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He pressed the key into the Hotel Room door, knowing that the rest of his actions that happened prior to this moment are not important at all. He forgets them completely and focuses all of his energy toward getting inside the room. A truck roared down the highway in the distance but he was listening to his own reassuring words and his own excitement. The handle on the door turned from the pressure of his trembling hand and the door slid open gently. He stepped inside and closed the door behind him, barely noticing that there was no light at all inside the room. Hmmm…She must not be here yet, he thought nervously to himself. Just as he reached for the light switch he felt a hand rest on his chest and a pair of moist lips press against his ear in a soft whisper, “I’ve been waiting for you…”

Just the sound of her sweet voice, if even only in a whisper, made his cock leap to life. It immediately began pressing against the front of his pants creating a semi-huge bulge in the crotch of his jeans that he though the darkness would conceal. As if reading his mind, the hand on his chest wandered down across his stomach and rested against his bulge, rubbing ever so gently against it. She spoke again, “I am so glad you brought this with you.”

He heard a little bit of movement in front of him but could not see what was going on so it was a bit surprising when his jeans were unbuttoned and his zipper pulled down slowly. His silk boxer shorts that he wore especially for this night were feeling almost too small at this point as his raging hard on was screaming for attention. He felt her rub his boxers from his thighs back to his ass, enjoying the feel of the soft material. Then, in one deft motion, she pulled them down as well as his jeans and slid them down past his knees so that he was standing there quite naked and pointing north.

With uncanny accuracy she placed one hand around his cock at the base and he could imagine that she was smiling. Smiling at him, at tonight, at everything. The fact that the lights were off made everything so mysterious and adventurous. They both knew very well what each other looked like but they wanted to test themselves that little bit more. He wasn’t sure how long she had been waiting here but obviously he had kept her waiting too long. His mind stopped wandering as he felt a small wet and warm stroke against the bottom of his cock. He knew it was her tongue, she was slowly licking up his pole like a popsicle. Her speed was absolutely perfect, she was bathing it so slowly that her tongue dragged just a bit driving him absolutely wild. He froze, his legs tensed up and his arms would not move at all. She licked back down to where her hand was and then slowly up each güvenilir bahis side until she came back to the head and decided that she was hungry.

She opened her lips just wide enough to slip the head of his cock between them, pressing them tightly around it and licking very gently at the tip. He moaned a bit as it was quite a tease but she was very good at what she was doing. She slipped her lips a little bit further down on him, letting her tongue lide against the bottom of his throbbing dick. She was wondering to herself if he was enjoying this as much as she was. Just to give him a shock she removed her hand and forced her mouth down onto him as far as it would go, taking the entire length of his cock into her mouth. He moaned again, louder this time in complete ecstasy and did not quit moaning until her mouth made a trip back up to the tip of his cock. He was breathing so hard she knew that he was already close to coming and she didn’t want to waste it.

She shoved her mouth down onto his cock again, squeezing it hard with her lips and rubbing her wet tongue all along the underside. Again and again she retracted and thrusted, coating his dick in her saliva and making loud slurping noises to show she was enjoying this very much. He began to grunt and she knew what was going to happen, she took him deep into her mouth and held him there as jets of cum shot onto her tongue and against the back of her throat. She moaned herself in contentment because she knew that she had pleased him greatly. She swallowed every drop of his precious cum then delicately slid her mouth off of his soaking wet member.

He smiled down at her as he knew what time it was now. It was his turn. He gently took hold of one of her hands and pulled her up so that she was standing in front of him. He gently caressed her body to gauge what she was wearing only to find that she was wearing merely a silky bra and a matching silky thong, which when his hand glanced hear it showed to be soaking wet and burning hot. He knew she was ready for her turn. He kicked his pants and boxers off and pulled his shirt over his head while walking around behind her. He then unhooked the clasp of her sexy bra, letting it fall to the floor wherever it landed. He reached around from behind her and cupped her breasts, making sure not to touch her nipples, but gave enough pressure to let her know he was there. He pressed his pelvis against one side of her ass forcing his cock to slide up against her between them and she felt that it was still somewhat hard. He bent his neck to nibble on her left ear, giving careful and loving attention to her precious earlobe. While driving her crazy by nibbling her ear, he began to knead her breasts around and türkçe bahis almost began to touch her nipples but contented to run his thumb back and forth across them as a result of his kneading.

