot. Then their mouths met again, Caroline kissing James back, greedily sliding her tongue between his lips and then letting the tip of his tongue push hers back, entering her mouth.

They moved toward the bathroom in a sort of sensuous dance, to music that only they could hear. The bed faced mirrored wardrobes, showing their images as they twined together. James moved behind Caroline and brushed his lips against the side of her neck, making her arch against him and close her eyes at the rush that threatened to sweep her away.

Caroline felt as if he were reading her mind; every touch, every caress, seemed to find a sensitive spot, and they all seemed to join directly to her throbbing pussy. Her nipples were hard and aching, every breath scraping the sensitive points across the material of her dress; even through the sheer covering of her bra, she could feel the texture of the material.

She felt his hands at the neck of her dress; his busy fingers unfastened the hook and eye without touching her skin and then she felt the coolness o the air on her back, as he drew the sipper slowly down. His lips nuzzled at her shoulder, pushing the material over her skin, so that it slid down her arms to catch in the crooks of her elbows. All she had to do was straighten her arms, for the dress to fall in a heap around her ankles.

Caroline kept her eyes closed as James slid his arms around her waist and brought his hands up, over her tummy, to cup her breasts. She could feel his fingertips, through the sheer cups of her plain bra, tracing circles around the base of each nipple. She moaned softly as her breasts grew firmer in his hands and her nipples hardened.

James slid his hands higher, under Caroline’s arms and then onto her shoulders; she caught her breath for a moment, anticipating the gentle pressure of his fingertips on her shoulders, easing the straps of her bra down her arms. Instead, she felt a tug at her hair, as he released the pins holding her style in place. Her hair tumbled over her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri shoulders in a tumble of autumn gold, the silky strands caressing the backs of James’s hands as he caressed her neck and shoulders.

Only now did James unfasten the clasp of her bra, gently peeling the material away from Caroline’s breasts; they quivered a little but, as she had never been burdened with a heavy, drooping bosom, her ‘B’ cups still stood proudly, her nipples jutting proudly.

“Beautiful,” James breathed in her ear.

Caroline opened her eyes and, for a moment, could not recognise her reflection. She saw an exotic, flame-haired, nymph encircled in strong arms, her breasts cradled tenderly. It seemed as though she was witnessing the seduction of a stranger, the sensation of James’s hands on her pliant body was divorced from the image in front of her.

James caught her nipples, between his fingers and thumbs, slowly stretching them and rolling them; they hardened instantly at this treatment and sent pleasurable shocks directly to her clit. She blushed as the patch of material concealing her bushy mound darkened and she realised that she had oozed her nectar into her panties. James’s closeness, the manly scent of him, and the heat of his hands, conspired to excite her; there was nothing she could do except try to hide the trembling of her body.

James felt the tension in her body as he allowed his hands to slide over the slight roundness of her tummy. The softest of moans that escaped her lips and the flutter of her tummy beneath his caressing fingertips told him of the effect his caresses were having. Caroline groaned softly, as his fingertips reached the waistband of her panties; there was no way she could conceal her body’s response to his touch, as his fingertips dipped inside her panties and began to caress and explore her soaking wet bush of pubic hair.

James nuzzled his lips against Caroline’s neck, his breath warm against her skin and his tongue flickering, tasting the sweat that was beading on her throat. His fingers, inside her panties, were gently untangling the strands of curly hair, matted across her mound. Caroline felt the building heat in her tummy and pussy and the tightening of her muscles that signalled another gush of her juices. James curled his forefinger, insinuating the tip into her pussy as the heel of his palm pressed gently against her clit.

It was too much for Caroline; her body stiffened in James’s arms, as her vagina contracted, and she squirted a fine spray of her nectar over his hand. A long groaning sob escaped her lips, and she swooned against him, all thought of resistance, even of control, driven from her mind by the flush of her orgasm.

James caught her and, as easily as if she were a babe in arms, lifted her and carried her over to the bed, already turned down. Lowering Caroline onto the sheets, he watched her for a moment, as he unfastened his shirt and began to unbuckle his trousers. Caroline, still in a fugue of contented release, just watched as he undressed. Dreamily she noticed the size of the bulge in his briefs and reached out, with an arm that felt as though it did not belong to her.

Her fingertips traced the bulge under the material, measuring the girth and length of his cock as it slowly uncurled in response to her touch. Caroline smiled to herself, as she felt the flesh responding to her exploratory caress and she saw the bulge becoming more defined. Feeling daring, she hooked her fingers over the waistband of James’s briefs and eased them down to free his cock. The head was velvety, slightly purple from the blood suffusing it and the foreskin was eased back, exposing the rim around his glans.

James pushed his briefs to the floor and stood, naked in front of Caroline. She felt the bed dip as he knelt on the mattress and she opened her arms to welcome him. Instead, she felt warmth and moisture on her belly, and pressure from his fingers against the inside of her thigh. Feeling helpless and drained by the effect of her orgasm, she let James ease her thighs apart, as though she were a compliant doll. His lips moved lower on her belly, until she felt the warmth of his breath against her tender, erect clit.

