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The Mind Control Device

Chapter Twenty-Two: Daddy & Daughter’s Amateur Video

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

John Preston

I sat in my office in the federal building with my associate, Gina Brand, going over the strange activities in a nearby town. We were both U.S. attorneys. Federal prosecutors. We had been tipped off about some heavy level of police corruption going on.

“I can’t believe this town,” said Gina. She shook her head. “How does this get allowed to happen. A cop car drove by in the footage.”

We were watching the cell phone footage of our suspect, Dean Michaels, having sex with an eighteen or nineteen-year-old girl. Beside him was a college student named Vivian Bailey who was having a woman go down on her. It appeared to be the mother of the girl Dean Michaels fucked. It was in broad daylight on a street corner. Traffic was streaming by. In fact, the traffic was forced to go around the car he fucked the girl on. A local police unit drove by without stopping. No one tried to stop them. People walked by looking bored like what was going on was nothing interesting.ever

A knock wrapped on our conference room door. A moment later, two men walked in. They were both in cheap suits, the type government employees wore. One was in brown and the other in blue. They had serious faces and short-cut hair.

“Agent Smith and Carson?” I asked the two men.

They nodded.

“I need you to go to the local precinct and find out what they have on Dean Michaels. Be careful. This might be a corruption case.” I outlined what we knew. How no one seemed to care about what Dean Michaels was doing. My contact in the State’s attorney general’s off had found out that even the state police were corrupted.

So he’d reached out to us.

“We know what to do, sir,” said Agent Carson.


Dean Michaels

I leaned back as I stared at my control center. I could see the cameras showing off the mind-control network. Where every device lay. I could control any person on the screen. I felt like god. It was such an amazing feeling.

Things were going great. My daughters were both bred and happy. The first stage of the control room was up and running. My wife’s porn website was making money off the amateur videos she made by controlling other people. That was financing a lot of the work to mass-produce the mind-control device. And now we had sold our first one.

$10,000 in the account and Alex Tormand had his device being shipped to him at this very moment. With the money, I could really upgrade the command center. We needed far, far more hosting. More space to expand the network. The machines had to run on our platform. We had put in safety commands into each device to keep the operator from abusing it.

This was better than I could have imagined. I thought I would just control my family, but this was spectacular.


Kimberly “Kimmie” Michaels

The car pulled to a stop as I flicked through the pictures of the Eaton family once more. They were perfect. Devin Eaton was a fit man and his wife, Annette, was a busty and black-haired woman with such a friendly smile. Their daughter, Candace or Candy for short, was just adorable. Fifteen and ripening.

“We’re here, Mistress Kimberly,” said Tonya Albertson. The older of my two bang-maids was driving the car today. I sat in the back like I was a powerful Hollywood mogul.

I was becoming one.

“Excellent,” I said and pulled out my portable mind-control device. It had just enough range to cover an entire house. Already, I could see the Eatons appearing on the screen even if they weren’t in range of being controlled. “Let’s get set up.”

I was here with my crew to film our next film, “Daddy and Daughter Get Naughty 7.” The Eatons were the perfect family for it. I opened the door and stepped out onto the sidewalk. The day was nice and bright. The cul-de-sac empty. A naughty thrill ran through me. I loved making hot porn. Watching people have sex under my power was such a thrill.

I didn’t know which of the dots were which as I headed up to the house, but that didn’t matter yet. So I ***********ed 5690C3, D204B3, and 4031ED so they would all get this next command. I ran all the standard protocols: incest protocol, obedience protocol, etc.

Then I put in the specific command

5690C3, D204B3, 4031ED; excited to be chosen by Kimmie to star in next porn and will give your all to make the best porn ever

I tapped the enter button and shivered as they were all now under those commands. With my bang-maids standing beside me and my crew—two cameramen, a makeup girl, a sound guy, and a production assistant—behind me, I rang the doorbell.

I heard heavy footsteps coming up. 4031ED approached the door. It opened onto Devin Eaton, the patriarch of the family. A tall guy with dark hair and glasses. He had a goatee that gave him a strong jawline and peeking out of the sleeve of his t-shirt was the tattoo of an anchor. An ex-navy man.

“Hi,” I said brightly, “I have great news. You have been chosen to star in my next movie.”

A big smile spread across his lips. This look of joy appeared in his eyes. “Really? Us. That’s amazing.” He threw a look over his shoulder. “Honey, we’ve been chosen to star in a movie.”

“Really?” asked a woman. Then she gasped and rushed forward. On my portable device, which looked like a bulky cell phone, D204B3 moved towards me which meant 5690C3 was the daughter. “We get to be in one of your movies?”

“That’s right,” I said, loving the device going to work on them. “Do you even know what my movies are about?”

