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He wasn’t the kind of boy you’d call “nerdy” from the get-go, or the kind you would imagine to be obsessive with pocket-protectors; and other such cliché sorts of definitions of what a “geek” should be. Though, by no means was Avery Wolfram a normal teenage boy.

I first met Avery in my AP precalculus class my senior year quite by accident. But before I get into that, let me describe myself for you. I’m considerably tall for a female of my age (18), around 5’10 or so; with long, auburn hair. My build is somewhat toned, yet still leaves a bit of meat on my bones (in respective proportions). In other words, I have somewhat of an hourglass form, nice sized bust (if you do say so myself), and thankfully a toned waist in contrast. As you can safely assume, given my hair colour, my skin is incredibly pale, but is speckled with a plethora of freckles. Avery, on the other hand, was only a few inches shorter than I, with a darker, brownish-black sort of hair tone. His eyesight was not terrible, but had to have glasses for reading, and school work. He generally wore them constantly, since his head was always stuck in some book or focused on his assignments. Avery was the sort of boy who could have more friends if he worked on it, but never really felt it necessary. His goals were fixed toward achievements in academic excellency, not in getting the most votes for prom king.

I never really understood math, and always had a bit of difficulty with it. The course was thrown my way, not by choice, because of my grade in the previous class. I had always done my homework, which was what kept my grade afloat, and understood the concepts; yet some things just didn’t click. Our instructor generally had his room open for lunch, in case we were in need of assistance with an assignment, or in need of clarification on a particular theorem or postulate.

We had just begun a new chapter and the entire first section confused me beyond my wildest expectations, even when I had taken 4 pages of notes on the section alone.

“Professor Addison, will you be in here during lunch period today?” I asked my 40-some old male instructor after our class bell rang.

“I’m sorry, Clover, but I have a meeting that I need to be at.” He spoke, in a voice that clear indicated that the meeting was not something that he was looking forward to. But inspiration struck him quickly.

“Mr. Wolfram, could you come here, please?” Mr. Addison voiced across the room, where Avery Wolfram sat in his chair, adjacent to the window, finishing up today’s homework assignment.

“Yes, Professor?” He replied, rising from his seat to approach us. I had never really noticed him before, other than he was the one always raising his hand to answer questions, or to volunteer to solve a problem on the board. Avery was a senior as well, and it showed in the way he carried himself. He was no longer the confused little freshman that most of us were in our first year; he was much more comfortable with his surroundings (especially in his favourite subject’s classroom).

“Since you generally stay in here during lunch, I was going to ask if you could help Miss Wilson with her assignments while I’m at my meeting.” Professor Addison voiced, as he began to gather his things from his desk and storage closet.

“Sure, I’ve finished my things; it will give me something to do.” Avery replied with a nervous, geeky smile.

“Excellent.” Our instructor spoke as he made his way out the door.

After the door was shut (to mute the noisiness of the hallways), I took a seat next to Avery, book and graphing calculator in hand.

“What is it that you’re not understanding?” He began, as he scooted his desk closer to mine.

“Well, it’s those stupid exponential and logarithm functions. It’s just not sinking in.”

“What you have to keep in mind is that it’s only numbers. Yes, the theorems, postulates, and all, they matter, but when you get down to it, it’s just numbers.” Avery spoke, without lifting his head up from my book. He turned around to grab a mechanical pencil from his desk and began to scribble in my book these insane formulas that I did not even know existed.

“Whoa, okay, hold on there.” I ejected in a halting voice as my hand reached out to stop his from continuing his writing. “I can hardly do this–” I said, pointing to example problem one, “and you’re throwing all of this, at me.” I laughed, gesturing toward the mess of numbers and exponents he scrawled onto my blank textbook space.

