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Author Note:

Dear Reader,

I hope you enjoy this 99% fictional story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I will warn you though, it is lengthy. But, I wrote it as if it were a multi course, gourmet meal. Each dish is more delectable than the last, bringing you to the best part, the dessert. This is a Summer Lovin Contest entry so if you love it be sure to vote, and feel free to leave any comments, good or bad. I love seeing what others think of my work. Enjoy!



Chris couldn’t wait to go home. He had four hours left of his forty-eight hour firemen’s rotation. A coveted three day weekend with his incredibly sexy wife, jet skis on a crystal clear lake, fire cooked meat and plenty of ice cold beer waited for him.

“Hey, I think I’m going to go hit the weights or something,” he said tossing the controller on the coffee table. “I’m just not into this game.”

He wandered into the kitchen, and habitually opened the refrigerator door. Grimacing at the sugary snacks permanently residing there, he grabbed a bottle of water.

Chris pulled his phone from his pocket and flopped down in the kitchen chair, opening a new text message to his wife, “So I was just thinking…?”

She instantly replied, “Oh yeah, about what?”

“About how much fun I’m going to have with you this weekend, and how sexy those new heels looked the other night. I can’t wait to see them on you again,” He hit send with a wicked little grin, as he shifted back in the chair and waited for her reply.

He didn’t have to wait but a second for her response, “I wore them to work today.” She ended her message with a winking emoticon.

“What else did you wear today?”

“The black pencil skirt with the slit up the side that you love so much.”

“I do love that skirt. You look fantastic in it. What about underneath?” He could almost see the feint blush creep into her cheeks.

“You’ll have to wait and see what’s underneath… you naughty thing.”

The vulgar curses and shouts drew his attention. He tipped the chair back on two legs and peered around the corner into the living room. Four guys had controllers in their hands and two more stood behind the couch cheering on their teammates. He clearly was not missed.

Still balancing on two legs, his thumbs flew across the screen, “I am a naughty thing. If I were right there now…” and bounced back down on all four.

“You know ‘there’ is actually at my office right now, yes?”

Images of exactly how he could use the big oak desk of hers raced through his mind.

“Even better. So if I were there, I’d lock the door making you look up from your work, with that cute little smile you give me when I get to come surprise you. You can see how much I want you just how I’m standing. Then…”

A few short seconds later, “Then what, Lover?”

Leaning on his elbows, with a half grin tugging at the corner of his mouth, he replied, “You slowly walk over to me, your heels sinking into the carpet and the sway of your hips make the slit in your skirt show just a peek of your thigh. You wrap your arms around my neck, press that gorgeous little body up against me and kiss me. Soft and slow at first then harder and faster as things heat up…”

“Oh, I love kissing you. You’re so unbelievably good at it… So then you grab my ass and lift me onto you. I can feel how hard you already are for me, from just my kiss. I squeeze tight with my thighs, not wanting to fall.”

His growing erection pressed against his zipper, making him shift uncomfortably in his seat. “Baby, that’s not imagined. I AM hard for you… right now.”

“How scandalous, at work with a raging hard-on… I love it!… So, do you pin me against the door, crunching the blinds or do I straddle your lap in the chair?”

Chris flicked his eyes towards the ceiling for half of a second, and considered his options. “I take us to the chair,” he decided. “I love watching you move on top of me… I move my lips from yours and place kisses along your jaw and down the side of your neck. You sigh a little and grind your hips involuntarily against me. Then…”

His phone quickly buzzed with her reply, “You rub your hands up my thighs, pushing my skirt up around my hips. I reach between us and unbutton your pants. Then, I lightly run my nails up under your shirt, across your abs, your chest, and over your shoulders, making your pulse a little faster. Then…”

A second message immediately followed, “I love how the thick muscles of your shoulders and arms feel under my hands.”

His ego swelled another inch and his pants grew even tighter. Chris completely forgot the six other guys engrossed in the video game, a mere sheet of dry wall away. “God, I want to yank your shirt off and pull your bra down with my teeth, right now. I want to hear you sigh and moan as I taste your hard little nipples….”

“It feels so good when you’re rough with my nips. You’re making me illegal bahis so hot right now I can barely sit still… Tell me what else you would do if you were here.”