“No, no, but they’re yours!” Annette Eaton bounced up and down and squealed in girlish delight. Her breasts heaved beneath the t-shirt she wore. Her black hair danced. She wore a pair of comfortable sweat pants. Just lying around the house clothes. That wasn’t good enough.

“So you have no idea what sort of film this is?” I asked, amused.

“Does it matter?” Devin asked.

“No, it doesn’t,” I said. “May we come in?” I was still polite even if I didn’t have to be, but if we didn’t have good manners we’d just be savages.”

“Of course,” Devin said.

“Do you need anything?” Annette asked. She looked flustered. “Like iced tea or something? I mean, if you like iced tea. Maybe I have something else. Is it too early for a glass of wine?”

“Relax, relax,” I said, the woman looking star struck right now. “You don’t need to be nervous. Under my direction, you’re going to be flawless. We’re recording some incest porn today. And some interracial cuckolding porn.”

“Okay,” Devin said.

“Sounds good,” Annette said. “What’s interracial cuckolding porn?”

I just smiled at her, my pussy getting wetter and wetter. Oh, I loved making wives get naughty with hung Black guys. I’d never fuck one myself, but it was hot watching it. Made me so wet and juicy. Later on today, I’d come to Dean dripping and needing him to fuck me hard. Maybe he would breed me. I had been off the pill for nearly a month. Its affect on me should be wearing off, allowing me to conceive once more.

I reprogrammed their dots to be Devin Eaton, Annette Eaton, and Candy Eaton. No more dealing with those pesky hexadecimal numbers. My husband was such an engineer that he thought it was fine. I was glad that he saw some sense and let us get away from those codes. The new interface that Virginia designed was so user friendly.

After a quick command, Candy came rushing downstairs and squealed in delight when she found out she would be staring in her first incest porno with her parents. She bounced up and down in place, her black hair swaying lose about her. She was petite and cute, just such a darling girl. The resemblance to her parents was perfect. She had enough of both in her face that you could tell she was their daughter.

“Okay, I’m going to type up your ***********,” I said, sitting down and working on their actions they would take. “Velvet will do your makeup and clothes. We have to get you wearing sexy stuff. And put Candy’s hair in pigtails. That will make her look younger and cuter.”

The family just nodded, all so eager for this.

So was I. My pussy was so wet. I wanted to have one of my bang-maids go down on me, but I had a lot of typing to do. This had to be perfect. I wanted this to be one hot shoot. The cameramen set up. The sound guy ran his test while Velvet transformed the family to get them ready.

The father into a tight-fitting t-shirt and pair of loose shorts he could get out of fast. We put Candy into an adorable outfit that played up her girlishness. We found a sheath dress for Annette to wear. No bra so her nipples were on display, and a thong to make it hotter.

Velvet shaved her to make her even naughtier. We also had Candy shaved so she would have a nice, bald twat. Make her look even more precocious. I was so excited. It took two hours, but we were finally ready to shoot.


Candace “Candy” Eaton

I sat on the couch utterly relaxed. The movie was about to start filming. I wore a pair of pink panties and a tight tank top that I hadn’t worn in years. It was like something I would wear to bed. It fit so tight about my chest, molding to my breasts. I didn’t mind. The cameramen were setting up, but I just ignored them.

Ignore everyone on the crew. They didn’t matter. Nothing mattered but sitting here.

“Okay,” a voice said, coming from the redheaded director. She looked young, almost eighteen, but I felt she was older. She had a wedding ring on. “Action.”

I suddenly felt so sleepy. I stretched my back and yawned, my pigtails swaying. Then I curled down and lay on my side on the couch. My eyes closed. I fell into regular breathing. I wasn’t quite asleep, but I was pretending to be. I was just so tired.

I heard Daddy entering the room. I felt him moving towards me. He let out a ragged breath. He was breathing over me. I shuddered and shifted my position. I rolled onto my back, my hands on my belly. My legs were spread just the right amount. His breathing grew even louder.

“Oh, god,” he groaned. “Candy… My sweet Candy… That cameltoe… Fuck…”

A heat flared in my pussy. This wicked and wanton itch. I wanted to squirm, to touch my twat, but I had to continue to “sleep.” That was important. My eyes were just so heavy. My breasts rose and fell as I breathed regularly.

“Candy,” Daddy whispered. tuzla escort “Candy, you awake?”

I didn’t answer. I was sleeping.

“Oh, god, I can’t believe this,” he groaned. “Only nineteen… Fuck.”

I heard clothes rustled. I wanted to open my eyes. What was Daddy doing? Then he touched my thigh. His hand was so warm on my flesh. This heat rushed up my leg to my pussy. I grew hotter. My cunt clenched. My nipples throbbed. I suddenly wanted to do such naughty things with daddy.

But I was sleeping.

