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Chapter 16:

Early Sunday Morning

The silence woke her up. Annie was not used to the quiet and since she had gone to bed reasonably early, she was restless. Part of the restlessness had to do with what she witnessed last night with Brice. His size and girth meant that he would forever be BULL to her. She thought back at how it ended, her standing up and dropping the harness and the dildo on the floor between Bull’s legs as she looked down at him, to see a man with a huge cock, covered in his own cum with smile and look of relief on his face.

It was really early, she didn’t know what time, but with the sky beginning to lighten she thought she might try to catch the sunrise over the lake. With a bit of a nip in the air and aiming for some modicum of decency, she selected her yellow Capri pants. They fit her like a coat of paint, allowing her curves and attributes show through. She opted for a black thong. Although it showed a panty line, it also provided a light grey shadow line. It accentuated her hips as it came around her waist and plunged between her buttocks. The front dove down in a ‘V’ and, if any one was looking, it led the viewer’s eyes to her prominent mons. Over a demi-bra, a long sleeved button up flannel men’s shirt with a fleece vest finished the top and the leggings, left on the floor from last night, completed the outfit.

She quietly opened the door and picking up her white running shoes, crept down the stairs into the empty kitchen area. She was worried about Jr. as she had not heard him come in. Rather than going directly outside, she grabbed an apple, then began the decent to the lower level to check on him. When she was about half way down she heard passionate grunting and the slapping together of wet flesh.

Sitting on a step and peaking over the handrail, she saw a large BBW was lying on her back on the bench. Jr. was feeding her his long fat cock that she appeared to be taking down her throat with ease. Jake was kneeling between her fat legs and was eating her out as she held herself open by her ankles for his tongue. OMG, thought Annie, he has a fantastic tongue. He was licking her up and down, when suddenly he reached under her knees to raise them up. Like raising barbells, he pushed her legs up. She saw Jr. reach out and grab the woman’s feet and pull them to his chest and then stretch out his arms to the side. It was choreographed so smoothly, they’ve done this before guessed Annie. Pulling the BBW’s chubby legs apart provided a wanton display of flesh to Jake and allowed Annie to see the slick thighs and swollen lips that Jake had been ravishing. The woman groaned from the splitting stretch but this was soon replaced with moans of delight as Jake dove down further and pulled her cheeks apart. Jake’s nose was in her cunt as he licked her ass with his oversized tongue. The woman began to jerk her clit with one hand and grope one of her large pendulous tits with the other. Meanwhile, Jr., never missing a stroke, kept the head of cock in her throat. Jr. pressed her feet to his hips, rolling her back even more. Her rose bud was now pointing at the ceiling as Jake inserted a finger. When he stopped for a breath, Annie could see the woman’s tattoo on her lower back.

Every now and then Jr. would withdraw and settle his swollen testicles on her mouth. She sucked and licked them, while trying to catch her breath. Jake however, never stopped sucking, licking and fingering.

“Time to change!” Jake called out. Jr. let go of her legs, she rolled up to standing while Jake lay on the bench. With the young BBW woman now riding Jake in a reverse cow girl, she faced Jr.’s naked body standing at the end of the bench. Annie could see her large soft breasts swinging and flopping wildly as she rode Jake’s cock. Seeing only the back of Jr., she guessed, by the thrusting of his hips, his cock was being shoved in the woman’s mouth. The woman had to brace her self by holding onto Jake’s knees to counteract the force of Jr.’s penetrations.

‘Show me your pussy, finger it, put your tongue on my cock, lick me, suck my cock! Open your mouth, come closer, stick out your tongue, catch my cum.’ commanded Jr. Annie was in shock. He had seen and he heard her masturbating in the upstairs bathroom she thought. More to the point, is that how aroused she looked and acted when she was do it? She asked herself quietly.

The scene she was witnessing added to the heat of her body created by the warm clothes she had on. However, she dare not move or make any noise, but when Jr. pulled out and started stroking his cock and his semen spewed over the face, throat and tits of the BBW, Annie led out a groan. The young woman grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled his groin to her face. She pressed his cock and balls into the cum that covered her.

“Someone fuck my ass, now!” the BBW cried out insatiably.

