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How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.

Our Fourth Customer.

Karen proved to be our most challenging customer to date, She was blonde haired, five foot two tall and what can only be described as a BBW figure including as I found out her 44DD breasts.

Her brief for the DVD, she explained was not really a fantasy scenario, but much more like an advertising promotion for a new man in her life. Karen was an out and out submissive, who was currently looking for a new master. She stressed that the finished product should contain three main ingredients:

1. DOMINATION. Where the master must totally dominate her mind and body, making her will his own. 2. HUMILIATION. Being shown of in public was not enough; she had to be ordered to do things outrageously in public. 3. PUNISHMENTS. She wanted so much more than mere spankings, it must include tit torture (mildly of course), and of course Pussy Punishment was an absolute must.

Mick and I decided that because of my past experience with a submissive partner, I should take the role of the master, whilst Mick would then gain valuable experience on the hand held camera.

Four the four weeks prior to the film date, I found myself spending lots of time in my workshop preparing some special apparatus for the filming. We ordered 40 meters of Soft Silk Japanese ropes, which would be cut into various lengths. All the cut ends then had to be heat sealed to prevent fraying.

I built a crucifixion Cross to my own design, that having a 2.6 meter vertical column, a 1.8 meter cross beam some 0.5 meters from the top and a second lower 1 meter cross beam positioned 0.5 meters from the bottom. At the ends of all lengths a 25 mm hole was drilled through the 55mm x 55mm soft timbers. This would allow for the soft ropes to be attached. The cross beams were connected to the upright by two half mortise housing joints, allowing the cross to be dismantled and assembled by simply removing 4 screws.

On the top hole of the vertical beam, a loop was made using 1.5 meters of the soft silk rope and this would allow the entire cross to be suspended if necessary. 2 meter lengths of the rope were fed through all the horizontal beam holes, giving for securing points for fastening the slave to the cross. A 6 meter rope was attached to the vertical beam lowest hole.

During my design and build weeks, Mick had checked out a couple of dogging sites close by to London, he had also arranged the hire of a Ford Transit vane with roof rack, for the date of the filming.

Karen had arranged to come to stay over night at my home as she did not live in easy traveling distance of London and she was due to arrive at 7 pm. She had no idea that I was to become her master for the filming and agreed to sleep in the spare room at my home. Mick picked up the Van at 8 am on the Friday. This gave us the only chance to test my plans without tipping off Karen.

Everything worked out really well, when we attached the top loop of the cross to the van’s roof rack. It allowed the cross to stand upright with the bottom of the vertical bar just touching the floor.

Everything was now ready, at 7.00 pm prompt Karen rang my front door bell. I introduced Mick and myself and led her into the living room. After a take away meal we sat chatting about the filming the following day. Karen admitted she was both curious and nervous about meeting her temporary master. I jokingly said “why he is no worse than I am!” of course the hint went clear over her head.

She began to settle down and relax as she sipped her second glass of wine. I suggested to Mick that we lay out the plan for part of the filming, for Karen’s approval. I then explained to Karen, that having had my own sub slave for four years, although it had been some time ago, I was her temp master. She smiled and said “Well that’s one relief at least we seemed to be getting along ok”. She then added “So do you want to start your role tonight, so as to get used to my and my behaviour and I could get used to the way you work?” I replied “If you’re happy to, it sounds an excellent idea”

I set up a safety word with her, which she could use to stop instantly anything she felt too threatening. She then suggested that I take charge of her mind and body for the whole of the night, pre conditioning pendik escort her for the filming to take place tomorrow night. I asked if she was aware then that would mean her not sleeping in the guest room as originally planned, but on hand in my room to carry out any orders during the night. She smiled as she nodded.

Mick then excused himself and went off home. Karen and I continued to chat for a while as I discovered the kind of experiences she had previously had as a sub. I also asked “What have you brought with you by way of clothing and toys?” She offered to take me upstairs to show me.

