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This is my entry for the 2014 Halloween Contest, so if you enjoy it please vote. I wasn’t quite sure where to place this story; as you will see, it has elements that could put it in a number of other sections including BDSM, Exhibitionist and Voyeur and Loving Wives. Once you have read it, hopefully you will agree that the Group Sex category is the most appropriate.


Two years ago, my wife, Janet, and I were living happily in a different part of the country where we had a good network of friends that we enjoyed socialising with. If asked, I think we both would have said that witches were only to be found in fairy-tales. In many ways we were right, our idea of a witch then would have been some warty hag cackling as she flew around on a broomstick with her pointy hat and black cat; this, of course, is fictitious. However, I now realise that we were mistaken to assume that this meant that there didn’t exist people calling themselves witches who practised Wicca. Indeed, as we were to discover, they are all around us.

Little did I anticipate the impact that accepting the new job would have on our lives. We knew that it would involve relocating across the country and that it would mean swapping our city living for a quieter rural life but it would also mean more pay and the opportunities to spend this on things that we had been dreaming of doing. After a lot of discussion, we decided to go for it.

The first few weeks after the move were taken up with sorting out our new home and, for me, settling into my new job. Naturally, the move meant leaving our friends behind but, through my job, I soon found a new crowd whose company I enjoyed and I was soon being invited to join them for various non-work related activities, including joining their bowling team. For Janet, things were a little tougher. She was becoming bored, having not yet found a job, and was getting down about missing her friends. This changed when she began spending more time with our neighbour, Sue, who was about the same age as Janet and also at home during the day.

It started with them visiting each-other’s houses for coffee during the day and then Sue invited Janet out to meet some of her friends and soon evenings out became a regular thing. Initially, I was pleased that Janet was making her own friends but there was something about Sue that I didn’t quite trust. After several weeks of Janet’s new busy social calender, I quizzed Janet about how much time she was spending out and what she was doing. Her responses were vague and this only fuelled my suspicions that she was keeping something from me.

Our “discussions” about this continued until, on night in October, Janet sat me down and explained that Sue was a witch and she had been telling her all about Wicca and that Janet was interested in it. Well, not just interested, she had been to a number of their meetings, or coven circles as she called them. She also dropped the bomb-shell that she had asked to be made a witch too. I was shocked, this wasn’t typical of the Janet I knew. She said that the training would take a year and a day and that, if she was successful, she would be initiated into the coven this time the following year.


Over the following few months, Janet’s obsession with Wicca didn’t wane, as I hoped it might; quite the opposite, it intensified. I tried to show some interest in what she was doing but I was told many times that the secrets of the practice aren’t allowed to be discussed outside of the circle of witches. So, I resorted to the Internet in an attempt to quell my own concerns; this didn’t help. Due to this secrecy, there seemed to be no clear description of what happened at these witches’ circles and the accounts varied from things that sounded like social gatherings outdoors with a bit of singing through to full on naked sex magic cults. It was therefore with some trepidation that I learnt from Janet that her year and a day had passed successfully and that she was going to be initiated into the coven at the next full moon, which was at the weekend.

It was clear that no amount of pleading or demanding that she didn’t go through with this was going to stop her. I felt that I needed to do something to protect her or perhaps I was just curious as to what would actually happen; either way, I resolved to follow her when she left for her initiation. I told her that I was going bowling and parked at the end of our street where I could watch all the cars that came and went. It was dark but it wasn’t long before Sue’s car drove out and I could see that Janet was with her. They drove a little way across town to a house I didn’t know. I thought this might be where it was going to happen but they just met with some other people there before they all drove out of town in a convoy.

I followed the cars out to a remote piece of woodland where they stopped. I pulled off the road some distance from them so they didn’t see me. I could just see several figures getting out of the vehicles. They appeared to set fire to several torches before they walked in a line into the woodland. I followed, often I lost sight of them but I could topkapı escort hear their chanting and use this as a guide. Eventually, I could tell that they had stopped in a clearing ahead. I slowly crept towards them, paranoid that they would hear every crack of a twig beneath my feet or even my breathing and I would be discovered. I positioned myself amongst some dense bushes that, I hoped, afforded me some camouflage while still allowing me to clearly see the clearing.

