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Part 1

Jimmy had been servicing the needs and desires of Miss Pringle, the library manager, for nearly a month. Even after all this time and hundreds of ejaculations into her various orifices, Miss Pringle was still never familiar with him but always very stern and bossy. After he’d done her most perverted demands she would revert back to form within seconds, no one would ever have suspected her sexual side. Jimmy’s thick 8 inches was a tight fit for her mouth and anus but Miss Pringle never protested or even winced as he worked it into her. However, Jimmy was never allowed to press home his cock when he was unloading in the entrance of her sloppy pussy. This was always a strict condition. Miss Pringle always wanted to retain her virgin status.

As a horny young man even servicing his boss with 3 lots of cum would still leave him in need of release a few hours later. Luckily for Jimmy a new work experience girl had started on a 3 month trial. She was Gillian, a shy 18 year old with mousy hair and wire rimmed spectacles. While she wasn’t a beauty she was pretty with over sized breasts. Those definitely put her up the attractive scale.

It was a few days before Jimmy managed to corner her well enough to get her to speak to him. She was re-shelving some books in the History of Art corner when he came up behind her reading one of the oversized volumes of Indian art work. The Indians seemed to have no inhibitions of doing anything to anything, in as many places as they could find. As Jimmy observed her, Gillian closely studied each of the paintings, biting her bottom lip every now and then. The frequency seemed to match the perversity of the image. She particularly spent time on a colourful encounter of a buxom woman being spit roasted by two men with enormous cocks. A third man in the picture was stood at the side working his own member and shooting jism over her naked back.

Gillian was lost in the moment when Jimmy whispered into her ear “Something to try at the weekend eh?”

She leapt up in the air, nearly throwing the book over her shoulder. She was glowing more than a 60watt bulb as she tried to explain herself.

“I I was just examining Hindu dress codes of the second century'”

“Yeh right Hindu dress codes, yes it interests me too!”

“Does it really” she said sounding surprised.

“Yes but the big cocks spilling their cream in that girl is more interesting don’t you think? Come on I’m only teasing, come and have a coffee with me in the staff room and we can discuss 19th century rumpy pumpy as well.”

Jimmy smiled nicely and she giggled. So Gillian put the book down and followed meekly for a break. As she walked behind she eyed his rear view up. He had been right, the book had warmed between her thighs. It had been 2 years since she had lost her virginity to a boy in her bible group at a church study weekend. She’d only fucked 3 times with him but it had woken up feeling that she was finding hard to rein in. Since then she had needed to masturbate more and more often. Nearly every night now she would leave a telling wet patch on her bed sheets. Her thoughts drifted to Jimmy’s ass, it looked cute and she’d rather have his fingers up her pussy tonight than hers.

They got themselves two latte’s and then sat down opposite each other at a small table. As they leant in to sip their coffees it seemed very intimate.

“It was getting you going wasn’t it?” Jimmy said quietly.

“Might have been.” replied Gillian.

“I know where there are piles of other books with interesting dress codes!”

“Really where then?”

“In the cellar, I packed them down there last month.”

“What kind of books?”

“Oh ones where they only wear silk and lace, and it all falls off. Wanna check it out?”

“Is anyone likely to come in?”

“Not if I lock the door. Come on before we’re missed.”

Down in the cellar he quickly found his stash of porn mags hidden under some other boxes. He got half a dozen out and pushed them in front of her. He picked out a Wicked Wives mag and started to read. Gillian had the Gangbang Parties issue. Gillian soaked up the images of tight pussied woman have their cunts stretched by queues of men. It went straight to her clit. She immediately wanted something to be touching hers. She squeezed her thighs together but that wasn’t going to be enough. She crossed them and slowly rocked back and forth. The friction was just enough to make her juices wet her panties.

“Ever done that?” Jimmy asked pointing out an older woman with cum running out of the corners of her mouth and dribbling down over her large middle aged breasts as she sucked a young studs cock.

“No never, do lots of girls do that?”

“I thinks so, all my girlfriends have?”

“I don’t think I would like it in my mouth, it shoots out so fast.”

“There’s only one way to find out.”

Jimmy stood back revealing the lump in the front of his pants.

