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I wait patiently in the examination room for you to come in. This is the first time I have ever seen a female doctor. The nerves are getting to me…. ..Suddenly there is a short knock on the door and you walk in. I hope my astonishment doesn’t show. After I pick my jaw up off the floor, and wipe the drool from my chin I take another look at you. You are absolutely gorgeous. Your big beautiful eyes, your long silky hair falling over your lab coat, which is very, very short. It barely covers the curves of your sexy ass…And those white thigh high silk stockings covering those long sexy legs of yours…. …. ..I must have died and gone to heaven…. ….

“Hello James, My name is Monique and I’ll be conducting your examination today. Please have a seat on the exam table.”

Your beauty has got me frozen in the chair. I don’t know if my legs will move or not. By some miracle, they do and I have a seat on the table as you have instructed. You begin by asking a few questions about family history and my medical history. The whole time I cannot take my eyes off of you. God I hope you don’t catch me staring…. …

“Ok, let’s start the exam, please remove your shirt James”

I do as you ask and I await to see what you are going to do. First thing you do is take my temperature and check my pulse. My heart is racing so fast I can’t believe you can keep count. You remove the thermometer, check it, and write down your findings. Next, you remove a tongue depressor from your lab coat pocket and smile…

“Open up and say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. …. ..”

Before I can say anything, you stick the depressor in my mouth and begin to look inside my throat. I steal a glimpse at you. God you are so sexy! I look down and I notice your beautiful breasts…. …. Hey, you not wearing bra…. …. Hmmmmmmmmm…. …. I think I like this doctor…. .

You finish checking my throat and grab the stethoscope from around your neck. You are rubbing it in your hands to warm it up. You softly blow some warm air on it hoping to warm it up a little more. All this time I am getting more and more aroused. canlı bahis I have never seen a woman as beautiful as you before. You place the stethoscope over my heart and listen. You move it all around my chest, listening. That’s when I notice you are beginning to get a little flushed. Your other hand begins to linger more and more on my chest…. ..

You finish listening to my heart, which I think could probably be heard from 10 miles away, and say, ” Ok James, I’ll be right back. In the mean time could you please remove the rest of your clothing so I can finish the examination.” And with that out the door you go.

Oh my god!! She asked me to get undressed? How am I ever going to hide the fact that she has me so aroused?????? Oh well, she’s a doctor. I’m sure this has happened to her before…. .

I remove the rest of my clothing and wait for your return. Suddenly there is a short knock and the door opens again. You come in through the door, and smile. You close the door and lock it. Hmmmmm…. .Why would she lock the door…. …. Doesn’t matter…. .

“Ok James I need you to lie back on the table while I do this part of the exam.”

I do as you ask and wonder what’s going to happen next. I can feel you hands on my legs, on my balls, all this time, my cock is getting harder and harder. I look up at you and all you do is smile…. …

“Ok you can sit up and we can discuss my findings.”

I sit up and you pull over the little doctor’s stool, calmly sit down, with your legs slightly apart…. .. “Well it looks like everything is normal. But I have to ask you, I notice that you have a very large tongue. Are you any good at using it?”

Did I hear you right? You’re asking about my tongue??????????

“Well…. …. Ummmmmmmmm…. …. ..”

“Let me find out for myself…. ..”

And with that you remove your lab coat revealing your gorgeous body. You push me back on the table and crawl up on top of me. You straddle my head, your pussy right above me.

“Lick me. Eat my pussy”

Have to do as the doctor orders…. …. ..

I reach up and bahis siteleri pull your wet hot pussy towards me. I can taste your sweetness. You are soooo sweet. I slowly slide my tongue up inside of you. Licking all over the inside of your pussy. Deep inside of you. Wanting all of your sweet nectar. I can see your clit starting to peak out, begging for attention. I bet you just love to have that clit of yours sucked on and licked…. I move my tongue towards it…. …slowly…. …carefully…. …I gently take it in my mouth, slowly and gently sucking on your hard clit…. .You juices are flowing more freely now…. …you are soooooooo wet…. …I flick my tongue at the tip of your clit. You jump at the touch. You are so hot. I flick my tongue again…. ..and again…. …. and again…. …faster…. …. ..You are moaning louder, and louder…. .your thighs are clamping tighter and tighter around my head…. ..You scream out in ecstasy. You are writhing uncontrollably…. ..

Suddenly you say, “I also noticed that you have a very large and very hard cock. Are you any good with that?”

I say, “Well there is only one way to find out…”

With that you move off the table and wait for me to stand up. All of a sudden I get an idea…. …I gently place you on the table…. …and slowly remove your white silky stockings…. …. .Being very careful…. …. ..slowly…. …. …. You are begging me to take you…. …not yet I say…. …. .I reach under the exam table and pull out the stirrups…. …. I put them in the holders on the table and gently place one foot and then the other into the stirrups…. ..I slide up between your legs which are spread wide open waiting for me to enter you…. Slowly…. …. ..I move closer and closer to your hot wet pussy…. …I begin to enter you…. …. I slowly move the head of my hard cock up and down between your wet swollen lips…. …. …You are begging me to fuck you. And I will. I want to show you just how good I am with my cock. I slowly slide the entire length into your hot pussy…. ..You are sooooo wet and so hot. I can feel bahis şirketleri your muscles contracting around my cock. Feels so good…. Slowly I begin to slide my cock out…. …. …. ..and back in…. …. ..slowly…. …. …. .out…. …. …. …in…. …. …increasing the pace slowly…. …. …. out…. …. …in…. …. …. .out…. …. …. in…. …. …You are screaming with joy…. …. More! MORE! I want more!!! Faster…. …. .faster…. …. I’m driving my cock in and out of your wet hot tight pussy now…. …. You keep screaming with joy…. …. Your muscles are contracting more and more around my cock…. ..Suddenly I stop. I want you from behind. I want to bend you over this exam table and fuck you hard from behind. I want to make you scream. I get off of the table and help you out of the stirrups. I help you off the table and on the floor. You move to the end of the table and spread your legs wide for me. Your pussy is so wet and so hot. I want to fuck you so bad right now. I come up behind you and slowly slide my cock inside of your pussy…. …. ..You scream with pleasure…. …. ..Faster and harder I drive my cock in and out of you. Your scream louder and more, ” Fuck me harder!!!!!!!!” Faster and harder, I keep driving my cock into your wetness…. …. .Oh god I am so close…. …. .I am so close to cumming…. …I am going to explode inside of you. I want you to feel it all. I want to fill your pussy with my hot cum. Ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. …. …. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. …. .You scream as you have your own orgasm at the same time as mine…. …. .You are so hot…. ..Your pussy is so wet and so tight around my cock. It feels so good I don’t want to ever take it out.

As we fall on the table, both of us totally exhausted, you smile that beautiful smile of yours…. .We laugh, and smile together at what just has happened.

As I am getting dressed, you are on your way out the door. You stop, stick your head back in the room and say, “I would like to see you again next week to run some more tests if that will be alright with you?” You smile and walk out the door. I hurry to get dressed and run to the receptionist’s desk to make another appointment…. …. …. .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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