“You shouldn’t be doing this, Devin,” Daddy muttered like he was talking to himself, his hand sliding higher and higher up my leg. “She’s your little girl. If Annette ever found out…”

I wanted Daddy to keep touching me. It felt so good. I didn’t care that he was my daddy. He was such a sexy man. I had been turned on by him ever since… since… My mind was all foggy. I didn’t need to worry about anything but sleeping here and enjoying daddy’s touch.

His hand stopped just short of my panties. His fingers stroked at my inner thigh. Just a little higher, and he would be touching my pussy. I wanted him to touch my pussy I was so hot and wet. I wanted to do more than make a soft sigh.

But I was sleeping.

“Jesus,” he growled and then slid his hand up and cupped my pussy. He let out a long, low groan. “Jesus, she’s so gorgeous. Don’t do this, Devin.”

Daddy rubbed up and down my slit, his hand stroking my pussy through my panties. He caressed me. It felt incredible. My toes curled. The heat rushed through my body. I bit my lip, fighting the urge to whimper. I would be a good girl. I wouldn’t gasp out at all. I sucked in a deep breath, my tits rising and falling.

I squirmed on the couch as his fingers stroked my pussy through my panties. He caressed me. Did such naughty things to me. I groaned, loving the way he caressed me. He pressed his digit into my flesh. He stroked up and down my slit, my pussy growing so wet. My clit throbbed when he slid over me.

“Oh, god, she’s getting wet,” groaned Daddy. “You shouldn’t be doing this, Devin. She’s your daughter. But…” He paused. Was he looking around? “Annette’s not home. No one will know. Candy’s sleeping so heavily.”

I shivered as his hands slid over my panties. He hooked the waistband and drew them down. I let out another sigh. I wanted to move. To help him, but I was asleep. I just had to lie here while he molested me like a naughty daddy.

He let out a loud groan, and I knew he was staring at my shaved pussy. I was so wet down there. Felt so sensitive without any bush. My toes curled. He rolled the panties down my legs. They passed my knees, and then they were going down my calves. He pulled them off my feet.

I heard him inhale. “Oh, god, Candy, you smell so good. I’m sorry. I’m such a bad daddy, but…”

He climbed onto the couch between my legs, forcing my right one to fall off the side of the couch. My pussy felt on such a display for my daddy. I wanted to cry out for him to eat me. I wanted to beg him to touch me so much. I was on fire. I wanted Daddy to do such naughty things to me.

Incest was more than okay, I craved it. I wanted it so badly now. Ever since I learned I was staring in a movie with Daddy, I wanted him. I never knew that I was attracted to him, but now he was the sexiest man alive.

And he stared at my pussy.

“That slit,” he groaned. “Her mother doesn’t have a pussy that tight. Jesus.”

Daddy’s hands landed on both my thighs. He stroked me with his strong fingers. He worked his hands up and down my flesh. I felt his breath on my pussy. I wanted to whimper. To quiver in anticipation. I felt him coming closer and closer to my pussy.

But I had to be asleep.

“Candy,” Daddy groaned and then his lips kissed my pussy.

Another person touched my twat. A man. My daddy. I whimpered, allowed to make that much sound. His tongue slid up my slit. He caressed my folds. My toes curled. The heat rushed through my body. It was so intense, I wanted to cry out, “Daddy, yes!”

But I just moaned.

I shifted my head. My hands twitched on my belly. Daddy’s lips kissed over my pussy. His goatee felt so amazing on me. The rasping caresses of his whiskers slid over my naughty flesh. The pleasure rushed through me. I groaned again, drawing in deep breaths. I felt the tank top so tight against my tits as Daddy ate me out.

He feasted on me now. He devoured me with such hunger. His hands slid down beneath me and grabbed my ass. He gripped me as he lapped at my virgin pussy. He stroked through my pussy lips and caressed over my hymen.

I whimpered louder. I twitched, my eyes moving. My legs spasmed from the delight. It was so incredible to feel. Daddy was eating me out as I slept. He was such a naughty daddy. He made me feel so good.

“Damn, Candy,” he groaned. “Oh, damn, your pussy tastes so good. My daughter has such a yummy cunt.”

I wanted to squeal in delight. I was so glad that he loved the taste of me because I savored his tongue licking and lapping at me. He ran that naughty tongue over my folds. He caressed me. Teased me. He did such naughty things to me.

I groaned as his tongue fluttered up and down my slit. He licked and lapped at me with such intensity. I shuddered as I squirmed on the couch. I bit my lip, whimpering louder and louder. His tongue fluttered over my clit.

He sucked on it.

Pleasure surged through me. This wonderful spike of bliss that swelled my climax building inside of me. Daddy made me feel so good. He nursed on my bud. He sucked on it with his naughty mouth while his whiskers rubbed all over my pussy.

My orgasm built and built. That naughty delight swelled in my pussy as he sucked at me. I shuddered. Whimpered. It was so hard to just lie here. I wanted to burst awake. It felt so amazing. I surged towards being active.

