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I got the phone call about 4, that my wife was at it again, with some high school kid at the local motel. This was the third time in just as many months, because my wife just couldn’t resist the thrill of breaking in virgins. At least she was smart enough to only go after Seniors and make sure they were over 18, so other than me catching her in the act, there would be no problems. Now I’d just have to deal with all the begging and crying that would start as soon as she opened the door to my hard banging. Except, it was never just my wife crying, it was also the person she had with her, because my wife was bisexual, and her conquests were always sweet innocent girls.

My wife’s tears started right on cue, along with her telling me how sorry she was. Then they turned to her just sobbing into her hands, after I slapped her in the face. The girl, a cute little redhead, started with yelling at me as I opened her purse, asking who the fuck I thought I was going through her stuff. But she also started crying when I told her I liked to know who my wife was having affairs with and that her parents might be interested as well. Suzie, according to her driver’s license, started begging me not to tell them, especially not her father, since he’d kill her if he found out. And when I said her last name, and that I knew her father Tom, she started promising me she’d do whatever I wanted her to do, to keep him from finding out.

Of course she was already naked since she’d been making love to my wife, although she was now cowering under the sheets. I told her to stand up and show me what she had to bargain with, and my wife started telling me I couldn’t do that because she was only a child. I raised my hand to my wife in the universal gesture, and she fell back into the chair again. Then I told her that if Suzie was old enough for her to have sex with, she was old enough for me to fuck too, and she was over 18 anyway. My wife then said it would be rape and I told her that Suzie was volunteering, if she didn’t want her father to learn she was a dyke. Besides, by showing her what she should do in bed instead of munching carpet, I’d be doing her a big favor.

I had to give my wife credit, Suzie had one hot body, with high pointed tits, narrow waist, just enough baby fat to be sexy, and freckles everywhere that just begged to be kissed. And, the best part of all was that she was all natural, and the carpet matched the drapes. She had stopped her crying, although she still had tears in her lovely green eyes and her bottom lip was trembling as she asked me what I wanted her to do. I told her I was going to be gentle with her, but as she’d heard me say to my wife, I planned to show her all the things men and women did together. I asked if she understood what I meant by all the things, because I didn’t want her to claim she hadn’t agreed to what I did to her, of her own free will.

She said she wasn’t doing anything of her own free will, I was forcing her to do these things. I shook my head sadly and said I’d thought we were trying to find an equitable way canlı bahis to keep her out of my divorce proceedings, but if she felt I was blackmailing her, she should go and explain things to her father. My wife jumped in to say I should just let her go, since she hadn’t really done anything wrong, and I told her to just shut the fuck up, because Suzie had to know she was married when she saw the wedding ring she was wearing. So, Suzie was just as guilty as she was and I’d deal with her after Suzie and I were finished. Then I asked Suzie if she’d ever seen a man’s cock before, and when she said no, I told her to get on her knees, open my pants, and meet her new friend then.

When she got to my underwear, the outline of my cock was clearly visible, and as she reached out to pull them down, she asked if all men’s cocks were that big. I lied a little and said all men had big cocks, rather than explain the 8 inches was bigger than normal. Still, while she wouldn’t be able to fit it all in her mouth, I doubted I’d hurt her too much when I fucked her with it. Instead I told her she knew what I wanted her to do now, and nodding slowly, she opened her mouth and slid the head of my dick inside. I pushed it in further, until she started to gag, and marking that spot in my mind, I began to slowly ease my cock in and out and told her to suck lightly and stroke the rest of it with her fingertips. I pulled out for a second to ask if she was Ok, and when half whispered yes, I fed it back to her.

As I was sliding my dick back and forth across her tongue, I tilted her head up, so that she was looking into my eyes. Then I asked the age old question, if she knew how beautiful she looked with my cock in her mouth, and told her that I wished I could fuck her sexy lips all night long. But she was driving me crazy and I wasn’t sure I could hold back much longer. So, did she want me to stop for a while, then fuck her mouth some more, or was she ready for me to cum in that mouth so she could swallow every drop of it? I know her moaned “cum, cum” was to get this part over with, instead of fucking her mouth all night. Still, I couldn’t help fantasizing that she did want my sperm and was actually begging me to give it to her. So, I told her to start swallowing now, because it was time, and I didn’t want her to choke on all the cream I was going to shoot down her throat.

As soon as I finished cumming in poor little Suzie’s mouth, and pulled my cock out, my wife was kissing her to share my jizz. Until I pushed her away, and told her to get her damn ass back in the chair where it belonged. Then I told Suzie that while I might not be as good as my wife, I’d like to taste what my wife had been eating all afternoon. I didn’t even have to tell her to go lie down, because she was on the bed with her legs spread in a heartbeat. As I started kissing up the inside of her thighs though, I looked up at her cunt, and had to comment about how wet it looked. In other words, I had to ask if me fucking her mouth had made her that horny, and she gave me one of those long drawn out bahis siteleri maybes. Which I thought was kind of cute, especially as it was followed by a moan as I ran my tongue through that wetness. I also thought her having used strawberry shampoo in her pussy hair was kind of cute too, since it added just the right touch to her already delicious juices.