“Please…” she begged, wanting so much more, but he wasn’t about to let her off light. He was going to drive her so crazy tonight because she had been driving him crazy for months. He was going to take advantage of the time he had and pleasure her to the fullest extent possible. He grinned from ear to ear upon hearing her continue to beg and plead between soft moans and groans. His head dipped lower to bite and suck on her neck, his gentle kisses crossing from her left side to her right, then tracing back up to nibble on her right earlobe. She began to tremble slightly and he knew she was as wild as a caged animal in heat. In fact, it was taking all of her self control not to turn around and tackle him to push his still-hard cock into her aching pussy. She wanted him so bad her head was spinning and she was almost dizzy with desire to be filled with him.

He broke her out of her trance suddenly when she felt his hot mouth cover one of her hard nipples. She moaned and almost screamed as her hips squirmed for some sort of release. She wanted to cum so bad, it was driving her insane. His tongue was doing a wonderful job contributing as it flicked her nipple back and forth as well as up and down. His lips sucked hard on her nipple and his tongue played with it. All of this treatment was setting her on fire. She was getting close to the point where she couldn’t take much more. She had to come otherwise she would faint in a puddle of pleasure. He was definitely willing to oblige.

Hooking his thumbs, one on each side, inside the top of her panties he slid them down as he knelt in front of her. She did not even have the energy to step out of them but even so her legs were trembling as the rest of her body was. Sensing her possible imbalance, he turned her body and pushed her against the close by wall, allowing her to spread her legs slightly and allow full access to her dripping pussy. Kneeling directly in front of her he could smell her sweet scent but he wanted to test her just a little. He knelt down a little further and began licking the inside of her leg at her knee, on up to the inside of her thigh, and past her dripping wet tunnel up to her stomach. She began begging again, “Please, eat my pussy, I need it sooooo bad… I can’t take it anymore… Please…” He figured that he had been teasing her long enough and it was time to let her enjoy the fruits of all his labor.

He began slowly even so, licking his tongue in long strokes against her outer lips until he finally settled on her clit and began güvenilir bahis siteleri pressing his tongue flat against it. He moved his tongue back and forth against her nub making her tremble and shake even more than before. She place both hands on the back of his head and pressed him against her. He moved slightly and shifted his focus to shoving his tongue deep inside of her pussy and licking in every direction possible. She began moaning even louder and he knew her orgasm was coming. He wanted her to come all over his face and in his mouth, he wanted her to cum so hard that she screamed.

She began screaming. He had started to shake his head quickly back and forth with small movements as to simulate vibration against her entire area and this intense technique shoved her violently over the edge. She clutched at her tits pinching her own nipples to heighten the experience and screamed his name in a gigantic release of orgasm. It was prolonged by his continual assault of her pussy since even as she came he licked and swallowed what he could and began to assault her clit once more. Being in the situation she was in, her tits in her hands and this magnificent tongue attacking her clit, she felt that she might come again. “Oooh, don’t stop… Don’t stop… Ooooh YESSSSS…” She came again in a similar fashion, screaming and shaking and coating his lips and tongue in a new batch of her sweet nectar. Her knees became weak and she knew that she was definitely going to fall if she didn’t sit or lie down soon. Her final few moans escaped her lips and she gently pushed his head away from her abdomen (even though she was completely willing to succumb to his treatment a million more times). He backed up a bit and stood up while she put her arms around his neck and embraced his already sweat-soaked body. He laid her head against his chest and his large arms held her up so that she didn’t fall to the floor in a heap of orgasm pudding. They slowly stepped toward the bed, still embracing, then both sat down next to each other. She put her head on his shoulder and let out a nice contented sigh.

“What’s next?” She asked quietly. He glanced at the dim alarm clock that showed 12:14am and smiled. “Well, we do have all night. What would you like to do?”

She giggled in extreme excitement as she felt her pussy begin to tingle all over again. She knew she was going to have the best night of her life and this was just the beginning. She sighed again with even more contentment and slowly moved her hand up to gently grasp his cock. It was only half-hard by now but she knew how to get it to the hardness she needed. She stroked it slowly in her hand and licked her lips in anticipation but was surprised when his cock began to jerk back to hardness immediately. He was ready … already! The smile on her beautiful face was so big that it would have lit up an entire city. She began to think of the possibilities and decided what she wanted to do first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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