We were both stood in the guest room, as she opened her suitcase. There was an absolute mountain of toys, too numerous to mention them all but I selected a few things to be used tonight and for the filming. I picked out a large 15 inch black dildo, a large sized butt plug, a smaller butt plug that inflates a large sized paddle, and finally a riding crop. I asked what about your clothing. She retrieved a small hold all and unzipped it. Inside was clothing. She laid out a white blouse, black midi skirt and white stockings, saying “I thought I would start dressed in these with these special leather bra and panties beneath”

I picked up the leather panties; they had pointed studs strategically placed inside them to obviously make contact with her cunt lips and her arse cheeks. The sides were held together with long laces, they were ideal for what I had in mind, after all if she was tied to my cross, I did not want to have to release her to remove her underwear. Examining the bra, it also has the pointed studs inside but these were almost twice the length of the ones in her panties, I could only imagine how much they would stick into her breasts when fully tightened. Upon further inspection I noticed each of the bra cups were held in place with press studs allowing one or both cups to be removed and re attached.

At this point Karen feigned a yawn. “What, my lazy bitch of a slut is tired!” I demanded. She looked a little taken back as she nodded. “Right bitch, time for you to visit the bathroom before we go to my bedroom!” I added. I led her to the bathroom and allowed her to enter, as she turned to close the door, I slipped my foot in the way and said “did I say you could have privacy, slut” “I am going to watch you and check you do things properly!” “Now let me see you undress!”

Without a murmur she began to undress, once totally naked I inspected her tits, making sure to tease the nipples as I did so, her pendulous breasts barely sagged when freed from her bra and her nipples took little effort to arouse. “You like my body, master?” she enquired.

“I will tell you when to speak, insolent bitch” I replied. I then thrust my hand between her legs and said “Rock your cunt against my hand, cunt” She began to rock her hips back and forth as the back of my hand was against her cunt. A low guttural moan escaped her lips, “Getting turned on are you, slut?” I asked. She nodded. “Right, time for your toilet training, bitch” I informed her. “Get over there in the bath, face me, crouch down, spread your fucking legs, twat! Now let me see you piss” I demanded.

She blushed as she finally managed to release a stream of golden yellow urine. “Put your hands in the flow, cunt” I barked. Quickly her hands began to disrupt the flow as it hit the bottom of the bath. “Ok now lick clean your hands, you cock teasing bitch!” I demanded. Again I expected at least some hesitation but found none as she quickly began to lick clean her hands. When she had finished I turned on the shower head, set the temperature to lowest and then sprayed all over her, taking particular delight in hitting her tits and ordering her to hold open her cunt flaps whilst I directed the jets onto her clit. Switching off the shower, I threw her a towel and told her to dry herself. She was then told to present herself at my bedside in her leather panties and bra.

Ten Minutes later, she stood beside my bed, wearing as instructed, the leather bra and panties. I walked up to her and checked how tight the leather panties were; I noticed that they could have been a little tighter to utilize their full effect. So I untied the bow on the right side and pulled the laces tight, re tied it and repeated this on the left side. To my surprise Karen never even murmured.

I instructed her to bend over the side of the bed, as I said “Just so you know what to expect, if you disobey me, I am going to paddle your arse with three strokes!”

She immediately replied “Yes, Master” I aimed the first slap at the stud end showing on her left cheek.


“One, thank you for correcting my behaviour, master” she said. The second was aimed at a similar stud end on her right cheek.


“Two, thank you for showing me the error of my ways, master” was her response.

I then said “stand up, turn round and lay down with your legs held wide apart” she immediately did as she had been instructed. The third slap was a straight silivri escort downward stroke over the area of her cunt and clit.


“Three, you are so generous, Master, educating your worthless slut” was her reply.

Picking up the riding crop, I said “Just two more strokes, to help you know your place!” The first fell on her right breast where the stud end appeared to be directly over her nipple.


“Four, Master your slut promises to try her very best to please you!” the final stroke fell on her left breast again in the area of her nipple.


“Five, How can your worthless cock sucking slut, serve you better master!” she replied.

“You can serve me better by proving to me I own you, mind, body and spirit. Bitch” I ventured.