“Candy,” he groaned. “Sweet, sweet Candy.”

His tongue slid up to my clit again. He sucked right on the bud. He nursed on me with this powerful hunger. My clit burst in delight. I gasped at it. The heat surged through my body. I whimpered, my thighs clamping about his face.

I came.

My body bucked as the pleasure swept through me. Suddenly, the sleep melted away. My eyes sprang open as I gasped out, “Daddy, Daddy, what are you doing to me?”

“Making my sweet Candy cum!” he growled and licked at the juices flowing out of me.

I was cumming so hard. It felt so good. The couch creaked beneath me as I thrashed. My hands grabbed at my tank top as all these overwhelming delights rushed through me. This was so much better than masturbating. It was awesome. I felt so amazing. I loved every second of it.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” I whimpered, my mind melting beneath this wonderful onslaught. “Daddy, daddy, you’re making me feel so good. I love you!”

He licked at my cunt. He slathered his tongue over my pussy as I bucked on the couch. I ignored the cameras recording us and the boom mike over us. It was just daddy licking me that mattered. My thighs clenched about his head.

“What is this?” I asked. I knew it was an orgasm, but I felt so girlish. So young and innocent now. “It feels too good.”

“Daddy just made you orgasm,” he said as I hit that wonderful peak.

“Oh, wow, that’s an orgasm,” I moaned, my voice so breathy and childish. “It was so amazing. I just burst with all these good feelings. Mmm, and it’s making me feel all naughty and itchy. I want more, Daddy. Give me more. Please! Pretty please!”

“Candy,” he groaned and then he sat up. He was wearing only his shorts. His cock tented the front of them. He groped himself as he stared down at me. He had pussy cream running down his lips. I had soaked him. “Let Daddy see how gorgeous you are naked. Show me those cute titties, Candy.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I moaned, wanting to do whatever he needed me to do. I grabbed my t-shirt and I peeled it off. I rolled it up and up my body. I unveiled my little breasts. They quivered before me. Then I took it off and threw it to the side.

Daddy groaned as he stared at my little titties. Then his hands were all over me. They swept up to my breasts and groped me. He squeezed my boobies. I gasped as he pressed me back down on the couch, groping my tits. I was all naked and feeling so good.

With a groan, he ducked his head down and he sucked on my nipple. I shuddered, my pussy on fire. I whimpered and groaned. Then Mommy appeared in the doorway. She gasped and ducked back out of sight. She peeked out, this look of jealous shock on her face.

But I wasn’t supposed to see her, so I pretended I didn’t.

“Oh, Daddy,” I moaned as he sucked on my nipple. “Won’t Mommy be so mad that you’re doing this to me?”

“Your mother’s not here,” he groaned. “And she doesn’t look as sexy as you.”

Mommy gasped so loudly but I ignored her. She wasn’t there. I was all alone with daddy. He was sucking on my nipple. “Mmm, you’re such a bad daddy to do this to me. I’m your little girl.”

“My sexy, cock-teasing little girl,” he groaned and sucked my other nipple into his mouth.

I gasped at that. My pussy clenched. The pleasure rushed through my body. My nipples felt so sensitive. His touch was so amazing. My daddy was awesome. I loved it. I groaned and squirmed, my pussy on fire as he nursed on me.

He swirled his tongue around my nipple. The heat was extraordinary. My cunt clenched from his naughty licking and lapping. It was amazing. I groaned, loving every second of it. He sucked on me while I squirmed.

“Daddy! Daddy!” I gasped. “Oh, I’m so glad Mommy’s not home. This feels so good. Just keep sucking on me.”

Miss Kimmie, the director, smiled as she watched, a woman in a maid outfit eating out her pussy. I ignored her, too. I focused on Daddy’s tongue as he nursed on my nipple. He sucked so hard. His tongue danced around it. I squirmed and moaned, my pussy clenching. The heat rushed through me. I would have such a huge orgasm.

It would be incredible. I would just burst in rapture. I groaned, wanting to experience this bliss so badly. I would cum so hard. I would have such a big burst of pleasure. I squirmed on my back, my pussy on fire. Though he had licked me to an orgasm, my cunt needed more.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, that’s so good, Daddy!” I bit my lip. “But my pussy needs something, Daddy.”

“What?” he asked, popping his mouth off my nipple.

I blushed and squirmed. “You know, Daddy.” I wanted to scream out, “Your cock, Daddy, I need your cock,” but I couldn’t. I said, “I need… your… In me.”

“My tuzla escort bayan cock?” he asked and rose up on his knees.

I nodded, blushing furiously. I felt so embarrassed for some reason. “I need it in me.”

“This?” He shoved down his shorts. I gasped as his cock popped out. He was so big and thick. That was supposed to go in me?