I didn’t quite realize that I had been holding his hand for more than about 30 seconds, when I blushed embarrassedly and released my canlı bahis grip on his slightly callused palms. There was silence for a minute or two,

“Thanks for doing this, I know it’s somewhat of a bother–” I began, only to be interrupted,

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” He reassured me as he glanced up from my textbook to give me that nerdy smile again.

Lunch period was about an hour or so long, and after a while, I began to slightly grasp the concepts Avery was trying to get across to me, and soon my thoughts strayed away from math.

“Is this was you do during lunch each day?” I asked, as I shut my book and slid it into my backpack.

“Well… Yes.” He spoke in a voice that almost sounded ashamed.


“It’s much better than being out there,” he commented as he pointed out the window to the mobs of teenagers congregating with one another, doing absolutely nothing.

“Well, you have me on that one.” I smirked, “What do you usually do?”

“Eh, I work on homework; and if I don’t have any, I read.” Avery responded with a shrug, his eyes fixed downward. I extended my hand, and cupped his chin in my palm, it had a small amount of freshly shaven stubble, with a microscopic cut on the left side of his upper lip. His glass covered eyes scanned upward to find mine, and a moment of uncertainty, and strangely enough, lust, fell upon the room.

“You can look into my eyes when you speak to me, you know.” I whispered to him, with a smile in my voice.

Avery blushed in a sheepish fashion and I lowered palm from a gentle caress on his chin.

“How well can you see without your glasses?” I queried, as one of his bangs fell in his face, grazing the rim of his spectacles.

“Pretty well, they’re just for reading.” He acknowledged, as he adjusted them slightly.

“Could you take them off for me? Just for a minute. I’ve wondered what you’d look like without them.”

Avery nodded and gestured for me to remove them for him, and as I did, I made a startling discovery.

“Pardon me, but your eyes are gorgeous.” I gasped as I examined his glittering green eyes. “I never really noticed them before. They’ve been hidden behind your glasses, and the books you’re always reading.”

At the time, I didn’t realize I was making him uncomfortable until his glasses were clutched from my hand and balanced once again atop his nose.

“Oh my, I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude.”

I rose from my seat and began to collect my things, when Avery stood up as well, swinging his messenger bag over his shoulder. Now, as I mentioned before, he was a tad shorter than me, with a considerably thinner body, but at that moment I got the feeling that he wanted to make a move, but was too nervous to do so. My hand met his shoulder and his head tilted up to mine. His glasses, coupled with his dark hair, fair complexion and non-threatening grin suddenly overpowered me. Our eyes locked and he casually dropped his book bag; I moved in closer to him and my lips graced his in a blissful, tender kiss. Avery’s shaky hands found their way to cradle my hips as the kiss lengthened; my fingers snaked between locks of his hair and I forged my tongue between his thin lips to find a savage beast awaiting release.

As our lips parted, I released a pant of astonishment; he was a much better kisser than I could have ever imagined. With one look in the eyes, I could tell that the fun was far from over. Avery looked at me in disbelief, still shocked at what had just happened between us. We were such a mismatched pair, was it possible for me to be so, dare I say it? Sexually attracted to someone such as him? At the moment, I really didn’t care, but as my mind surveyed the information, I began to realize that I had wanted someone like him, but didn’t really know it until then.

I decided to carry on with my desires, and pressed myself against him once again; his lanky body seemingly a bit weaker than my taller, hourglass form. Avery backed himself up against the desk and I decided that it was a perfect opportunity for me to tease him a little bit.

I walked my fingers up his knees and toward his navel, slowly stroking the fabric of his polyester slacks, yet still keeping a distance from his groin as my fingertips made their journey up to his chest. Avery quivered slightly; this was such a foreign sensation to him, that he couldn’t do much but gulp in anticipation. With a sly twitch of my head, our eyes locked, and with a devilish look in mine, I leaned over him on the stationary desk, my chest straddled over his. My lips engulfed his as my breasts pulsed against his bahis siteleri ribcage, and our groins remained un-touching. His inexperienced hands felt around until they reached my lower back, and with a bold move on his part, Avery’s palms cupped my ass and gave it a little squeeze. My body reacted instantly with a slight twitch, and a surprised gasp was released into his mouth.

