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Readers- this is my first attempt at a fictional story, my others were totally true. This one is based on the truth; I think you can tell where the truth stops and the fantasy begins. Rach is a real person (her name is changed of course) I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did in playing it out in the gaming chat.

It all started innocently enough; after all it was just a backgammon game on one of the popular game sites on the internet. They had been introduced by a mutual friend who was playing them both. Bob and Ann had told Randy that he should contact Rach on the game site and invite her to play with him; they said she was fun to play and liked to chat. Randy was unattached at the moment and was looking for something to help fill the winter evenings. There was not much to do in the big old house since his wife and step daughters had left 6 weeks ago. They started playing and becoming somewhat acquainted and chatting a couple of lines with each move on the board.

Soon though the chat became more intimate and by about their third game they were making an erotic game of their own by telling each other what they would do to the other and much like phone sex this escalated to full scale XXX erotic chat even though they still didn’t know each others identity, only their screen names. It was still all harmless fun, after all he was in the Deep South and she was all the way up on the north Atlantic seaboard. Soon phone conversations began between them and Randy learned that her first name was Rachel. Randy entered her phone number into a search engine on the web and soon learned her full name and address and began to develop a plan. This brings us to the events unfolding between them at the present time.

Rachel had just gotten home from work this Friday evening and was sitting down at her computer for a few minutes before starting dinner for her family, she was wondering where Randy was, she hadn’t seen him online in the last couple of days, that wasn’t like him, he was online every afternoon for a couple of hours talking to her and getting her all worked up and making her panties wet with her secretions, she looked forward to their conversations every day and she missed him telling her what he would do to her if they were together. Many times while they were typing back and forth she would reach into her panties and work herself to a wonderful climax while imagining her long distance lover being there with her. She would never cheat on her husband but the erotic fantasies they were weaving were captivating and she needed that release daily now. Suddenly she was startled back to reality by the ringing of the phone.

Picking it up she heard the familiar sound of Randy’s voice on the other end, this disturbed her somewhat because güvenilir bahis he had promised never call her, she always called him so that they could have their conversations when her family was not around. As soon as she answered the phone he told her to make some excuse that she had to do something and would be gone all weekend and meet him at the Holiday Inn in the next town South of her, he was in room 416 and he promptly hung up on her, not giving her any time to tell him that she could not do that. Well he was going to be surprised because she had never cheated on her husband except in her mind and wasn’t going to start now.

She promptly got up and started dinner for her family who would all be home in about an hour. As she made dinner she couldn’t stop thinking about her online lover being only 25 miles down the road and was wondering if he would be as good in real life as he was online. He had brought her to many orgasms just from his words on the screen. As she thought more about it she became aware of the dampness between her legs, it was more than dampness, she was soaking wet and was becoming aware that she was going to make some excuse to meet him for a few minutes, after all a few minutes couldn’t hurt anything, she just wanted to meet him face to face and maybe have a drink, she didn’t know what brought him up here, but was secretly glad that they would at least have a few minutes to get acquainted a little more.

Promptly at 4 pm her son came through the door from school, she quickly told him to tell his dad that there was an emergency at an office of her company down coast and she had to leave as she was the only one close enough with the expertise to handle this situation and may have to be gone most of the weekend, she grabbed her overnight bag and dashed to her car outside. Why, she thought, did she tell him that and when did she pack the bag, she didn’t remember doing that, must have done it while in the daze brought on by knowing Randy was just down the road waiting for her. She had been in a daze for the last hour thinking about that first forbidden kiss, and that first touch, wondering if his touch would be as electric as he had described in the fantasy they had been weaving.

Half an hour later she was trembling as she knocked on the door of room 416, her knees were so weak she didn’t think she could stand long enough for him to come to the door. When he opened the door she almost fainted, there he was in the flesh. There was nothing extraordinary about him, he was no Adonis, he was just as he described himself, about 5-10 and looked to be about 200 pounds, he carried a little extra weight around his middle but not too much, his hair was thinning and had just a hint of gray in it and he looked to be in türkçe bahis his late 50’s as he had said. So far, no surprises, just an average guy, then why was her heart beating so hard she thought it might jump right out of her chest, she was sure he could hear it.