Feeling a little jealous yet wanting to join in, Annie was afraid to and needing to cool off, Jr.’s mother, with trembling legs, cautiously crept ataşehir escort away. It was a hard decision but it was a strange house, Brice was upstairs and Jr. said no shenanigans. She snuck back up through the kitchen and out the back door. In going around the house she saw a taxi in the driveway. ‘Double D Taxi’ the logo read. At least a double D Annie thought as she recalled the humongous tits around Jr.’s cock. Walking past the taxi she felt the hood. It was cold. She’s been here a long time, Annie conjectured. On the door it said ‘Leased to Sam’, I guess that is short for Samantha, Annie speculated.

Continuing down the path to the lake, she saw the mist rising. She could not sit because the chairs were wet with dew, so she did a silent standing meditation while the sun rose. Spectacular, she thought. Returning from the lake, in the distance she saw the taxi’s roof light on, as Sam drove her way back to town. Entering through the lower level, there was a distinct aroma of sex which diminished as she climbed the stairs to the kitchen.

Arriving at the kitchen, the odor of sex was replaced with the compelling smell of rich coffee and oatmeal bubbling on the stove.

‘Hi Brice, the silence this morning drew me to the lake to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful.” Annie said then carrying on, ‘You are quite domestic.’ she quipped. Warming up with a hot cup of coffee, Annie undid her vest. The soft flannel fabric restraining the soft flesh of her breasts spilling over the top of the bra.

‘Well, some car kicking up gravel woke me up. Walking to the stairs, he bellowed out “Jake, Jr., get your butts up here.’

They arrived looking distinctively disheveled and worse for wear and cowered when they heard Brice chastising them, “You guys look rough. I don’t think I’m going to get a full days work of you. Did you get in late?’

‘No, we got in early.’ Jake confessed but Jr. was thinking, yeah, and we got in often. “The bar was busy, we had a few drinks and laughs and thought it best to take a cab home. The truck is still there.’ admitted Jake.

“Good for you two, that’s thinking smart. Nothing like a good taxi ride home to signal the end of a good night out.’ he said in his most paternal voice.

With that the men sat at the table and faced another bowl of the fortifying oatmeal. “How was your night last night Mom?” asked Jr.

“Fabulous, Brice and Barbara have such nice friends up here. I met so many people, it was hard to remember all their names. We danced and talked. I had a great time. Brice is such a good dancer. The outfit you suggested Jr. was perfect, when I got hot I could take it off.” Annie enthusiastically responded.

With a smile from Brice, the men continued eating slowly without a lot of conversation and only a few looks to each other or smiles at Annie, they finished the coffee and breakfast before Brice stood up, suggesting they get going.

“Now that we are done up around the house and until the delivery arrives, let’s work down by the dock. Annie, can you watch for the truck and let us know when it arrives.” Brice solicited.

“Of course Brice, but the ladies from last night have asked if would join them for lunch today and I thought that it would be a fun idea. With only one car, can somebody drive me over about 11:30 or so?” answered Annie.

“Sure, I will. I have something to do between 1 and 2 so I can I get the boys working, do a bit around here after I come back from driving you. Bus the tables boys, Mrs. Sullivan can’t be cleaning up after a couple of you young bucks.” Brice cajoled in a loud voice.

With only a minor kitchen clean up necessary, Annie was quickly finished then made herself a cup of tea and sat in the dining area, wondering what to do. She had a couple of hours to kill before heading out and the sun would not be fully on the deck for another forty-five minutes or so, she thought it would be great time to call Sr.

When she finally got through to Sr. on his mobile she told him about meeting Jr.’s swim coach, the drive up, stopping to buy some clothes he will really like to see her in, the picnic and how wonderful the cottage and lake are. She described Brice to Sr. and told him she got to meet some of Brice’s and Barbara’s friends last night at a local club while Jr. and Jake went out on the town. She said, he might like to meet the friends as they seemed real friendly.

Sr. pretended to be interested but after ten minutes she could tell he was distant as he was trying to solve the problems where he was. “I’m working real hard to get home tomorrow night but at best it will be real late.” said Brice vacantly. ‘I miss you like crazy.”

“Me too, honey.” said Annie as she realized she had been using her right hand to softly stroke her nipples into hardness. Her arousal at hearing Sr.’s voice was palpable. It was getting her damp, excited and wanting more.

“I think we should help each other out over the phone.” avcılar escort he suggested strongly.

“I need you so much but I need to go outside on the deck and listen for the delivery van, can you give me a couple of minutes and call me back. Is that OK?” she asked hesitantly.