The glade wasn’t very big but contained a large rock with a flat-ish top. These woods are littered with these boulders as the bruises on my shins, acquired while making my way up there in the dark, are testament to. A loop of rope had been laid on the ground encircling the stone with it towards one side. Within this circle, more rope had been laid out to form a five pointed star shape. Gathered on the far side of the glade were perhaps ten or eleven figures dressed in white robes with red cord tied around their waists. By their sizes, it looked as though their was a equal mix of men and women but with only the light from the moon and their torches, and at that distance, it was hard to tell. I searched the group, trying to spot Janet but I couldn’t see her.

Then, alarmingly, the group start walking towards me. I thought I had been discovered but they were only taking up positions around the circle. The men were each carrying a flaming torch, while positioned between them the women each had one of those Celtic drums. Once they were in place, the drumming began and they started chanting again as they moved slowly around the circle. The steady procession gave me the opportunity to see the faces of everyone there. A number of them I didn’t recognise but, as would be expected, I did see our neighbour Sue and her husband Brian, also Carol from across the way. However, what did surprise me was when I caught sight of my boss from work and another of my male colleagues; I really didn’t think that they would have been interested in this sort of thing. Where was Janet? I still hadn’t managed to spot her among them.

I can’t remember what they were chanting, most of it didn’t make much sense, but they were things like:

….East and South and West and North Here we come to call thee forth…

…Earth and Water, Air and Fire Work you unto my desire…

…Horned hunter of the night Blend your power into this spell…

…Tie our hands behind our back Purge us, scourge us, we are one…

After a while of this, one of the group stepped into the circle carrying a sword. His robes were white like the others but they seemed more ornate. I assumed that he was the leader or priest. He used the sword to trace the circle that had been laid out.

“Circle, be our meeting place of joy and truth. Shield us against all wickedness and evil, a rampart of protection for all those that stand within.” he called out as he walked around. When he had completed the circuit he said loudly, “Bring forward the initiate.” This must be Janet I thought. Two of the witches on the side furthest away from me broke rank and walked off into the woods. They returned shortly with Janet between them. She was completely naked and blindfolded. Stumbling slightly, they brought her to the edge of the circle. I could see that she had her hands behind her back and rope around her neck. They had bound her. What else had they done with her? What where they going to do with her now?

The priest raised his sword and held it against her left breast. I could see how it was pushing against her soft flesh.

He spoke to her and the rest of them, “Thou who stands on the threshold between the pleasant world of men and the domain of the dread Lords of the outer spaces, has thou the courage to make them safe? It will be better to throw yourself on this blade than to enter this circle with fear or doubt in your heart.”

“I have and I bring you two passwords; perfect love, perfect trust.” she replied.

“In which case, I give you a third password.” The priest kissed Janet on the lips and lead her into the centre of the circle by the rope hanging from her neck. Leaving her there, he walked to the its edge and raised his hands, proclaiming “Dear Lords of the watchtowers of the East, I summon you up to witness this rite and offer you Janet who has been prepared to undertake the ordeal to become a witch.”

Crossing to the other side of the circle, he again raised his arms and declared, “Dear Lords of the watchtowers of the South, I summon you up to witness this rite and offer you Janet who has been prepared to undertake the ordeal to become a witch.” He repeated this at the East and West points before returning to Janet.

A small bell was rung three times and the witches started to chant quietly. I couldn’t discern what they were saying nor indeed whether it was even in English; all I could hear were pulsating waves of sound.

The priest got to his knees in front of my naked and bound wife and said, “I kneel before you in welcome. Blessed be your feet that have brought you to us.” ümraniye escort He leaned forward and kissed her left foot and then her right. “Blessed be your knees that shall kneel before the altar.” He leaned forward and kissed her knees, the left and then the right. “Blessed be thy womb, from which life comes.” To my shock, he leaned in and kissed my wife on her bushy pubic mound. “Blessed be thy breasts that nourish life.” Standing, he kissed each on the nipple, first left then right. “Blessed be thy lips, which will utter our sacred names.” He kissed her tenderly on the lips.