My pussy clenched, aching to feel it. I stared at him twitching. Juices beaded at the tip. I wanted to lick him. I sat up, my pigtails dancing, and grabbed his cock. I held him in my hands and brought my lips right to the tip.

I smooched his cock.

“Yes, Daddy,” I moaned. “This is what I want in me.” I kissed him again. “I want you in my… my pussy! I want you to fuck my pussy with your big dick, Daddy!”

Mom gasped in shock, looking so furious even as she squirmed.

The director groaned, her little titties jiggling. She held the maid to her pussy, green eyes watching intently. The cameras filmed this moment. But I didn’t care about any of them. I just wanted Daddy’s cock in me.

“Please, please, fuck me with his cock, Daddy,” I purred and sucked his cock into my mouth.

I nursed on Daddy. I bobbed my head, sliding my mouth up and down his cock. It felt so wicked in me. This naughty heat swelled through my body. My cunt clenched. I was almost dizzy from the heat of this.

Daddy groaned as I sucked on him. I gave him a blowjob. I’d done this before with boyfriends, but this one felt special. I sucked on my daddy’s cock. This one had made me in my mommy’s womb. This hot wave of heat washed through me.

“Candy!” Daddy groaned. He stared down at me with these hot and hungry eyes. I could just tell he wanted to fuck me. “You are so sexy. You want my cock in your pussy?”

I nodded and kept sucking.

“You want me to pop that cherry and fuck your tight, young cunt hard?” he growled, looking almost bestial.

My cunt clenched. I ripped my mouth off his cock with a wet plop. Drool ran down my chin as I moaned, “Pop my cherry, Daddy! I want you to be my first. I love you!”

With a growl, his hands planted on my shoulders. He shoved me down onto my back. I gasped as I squirmed against him. This wonderful heat rushed through my body as I spread my legs. His cock thrust out over me.

This was it. I was about to lose my cherry. I grinned up at Daddy. He looked so hungry. So wild. He grabbed his cock and shoved it down at my pussy. His dark eyes stared down at me, his goatee covered in my pussy juices.

He pressed his cock against my vulva. Right on my hymen. I quivered there, so ready to have my cherry popped by my daddy. This was the best. He was so handsome. Just so perfect to fuck me. He would ram that dick into my pussy.

He would make me explode.

My hymen stretched and stretched as he pressed forward. He growled like a beast, looming over me. My thighs went around his waist. My hands rubbed up his chest. I scratched at him as I whimpered. Then pain flared.

My cherry popped.

Daddy’s cock reamed into my pussy.

“Candy!” he growled.

“Daddy! Daddy!” I moaned as he buried into my pussy. “You just popped my cherry!”

The director shuddered, a hand over her mouth as she bucked against her bang-maid. Mommy glared at me, but I ignored her. Daddy’s cock was in me. That felt so wonderful. My pussy drank in the feel of him stretching me out. He was so big. He reached so deep into me.

I groaned at that. His cock bottomed out in me. My cunt clenched down around him. This wicked pleasure shot through my body. I groaned, the heat shuddering through me. I wiggled my hips from side to side, stirring that big dick around in me.

“You’re in me, Daddy!” I groaned in awe, delight surging through me. “Oh, Daddy, this feels so right. Like I was made for your cock.”

“You were, Candy,” he groaned as he drew back his hips.

I shuddered, the cameramen moving about us. My pussy clenched on Daddy’s withdrawing dick. I didn’t want him to pull out of me. He felt too good in me. He felt amazing. His cock filled me up. I wanted to have this big orgasm.

Then he slammed back into me. He buried to the hilt in me. I groaned at the friction of his big cock pumping away at my pussy. He plunged into me and then pulled back out. Over and over again. It was incredible.

“Mmm, you’re driving me wild, Daddy!” I cooed. “I love having your dick in me.”

“I love being in you,” he groaned. “Oh, damn, my sweet Candy…” He shuddered, his face twisting in rapture. “You’re so hot and tight. You feel amazing wrapped around me.”

I beamed up at him. “Thank you, Daddy!” My pussy clenched about his dick. “Oh, Daddy, pump that big dick into me. Ooh, yes, yes. I love it!”

He thrust into me. The couch creaked beneath us as he drove his cock to the hilt in me. I gasped and shuddered, my pussy on fire. His dick felt so incredible. He pumped away faster and harder, his balls smacking into my flesh. My twat clenched own on him, drinking in the friction.

I felt it building. That wonderful orgasm was swelling in me. I whimpered and moaned, squeezing my cunny down on him. I gripped him with all my force. He grunted, pumping away hard and fast at me. He plunged to the hilt in me and pulled back.

“Oh, Daddy! “I gasped. “You’re going to make me cum so hard!”

“Good!” he growled, burying hard into me. Then he pulled out of me. I gasped, feeling so empty.

