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I finally got rid of that sorry-ass boyfriend. Oh, I suppose Bill is a good guy, but we just never really cliqued. He’s a good looking guy and all, but he was just so boring. Our sex life was basically just conventional fucking and a little bit of oral now and then. Every once-in-a-while I would climax, but it certainly wasn’t every time. When I tried to introduce something a little different, like porno films or toys or anal sex, Bill just didn’t seem interested. He’d say, “Steph, we have good sex, don’t we? We don’t need to do that other stuff. That just doesn’t seem right to me.”

What a whiner. I wanted a cock in my ass. I wanted him to jam a vibrator up my pussy. I wanted more. And Bill can take his simple sexual needs elsewhere.

But enough about him. My name is Stephanie. I’m 22 years old, 5’10” tall and I weigh in at a healthy 145 pounds. I’m 37-26-38 and I have a C cup. I’m a big girl; not fat, just big. In high school, some of the boys called me ‘The Amazon.’ Probably not too far from the truth. I spent time every evening jogging and lifting weights. My arms and legs were both well toned with muscle. I think I could have whipped most of my classmates’ asses.

So now I have an open weekend to spend how I wish. I’m looking for that part, but I’ll probably miss the quick sex with Bill afterwards. But what the hell; time to move on.

I dressed in one of my denim minis and tank tops and went out to see what I’ve been missing for the past few months. As I drove through town, I saw that it was dead. Kiddie shows on at the theatre, so that’s out. Not many people at Stan’s Bar, which was my hangout before Bill. Maybe worth stopping back later.

I headed out of town to check on the local dive biker bar. Maybe I could at least find someone to have a beer and a bit of fun with in there, although I knew you have to be careful in biker bars since they tend to like gang bangs. No luck here either. Damn! Where is everyone tonight?

As I continued down the road, I saw lights in the distance. Hmmm, looks like something going on at the fairgrounds. Probably a tractor pull or pig wrestling or some crazy rural activity that doesn’t interest me at all. As I got closer, I saw the big tent and realized that this is the weekend of the annual circus in the county. Dammit, that’s where everyone is. Oh, what the hell. I may as well stop and grab some greasy fries.

After parking and finding the French fry trailer, I settled on a bench to watch the world go by. Farmers and girls in short skirts like mine and veterans and parents and . . .kind of like that song by Toby Keith, “We got yuppies and bikers and hitch hikers and girls dressed up like movie stars and truckers.” One of my favorites. Who am I kidding, all of Toby’s songs are my favorites.

Just then something or someone zipped by. What the hell was that? I turned my head and saw a short black man running away from me wearing a hula type skirt. That little guy wasn’t much more than three feet tall, I thought. As I stood up, another little black man ran into me dressed the same way. I picked him up and set him back on his feet. He thanked me and took off behind the other anadolu yakası escort tiny man. Well, this certainly peaked my interest. So I headed in the same direction as the little men.

Moving through the crowd, I have my breasts touched and my ass pinched more than once. I smiled to myself and thought that it was kind of exciting to give men a brief thrill as they touched my body. I eventually made it to a big tent with a sign outside reading “Freak Show.” As I stood looking at the sign, another tiny man ran past and into the tent. Underneath the words ‘Freak Show,’ it said ‘Featuring Rachel the Bearded Lady, Marcus the World’s Strongest Man, African Pygmy Cannibals, Fish Man and Joey the Half Man Half Woman.’ Next to each was an artist’s rendition of the title.

I noticed that the picture next to the pygmies should several tiny black men wearing grass-type skirts and munching on large chunks of meat. Geez, anything to make a buck. But I figured, what the hell. So I paid my money and walked into the tent. There was a small crowd of about 20 inside and several curtained areas around the outside of the tent. When the show began, I watched in amusement as the ‘freaks’ were brought out one at a time and displayed to the crowd.

Eventually it was time for the pygmies and when the curtain opened , there were six of them in a cage looking mean. Some were shaking the bars and some were ripping meat from a turkey leg. They growled and howled at us, and as the curtain was closing, I noticed one of the little guys bend one of the bars and he squeezed through and made his escape through the crowd while growling and baring his teeth at us. Before another could escape, a man with a gun and whip rushed from beside the stage and blocked the escape route. The kids in the audience were panicked and screaming. As the show came to an end.

I was one of the last to leave the tent, and as I looked over my shoulder, I saw the other pygmies walking out the back of the cage laughing and lighting up their smokes. That was better than I thought it would be. Pretending to let one of the cannibals escape and terrify the audience was great theater. I must have been further behind the exiting crowd than I thought because just as I made it to the exit, something slammed into my legs and knocked be backwards over a chair. I quickly flipped over and grabbed an ankle before he could get away. It was the escaped pygmy and there was no way that little runt was going to break away from me.

I stood and looked down at the astonished pygmy. “Let me go or I’ll kick you Amazon ass,” he yelled. I picked the little shit up and began walking back in to the tent. I said, “You and what army are going to kick my ass, you little turd?”

Something slammed into my stomach and as I stepped back to regain my balance, I was slammed again and I fell backwards over a chair. As I attempted to turn and grab, what I knew was another of the little shit pygmies, I felt both arms and both legs get pinned to the floor. Before I could do anything, I felt hands on my tits and another hand rubbing the outside of my panties. I yelled, “You ataşehir escort little fuckers are gonna die when I get up.”