“We will now bind your legs and take your measure so that you will be forever bound to this coven.”

Two of the female witches entered the circle carrying a white rope and a red one. The white was used to tie Janet’s ankles together, while the red was run from her feet to her head and the excess cut off. The red rope was then handed to the priest who made a sign over it.

“We return your measure to you to be worn whenever we meet” he said wrapping it around her arm.

The ting of the bell chimed out again and the two helper witches joined the others in the ring around the circle.

“Before you are sworn into our coven are you willing to pass through an ordeal and be purified?”

“I am.”

Two of the female witches stepped forward and helped Janet kneel before the altar, pushing her head towards the ground so her naked buttocks and the hairy cleft between her legs were openly presented to the group. The priest picked up something that looked like a cat-o’nine-tails from the altar. My heart started to race. Was he about to whip my wife? Did she know this was going to happen? Janet had never shown any interest in this sort of thing in our bedroom. I remained where I was as the priest raised his hand and brought the scourge down across her buttocks. First, three lashes, then seven and then nine. The priest wasn’t in any way using his full force to administer these strikes but Janet flinched as each one made contact with her ass, the tips of the scourge’s cords occasionally licking between her legs to slap across her protruding pussy lips.

With the whipping apparently over and her bottom visibly reddened, Janet was helped to a position of kneeling upright in front of the altar and priest.

“Do you swear to always be true to the craft and always ready to protect and help your fellow brothers and sisters of the Wicca even though it could cost you dearly?” asked the priest.

“I do.” Janet replied determinedly.

“Then say after me. I, Janet, do solemnly swear…”

“I, Janet, do solemnly swear…” she repeated.

“…to keep secret the works of this coven and not to discuss them outside of this sacred circle.”

“…to keep secret the works of this coven and not to discuss them outside of this sacred circle.”

“This I swear with my life in full knowledge that my measure has been taken.”

“This I swear with my life in full knowledge that my measure has been taken.”

The priest took Janet’s arms and helped her stand.

The bell rung twice.

“With your new life as a witch comes a new name. A name by which you will be known only to us. Henceforth, when we meet in circle you are Freyja Starfall.”

From the altar stone, the priest picked up a small cup. “Freyja Starfall, I consecrate you with wine.” He dipped two fingers into the cup and dabbed them first on Janet’s left breast, then on her right before, thirdly, tracing a line upwards across her vulva.

Placing the cup back on the altar, he continued “Freyja Starfall, I consecrate you with my mouth.” He lent forward, taking the nipple of her left breast into his mouth. Then he did the same with her right, leaving them both harder than they were before. Kneeling before her, he gentle took hold of Janet’s hips and buried his face into her crotch.

From the altar, the priest then took a small jug. “Freyja Starfall, I consecrate you with oil.” He poured a few drops onto her left nipple, rubbing it in with his thumb. He repeated this on her right nipple before pouring a generous amount of oil into his hand. He then placed this hand between my wife’s legs and cupped it to her pussy. He held his hand there momentarily before slowly pulling up along its length, making contact with her lips and mound on the way. I couldn’t see whether his fingers did more than touch the outside of her but I’m sure Janet tilted her hips towards him in response to his touch.

The priest removed the cords tying Janet’s hands and feet and then took off the blindfold. Looking around, she could see for the first time, that she was naked in the centre of a circle of robed witches.

Someone rang the bell three times.

“I salute you Freyja. Let your first rite as a witch be that of the Great Rite, in honour of our Goddess. Are you ready to give your body in sacrifice as a demonstration of our love for her?”

Looking the priest in the eyes, she said, “I salute you, embodiment of the horned one. Yes, let my first rite be the Great Rite.” When üsküdar escort I heard this, a sickening feeling overcame my stomach and my cock hardened in my trousers. I had read about the Great Rite, a sexual ritual performed either symbolically, with chalice and dagger, or for real. I instantly knew which of these options were going to be chosen tonight.

“Then with your body make the five pointed star in this circle.”