“Well, as I suck on your nipple, I move my other hand up your inner thigh and discover you are a naughty little thing as well, you did not wear panties today… So, I slide my fingers along your smooth lips. I press just the tip of my middle finger inside and rub your clit with the heel of my hand. You grind your hips hard against my hand trying to push me deeper, but I don’t let you.”

Just as he sit send, the alarm blared throughout the house.


“Fuck me!” he groaned aloud.

Chris scrambled out of his seat, adjusted him self so the hard bulge in his pants wasn’t completely obvious and prayed to all gods above it would quickly go down. He typed with lightning speed, “Gotta go babe. Fire.” He stuffed his phone in his pocket and rushed to get his gear.


The entire twenty minute drive home, their erotic text session haunted Chris’s brain. He could almost hear her moans and sighs of pleasure. By the time he pulled into their suburban neighborhood, he was wound tight as a spring.

Chris slammed on the brakes and swore out loud, the front bumper of his Jeep mere inches from Jillian’s cherry red Escalade. Grinding the heels of his hands into his eye sockets, he vaguely remembered Emma tell him Jillian and her insanely spoiled, entitled, and ridiculously wealthy family was joining them for the barbecue.

A frustrated growl rose from his chest as he backed up and parked by the curb in front of their house. “Shit!” he said aloud. “Why in God’s name are they early?”

He took a deep settling breath, or two, and trudged up the driveway. Once inside, he dropped his backpack beside the entry bench, sat and tugged off his boots.

As if perfectly choreographed, Jillian met him with a big showy hug just as he stepped into the living room. She stretched up and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressed her fake tits into his chest and clung to him for far longer than he cared for.

“Hello, Jillian.” He made a wide arc with his arm and gave her a polite pat on the back, “How’s Brian and the kids? They out back?”

Any straight man would have been either blind or in a coma not to find her attractive, she paid a fortune to make certain of that fact. She was a walking centerfold, bombshell with her low cut shimmery shirt and caramel skirt hugging her tight little body like a second skin. However, every fake, pretentious fiber of her being irked Chris to the core. He liked women who had brains in their heads, weren’t afraid to order a steak as rare or as burnt as she preferred, and looked just as good in a dress and heels as she did in worn jeans and a t-shirt. His pretty wife Emma, fit that tall order to the letter.

Jillian let her hands linger on his shoulders, leaned back onto her wedge sandals and flashed a bleached smile, “Oh you know Brian, he always has to work late. He said he would try and meet us at the lake tomorrow though.” She trailed her fingertips, along with her eyes, over the swell of his bicep, “Ava and Avery decided they wanted to go to one of their friends sleepovers this weekend and Aiden has a new girlfriend so he wanted to stay with her.” She shrugged and continued in a sugary voice, “So, it’s just little ol me.”

“Yeah, that’s too bad,” he said with as little interest as he could muster. “Where’s Emma?” He tipped his head at her shoes, “You know she’ll kill you, if she sees you with shoes on in the house.”

She popped a hip to the side swept her hand the length of her body like a game show model, “I’ve already made it clear, that this ensemble-“

He cut her off with a step around her, towards the kitchen, pleased with the little ‘harumph’ he heard behind him.

“In here Babe,” Emma called as she turned off the tap.

She squealed in delight as Chris came up behind her, scooped her into a bear hug, and nibbled on her upswept hair, exposed neck. Every womanly curve of her tall, strong body seemed to have been made for him specifically. Her signature scent of jasmine, honeysuckle and a touch of sandalwood spiraled across his brain and straight to his groin.

“Watch the knife,” she giggled holding it, and the head of broccoli, far away from their bodies.

“Mmm, you smell so good,” he said into the hallow of her neck. He dropped his voice to a low, husky whisper in her ear. “Those messages earlier were so damn hot. All I could think about was coming home, tearing off your clothes and fucking you until we both passed out.” He trailed the tip of his tongue along her jugular.

Emma briefly closed her eyes and tilted her head to give him better access. “Me too,” she whispered turning her beautiful face to meet his.

He placed a lingering kiss on her soft lips and she teasingly flicked her tongue against him. He seized illegal bahis siteleri the opportunity to deepen their kiss, sucking her tongue into his mouth. Their mouths playfully danced against each other with seamless harmony.

Emma let the knife and the head of broccoli fall in the sink and shifted in his arms to thread her fingers through his thick cropped hair. Hunger spurred and deepened their kiss until there was enough heat between them to melt glass. A soft moan escaped her, as he tightened his arms around her slender waist.