They all started to laugh as the one rubbing my tits began to pitch my hard nipples. The one massaging my crotch shoved my panties aside and jammed three fingers into my pussy. Damn, I must be soaked to let that happen so easily. I struggle to release my arms and legs, but all I could do was lift the little runts into the air before they fell back to the floor. The one working on my pussy was sliding my panties down my legs while che continued to finger me. I was beginning to lose focus, but I fought on. I briefly knocked one of them off my right legs, but before I could take advantage, he had my leg trapped again.

I now had four fingers in my pussy and my nipples were being squeezed pretty hard. The two on my legs were running their hands up and down my long smooth thighs. The one holding my right arm grabbed my hair with his fee hand and said, “Not so tough now, are you bitch?”

“Bitch? Who are you calling ‘Bitch’ you little black turd?”

He laughed and nodded to the ones on my legs and one of them stuck a finger in my ass. And the one working on my pussy slipped his thumb inside my pussy. “Uu-nnn-nnch! Oh shit! S-s-stop!” I screamed. I was getting close to an orgasm. He continued to fuck me with his hand going faster and faster and his buddy stuck another finger in my ass. My tits were squeezed even harder. “Oh . . Oh . . U-u-n-nnk! P-please . . Oh!” I moaned.

The little bastards worked in unison on my legs, my pussy and my tits until I reached a screaming orgasm. I was covered with sweat as I lay there trying to catch my breath. When they let me go and stood up, I thought my ordeal was over. The little fuckers just switched places and then started on me again, but this time they managed to remove my tank top and bra so they had unfettered access to my tits. They worked me over again until I came. And then they switched places and did it again. This time, the one working on my pussy got his whole hand up my pussy and fisted me to orgasm. They switch places again and again until each of them had a chance at my tits, my ass and my pussy.

By the time they were finished with me, I was too weakened to stand up. They gently carried me to a trailer that I was to later discover was their home. They tied me down and spent the next hour fisting my pussy and playing with my tits. I don’t know how many orgasms I had because I lost count. They tied me up and put my tank top in my mouth and went to perform their next show. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know, I am untied and I have fingers back in my pussy and we’re going at it again.

I didn’t fight them at all this time. It felt so good having all these little fuckers climbing all over my body. They took me right to the brink of an orgasm, and then stopped. “W-why did y-you stop?” I asked pleadingly.

The one working on my pussy leered at me and said, “Beg us to fuck you, bitch.”

“I told you not to call me bi . . ” SLAP! “Ow, why did you hit me you little fu . . ” SLAP! “OK, OK stop hitting bağdat caddesi escort me.” SLAP! “Please stop slapping me. I’m begging you.”

“That’s better,” the pygmy said. He worked his hand in and out of my pussy and brought me back to the edge. He said, “Beg us to fuck you.”

These little fuckers had me so hot I couldn’t stand it. “OK, OK, please fuck me.”

“Not good enough, bitch. Say it like you mean it.” With that, he pounded my pussy a little more with his hand.

“OK. Will you all please fuck me? I want to feel your tiny little cocks in my pussy.” She almost laughed out loud when she said the last part.

They all leered at her and took off their grass skirts and underwear. I was stunned. The smallest cock was five inches, most were about six or seven and one was nine inches. One of the pygmies said, “OK fellas, you heard the bitch. She wants us all to fuck her.”

For the next two hours I had the most wonderful sexual experience that I’ve ever had. Those little bastards did things to me that I never knew could be done. At one point I found myself tied to a trapeze swinging into a cock in my pussy and another in my mouth. They DP’d me and even had two cocks in my pussy and one in my ass while I was sucking off other and giving hand jobs to the last two. I was pleasing all six of them at the same time. They managed to get two cocks into my ass while another was in my pussy. After they fucked my ass, they fed their cocks into my mouth for me to clean. Before we finished, I had given each of them an ass rimming. By midnight we were all exhausted.

I was too tired to still be mad so we sat around their trailing drinking rum and talking. They asked me if I would consider going on tour with them. They said they would work up a new routine that would include me. Maybe I could come out on stage and be the Queen of the African Pygmies. Although I wasn’t afraid to show my body, they really hadn’t sold me on their idea.

I was just about ready to leave when one of them said, “And every night you would be the slave of the African Pygmies and we would fuck and abuse your beautiful body until you couldn’t take it anymore. You would be our mistress during the day and we would be your masters during the night.” They could tell that my nipples were hard and my pussy was leaking on their couch. “Do you want us to fuck you again while you think about it?”

I was already thinking about it. Those six little black bodies with those wonderful cocks crawling all over my big Amazonian body every night was getting me hot. Their creativity in fucking has already turned me into a slut, but now I could be their slut every night. I said, “Yes, I want you to fuck me again, but I’ve already thought about it. I want to be your sex slave every night. After our last performance, my body belongs to all six of you little fuckers and you can use and abuse me any way you like. And you all better live up to my pet name for you, you little fuckers.”

Queen Stephanie and the African Pygmies became the star attraction in the ‘Freak Tent.’ We traveled together for many years and I loved being their sex slave whenever I wasn’t their queen. They were the most sexually creative little fuckers I’ve ever known. Eventually, I had a black daughter and two black sons. I don’t know which of the little fuckers is the father, and I really don’t care. We have a decent life and I’m never horny anymore because my pygmies take care of me every night. The Little Fuckers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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