His lips brushed the inside of her thighs and his tongue flickered out, lapping at the damp lips of her pussy. Caroline stiffened and arched her back, pushing her pussy towards James and his flickering tongue. He ran the tip between the lips of her pussy, bringing forth a whimper, as he circled the tip of his tongue around the base of her clit. Gently, he sucked her between his lips and lashed the tip with his tongue. Caroline bucked beneath him and her hands grabbed at his hair, crushing his face against her gushing pussy.

“OhGod OhGod OhGod OhGod OhGod OhGod OhGod OhGod!” she moaned, continuously, bucking against the bed as she tried to mash his lips and tongue into the wet passage of her pussy. Her thighs and the cleft of her bottom were glistening with fluid that had poured out of her pussy to stain the sheets beneath her. Suddenly her whole body went into spasms, güvenilir bahis şirketleri even more violent than before, and then she fell back, limply onto the bed.

James eased himself down beside Caroline and folded her into her arms, feeling her body quaking within his embrace. She rested her head on his chest, where she could hear the steady throb of his heart and inhale the scent of him; it reminded her of a Mediterranean holiday she had taken, just after the divorce had been finalised and she was celebrating her new freedom. She had sat in a lemon grove overlooking the beach, as the sun rose, and watched the day beginning to form. Now, James’s light cologne, and the salt of the sweat from their lovemaking conjured a memory of that moment.

Caroline turned her head and gently pressed her lips against James’s chest, tasting him. At the same time, she felt his fingertips coming through her dishevelled hair, teasing through the strands as he stroked her head. She smiled, her lips curving against his chest and then, surprising herself with her wantonness, moved her mouth lower, over his firm tummy, towards his neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Caroline had never really been a fan of oral sex; Geoff, the only man she had ever pleasured that way had always had a slightly sour, unwashed, smell about his loins, and the taste of his cum was bitter, like stale cigarettes and coffee. He would hold her head roughly until she had swallowed the slimy fluid, and then he would roll over and leave her unfulfilled and slightly nauseous.

James felt and smelled totally different and Caroline wondered if he tasted as different as he smelt. Almost dazed and still languorously flushed from James’s licking and sucking, Caroline kissed her way further down. Her hand stroked the front of his thighs and cupped gently under his sac. Her mouth and eyes formed a trio of ‘O’s when she felt the weight of his testes, firm and swollen. Her mouth was close enough to the tip of James’s cock for him to feel her breath on the head and he responded with a softly encouraging groan of pleasure and a curling of his fingers against the sheets.

Caroline lifted her head and slowly drew his foreskin back to reveal the purplish mushroom of James’s cock head. Already a clear, viscous droplet of pre-cum had oozed from the slit and glistened in front of her. Tentatively, she captured the drop on the tip of her tongue, ready to spit it out. It tasted sweet and salty at the same time, totally unlike her ex-husband’s juices; instead of spitting and gagging at the taste, she drew the drop into her mouth and allowed it to swirl over her tongue, like an exotic sauce.

Caroline opened her mouth and slid her lips over the head of James’s cock; instantly he rewarded her with a pulsation, which rippled along his shaft, and another droplet of the sweet pre-cum that she swallowed hungrily. The head of his cock felt like velvet as she slowly stroked her tongue over and around the warm flesh. Her teeth brushed lightly against the rim, making James groan quietly in pleasure and his cock stiffen and swell in her mouth.

Slowly, tormenting him, Caroline lowered her mouth onto James’s cock. He rested his hand on the back of her head, making her stiffen at the memory of Geoff forcing her down onto his cock; James just stroked her hair softly, gently, his fingers lighter than an angel’s breath. Caroline curled her hand around the base of James’s cock and slowly took more of his length into her mouth her tongue bathing the head and the shaft until it was slippery with her saliva. The taste of him filled her mouth and she could feel the throb of his blood as his cock swelled in her mouth. His sac tightened in her hand as James rested his hand on her shoulder and pushed her gently away.

“Caroline, if you don’t stop, I’ll cum in your mouth,” he warned.

She thought for a moment, comparing the gentle caress she had just received with the harsh treatment her husband had meted out; the sweetness of his fluids compared with the bitter, meagre spend of her husband. She just smiled sweetly towards James and opened her mouth again, bobbing her head down, taking the head into her warm mouth and engulfing it, as she sucked her cheeks in. Slowly she drew him into her mouth, almost to the back of her throat, until she felt herself gag a little. Then she held him there, while her busy tongue explored the surface of his manhood. James was sweating with the effort of resisting his urge to thrust into Caroline’s mouth and the muscles of his thighs and tummy were trembling.

Holding his cock in her mouth, Caroline used her tongue to lash and lap at the head, her hand on the base stroking up and down to add to the sensations

“Caroline,” he groaned, “I’m cummming!”

Even before he finished the words, Caroline started to hum, stimulating his cock beyond any restraint. Thick ropes of semen spurted onto her tongue and splashed the back of her throat, filling her mouth until it overflowed down her chin. Gamely she gulped and swallowed, trying to consume his seed, but he still pumped more than she could swallow into her mouth. Slowly, as the spurts subsided, Caroline eased her mouth from James’s cock, his semen dribbling down her chin. with a saucy smile, she collected the coating from her cheeks and chin on her finger. when she had collected as much as she could, she carried the fingerful of cum to her mouth and slowly licked it clean.

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