Just as his hands slid over the fine, wool skirt stretched over her tight ass, Jillian interrupted with a very loud ‘Ahem’.

“You know there are other people here, right?” Jillian said as she absently swung a sandaled foot from the bar stool.

They untangled themselves from one another. Chris leaned against the dark granite counter as Emma flashed her sister an impish grin and resumed slicing the broccoli.

“Oh I’m sorry, did we make you uncomfortable?” he said with mock concern.

“I’m all for a little PDA but you two,” she said, flicking a manicured finger between them, “looked like you were about to have sex on the vegetable tray. By the way, I invited my friend Brooke for the weekend. She’ll be here in about twenty minutes.”

He rolled his eyes and turned his attention to the serving tray piled half full of bright colored vegetables.

“That’s fine Jilli. We have plenty of food,” Emma said over her shoulder.

“Hmm, sex on a veggie tray, could be fun. What’d you say Babe?” He wiggled his eyebrows at Emma and pulled a devious little grin, popping a cherry tomato in his mouth. “Who’s Brooke?”

Jillian chimed in, “Well she’s one of my very best girlfriends and is going through a terrible divorce. It’s a shame really, her husband is cheating on her with his assistant.” She half covered her mouth with her fingertips, “Plus, she’s gained ten pounds since the divorce started.”

“Oh how scandalous, a woman who eats,” Chris gasped with exaggerated mock appall. “What will the neighbors say?”

“Oh quit picking on her…,” Emma swatted his hand and flicked her wrist towards upstairs, “Go get cleaned up. You smell like sweat and smoke.”

“You love my manly smell.” He suggestively raised his eyebrows at her, “Why don’t you come make sure I get all the smoke off?”

She leaned over and planted a quick peck on his lips, “Maybe later. Now go.”

He playfully smacked her ass, eliciting a yelp of surprise before turning towards the stairs.

Just out of eyesight on the landing, Jillian’s snarky voice stopped him dead in his tracks. He was more than willing to toss her right out on her pretentious ass if she upset Emma.

“You two make me nauseous. I’ll never understand how you landed something like him? Mmm… he’s like sex on a stick.”

Emma didn’t miss a beat, “Because I am not a gold digging bitch like you. I actually know how to treat a man with dignity and respect. Plus… I give a fantastic blow job.”

Chris snorted a laugh and continued up to the master bathroom.

He stripped out of his clothes and turned on the tap to a near scalding temperature. A light knock on the door and the partial opening snapped his attention around.

“Babe, it’s me. Jillian’s on the phone, one of the twins, has a ten year old girl crisis.” Emma shut the door behind her, yanking her blouse over her head and tossed it aside without a second thought. “I couldn’t wait one more second to have you.”

She grabbed for him as if he were a life line, ensnaring her arms around his neck. Their mouths collided in a fiery kiss, lips and tongues dueling an epic battle. They licked and parried against one another with urgent need. A desperate moan moved from her mouth to his, as he harshly squeezed her ass.

He slammed her back against the door hooking a long leg over his hip. Chris ran his hand up her smooth thigh, as she dug trenches in his ass cheeks.

“God, I’ve been dying to find out what you have on for me to tear off,” he groaned against her throat. He nipped and kissed along the smooth chords of her neck and moved his hand between her thighs shoving the scrap of lace thong aside. He uttered a grumble of delight as his fingers found smooth flesh, already dripping wet.

Emma sunk her teeth into the top of his shoulder and raked her nails across his broad back as Chris plunged two, thick fingers into her molten depth.

“Don’t tease,” she panted. “I need more. I need your hard cock inside me”

He grabbed her under her ass, planting her on the tile counter. He shoved her skirt up around her hips and dropped to his knees.

“Baby, we don’t have time for that,” she feebly protested.

Chris jerked her knees further apart, grabbed the lace band between his fists and ripped it from her hip, “Fuck that. There’s always time.” He crushed his mouth over her pulsing clit and swirled his tongue hard against canlı bahis siteleri it. A deep hungry growl rumbled in his chest, as he licked up and down her slit with deep intense strokes, drinking in every drop of her.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned. “Don’t stop Baby.” She clutched her still covered breast and tugged sat the hidden nipple.