As he anticipated her arrival, he was sure that she would come, in more ways than one tonight, he thought about her. Rachel had described herself to him as 5-6 and weighing 137 with dark hair and about 20 years his junior. He had only seen pictures of her that were taken just out of high school and the latest one taken about ten years ago. Ten years can do a lot of damage to a woman and he wondered just how big she really is right now, claiming to not have any recent pics just did not seem right to him, she was probably hiding something, well he would find out soon enough. Despite his thoughts about her looks his cock was straining at the seams of his trousers in anticipation of meeting this fantasy lover for the first time. He had taken a week off work to meet her, he started planning this as soon as he found her address, far from being a predator he was only trying to live out a fantasy they both had. Then he heard the knock on the door, when he opened it he was stunned, she was gorgeous, she was as slim as she said and those tits, they were to die for, she hadn’t exaggerated when she said they were DD, they looked really huge on her trim frame, he couldn’t wait to get them loose and get lost in her cleavage.

Rachel dropped her bag and in two steps was in his open arms, pressing herself tightly against him, as the closed behind her she could feel his erection throbbing at her lower abdomen, and he was ready for her. Randy relished the feel of her melon sized breasts pressed against his chest as he felt the heat from her crotch against him even through their clothes. As their open mouths found each other their tongues dueling with each other, they ground their crotches together and began tearing the clothes off each other. So much did they want each other that they were now naked on the bed and hadn’t even spoken a word yet. Their mouths were too busy to talk; besides there had been about 4 months of foreplay and now they were ready for each other. They both knew that this would be a pure animal fuck, there would be time for lovemaking later but first get their blinding lust out of the way.

He looked at her dripping pussy, no it was more than that it looked like a steady stream of her lubricating juices flowing out of her steaming orifice, she was ready for him. He was ready for her too; his cock was rock solid and jutting straight out from his body. He aimed it for her fuck hole and slammed it home in one quick motion, neither of them wanting or needing any preliminaries güvenilir bahis siteleri for this first fuck. He was glad that he had jerked himself off thinking about her earlier or he would have surely squirted his sperm as soon as he penetrated her open slit. Her cunt was so smooth and so wet and so much tighter than he had ever imagined, he could feel the heat emanating from it while he was still inches away. He was pulling back so that the engorged head of his cock was almost out of her and them slamming it back home and regaling at the sight of her monstrous breasts thrashing wildly about her chest. She was a lovely creature, one of the most beautiful women he had ever known and she was all his for the weekend.

Rachel looked at his hard cock as she was being thrown on the bed, before she could say anything his mouth covered hers again and she felt his tongue probing deep into her mouth searching out her own. She couldn’t wait for him to use that tongue on her pussy as he had so often described to her but for now all she wanted was his hard cock to try to quench the fire that had been raging inside her for the last hour. This fire had been smoldering for the last two months but now had raged into an inferno and had to be quenched before it consumed her. She loved the feeling of him inside her, the way he pulled out until her pussy seemed to be closing as his cock head was almost out of her hot hole then slamming back in with so much force it was driving her over the edge and into her first orgasm within minutes of their meeting.

As soon as she stopped her screams and her head stopped thrashing about on the bed Randy raised up and grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her to the edge of the bed and turned her over onto her stomach and raised her onto her knees, she was just the right height for him to stand beside the bed and slam his aching cock into her waiting pussy again. As he did this he saw her little puckered rosebud all wet from the juices that had run down over it and he gently worked his thumb into her ass. This threw her into another orgasmic fit and she buried her head in the tussled bedcovers to muffle her screams. “Take my ass, fuck my asshole hard” were the first words out of her mouth since coming into the room. Randy didn’t have to be told twice as he pulled his cock from her gushing cunt and plowed it into her ready and waiting brownie. As soon as her sphincter opened around his cock head she started thrashing and humping back against him as hard as she could “oh yes, I’m cumming again, I am cumming so hard ohhhhhhhh” at hearing this from her Randy dumped his load deep within her bowels. Finally sated for the moment Randy slowly pulled his deflated member from her and they both collapsed on the bed. “Hi, my name is Randy and I sure hope you are Rachel”, they both laughed at that, realizing that they had been so engrossed in getting that first fuck they had dreamed of for so long that they hadn’t even spoke to each other yet.

More to come

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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