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I’m having fun writing from the man’s perspective. I hope it comes across with some feeling. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Jenny

Exhausted, but surprisingly refreshed, I made my way across Helen’s back yard, through the bushes, and into my own yard. I needed to take care of business at home, check on Mary, and prepare for the party at the cabin. Looks like the grass needs cutting, too. So much to do…

I could not keep a smile off my face as I recalled my encounter with Helen and Jenny. So different, yet obviously related, these two women had such a sexual hunger that I wondered if I could keep up with both. I had doubts about my stamina, but I managed just fine. Some of my old tricks seemed to still work. I guess some things never go out of style. And there is something to be said for experience. Jenny seemed to enjoy my teaching. She’s so enthusiastic! God knows, I enjoyed her body.

The rest of the day passed quickly with routine matters. When I talked with Mary, she said she had been invited to stay the rest of the weekend with her friend Julie. Having confirmed that it was all right with Julie’s mother, I agreed. Mowing the yard, I kept glancing over to see if Jenny was sunning herself again, but there was no sign of either her or her mother. I finished with the yard work, grabbed a cold beer, and logged some lounge chair time with the paper.

As the sun set, I went inside to prepare something to eat. Not eager to spend time cooking, I ordered a pizza. During my wait, I showered and put on a pair of clean shorts. When the doorbell rang, I was surprised to see it was Sarah Johnson holding the big red box at my door. She was the older sister of Susan, another of my daughter’s classmates. I hadn’t seen her since her starring role in a school play, some two years ago. She had been one to flirt mercilessly but harmlessly, knowing I could throw it right back. That was as far as anything went. I assumed she had gone off to college.

“Well hello, Sarah.”

“Hi Mr. Evans,” she said with a big smile. “Here’s your pizza. Large sausage, right?”

“No, it was a medium pepperoni with…,” I started, and then saw that her eyes were on my shorts. “Yeah,” I continued with a wink, “extra large.”

“That’s what I thought,” Sarah said. “Want me to bring it inside?”

“Yes, please.”

She stepped inside, walked to the kitchen table, and laid the box down. I had the cash ready, including a hefty tip. I know what it was like working for lousy pay and tips. As she turned her back to me, I noticed that she wore jeans shorts (very tight) under her pizza company polo shirt. A nice full round ass topped what had to be the most incredibly shaped legs of any woman I’ve ever known. So perfect, they defined, to me what calves and thighs should be like. She had taken to wearing her black hair shorter than I remembered, but it framed her round face perfectly. Her shirt did little to hide the fullness of her tits, as they pressed against the fabric. Instantly, I recalled a previous dream I had involving Sarah, one that I never forgot.

It was a rainy night after a football game. The home team had lost and I was heading to the truck to go home. I noticed Sarah sheltered under a tree, trying to stay out of the rain. I hollered over to her: “Need a ride?” Of course she did, and soon she was inside the cab, dripping wet. I tossed her the towel I had only slightly used on my hair. Watching her sponge her hair with the towel, I could clearly see her nipples poking through her wet t-shirt. As I drove, I glanced over frequently to check out her tits. She noticed me looking and smiled.

“Like what you see?”

With only the confidence that a dream could bestow, I said, “You bet I do.”

“Then you will like this!” she said. With that, she rolled her shirt over her head, exposing her two round tits. They had several freckles on the upper parts. Large areolas surrounded the button-sized nipples, erect with the chill.

“Very nice, Sarah,” I said. We must have pulled over because my next move was to reach over and cup her tits with both of my hands. I caressed her nipples with my palms, feeling their rubbery tips in a circular motion. Unable to help myself, I leaned over to take one of the nipples in my mouth. I sucked gently, using my tongue to lubricate and stimulate. I imagined that nipple swelled even bigger with my attention, so I moved bayrampaşa escort to the identical twin next to it, giving it the same treatment. She turned to allow me full access. As I licked and suckled, the tightness in my groin was making me uncomfortable.

“Oh, that’s making me warm,” she sighed.

“It’s making me very warm, too,” I said. I drew her closer. As I licked and kneaded her tits, her hands dropped to my thighs. First she felt for my crotch, and, finding a sizable lump there, she did a little massaging of her own through my pants. With both hands, she unbuckled my snap and drew down the zipper, partially freeing my cock from its confinement. Expertly, she reached inside my boxers and drew out my erection with her hands. Not stopping, she began to caress and stroke it. She used both of her small hands, one over the other, applying just enough pressure in all the right places. On each upward stroke, she tightened her grip so as to squeeze the tip. I had begun to leak pre-cum, and she used her fingers to spread it over the knob. Withdrawing one hand, she licked her fingers, tasting my essence. I took that same hand and kissed the palm. She put two fingers in my mouth and I sucked on them, just as I had sucked on her nipples. Then, reluctantly, I backed off her tits to allow her to continue more freely. “May I?” she asked, leaning closer to my lap.

