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I was sat at my desk willing the seconds to turn into minutes, the minutes into hours and then I would finally be released from this hell. It had been practically silent all day, the sun was shining and no calls were needed to be taken or messages given until five minutes to four – just as I was supposed to clock off. I walked to my bosses office, sashaying my hips. I wasn’t a skinny girl, nor a pretty one. I scaped my red curly hair back everyday, wore a tight black skirt and a white blouse which showed enough of my cleavage as I wanted it to. My breasts were larger than most girls in the office, but my tummy was too.

I leant over Mr Cooks desk and left the message on his side of the desk. I saw him stare down my top and look at my breast. I began to blush. I saw he was starting to stand so I followed, except he held my head to his desk “Don’t move” he ordered. Mr Cook was much older than me, I was just an intern doing some summer work, barely out of college. I heard the door creak close and felt him behind me. His fingertips gently caressed the sides of my arse. I felt his erection press against me, his breathing becoming erratic. He undid his tie and started to wrap it around my wrists. “You’ve been teasing me all summer girl. It’s about time you learnt bursa escort your lesson” he whispered in my ear. He slapped me once, hard across my arse. I yelped. His hand suddenly grabbed my hair, pulling my head up as he forced the rest of my body down.

He started to lift my skirt and lower my tights, “No panties? Who were you planning on seeing today?” I heard him smirk to me. Using his feet he forced my legs apart – I tried to keep them close but I couldn’t stop him. I felt his saliva hit my arse hole. I was going to be fucked by my boss in his office. He spanked me once again and thrust his cock into my arse. I almost screamed as the pain seared through me. He started to slowly go in and out, the pain subsiding. I didn’t want this.

He started to kiss my neck which was left bare to him. His kisses were making my knees weak, how could he be turning me on so easily? His pace quickened and he began fucking my arse harder. He pushed me down on the desk, using one hand to keep me there, the other to spank my arse with. I heard him starting to grunt and groan. Suddenly I felt my ass fill up with his thick, hot cum. The deed was done… Or so I thought.

He pulled out of me and sat me on his desk, completely taking my tights off. “I wonder what that bursa escort bayan wet, juicy cunt tastes like?” He dropped to his knees as cum started to spill onto his desk and began sliding his tongue over my cunt lips. I groaned and pushed my fingers through his hair. I had restricted movement from being tied up but I had enough to pull his mouth to my opening. He didn’t need help, he continued to tease me and I began to push my hips to his face. He flicked his tongue expertly over my clit, repeatedly. I felt his finger slip in and fuck my g spot. He sucked on my clit and I groaned fucking his face. My hips were moving on his face and my hands forced him closer, all the while he was sucking, biting and flicking my clit, bring me closer and closer. Wave after wave of an intensive orgasm hit me. I moaned his name and true to close my legs as he stood up.

“Oh you think we’re done?” He said, raising an eyebrow. He pushed my legs open and ripped my blouse open and lowered my bra, leaving my breasts exposed. He suckled my nips and I groaned, I wasn’t ready to have my pussy assaulted again. His cock pushed against my cunt lips and forced its way into my sore cunt. I groaned feeling it. “Who’s my work whore” He murmured into my breast. Grabbing the back of my neck he escort bursa sped up, fucking me harder than anyone had before. I was almost screaming as I began to feel the orgasm grow inside me. Before I could finish thick, warm ropes of cum shot into me, four or five ropes before he stopped and pulled out. “Get dressed and go home” He ordered. “I’ll see you tomorrow”. With that I left feeling dirty and used but also liberated from such an amazing fuck.

I walked past the late night workers, sweaty and dishevelled, they stared and I knew what they were thinking. My clothes were wonky and my hair a mess, red marks on my wrist. My tights were wet and sticky from all the cum dripping from me. My thighs were wet and I started to feel ashamed. How was I going to explain this to my boyfriend, he’d see my cunt and know.

I got home quickly and showered. Cleaning away all traces of this afternoons “work”. I slipped my negligee on and waited. I knew that whatever my boyfriend was going to do would not be as good as this afternoons events. I laid there and waited – he was late. A knock at my door startled me as I began to think he had forgotten me. I walked up and opened it “Where have you been?” I smiled not looking at the man staring at me. When I saw him I froze. “Hello, Sophia, can I come in” Mr Cook said as he picked me up and tossed me onto the couch. I didn’t know if I was even ready for round two with this man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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