“Sure luv, I’ll get myself comfortable too and I will call you back in five minutes.” stated Sr.

Dragging a chair to the far end of the deck, she arranged it so that it was in the sun as much as possible and still be close the driveway. She struggled to find a place where the low sun came in under the eave but above the balcony handrail. She put a towel down on the damp cushion and sat down to face the sun. She had to face the house with her back to the road to faced the sun and wait for Sr. to call. Her cell phone rang loudly, startling her a bit. She pressed talk and heard him say, “Tell me where you are and what you are doing.”

“Well I am on a private third floor deck, sitting in the sun and thinking of how hot you always get me.” she quickly answered. She continued to fondle her breasts as she heard Brice snort his approval. “Slowly undo your shirt. I am imaging you sitting there with it barely open and seeing your bra.” Brice ordered as he slipped his hand around his cock.

Meanwhile back at the dock, Jake was begging off work to go to the bathroom. “Just pee behind the boat house.” said an irritated Brice.

“Can’t, need to do number two” claimed Jake and he hurriedly jogged up to the house leaving Jr. and Brice to do the heavy lifting. In reality, while he had to go, it was not as urgent as he let on and besides, if Jr.’s mom if she was sun bathing, he wanted to steal a peek.

Reaching the house he did a soft call out and with no reply, he quietly went up to the kitchen and called out again. No reply, so he deftly climbed to the third floor and went to the window he was at when yesterday he saw Jr. and Jr.’s mom having sex. Looking out he saw her at the far end of the deck sitting in a chair undoing her shirt while holding a cell phone. He went back to the hall way and into the room nearest to where she was sitting. This is even better than he had hoped. She was beautiful. He had always lusted after her and last two days he had gotten not only luckier in what he saw of her but bolder in his own actions. He held his breath as he watched her fingers undo the final buttons.

“What about my bra?” Annie asked as she opened the flannel shirt to expose herself.

“Yes, undo the snap on the front and just let it fall apart by the weight of your large soft jugs, I want fantasize about your hot sexy body and know how lucky I am to be married to you.” Sr. directed as he visualized her semi clad body being stripped bare for his pleasure.

Jake watched as she unclasped the bra and saw it spring apart under the open shirt. Her breasts sagged naturally still somewhat constrained by the bra and still hidden by the shirt.

“Now your pants, undo the zipper of you pants and open the fly wide.” Sr. urged as she slipped the zipper downward and folded the front of the pants wide to expose herself to the sun and also unknowingly to Jake.

Jake could see a strip of naked six inch wide strip of flesh from her elegant neck down to her smooth shiny crotch. “Holly crap, she is bald as a baby down there!” he exclaimed silently to himself as he moved closer to the window. His palm on his crotch began to sweep up and down his painful bulge as he strained to see as much of her treasures as possible. This was unbelievable, he had yearned to see her ever since he met Jr.

His actions so close to the window, caught Annie’s eye, who in a startled voice said to Sr. “Someone is in the house looking at me Sr.” She was feeling urges well up in her from Sr.’s directions and her actions, but this realization shot hormones raging through her body. “What should I do, Sr.?” she asked quietly, hoping for an answer that would let her continue.

“You know I want them to see you, I get so excited hoping that some day somebody will and I am rock hard now and this is something I have always wanted. So let’s have some fun, run your hand up and down the naked strip of your body. Start at your neck and slowly drag your fingers down until they reach the bottom. Slide your fingers under the pants and stroke yourself a few times. Bring your knees up a bit to slightly block what you are doing and lets see if we can lure who ever it is closer. If they come closer, tell them you will put the phone on mute, but don’t. I want to hear everything.” Sr. said breathlessly as his stroking got more aggressive.

Annie was delighted with the instructions and took her and languidly ran it slowly, tantalizingly down and up between her breasts, over her tummy and down to her vulva. Her pants were so tight her swollen labia were creating a monumental camel toe. She really had to work to get her fingers under the pants to touch herself. Putting the back avrupa yakası escort of the chaise lower, she was able to lay back and raise her hips to ease the tightness of the pants in her vagina. Her fingers swiftly sought her heat and began a side to side caress of her privates.

She put the cell phone on speaker mode and laid it on her chest. She followed her urge to palm her clit before bringing her hands back up to cup her breasts and squeeze her sensitive nipples under her shirt.