“Get it out for me Jill, he’s dying to meet you.”

Gillian maltepe escort put her mag down and moved in front of him. Jimmy pulled down his zip.

“Go on Jill take him out and taste what you’re missing.”

She’d never met anyone as confident as this, it was like she was under a spell. She went down on her knees and reached in. She had some difficulty extracting his engorged cock from his pants but it sprang out and pointed directly to her mouth. His cock felt hot and thick in her tiny hand. Her fingers didn’t go all the way around it. It was at least 2 inches longer than the boy on her camp. She wondered if it would hurt to have it all the way in. Gillian wasn’t sure of what to do so she just pumped his cock as she put his purple end in her mouth. Jimmy gave a moan of encouragement and leant back on the table behind. As she beat his cock she found more and more liquid ran out of the tip. A sweet juice, not unpleasant, started to run down her throat. This did nothing to calm her pussy. Reaching under her skirt her slipped 2 finger under the gusset of her panties. Sliding them up her hole, easily getting them up to her knuckles. Now that did help a little.

Jimmy felt that it was his duty not to give her warning. So he let her go on until he unloaded straight down her throat.. She gagged and pulled back but he was ready for this and held the back of her head till his spasms had shot out his load. As he released her a flood of cum poured out of her mouth and down the front of her white blouse. She looked up with a shocked expression, spitting the last of his cum out.

“That was good for me Jill, now your turn.”

With that Jimmy hoisted her onto the table and stood between her legs. He quickly undid the buttons on her blouse and scooped out her tits. He kissed her square on her lips, mining her throat with his tongue and rolling a nipple hard with his right hand. She still had the taste of his semen in her mouth and its heady scent on her face. This wasn’t going to deter him. While his tongue was do its work he move his hand to her legs, running it up her legs and worked his fingers into her quim. He knew it. She was gagging, dipping, her pants could be rung out they were that wet. As he ploughed her pussy with his fingers she automatically open her legs. She want as much of him as possible

By now he was hard again. He didn’t waste time, they would be missed shortly. He positioned his cock on her hot labia and pressed his end in. God she was tight. It was easy to see that she’d never taken anything large up her cunt before. He only went half length in at first, she wasn’t used to a large cock and had tensed up. He built his rhythm. Each time pushing further. Soon she was taking his whole meat and was glad of it. She reached round and grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling him up her as deep as he could go. She was in desperate need and started to cum within a few minutes. She threw her head back and panted hard, then moaned, then just cursed ‘fuck me fuck me’ until it had subsided. Jimmy kept going. He laid her back and brought her ankles over to her ears. Now he could really fuck hard. His balls banging away at her anus and her tits rolling around below him. Within seconds he’d got off again. His seed shooting into her womb. He tensed and waited till his ejaculation was done. He pulled out and stood to one side, letting his cum drip onto the floor, making a small puddle. Gillian fingered herself to see if he had gone the whole way. She knew her ass was covered in something but it could have just been her juices. But no, she had masses of cum up her pussy. This would mean that a visit to the chemist was going to be necessary tomorrow.

Jimmy sorted his cock back into his pants, whilst Gillian stood open legged letting her cunt empty before wiping her pussy some tissues before putting her panties back on.. The smell of pussy honey and cum was so strong in them but she had no option but to wear them soaking. She smoothed down her skirt and they were ready to go. No one none the wiser apart from Miss Pringle, who kept a close eye on all the security cams in the building.


Part 2

Miss Pringle had been watching the whole episode unfold from behind her desk The rabid sex she’d just witnessed had left her with the hottest and wettest pussy. She knew that a few licks from someone and she would explode.

She liked to watch James go about his day and had him visit her office if she got at all worked up. The new girl was behaving very badly and had taken some of the semen that was going to be hers this afternoon. She would have to be spoken to. She had never indulged herself with another woman but this would give her the opportunity to try it. She made up her mind and quickly called down to the front desk to have Gillian come straight away to her office.

Gillian tapped softly on the door and heard a faint ‘come in’ from inside. She had only met Miss Pringle briefly during her induction but she knew that she wasn’t pendik escort a woman to be trifled with. She came in and stood in front of the desk. Miss Pringle eyed her up and down. God she was sure that she was undressing her with her eyes. Her boss was contemplating how sweet Gillian’s pussy would be laced with James cum.