“Yes, Master, if it was your wish I would walk ten miles on red hot coals, if it pleased you Sir” came the response.

I had to admit, by this stage I was beginning to miss the authority I had previously had over my slave Eleanor. (But that’s another story). I offered my hand To Karen, helping her to stand. “Remove you clothes, now!” I demanded. Quickly she shed what few items she had on. As I watched her I saw flecks of blood on the surface of her arse and on the lips of her cunt, similar marks were also on the breasts near the nipple area.

She saw me looking and said “Ray, do not worry, they will be gone in half and hour or so, I have had much worse”

I asked her “As a sub, is there anything you would not do, if ordered to do so?”

she replied “A previous master, thought me unworthy and ordered me to light matches, which I had to hold against my cunt, I just could not do it! So he disowned me” “I have been looking for a more understanding master ever since” she added.

I instructed her to insert the inflatable Butt plug up her arse. I asked “How many times would you normally puck up its size?” she replied only three. then told her to pump it up twice, taking the base of it I eased it out of her cunt then slotted it back home.

“pump it again!” I ordered. Again I repeated the test of easing it out.

“pump it once more!” I ordered. Again I repeated my simple test and again got her to inflate it once more. This time when I tried easing it out it was far more difficult. I instructed her that she was to sleep with this up her arse until the morning when she would be expected to show me as she cleared be bowels. I slipped the Black rubber dildo into her cunt and ordered her to fuck herself whilst answering my questions.

We climbed into bed, I instinctively draped my arm around her shoulders, as I said “To me the Dom / Sub relationship is not all take on the Dom side, it’s about taking the subs Boundaries and giving them the chance to expand them with gentle persuasion not brute force.”

She turned her head towards me and kissed my cheek “thank you, Master”.

Next day, I told Karen to go into the Centre of London and do so sightseeing, while Mick and I carried out final preparations. I asked “Is it alright if I go through your case for some things we may use tonight?”

Her reply shocked me “master, my case is yours to do with as you see fit, I trust you completely!”

With that Karen was gone. Mick turned to me and said “Exactly what did you do last night, she is hooked on you!” I tried to explain, I had done nothing really apart from explain my ideals on the Dom / Sub relationship. “I am telling you, she is going to want you to remain her master!” he said

“Well she is a good kid, and could do worse than have someone care about her well being!” Mick teased me that I had fallen in love with her. I pointed out that I had not but did admit that I had rekindled my passion for being dominant.

By 5 pm everything was ready and we were just killing time before Karen arrived back, and then waiting for 7.30 pm to drive down to Epping Forest, to the Dogging venue. Karen walked in with a couple of shopping bags and waltz straight into the kitchen. “Have you two eaten yet?” She called out.

I entered the kitchen and said “no not yet, why?”

“Shoo out of my kitchen!!!” she replied. With in half an hour she had prepared a meal of Eggs, Gammon and Chips.

Mick jokingly said “When are you moving in, Karen?”

She blushed and replied “that depends on whether Ray, my master, wants me to!”

Mick gave me that, Told you so, smile.

We eventually loaded the van with a mattress in the back, the cross tied to the roof rack and all our equipment. Squeezing into the front with Karen between me and Mick the driver was fun to say the least. When we arrived at Epping it was already going dusk, so we pulled up to a corner of the car park roped off an area and set up our new portable 1,000 watt lighting rig. The two floodlights were aimed towards the side of the van and lit the area as if it was broad daylight. I ordered Karen into the back and told her to change into the leather underwear, white blouse, and black skirt. I also told her şirinevler escort to stay inside the van until I told her to come out. Meanwhile Mick and I lifted down the cross and anchored the top to the roof rack of the van allowing the bottom of the cross to rest on the ground. I got Mick to catch the rope I threw under the van and we secured the bottom of the cross to the other side of the roof rack.