“Oh Sr., I love being naked and sun on me is hot and you are getting me even hotter” she said loudly into the air so Sr. could hear. Although she had her sunglasses on she, Jake felt that she knew he was there. She was looking straight at the sliding door that he was behind. “Show me that fat cock of yours and stroke it for me, I want to know you are hot for me.” she said loudly.

Overhearing Annie’s voice, Oh my God, thought Jake, she is having phone sex with her husband and she wanted me to hear. He rubbed his cock through the front of his jeans feeling the hardness coming on. He undid the buttons on the fly front and released his fat cock. It was not as long as Jr.’s or Brice’s but it was still a handful for him. With the stealth of an experienced voyeur he stepped up to the door and quietly opened it.

Annie looked at him with his cock out and his pants falling down his legs. Putting her finger to her lips she sssshhhed him to be quiet. Fumbling with the blue tooth headset, she pretended to put it on mute. “I just put the phone on mute for a minute, so you will still have to be quiet Jake.” Annie said as she stared at his cock. “What do you mean sneaking up on me like this?” she inquired.

“I’m sorry but ever since I met Jr. and you I thought you were gorgeous. Over the years I took any chance I could to sneak a peek at you and I know you like it.” replied Jake timidly. “Please don’t tell dad I snuck up here to spy on you.” he pleaded.

“I know you have always wanted to see me and you know that I always willing to let you. You know you want to show me your cock. I won’t tell your dad, come closer” Annie cooed.

Jake and Sr. could not believe their ears. Annie was encouraging Jr.’s best friend to look at her and display his cock. The eighteen year old shuffled closer to Annie with his cock rigid and vertical like a missile and his pants around his knees. The lust and vigor of youth was palpable.

“Oh, Jake that is a fine penis. Do you want to see more of me? If you do, show me how you pleasure yourself when you think of me. Come closer.” ordered Annie as she let her knees fall apart so that Jake could step between them. “I’m going to show you my breasts now.” she confided, as her knees fell apart and she opened her shirt to reveal her bra lying over her breasts. She slipped her hands up to cup them and shake off the bra to expose her fat nipples to Jake. Holding her large milk sacks up she thumbed her nipples. Oh she loved to do that.

Sr. closed his eyes as he imagined Jake standing between her legs and stroking his cock. Sr. could hear the slapping of Jake’s hand on his fat hard cock. Sr. felt he could see the flared head getting red and his balls tightening. His certainly were.

“That’s magnificent Jake, you are a lucky boy. I really like the way your penis is so hard. I find it very exciting. Do you know what is exciting for me? It when someone licks me? I might lick you if you lick me first. Can you do that for me? Annie coaxed.

Jake was overwhelmed and nodded wildly.

“I have to take the phone off mute or Sr. will wonder what’s going on, so you be quiet and follow my instructions.”

“Sr. there is a lot of wind noise here, so I will leave the phone on mute and listen to you for a while. Is that ok?” Annie said.

“Okay then.” Annie agreed pretending to put the phone back on mute.

Here he was stroking his cock in front of his friend’s mother who was partially naked in front of him. She was asking him he wanted to go down on her in exchange for her sucking his cock. His legs were quivering and he quickly knelt in front of her so as appear eager but also to stop from shaking.

“That’s a good boy, kneel in front of me and take my pants off, Jake.” directed Annie. For Sr.’s benefit she added, “Let me lift my hips up so you can pull them down. Pull down my thong as well Jake, its already soaking wet from being tucked up inside me.”

Jake’s hands were shaking as he pulled her pants under her bottom and then worked them down her legs to her ankles. He knelt further down to pull them over her ankles and watched silently as she slipped out of them. Mesmerized, he looked up between two tanned and toned legs to see a red swollen labia leaking juices from the pulsating gash between them.

“That’s it, you know what to do. Do it slowly, from the bottom up.” instructed Annie. “I see you are so hard, jerk yourself while you lick me and I’ll play with my tits.” offered Annie. She did not have to ask twice as Jake started pumping his cock while he opened his mouth and extended his tongue to lick her. “OMG, let me see your tongue. I’ve never seen one so long. It is so exciting to know your big tongue is going to lick my pussy.” she said to both men. If Brice got the cock, Jake got the tongue. Gene Simmons be damned she thought, this is what she really needed.

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