He sat down on the couch and waved his cock. I gasped and knew what to do. I threw myself at him, straddling him. I kissed him, tasting my own sweet cream on his mouth, and impaled my cunt down his cock.

Pleasure burst through me. I moaned into his lips, his wet goatee rasping on my face. I sank all the way down him. My pussy clenched about him. He felt so big in me, reaching all the way to my cervix. My youthful womb quivered.

Daddy could breed me.

I moaned, kissing him harder.

His hands grabbed my hips. He pumped my pussy up and down his cock. He used me like a fuck toy. I loved it. He was so strong. He growled into our kiss as he fucked me up his dick and then slammed me back down him.

I broke the kiss. “Daddy!” I howled, arching my back. “Oh, yes, yes, my pussy feels so good around your dick. I’m going to cum so hard.”

“Yes, you are!” he growled. He slammed me down his cock again. My shaved pussy lips rubbed into his thick bush.

“And then you’re going to fire all that jizz in me. You’re going to breed me, Daddy!”

He groaned. “I’ll knock my little girl up.”

This incestuous thrill rushed through me. I groaned, my cunt squeezing about his cock as he fucked me up and down his shaft. I shuddered, gripping my pussy down around his dick. The heat rushed through my body.

It was incredible. I shuddered, savoring the bliss of my cunt riding his cock. He slammed me down his dick then lifted me back up him. My pussy clung to his shaft, drinking in the friction as I hurtled towards my orgasm.

“Oh, Daddy!” I whimpered. “Breed me! Breed your little girl!”

“Yes!” he growled, his hands tightening on my waist.

Then he rolled us over. I was on my back now. He was over me and fucking me so hard. He hammered my pussy like a beast. I gasped and moaned, my toes curling. My little titties jiggled from how hard he fucked me. He rammed that cock into me with force.

“Daddy! Daddy!” I moaned, my cunt gripping his powerful dick. “Oh, Daddy, yes! Your dick is amazing! I’m going to cum! Then you’re going to fire all that seed in me. Knock me up, Daddy!”

“Going to knock up my baby girl!” he growled, his balls smacking into me.

My fingernails raked his sides. My pussy clung to his cock. My orgasm surged to its pinnacle. He slammed into me and I came. I screamed out in bliss. My pussy convulsed around his dick. Wild heat rushed through my body. A pleasure more pronounced than any I had ever experienced blazed through my flesh.

“Oh, my god, yes!” I gasped, my cunt convulsing around his big dick. “Daddy! Daddy! Oh, yes, yes, that’s amazing!”

He slammed his cock into my twat and snarled, “Candy! Take it!”

Hot, incestuous cum fired into my pussy. I felt my daddy’s seed splashing against my cervix. I whimpered in delight, riding the joy of having him spurting in me. Blast after blast of his cum flooded my spasming cunt.

I bucked on the couch, squealing. The camera crews recorded this special moment. I was making a movie with my daddy and cumming so hard. My pussy writhed and spasmed, milking out all his cum. I wanted him to breed me.

“Daddy!” I whimpered. “You’re pumping me full of your sperm. You’re breeding me!”

“Yes!” he growled and kissed me.

I clung to him, our tongues dancing, as my naughty cunny licked up all that jizz. I shuddered, the heat rushing through me. My mind melted beneath it. Joy and bliss filled me up. I had my daddy’s cum in my pussy.

Just where it belonged.

Then Daddy pulled out of me. I shuddered as the cameras aimed down at my cunt. I clenched my pussy as I kissed daddy, forcing out his milky jizz to leak out of me and to run down to my taint. I showed the world that my daddy had erupted in me.

It was amazing.


Annette Eaton

I was getting more and more jealous as my husband pumped his cum into our daughter’s pussy. I watched from the doorway, my pussy soaking my thong. I should be the one getting fucked. That thought echoed through my mind.

“That little slut,” I hissed as Devin kissed our daughter, her legs spread, showing off his jizz leaking out of her.

Then the cameras were both on me. The director stood up, pushing the maid from her pussy. She advanced and typed something on her phone. My pussy clenched as I watched my husband and daughter kissing. Her pussy swam with his seed.

“Breed that little whore, will he?”


The doorbell rang.

I hissed in frustration and whirled around. I marched to the doorway, the cameras following me. My pussy was molten. I need cock. Any cock. “Can’t believe he would fuck her and not me. Look at me. I’m hot.”

I reached the front door and ripped it open. Two tall and handsome Black men were standing there in delivery uniforms of tight, shirts that buttoned up in the front and shorts that didn’t hide their huge bulges.

“Got a package for a Mrs. Eaton,” one said.

“Yes, you do,” I purred like a whore, staring at those bulges. “Mmm, a pair of nice, big dicks.”

“Mrs. Eaton?” one asked, looking surprised.