Emma bit hard into her lower lip trying to stifle her moans, and rocked her hips against his tongue. Her fingernails scraped his scalp as the muscles in her stomach twitched with the first clutches of her orgasm.

“Please Chris,” she gasped. “Suck on my clit.”

He gladly followed her command. Within seconds, she came hard against his mouth. The rush of the shower barely masking her shameless groans and whimpers. The tangy saltiness of her flooded his mouth, making his cock swell another inch.

She shoved his face back, quickly hopped from the counter and turned towards the mirror. Emma yanked out the elastic holding her chestnut mane in a sexy, messy knot atop her head, and swiped her hand through the steam on the mirror, catching his eye in the reflection.

“Don’t be gentle,” she commanded.

An animalistic growl rumbled in his chest, “God, I love you. You’re so fucking hot!” He grabbed a fistful of her hair, wrenching her head back and captured her mouth in a deep searing kiss.


Six a.m. came way too early for Emma. She snatched the buzzing phone off the nightstand, glared at the hateful alarm and turned it off. After a late night around the fire pit and a few glasses of Chardonnay too many, she was nowhere near ready to face packing up for their weekend at the lake cabins. She reached for the furnace of a man she fell asleep against but found only cool sheets and empty space. She snuggled deeper into the luxurious covers, surrounded by a shadow of Chris’s familiar scent.

The irresistible smell of coffee and bacon wafted across her brain. She pulled herself up against the fluffy pillows, flicked on the bed side lamp and cracked open her bleary eyes. Grabbing a tank top and a pair of pajama pants from the dresser drawer, she dragged her naked self into the bathroom.

Emma brushed her teeth, tousled her hair into a sculpted mess, and removed the unruly smudges around her eyes. Satisfied she no longer resembled a strung out junkie, she made her way downstairs to the kitchen.

Chris beamed and passed her a steaming cup of coffee as she collapsed in the bar stool at the granite top island. “Good morning, my love,” he said. “I couldn’t sleep so I made breakfast. It’s almost done, just waiting on the toast.” Right on cue, the thick slices of bread popped out of the toaster.

Emma sipped her coffee and grunted at him as her greeting. She briefly closed her eyes with pleasure as the hot liquid slid down her throat and the caffeine slowly seeped into her bones.

Chris passed her a plate of scrambled eggs, prepared just how she liked them with cheese and ketchup, thick slices of crispy bacon, and Texas toast, as he plopped down next to her.

He nearly vibrated with excited energy. “So, I was thinking,” he said between mouthfuls of his own naked eggs. “I’ll pack the rest of the Jeep while you get dressed. That way we can be on the road in an hour or so. I want to get there early so we can get one of the single cabins.” He took a sip of coffee and continued as if he never took a breath, “Oh, also I rented us jet skis so we’ll have to go and pick them up when we get there.”

She held out her palm to him and said in a sleep roughened voice, “Cool your jets, Speedy. How do you have this much energy? It is six-thirty in the morning, on a fucking Saturday.” She pointed at her self, “I need at least two cups of coffee and a piping hot shower to have a fraction of the energy-” She cocked her head to the side and scrunched her brows together, “Wait, you’ve packed and had time to make breakfast?”

He blinked at her as if his early morning antics were the most normal thing in the world, “Uh-huh… I’ve been up since four. You looked so peaceful, I didn’t want to wake you.” He idly skimmed his fingertips along her thigh as he polished off his toast.

Emma gave a little chuckle and bit into the crunchy bacon, “You can bet your ass the only thing I’m waking up that early for, is early morning sex.” She held out her empty, ceramic mug, “Please.”

Her hardened nipples poking through her shirt drew his attention like a moth to a flame. Desire flared in his sky blue eyes, “Maybe I should’ve made better use of my time.”

“Hmm, put that energy to good use,” she winked at him.

He took the mug, and planted a quick kiss, and another, on her soft full lips.

“God!” Jillian said. “Every time I freaking come in here you two are making out like teenagers.” She eyed the mug in Chris’s hand, “Oh is that for me. I could so use a cup.” She sat in the bar stool on the other side of Emma and crossed her tanned legs, her pink micro shorts riding up another inch.

“No, this is hers.” Chris arranged a most warm and friendly smile, “You know where the mugs are, help yourself.” He moved around the island and poured Emma more coffee adding her desired cream and sugar.

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