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He was driving from nowhere to nowhere and was in no hurry to get there. Passing along the country road with the sun beaming down he felt quite good. Today is a good day and for no particular reason. It just was. A content smile upon his face he listened to the tunes on the radio and suddenly just no longer felt like driving. He just want to enjoy life for a moment. So he pulled into this small country inn and got himself a room. Put his bags away and thought to himself,

”What a fine day….I think I’ll take a walk.”

With no real idea of where to go or why he just wandered off into the woods. He smelled the piney scent on the warm summer breeze. He watched the myriad of colors that played across the forest floor. He listened to the sounds of the chittering birds. He felt the sun ‘s warmth beam down upon his face. He walked through the forest without a care in the world.

She was riding her bike along the path enjoying the exercise and the fine summer day. Taking her eyes off the path just for a moment she never saw the rut sticking out of the ground. Her front wheel hit and catapulted her in the air. Bouncing into the ground she felt pain and shrieked. Sitting up she quickly realized she had twisted her ankle. Looking around her she saw her bicycle lying in a stream nearby apparently not damaged.

He walked and wandered to and fro and as he in the middle of remote glade he heard a loud cry. Instinctually, he ran to the sound jumping over fallen trees, pushing back deep underbrush , dodging around trees till he ran up and saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen lying on the ground. Her blonde hair put up in a pony tail. Her gorgeous face and pretty blue eyes. Those firm and shapely breasts under a T-shirt. A tight waist with wide hips and long sensuous legs exposed by a tight fitting khaki shorts. Although he was panting for air from his previous sprint, she looked up at him their eye’s met and he seized breathing.

She had just calmed down when she heard a loud crashing in the forest coming straight at her. Her first thoughts were of panic.

“Oh God I hope that ain’t a bear!”

The sounds were getting closer and she couldn’t be tell exactly where they were coming from. She güvenilir bahis looked around herself apprehensively when the sound stopped near her. She looked up and found herself staring at a God. His wavy sandy brown hair. His handsome face and dark penetrating look. His broad shoulders and heaving chest. He was tall and fit and her breath caught.

For what seemed an eternity they stared into each others eyes. His heart blazed with an intensity he had never felt before. He wanted this woman and he wanted her now and it was all he could think of. Then he noticed her holding her ankle and asked,

“ Are you ok?”

A few seconds passed and the woman regained herself and nodded replying,

“ I think I just twisted my ankle. I should ok in a little bit.”

He squatted down next to her and examined her swollen ankle. It indeed had been twisted and was red and slightly swollen. He started thinking to himself ,

”I’m here in the middle of nowhere with a gorgeous woman who can’t move. Should I be a gentleman and help her out? Or should I give in to this raging fire inside me?”

He looked up from her ankle and saw her face mere inches away and as they looked into each others eyes he made his decision. Reaching out with his left hand he cupped the back of her head as he leaned forward and kissed her lips. Expecting some resistance he was surprised when she kissed him back even harder. His body ached with anticipation and passion. Her body burned with desire. His tongue darting into her mouth seeking out her tongue. Finding it they rolled their tongues around each others caught up in the ecstasy of one. His cock harden to a point so intense it felt as if it would explode. He slid his hand under her shirt and rubbed the small of her back while his other hand slide under her t-shirt and began massaging her firm soft breasts.

Finally, he stood up and unceremoniously took off his shirt. She looked up at him longingly then quickly followed his lead pulling off her own shirt and removing her bra. He had just pulled down his pants and slid his underwear down his cock hard as steel caught on the band and as he pulled them down his cock sprung free and snapped against his stomach. She ooooh’d. türkçe bahis She was hurriedly unzipping her shorts when he reached down and slid them down and off of her.

He stood there naked while she sat on the ground with only her shoes on… A moment stood still in time when he stepped forward and placed his cock in front of her lips. She closed her eyes and enveloped every inch slowly pulling herself along his manhood. He lifted his head to the sky, closed his eyes and felt such a slow building pleasure. She flicked her tongue under his head and he gasped as the intense pleasure was a spike compared to the earlier slow but steady motion. Lift his cock with one hand she hunched over began licking his balls cupping them with her other hand. He moaned in satisfaction and he smiled. She licked all along the bottom of his penis till she reached the head where she swirled her tongue around his head then quickly engulfed it.

The pleasure was incredible to him and he bucked his hips into her mouth. She wrapped her arms around him and grabbed his ass encouraging him. He bucked a bit more and a bit more as he put himself deep inside her wanting willing mouth. She bobbed her head along his shaft finding a rhythm with the bucking of his hips pulling herself onto him with each thrust. The intensity reached a crescendo when he felt himself on the verge of cumming. She tasted his pre-cum and pulled herself all the way down his throbbing shaft. He bucked once , shuddered, then blew his hot sticky load down her wanting throat. He froze then came again.

With a sigh of relief he lifted his head back and smiled. She looked up at it with a drop of cum running out of the side of her mouth. She scooped it up with one finger and sucked her finger clean.

This rekindled his arousal and he stepped back and placed himself between her legs. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back to the ground and he fell forward onto her. With a fingernail he traced circles around her nipples and grinned evilly. She breathed in deeply with anticipation and her breasts swelled. This caught his attention and he wasted no more time. Planting his lips around a nipple he scraped his teeth against her to give a playful güvenilir bahis siteleri nip. She yelped in exclamation and the shock of the quick intense pleasure she felt. Running his tongue around her nipple he flicked his tongue back and forth up and down all around. Gently squeezing her breasts, he sucked on her swollen and erect nipple. Giving little kisses and tongue flicks he worked his way to the other breast and began giving it the same attention as the first. Sweat poured out her body as she groaned in pleasure.

He began working his way down her stomach stopping occasionally to tease her. The anticipation she felt was killing her and her wet pussy burned with desire to feel him in her. He spread her lips apart and slowly licked along her labia, teasing her clit with his tongue. Inserting a finger he felt for the G-spot and finding it began to rub it in a soft circular motion. Her hips were swaying against him as he continued to lick and suck and nibble on her hotbox. The pressure increased and her g-spot swelled and she felt wave after wave of pleasure over take her as she reached climax.

Watching her shake and listening to her moans and cries excited him greatly and he was hard again and needing to be inside her. He rocked back on his heels and inserted his cock into her enflamed soaking pussy. Leaning back he bucked his hips into her over and over deeper and deeper with every thrust, faster and faster he increased the rhythm. She cried out and he felt the beginning of another orgasm. He leaned forward and grabbed her by the hips and pulled himself into her faster and harder than before. This increased pleasure sent him over the edge and he held himself as deep into her as he could get and unleashed another load of his hot cum deep inside her. She squealed out in pleasure as the orgasm hit her again and the feel of the cum inside her was too much. She cried out again and bucked her hips into him as her body shook. Pulling himself out he breathed deeply. He felt the wind cooling his sweat covered body. She watched him panting his glorious self and smiled.

Standing up he dressed himself and helped her to dress as well. He asked,

“How is your ankle? “

She tested the ankle and it was fine but the opportunity was there and she took it.

“It still really sore. I can’t ride the bike and could use some help walking home.”

She looked up at him with hopeful eyes. He smiled and said, “Then show me the way.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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