“I’d be a fool to say no,” I replied. As I lifted off the seat, she tugged my pants off my hips, drawing them down to my ankles. I turned toward her, my eyes still fixed on those beautiful freckled breasts before me. My erection strained upward with an eye of its own, seemingly wanting to touch or be touched. Sarah leaned over and quickly engulfed the end of my cock in her mouth, while retaining her grip at the base with her hands. With that, she began in earnest what was undoubtedly the best dream blowjob I ever received. She used her tongue to lick me from balls to tip like she was eating an ice cream cone and not wanting to miss a drop. Opening her mouth wider to accommodate me, her lips engulfed my cock, one delicious inch at a time. Down one inch, up to the top. Down two inches, and up to the top. Again and again, she repeated this action sucking and licking ever deeper as her hand alternated pumping the shaft and cupping my balls.

I used my hand to keep her hair back so I could enjoy the sight of her bobbing her head in my lap. With the supreme attention, I was getting to the point of no return fast. “Oh, baby, I’m going to cum real soon.”

She did not stop. Rather, she increased the tempo and added a slight hum that caused me to shiver. I pumped my hips upward, fucking her mouth. She seemed eager to receive my load. Feeling the tightening in my balls, I was almost ready to cum.

It was at this point I woke up with a raging boner. Oh NO! I thought. Half realizing I had dreamed, I tried to retain the feeling that seemed so real seconds ago. Still in a half sleep, I kept my eyes closed, grasped my cock, and stroked, imagining her mouth still there sucking the juice from me. In just a few pumps, I knew I was going to cum. So I let it go, and came all over my belly with several powerful spurts. Ahh, oh, uh Sarah! Still holding on, I squeezed the last drops of cum from my cock, wishing I was still asleep and dreaming of Sarah’s mouth on my cock.

As I returned to the present, Sarah had set the pizza on the table. With a little wiggle of that cute butt, she turned and looked around.

“Well, Ron. Looks like you’ve done pretty well for yourself since the divorce.”

“If you only knew how much my second mortgage costs, you would weep,” I said.

“Anyway, the place looks nice.”

“Thanks,” I replied. “So do you.”

“How’s Mary?” asked Sarah.

“Pretty good. Busy with graduation plans and such. How about you? What have you been up to lately?”

“I’m still at State, but I moved back into my parent’s basement for the summer. I’m trying to line up something that pays better than this delivery gig,” she replied.

“I’m sure that a smart girl like you will find a good job. Sorry I don’t know of anything.”

“That’s OK. I’ve got some feelers out,” she said, almost leering with her crooked smile.

“I’ll bet you do. You can’t have enough feelers out these days,” I said with my own grin. beşiktaş escort This bawdy innuendo was fun, but I knew it was just a fantasy. Besides, I still had that dream, even though in it I couldn’t complete the act with her. I handed her the cash and escorted her out. It was all I could do not to pat her on the butt as she walked through the door to the porch. That kind of butt just invited a nice pat, if not a thorough rubbing, licking and fucking.

“Thanks, Ron. I’ll be seeing you around. I’ll bring you a coupon so you won’t forget us for next time.”

“Not likely I’m going to forget it, coupon or not, as long as you’re delivering,” I said. “OK, Sarah, nice to see part of you,” I said, waving goodbye. She got back into her car and backed out of the drive. I returned inside, cracked open a beer and dived into the pizza.

Later, I felt the need to stretch my legs. Just pent up energy, I guess. I put on my favorite walking shoes, gym shorts, and tee shirt, locked the door and started down the street at a slow pace. The normally well-lit street was somewhat darker than usual. A series of streetlights were out due to an earlier accident between a pole and a delivery truck. There were a few people still out on their porches and some were walking dogs, but it was pretty quiet, and I had the sidewalk mostly to myself. As I got several blocks from home, I turned onto a street I was not very familiar with. But knowing it curved around to another street that would lead to home, I took it.

Several houses down, there was a party going on. This was evident from the muted music being piped to the well-lighted patio out back, the smell of barbeque and beer, and the number of cars out front. The house was somewhat set back from the street, with a long drive, so it was semi-secluded from the neighboring homes. As I passed the front, I thought I saw movement in the shadows on the side of the house, near a storage shed. The area around the shed was separated from the patio and secluded from the street by bushes. I stopped and listened, peering into the darkness between the shed and the bushes. I heard some giggling and a deeper voice, as well.

Curious, I moved off the sidewalk toward the bushes, approaching the sound of the voices. I don’t know what I was thinking. Helping someone? Danger? Meeting my neighbors? Regardless, as I approached, it was evident that the two people there had found a secluded corner in order to enjoy each other’s company in private. I should leave them alone, I thought. But they don’t know I’m here. What’s going on? Peering closer from behind the bushes, I felt like a peeping Tom, and I suppose I was. The young man and young lady were in a passionate embrace. His hands were under her shirt, cupping her breasts beneath. Breaking from the kiss, he slipped her shirt over her head, exposing her small breasts to the open air. He bent to kiss them, sucking and licking as she moaned with her head back.