I couldn’t help but notice the increasing boldness of his actions, but more obviously, the increasing boldness of the front of his trousers. Soon enough I readjusted myself over him, where our private parts mingled with one another inside the confines of our material fortresses. His bulge pressed against me, in an almost painful way, in the sense that he was so eager to be released that I could feel it throb between our bodies. Without a moment’s notice, I reached my hand between our bodies and placed it atop his engorged member. A slight yelp shot through his lips as I gave it a tiny stroke from outside of his trousers.

“You like that?” I devilishly smirked as I giggled slightly at him.

With a quick nod of his head, I could tell instantly that he had never been touched in such a personal way before. I leaned over him, my lips touching his ear, and whispered,

“You liked that? Well you’re going to love this–“. In one swift motion, the button and zipper on his trousers was undone and gently wiggling off of his slender form. Avery’s head jerked down to see me sliding off his clothing, and to his amazement, he was enjoying it more than he had ever imagined he could. As I inched his boxers off of his hips, his member sprung out once the band was over his length, and bobbed slightly out in front of my face. My eyes opened wide and a large grin appeared on my face; he was enormous. Now, normally, when one speaks of a sexual encounter, they generally exaggerate certain anatomical proportions, but when I say he was enormous, I meant it in every way, shape, and form. His manhood at its stiffest was easily 9 inches in length, and easily 5.5 inches around. The moment I laid eyes on it, I knew I had to have it. As his eyes met mine, his lips curled to a proud, yet still somewhat nervous smile; it was one of the most adorable things I’d ever seen.

I wrapped my right hand around its base (or at least as much as I could fit in my hand) and began to give it long even strokes, building the speed with every repetition. I couldn’t help but notice that from the time I freed his member from its confines, to the point where I was rubbing it, his precum productivity had increased dramatically; from what began as tiny droplets soon turned into oozing globs of it.

An idea popped into my head (one that had been dormant up until now) and without a moment to spare I acted on it. I extended my tongue and began to lap up his dripping precum, and caress the plump tip of his cock with strokes of pressure and speed.

“Ohhh!” Avery moaned as I continued to tease him with my tongue and pleasure him in ways he’d never felt before.

I was a bit hesitant about taking him inside of my mouth, simply due to the fact that his size could probably choke me, but threw caution to the wind and lowered my mouth over his member and sent his body into mini-muscular spasms.

“Ffffuck!” He shouted; somewhat oblivious to the fact that we were still in Professor Addison’s precalculus classroom. Even though my entire mouth and throat felt numb by the time his cock and all its entirety was inside of my mouth, I could feel him throbbing, awaiting release. My instincts told me that Avery was looking forward to cumming down my throat, but my intentions indicated otherwise. Almost immediately before he was about to ejaculate, my lips left his member and I brought myself to my feet, standing in front of the desk/table where he was lying. I began to slowly undress, paying explicit attention to detail and to remove each item carefully. His eyes traveled up and down my body as I disrobed and once I was completely nude, he paused slightly, and just gazed up at me in wonder.

“Wow…” Was all that came out of his lips, and in a quick movement, rose to his feet and wrapped his arms around me, reversing the situations with him as the dominant being. Avery gently leaned me against the desk where he had formerly been lying and let his eager hands explore my nude form. As he was enjoying his time getting to know my body, I could feel his cock gently grinding against my lower thigh, waiting anxiously.

Before I knew what was going on, Avery had kneeled down in front of the desk, and began to toy with my clitoris with the tip of his tongue. A bahis şirketleri moan escaped my lips and my hands dove to his head, and my fingers laced themselves between his silky strands of hair. His head tilted up to see me smiling down at him, and with that, his tongue dove between my folds and felt its way around inside of me. By that time I could have sworn that I was drowning him in my precum, but he didn’t seem to mind. The moment his tongue began to swirl about on my insides, I began to squirm slightly; aware of my approaching orgasm, I whispered,

“Please, Avery, I want you to fuck me.”