“Now Gillian, I have had the unpleasant experience today of having to watch two young people take out there sexual desires in my library. What’s more this episode of blatant lust has been recorded on the security camera in the basement. What have you got to say before I up load this onto the internet.”

‘Oh my god’ was all that crossed her mind. Every thing that she had done had been caught on film, and what’s more it could be available for anyone to watch. She quickly ran the whole episode backwards in her mind. What if the people at her church were to find out! Gillian was suddenly petrified. She immediately started to cry.

“Please please Miss Pringle don’t do that, it won’t happen again.”

“Are you sure about that. I think it just might. Come in James.”

With that James stepped in from to store room behind Miss Pringles desk. Gillian was confused, where was this going. exactly what had happened? Miss Pringle sat in her chair as stony faced as ever.

“Now Gillian I’m sure this could all be over looked given some compromises and a few extra work duties as punishment for such obscene conduct in the work place. What is your view Gillian.”

“You mean that you’ll let me off if I do some extra work Miss Pringle. Yes I’ll stay late and do anything you need doing. Oh thank you Miss.”

“Well that seems to be settled then, excellent, we can put this horrible episode behind us. All that needs to happen now is for you to suck James’s semen out of his cock in front of me and this time you aren’t to spit any of it out you wasteful girl.”

With that James came round to the front of the desk, undoing his zipper. Gillian was still processing this last sentence as she could not quite believe what she had just heard. It became clearer when James rested his ass on the desk and got his member out and started to work it up into a massive erection. It seemed even bigger now in view of both women. His purple end glistening in the sun light.

“You don’t really mean you want me to suck James Miss Pringle. You aren’t serious?”

“Oh yes, I am very serious Gillian. If you want to keep that recording away from public view you will do as I say. You will kneel down in front of James, take his penis into your mouth and swallow what he empties into it, and I will watch'”

Gillian realised that she had no way out. No one would believe her if she left now, she had no evidence of any of this. So she moved forward and knelt down. She gripped his cock and took over the rhythm he had been beating out. His cock was hot as she pulled his foreskin back and took the whole end in her mouth. Keeping up the pumping she worked her tongue round his end swallowing all the time to keep up with the precum he was oozing. Her boss brought her chair to the side of the desk for a clearer view and slipped her panties off, placing them on the desk. She then hitched her skirt up enough so that she could part her legs. Out of the corner of her eye Gillian could see Miss Pringle slowly probing between her own thighs.

Gillian had never seen another women’s pussy and certainly had never even imagined another woman masturbating. So to see her boss slipping 2 fingers deep up herself, then pulling them out of her hairy box before sucking the juices off and then repeating the process, was doing strange things for her. Watching this mature lady working her dripping pussy was making hers start to leak too. James was moaning quietly and fucking her mouth, she could tell he was close. Miss Pringle had noticed too.

“Not a drop are you to waste young lady. Swallow it all.”

With that James froze and his cock spasm its first load into her throat. She recoiled but kept her mouth closed round his cock. The second third and forth seem to be equally as large. With each gush she had no time to think she just had to swallow and swallow. Eventually he seemed to subside, until his cock twitched out the last drops. It was only near the end of his ejaculation last she began to taste his salty cum

in her mouth.

“Now that wasn’t so hard was it Gillian.”

Miss Pringle hadn’t paused from her self abuse as she said this and was openly wanking herself for them both to see. She had placed one foot on the desktop and was holding her lips apart whilst plunging 2 fingers in.

“What your next extra duty will be, is to do the same for me. So get down here with your tongue and fingers you horny slut.”

Gillian was mesmerized by her open cunt. She could see the pink wet hole of her boss and had to put her tongue up it. Gillian moved to her putting her face between those middle aged thighs and started to lap her tongue where it was wettest. The ümraniye escort scent of pussy filled her nostrils. The older woman put out so much juice that it washed over Gillian’s face. This was new to her, so she imagined what she had liked Jimmy doing to her. She used her tongue over the swollen clit and pushed 2 fingers up Miss P’s tight virgin pussy. James got a spare chair and chilled out watching the show. He left his cock out and softly played with him as the women got busy.