As Janet lay in the centre of the circle and spread her legs to align them with two of the points of the star marked out on the ground, I had an unobstructed view of her pussy. Her bush was matted with wine, oil and, I’m sure, saliva but it had parted to expose the swollen pinkness of her labia. I tried to fight against the power of this imagery but I struggled. The eroticism of this ripe womanhood being presented so brazenly spoke directly to my loins; however, counter to this, the reality that this was my darling quiet wife, Janet, who had presumably been somehow tricked in to doing this, tortured me.

Once Janet was lying down, the other witches, with the exception of the priest, removed their robes but remained in their positions around the circle. I found myself lustfully scanning the flesh that had just been laid bare to me.

Standing between Janet’s splayed legs, the priest made the sign off the five pointed star then knelt down facing her. “At the sacred circle’s secret point with kisses thus I do anoint.” again he leaned forward and buried his face in to my wife’s pussy. It was obvious that this was more than a kiss; his head was lifting up and down as, no doubt, he ran his tongue along her labia, teasing her clit at the end of each stroke. Kneeling upright again, he raises his hands up and cries out, “Open for me the secret way. Beyond the gates of night and day. Between the bounds of time and space.” With that he slipped his robes off his shoulders, leaving him naked and revealing a sizeable cock fully erect and pointing skyward. “Behold the five true points of fellowship, here where the lance and grail unite, and feet and knees and breasts and lips.” With that, he positioned himself over my wife, the head of his ‘lance’ at the opening of her ‘grail’ and, in one smooth movement, thrust into her. At this point, I subconsciously released my account cock from the confines of my trousers. Even with the rhythmic drumming, I could hear each of her grunts from my hiding place. Religious ceremony or not, it was clear that she was enjoying herself. With each of the priest’s thrusts, the beat of the drums increased and he matched this in response. Until, over the cacophony of the drums, the priest arced his back and let out a guttural cry, he gave a final thrust and the drums stopped. The priest collapsed back down on to Janet and, for the first time since his initial penetration of her, she moved from her spread eagle position, wrapping her arms and legs around him in a warm embrace, as if to maintain their union for as long as possible.

Eventually, the priest uncoupled himself from my wife, his still somewhat engorged cock glistening with their juices in the flame light. The realisation of what I had just witnessed struck me. This was my wife in the centre of the circle. This was my wife surrounded by a group of named men and women, some of which I knew and even worked with. This was my wife who had just fucked another man.

“Freyja Starfall, the Great Rite is performed, are you now willing to be known to the other members of our coven in the presence of our Goddess.”

“I am.” replied Janet in a somewhat more shaky voice.

The priest helped her to her feet and lead her to the large rock that stood at the north end of the circle and had been acting as a kind of altar. Janet was laid back across the stone, her feet still on the ground. The priest spread Janet’s legs wider apart, fully exposing her cunt and said, “Freyja, meet your coven.”

He stepped aside and the women with drums started their rhythmical beating. The men, still holding their torches in one hand, now held their cocks in their other and started to rhythmically beat themselves to full erection. The first male and female pair stepped into the circle. They handed their drum and torch to the priest and approached Janet. The woman went to her head and the man stood between her legs. He leaned forward and slid his cock into my wife’s welcoming pussy. As he fucked her, his strokes matching the beat of the drum, the woman caressed Janet’s breasts, rolling her nipples between her fingers and occasionally leaning forward to kiss her on the mouth. I was surprised to see her kisses returned with fervour. The drummers beat faster and faster as the man’s thrusting became more and more frantic and my wife’s moans and pants got more and more frequent. Finally, he climaxed and the drumming returned to a slower pace. The pair retrieved their torch and drum and rejoined the circle of witches on the other side. The whole circle had moved around and the pair now closest to the altar stepped into the circle and the ritual was repeated. For Janet, the attention was virtually constant; when one man had cum in her there was another hard cock waiting to take its place. It didn’t take long for her to go into a kind of trance or sexual frenzy. Every action by either of her partners at the time produced a heightened response as every nerve in her body was in a state of hyper-sensitivity. She bucked and moaned as multiple orgasms crashed over her.

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