By now a small crowd of maybe a dozen people had arrived and began taking quite an interest in our activities. I decided to go speak to them. “We are here tonight to film a ladies fantasy, so if you do not want to end up on film I suggest you leave now!” “When we start filming I may ask for volunteers to come up and tease the lady, She will not object for she is my slut slave” “if I ask you to fuck her, it will only be if you put on a condom, which you will find over there on that small table!” I continued “Please be honest, as I said this is being filmed, is there anyone here with a prick longer than 12 inches?” From the back of the crowd, a coloured man stepped forward. “Are you longer than 12 inches?” I asked.

“No. but I reckon I am the biggest that’s here!” he replied “I measure 101/2 inches and 4 inches round!” he added

“Would you be willing to be filmed?” I asked

“Yeah, why not. After all you don’t know me or where I live!” was his response.

I took him off to one side and showed him our brochure, explaining that as of West Indian origins, he could have a great future as a film star with our company. I figured that a lot of women would be asking for a large black cock to fulfill their fantasy. He asked if he could keep the brochure and think it over. I agreed, but he did tell me his name was Cleve.

I returned to the well lit area. I quickly explained to Mick about my conversation with Cleve. Mick looked at his watch and said “we had better make a start!” I agreed. I called Karen out of the van. As she entered the ring of light, she was shocked to see so many in the audience.

She came to me and said “Master, I don’t think I can do this!”

I snapped back “You will do exactly what I tell you to do, Bitch.”

“Yes, Sir” she meekly replied.

“Bitch, All these people have come to see my bitch do a strip for them!” I announced loudly. “You are not going to let your Master and these people down are you?” I added.

“No Master” she mumbled.

“What was that, you slut. Speak up” I demanded.

“No Master” she said louder.

“Right then Start stripping” I ordered.

Dancing to imaginary music she removed her blouse, to a cheer from the crowd, next he skirt slipped to her knees and then to her ankles, stepping out of it she picked it up and handed it to me. Just as she was about to reach behind her for her bra strap, I interrupted her. “Stop Slut.” She froze. I went up to her and taking her hand, I led her to the rope surrounding the lit area. I then paraded her along the front of the group watching.

“Pick a man or woman to assist us” I demanded. She looked at me and then out to the audience. Two rows back she spotted a woman, maybe in her late forties dressed in a short mini skirt and a boob tube top. The woman hesitantly approached the ring.

Slipping under the rope she told us “my name is Sonia, me and my Husband there are first timers at this.” I called her husband forward.

When he joined us I said “Don’t worry, I will tell you exactly what I want you to do!” They nodded. “Firstly, if you notice her bra cups are held in place with press studs!” they both nodded “please remove her bra cups, one each!”

They moved towards Karen and popped the bra cups off. I instructed Karen to stand still with her hands behind her back, saying “Show this nice crowd, your fucking tits, bitch”

I turned to the couple and asked them to examine the inside of the cups, and then show them to the audience. The woman ran her finger inside the cup and remarked “Wow, I bet they stimulate her tits”

I stepped forward and took the cup from her, “Tell everyone here, Bitch, why you like this bra!” I said

“The studs stimulate my breasts and the two that rub my nipples cause them to become really aroused” she replied.

I spoke quietly to the woman, Sonia, “are you wearing a bra, my dear” I said.

“no.” she replied.

“Would you like to feel this cup on your tit” I asked.

“Oh wow, could I?” she asked.

“Only if you’re prepared to expose at least one of your breasts to all of us here!” I ventured. By way of answering me she pulled her boob tube down exposing both her breasts. I slipped the bra cup over her right breast and pressed it home. Almost immediately, whether because of the cup or because she was exposing herself to strangers, her left nipple became very hard and erect.

She sighed “That feels weird but wonderful, she certainly is a lucky slut to have these to use all the time!”

I removed the cup and allowed her the opportunity to replace her boob tube; she whispered to her husband and then declined to replace the top. “Right if you two would like to stand either side of my slutty bitch” I continued. “Check the sides of her panties and undo the laces, then remove the laces.” I carried on. “Now Sonia, hold the front apron of her panties against her skin, whilst sliding you hand down the front of the panties”. “Tell everyone what you feel?” I asked.

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