The moment the words escaped my lips, his eyes lit up and he extracted his tongue from my wetness and offered his hand to me. A look of bewilderment came to my face as he helped me off of the desk, as if he was planning on leaving the room for another location. As he began to lead me to the back of the classroom, I suddenly understood.

With a single twist of the knob we were inside of Professor Addison’s store closet; it wasn’t glamourous, but it had a fair amount of clear space. As we walked in and flicked on the light switch, I noticed that it was fairly empty, except for a couple of piles of outdated math textbooks and a miniature refrigerator. We had gathered our clothes and simply tossed them into the room once we entered. Avery noted that the floors were carpeted, but decided to lay down his jacket on the floor for “extra padding”. I gave him a smirk and grabbed him by the collar and playfully pressed him up against the closed door, and delivered a powerful kiss upon his lips. The moment our lip-lock ended, I released him and he gave his glasses a tiny adjustment and grinned.

Avery slid his shirt off over his head and was now as naked as I was. Kneeling down onto the floor I laid down atop his jacket and tugged him down to my level by grabbing a hold of his stiff member and pulling it down to my lips. With a tiny kiss, and a lick on the tip of him, I knew he was ready to take me. Avery leaned over my body, with his on top of mine, and whispered hopefully into my ear,

“Are you sure about this?”

“Just fuck me,” I giggled and pecked at the tip of his nose playfully.

“Well, if you insist.” He spoke in a relieved voice as he took his manhood into his hand and positioned it outside of my entrance. With a nervous jolt the head was inside of me and our moans choked the air around us; the head felt enormous inside of me and I spoke,

“Get it all in there, quick, it will hurt too much if you take too long.” And with that his hips thrust against mine and his length was buried inside of me. Avery’s eyes rolled back into his head and he became consumed by the tightness surrounding him.

“Fuuuck!” He gasped as he began to slowly move his hips forward and back, beginning this long-awaited action. As he became more comfortable with the pleasure he was feeling, his pace began to quicken, moving in and out with much more force and power. It became such an insanely pleasurable experience, I couldn’t help myself but begin to shout and moan in pure ecstasy as this man, this so-called nerd, was making love to me like no one ever had before. His cock filled me completely and left no room to spare, and as he began to gently graze against my g-spot, my hips began to buck up against his with such an amazing animalistic desire that I had never felt prior to this.

“Ohhhh, Avery!” I gasped as he braced the floor beneath us for support, and began pounding with immeasurable force, and groaning in sheer delight.

“Mmmmmm!” He ejected as threw his head back and lost himself in the moment.

Now, being that Avery was obviously a virgin, I was surprised that he had lasted as long as he had, but soon enough, I could feel his body twitch in a way that signaled his approaching orgasm. With this signal, my walls began to tighten around him, only sending him further off the edge.

“I’m going to cum!” I warned, only to be followed by my orgasm exploding around him and grip his cock in a tight, constricting manner.

Avery moaned loudly and pulled himself out of me, and I immediately took it into my hand and began to jerk it off over my face, quickly sending him into a powerful climax.

His cum shot out in enormous spurts, and landed over my lips, cheeks, forehead, and a tiny bit into my hair. As my hand motions began to slow down and our heart rates began to fade back to normal, I gathered the droplets of his cum onto my delicate fingers and proceeded to lick the remnants off of them in an erotic, teasing manner.

“You were amazing, Avery.” I voiced aloud to him in a breathy voice as he leaned down to rest his head between my breasts. With a tiny peck on my right nipple, and a warm gaze up into my eyes, my newfound, secret lover was gently lulled to sleep by the sound of my heartbeat.

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