I really do have decent pussy eating skills, and was able to give Suzie three orgasms in less than 10 minutes to get her ready for the main event. As I was sliding up her body, she asked if losing her cherry would hurt a lot, and I told her I’d promised to be gentle, and I’d meant what I said. I lined my cock up and started slowly pushing into her, but I never found her cherry, although there was obviously some discomfort from the way my dick was spreading her open. She took it like a trouper though, never crying out, and with a small wait when I hit the bottom, she began the fucking herself, by pushing her hips upward against mine. I kissed her then, for the first time, and asked how it felt to be a woman, and as she returned that kiss, she whispered the magic words ” fuck me”.

Except, as I began to pick up speed, her cries picked up volume, until I had to start kissing her again to keep the whole motel from hearing her. And it wasn’t just her mouth that screamed “fuck me”, her body screamed it just as loud. Her legs were locked around my back, he hands were in constant motion, gripping me tight as she came, and her hips were naturally in sync with mine, no matter what speed I fucked her at. Despite that, and the way her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock, I lasted almost 30 minutes until my balls started tingling telling me I was seconds away from cumming. She picked up on it too, begging me not to make her pregnant, and I had barely enough time to tell her I was shooting blanks, before those blanks were shooting into her.

This time when my wife started to get out of the chair, I just told the bitch to go ahead and lap up the mess I made, and get Suzie ready for what was next while she was at it. Then I moved up to Suzie’s head and told her to open her pretty little mouth to take care of my worn out cock. With how happily she slurped on my messy dick, I knew she was going to be a very popular girl when she went back to school. And I also knew that it wasn’t all my doing, and that I’d just pulled the cork that kept her inner slut in the bottle. Still, I was happy that I was the one who got to pull that cork, and it was thinking about the last cork that got my cork screw hard enough in record time.

I pulled my wife away, and had Suzie get on her hands and knees, while my wife asked her if she’d like to return the favor and lick her pussy now. Then when I told her to go ahead, my wife lay down in front of Suzie and pulled Suzie’s face tight into her cunt. I told Suzie that this part might hurt a little, but if she just relaxed, it wouldn’t hurt as much and the pain would go away quickly. Unfortunately, she didn’t take to my cock forcing its way into her virgin asshole as easily bahis şirketleri as she had to me fucking her pussy. Her screaming for me to please stop because I was killing her, would have woken the dead, if my wife wasn’t muffling her cries with her cunt. My wife actually liked those screams though, because the bitch was grinning from ear to ear as I worked more of my cock into poor Suzie’s ass.

When I felt my balls hit Suzie’s pussy, and she was whimpering into my wife’s cunt, I held still and waited for her to get used to the invasion. I know it seems cruel that I pushed my whole cock into her ass that way, instead of stopping when the head went past the ring. But, my shaft is actually just as thick as the head is, and stopping at that point would just have prolonged her agony. Besides, had she relaxed like we kept telling her to, it wouldn’t have caused her half the pain she felt. Anyway, when I felt the tension start to leave her body, I moved my hips a little to see what would happen. And when she didn’t scream again, I began rocking them more and more. It didn’t take all that long though, before she started rocking with me, and her first anal orgasm was my signal to start the real fucking.

Suzie got over the pain pretty fast, and was fucking back at me hard, as she devoured my wife’s pussy. Sweat was pouring from my body as I tried to keep the pace she was setting. And my wife was bucking her cunt up against Suzie’s face almost as hard as we were fucking, seeming to have one continuous orgasm. Of course, something had to give, and that was my balls, flooding Suzie’s tight flexing asshole with a gallon of hot sticky goo. Then I was pulling out, and my wife was scrambling to lick away any pain that Suzie might still be feeling. As I presented my cock to her, for her to lick clean, Suzie commented that I didn’t seem as mad at my wife as I had been. Maybe I’d just been pissed off that my wife hadn’t offered to share her with me and had been doing this behind my back.

Then, after sucking me for a couple of minutes, she said she’d like to help us make up, once her asshole stopped burning, because this had been fun. I told her she might be right, and if she was sure she wanted to do this again, she could get my wife’s number and call us when she was ready. Then I concentrated on giving her a last sperm mouthwash before we sent her on her way. As soon as the door closed behind her, my wife was in my arms, asking if she’d found a good one this time. I told her she’d found a real good one, although I wasn’t sure if we should start something with Suzie, because she might get too attached to us. So, I hoped she gave her the game phone number, and not her real one, and that we should keep sticking with virgins for a while.

Besides, I thought her biggest thrill was listening to them scream when I shoved my cock up their tight asses, and I didn’t think Suzie would scream for her anymore. My wife said she’d still like to keep in touch with her, using the game phone. Because, after she’d given me the other 9 virgins and paid off her cheating punishment, Suzie just might be the one she’d like to become her permanent lover, like I’d promised her. And as I kissed my loving bisexual wife I was also thinking that Suzie might not be a bad one to let her keep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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