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A Rare Day Part 1

Chris he could feel it dripping off of his face. Bettie suddenly arched her back and began letting out a series of soft whimpers as she ground her pussy against his face.

Bettie’s body relaxed, her grip on his head slackened. Chris extricated himself from her grasp and stood above her, relishing the sight of her naked form. She was gazing back at him longingly, desperately waiting for him to take her. He admired her body… her naturally dark skin, her perky breasts, her well-toned muscles… He watched her as she squirmed in excitement, canlı bahis şirketleri her chest rapidly rising and falling with each ragged breath.

Chris took hold of Bettie by the thighs and pulled her towards him. He pressed his hard cock against her entrance, moistening his cockhead as he moved it slowly up and down her slit. As his cock began to ease more readily inside her, he slowly pressed his weight forward. Bettie’s moist pussy opened to readily accept him inside her. Chris thrust until he was buried in her then paused, allowing her a moment canlı kaçak iddaa to grow accustomed to his intrusion.

Bettie began to grind her hips against him, which Chris knew was his signal to continue as he slowly withdrew his length and pressed back inside her. Slowly, he stroked in an out of her tight cunt as Bettie began to moan in pleasure. He steadily began to pick up his pace as he continued to thrust in and out of her, causing her to start thrashing beneath him. Chris ground his hips against hers as he thrust into her. His hands were on her breasts, canlı kaçak bahis twisting and pulling her sensitive nipples.

He began to fuck Bettie in earnest, slamming his hips forwards into hers, smashing their flesh together. Bettie was howling in ecstasy as she gripped his forearms in her vise-like grip, pulling herself towards him with each thrust. Chris began to change his thrusts, angling his cock upwards to press against her sensitive G-spot as his hand applied pressure atop her pubic bone, stimulating the sensitive flesh from the opposite direction.

Bettie suddenly cried out in a shrill scream. She pushed away from Chris as she rolled over onto her side, panting and groaning hoarsely. Chris smiled, knowing that she was satisfied. He climbed into bed, lying next to her as she fell sound asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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