Well, that’s some party, I thought. I began to enjoy the show from my hidden vantage point. The young man dropped to his knees in front of her so that his face was at her belly button level. He tugged her shorts down, and she easily stepped out of them. Now she was totally naked. There was just enough light for me to see her dark patch between her legs before he buried his face there. Her arms were spread against the shed.

“Oh, Matt” I heard her whisper. “That’s so good, honey.” Suddenly, he stood, unzipped his pants, and dropped them to the ground. His erection flopped out, pointing straight at her belly. She reached out to grab him there and began to stroke him vigorously.

“Turn around, babe,” he said, using his hands on her shoulders to spin her so that her back was to him. He pushed her shoulders down. As she bent at the waist and spread her legs, she exposed her clit from between the cheeks of her firm round ass. He moved even closer, his cock closing the distance. She reached between her legs and helped guide his swollen prick between her legs to her wet slit. He slid in easily and began a slow rhythmic fuck, as she supported herself by leaning against the shed.

It was stimulating watching these two lovers in their dance. I was getting a little uncomfortable, having an erection of my own now. I put my hand on it through my shorts, thinking how easy it would be to take beylikdüzü escort it out and pleasuring myself while I secretly watched this live show less than five yards away. Glancing behind me to assure myself I was alone, I slipped my hand inside and wrapped my fingers around the shaft, which was now begging for relief. My other hand drew down the front of my shorts, exposing myself to the night air. I was transfixed with the sight of Matt and his lover fucking like two horny kids. They were even keeping time with the music! He grunted with each thrust and she responded with a muted moan of pleasure as she received the full length of his swollen organ.

I stroked my cock in a well-practiced motion. Who knows better how to pleasure me than me? I thought. I was taken by surprise when I heard a moan from the other side of the bushes. Realizing I was not as alone as I thought, I stopped, freezing in place and tried to identify the sound. Leaning sideways, I saw three more people I hadn’t realized were also close by in the semi-darkness. They were engaged with each other and hadn’t noticed me either. One man was on his back on the ground, pants around his ankles. A woman was on her hands and knees at his side, giving him a blowjob that he was obviously enjoying. Behind her, a second man was on his knees, holding her hips as he rocked behind her, driving his cock into her pussy from the rear. After several thrusts, the second man grunted and pushed deep within her, coming inside her body. She hesitated only slightly in her sucking as she received his load, then she returned to pleasuring the first man with her mouth.

The scene was so unreal. I could not believe it was happening in my own neighborhood. I felt I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time to see this mini orgy. As I continued to pleasure myself, the second man stood, drew up his pants, and turned in my direction. I could not get out of the way or hide, especially since I was so close to coming myself. He saw me, smiled, and said, “Go ahead. She’s some great piece of ass.” It didn’t matter that we were unacquainted. We were both in the situation of our fantasies.

With four steps, I was in his place behind the woman. I knelt, drawing my cock out of my shorts. Feeling me behind her, she turned her head and looked at me with my cock in my hand. “Please, fill me up.” she said. Then she returned to giving head to the other man. He did not seem to notice me, as his concentration was on this woman sucking his dick. Needing no further encouragement, I slid my cock into her wet hole. She was ready to receive me, having been stretched and lubricated by the man I just replaced. I pumped her from behind, just as my predecessor did. She had a full round ass that begged to be fucked.

It seemed like the whole neighborhood was fucking at the same time. Just as I entered her, the first couple I spied was reaching their peak. Matt was pumping his lover from behind like I was doing to this horny woman. He pushed several times more and said “I’m gonna cum! Here I come!” Instead of cumming inside her, he pulled out and jacked himself on her backside, spraying several large globs of cum on her ass. She stood, turned, and they embraced, kissing deeply.

The woman I was fucking had brought the man she was sucking to the point of no return. He groaned. “Oh, yeah! You got me cumming now, Babe!” She throated him even deeper and used one hand to squeeze his cock, milking the juices from deep within, as he raised his hips and said “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Take it all, Babe!” She did, keeping her mouth around his spurting member until it stopped.

In a matter of a few strokes, I knew I was going to cum. The pressure had been building since I relived my dream about Sarah. Now as I watched and participated in this impromptu orgy, it was overwhelming. I quicken my pace, pushing deep within Babe’s pussy. Hanging on to her hips, I felt the release jet out of my cock into her hole. So full was it and so thick was my spunk, the juices were squeezing out the sides of her hole around my cock. Spent, I pulled out, seeing the cum drip from her pussy lips down her legs and to the ground. Wiping off, I tucked myself back in my shorts, stood, and backed away. Babe was still busy licking the spunk off the other man’s cock as it began to shrink in her hand.

Seeing no one else nearby, I turned behind the bushes and walked away. That was so unreal, I thought, but just the release I needed. She did too, from the way she bucked beneath me as I pumped my seed into her. Anonymous sex. Or did she think I was someone she knew? I didn’t know her, so I didn’t stick around in case she had a jealous boyfriend or something. Without guilt, I walked back home with a smile on my face.

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