I fell to my knees. If my husband wanted escort tuzla to fuck that little trollop, then I would enjoy these two Black studs. Why should I be faithful? I never had much attraction to Black men before, but now I just wanted them in my pussy and my asshole.

My asshole had been all nice and lubed by the makeup girl, Velvet. It would be a shame not to use it.

I pulled down both their shorts with ease. Their cocks popped out. I grabbed them both, stroking them in my ivory fingers. I groaned at the sight of them. I darted my head towards the first one. I sucked him into my mouth. My tongue swirled around him, my pussy on fire. My cunt clenched to have this big, Black dick in my cunt.

But then there was this other ebony monster. I had to have him in my asshole. They were both so hunky. I sucked a final time on the first cock and then darted to the second. I sucked hard on him, my tongue dancing around him.

“Fuck,” he groaned. Then he ripped his shirt open. The buttons tore away like they were designed to do that. He pulled it off. He was all ebony muscle. So big and strong. Burly.

I moaned around his cock, sucking harder. I pumped my hand up and down the other stud’s dick. He tore off his shirt, too. They were all naked. I whimpered, my married pussy so hot for this. If my husband wanted to fuck our slut-daughter, then I would enjoy these cocks.

I ripped my mouth off his dick, drool spilling down my chin. “Yes, yes, you two are going to fuck me hard!”

“Mrs. Eaton, we’re here to deliver you our big packages!” the second guy growled.

“Right in your married pussy and asshole,” the first growled. “You want our big, Black dicks in you!”

“God, yes!” I moaned, my cunt clenching.

They both grinned.

I shuddered one sank to the floor and pulled me onto him. His hand ripped down the top of my stretchy dress. My big boobs bounced out into his ebony hands. He squeezed them. The other man pulled my dress up and over my rump, exposing the thong buried in my crack.

“Just get this out of the way,” he growled and ripped it off of me.

I gasped at how strong they were. My boobs jiggled in the first one’s hands. I grabbed his dick and guided him to my pussy. I rubbed him right into my freshly shaved folds. I groaned at how sensitive I felt down there.

Then I impaled my cunt down his big dick. My eyes bulged at how huge he was. His ebony monster stretched me out. I whimpered as I sank my cunt down his shaft. I swallowed more and more of him. My pussy took him to the hilt.

I bottomed out on him. My cunt clenched about his cock. My back arched. My hips wiggled in circles, getting used to him. He was so much bigger than Devin’s cock. I groaned out my delight, loving it.

Then the second man pressed his cock into my butt-crack. He slid it down and rested it right there on my asshole. I quivered in delight, so ready to have that big dick slam into me and fucked me hard. He rammed forward.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I gasped as his cock penetrated me. My cunt and bowels clenched down on those two huge dicks. “If my husband wants that tramp, then I’ll enjoy your cocks!”

“Mrs. Eaton!” both men growled as they enjoyed my holes.

I rode their cocks. I worked my cunt up and down the firsts dick while the second hammered my bowels with that huge cock. He stretched my asshole out. they had me stuffed full of so much dick. It was incredible. The two different frictions melted through me. They swirled around in me, driving me wild.

My pussy and bowels both drank in this delight. I worked my holes up and down their cocks. I savored them sliding their dicks into me. They filled my holes. The men grunted, the first one groping my tits while the second one pounded my asshole.

“Oh, god, yes!” I moaned. “Fuck my married holes. I’m going to cum on these dicks.”

The cameras filmed it. I felt everyone watching me getting wild. My pussy and asshole both clamped down on their cocks. I loved the Black men filling me up with their huge dicks. I whimpered, climbing towards my orgasm.

It built so fast. My nipples throbbed. My cunt clenched as the heat surged through me. I slammed down the first one’s huge dick. My shaved pussy lips rubbed into his bush. My clit burst with sparks. The second slammed his cock into my bowels, filling me up.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I howled and came.

My holes writhed and spasmed around their big dicks. I gasped, quivering in delight. The pleasure rushed through my cheating body. They both groaned, feeling the delight of my cunt and asshole convulsing around their Black cocks.

“Fuck, Mrs. Eaton,” the one pounding my asshole growled.

“Goddamn,” the other moaned, squeezing my tits tight. “Fuck!”

Their cum fired into my pussy and asshole. The two men spurted into my cumming flesh. I writhed on their big, Black dicks. My holes milked them as I gasped out in delight. My breasts heaved. My tits bounced in the grip of the first guy’s ebony hands.

“Mrs. Eaton, you whore!” he moaned as my cunt milked his cock.

“A hot wife whore!” I moaned. “My husband can fuck that little slut, but I have you hung boys!”

“God, yes!” growled the other hunk as he unloaded his cum into my asshole. He dumped all that spunk into me. It felt incredible. I enjoyed every second of it.