After 5 minutes of this young sluts attentions Miss Pringle threw back her head and moaned loudly, she was close but not ready. She wanted this to last longer.

“On the desk young lady and spread your pussy. Open wide, I want to eat you and eat what James shot up you.”

With that she tugged Gillian’s soaked panties off as she got up and laid back the girl across the desk. Gillian spread her leg wide and in her excitement held open her cunt lips with both hands. Miss Pringle took her glasses off and dived in, her tongue making furious efforts to get as deep and as much of Gillian’s cunt in her mouth. James semen could still be found deep inside, he had left a good part of it in her womb.

Gillian had relaxed and was enjoying her clit being abused by this woman. It was even better than James tongue. God she thought, another woman, her boss, is going to send her to heaven. As her bosses tongue delved deep she pushed back to get it further up and to get her clit massaged by her nose.

This wasn’t enough though for Miss Pringle. She got up onto the desk and mounted Gillian’s face. She gyrated her clit over the younger woman’s mouth and nose. All the time eating the sluts creamed pussy. Yes this was it now she could come.

Miss Pringle let herself go. She started to swear and moan.

“Fuck me hard you dirty slut. Eat my cunt, Harder!. Fuck.”

With that Miss Pringle shuddered and jerked as Gillian kept licking her pussy. As she came, writhing around on Gillian’s face, her juices spilt out into the girls open mouth. By this time James had got himself hard, not difficult with the help of the floor show. Miss Pringle raised herself but left her pussy on Gillian’s face.

“James I want you to fuck this little slut again. Her pussy is so tight that it need your big cock to stretch it, then I will be able to fist her. I’ve cleaned out all your cum out of her, she needs her hole filling again.”

With that she held Gillian’s lips wide apart and repeatedly fingering her hole until James had got between her legs and wanted access into her. This wasn’t going to take long he was so ready to go. He pushed in. It was nice and tight. He could go harder this time, he could control himself better. As Gillian’s juices ran out and down her ass Miss Pringle experimented with fingering the girls anus. Seeing how many fingers see would tolerate before saying anything. The girls juices making it so easy to push one then two fingers in her ass. Fucking her ass only seemed to make her moan all the harder.

“Stop James. I think her anus is waiting for you.”

James pulled out and saw Miss Pringles two fingers fucking her anus. Her fingers were stretching and probing , with Gillian grinding her ass onto them in support. Miss P stopped and withdrew but by pulling her ass checks apart managed to get the girls anus to open a little. This was all he needed. His cock was well lubed with cunt juice, as was her sphincter. He had to press hard but her anus agave way and he could fill her ass with his cock. He slowed down and fucked the poor bewildered girl. This morning her ass had been a virgin and servicing another woman just something she’d read about. Now, oh my god., he was fucking her up her asshole whilst her boss watched. Miss P reach in her drawer and brought out a bottle of oil which she dribbled over his cock as he skewered the girls ass. Miss Pringle rose, climbing down from the desk and straightened her skirt. She then put her glasses on and went back to the drawer for a camera.

James grunted as he put more effort into getting a harder fuck out of her anus. Gillian gripped the edges of the desk and waited for him to finish using her ass. All the while Miss P was taking close up pictures of the action. Eventually he exploded. She felt him drive deeper and tense, he then started depositing his cock cream in pulses. He pulled his spent weapon out of her anus and pulled his trousers up. Gillian’s sphincter quickly closed but not before a small trickle of white cream ran out. She looked around for her panties and put them on quickly. Miss Pringle was already back in her chair behind her desk wearing her spectacles, looking like nothing had happened at all.

“Very good Gillian, that will be all for today. I will need to see you first thing in the morning to organise your other extra tasks.”

Gillian found her glasses and staggered towards the door. Her ass was begin to feel the pain, and her pussy felt like it had been ploughed by a couple of wild stallions. But still, day had been different, and there was tomorrow to look forward to.

In her daily diary Miss Pringle mad a note to herself that she needed to suck those large breast of the young sluts after James had covered them in his sperm, and that Gillian was to get her fist in her pussy.

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