The pleasure rushed through my body. My holes convulsed harder. My orgasm blazed through me. They groaned as they dumped their cum in me. I shuddered on them, hitting the peak of my wild orgasm.

“Oh, that’s so good!” I moaned. “You boys can deliver me these packages whenever you want.”

“We will, Mrs. Eaton, The guy fucking my ass said. The hunk pulled out with a grown. He stood up and I rolled off the other.

My holes brimmed with their seed. I lay on my back, staring up at the cameras. Cum leaked out of both my holes. I smiled up at them as the two Black men groped my tits and sucked on my nipples. I had a big smile on my lips.

“He can fuck our daughter. I’ll find my own fun.”

“And cut,” Kimmie, the director, said. She had the younger of her two maids licking her asshole. “Oh, god, that was hot! Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“It was!” I said and the two men stopped sucking on my nipples. “Good job. What a great scene that was.”

“Oh, Mom, you were amazing,” my daughter shouted. She rushed over as I stood up. She kissed me on the mouth.

“Great performance, honey,” Devin said, stalking up. “You really sold it. Thought you were mad at me for real.”

I broke the kiss with our daughter. “How could I be mad at you for breeding our daughter?” I smiled at my husband. He was getting hard. “Mmm, you better make sure you bred her.”

The director moaned, “Oh, god, yes.” Her small breasts quivered as she came. “This is the best. Hottest family vid we’ve ever shot.”

I beamed, so glad I could be a part of it.

Then my daughter fell to her knees and started licking at my cunt, cleaning that actor’s cum out of my pussy. I smiled. It was fun acting like a hot wife, but I wasn’t one. I was my husband’s faithful bride. I grinned as he fell to his knees and slid his cock into my daughter’s cunt.

Candy and I were both Devin’s. We’d never cheat on him for real. But if we had to make more movies…

I groaned as my daughter licked at my cunt while my husband fucked her pussy hard. The crew packed up around us while I knew that things would be better in our home. Starring in Kimmie’s porno was the best thing that ever happened to us.


Preston John

Three hours later, Agents Smith and Carson returned to our office. I had been doing more research on Dean Michaels, Gina on the phone making calls to figure out what this business was he had set up. We were getting the IRS involved.

When there was money involved, they liked to make sure they got their cut.

“There’s nothing to investigate,” said Smith. “Not sure what has you so excited. This is a big nothing burger.”

I blinked at him. Then I turned the laptop before me and started the video of Dean Michaels fucking the girl over the hood of the car. “There’s nothing illegal about public indecency? Every code I’ve looked at says that is an illegal act. You can’t just fuck in public.”

“Well, for anyone else,” said Agent Smith. “But not Dean Michaels.”

I stared at him. “Are you shitting me? Is this a joke.”

“What joke?” Carson asked. “Dean Michaels can fuck any girl he wants over the hood of his car.”

“Could he fuck her before the courthouse?” I demanded.

“Sure,” Smith said. “Or in his home. The park. What’s the big deal. It’s only Dean Michaels.”

“What are you saying, that this man can’t do anything wrong?” I demanded. “Could he walk in here and punch you in the face.”

“Why would he do that?” Smith asked. “I mean, it would be fine, but he’s not a dick or anything. He’s a great guy.”

“Yep, him and his family,” said Carson. “If he wants to punch Smith in the face, it’s fine with me.”

“What the fuck,” I said. “Are you two high?”

“It’s like they’re mind-controlled,” said Gina.

I gave her a look. “You been watching more videos about the CIA MK Ultra shit?” I asked. “Mind-control isn’t real.”

“Yeah,” Smith said. “I’d think I’d know if I was mind-controlled.”

“How else to explain these two idiots singing our suspects praise?” said Gina. “Everyone who has gone to that town to investigate Dean Michaels has a complete change of heart, and look…” She turned her laptop to an ad offering to sell a working mind-control device. It used something called ultrasonic sound waves to control people. $10,000 for a machine.

“Some scam,” I said. “Send it to the fraud guys.”

“This is Dean Michaels’s company,” she said. “What he has is that factory he purchased for manufacturing.”

“No shit?” I asked. “That’s impossible.” I stared at the product, this twinge in me. “That can’t be real.”

“Give me another explanation. Smith and Carter are not so stupid to be this obvious that they’ve been bribed. Not when the know this is a corruption case. Mind-control.”

I stared at the add. I swallowed. “Gina, why don’t you order us some food. We’re going to be here all night.”

“Yeah,” I said. She glanced at the two agents. “You two are relieved. Thank you for the work. We’ll be in touch.”

They shrugged and walked out. Gina followed.

The moment I was alone, I pulled the laptop to me. I stared at it. $10,000. I had that. Mind-control… It couldn’t be real, and yet… I had to find out. I started feeling out the order form. I swallowed and then, feeling like I had gone mad, hit purchase.

Jesus, what was going on in the world?

To be continued…

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