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Emily wong switched on her flashlight. She couldn’t believe she was here nor what she was looking at. 
She was just driving to her dig site when she spotted something black in the sands. It was tomb, she had to hook a rope on to the top of the tombs large stone cover and pull it with her truck with dmfour wheel drive.
Now here she was, inside a possibly dangerous tomb, all alone, and no one had any clue that she was here except for the fact her peers were expecting her to make it to the dig site. The only reason she didn’t call it in was because she found a piece of gold in the enterence to the cave. A small statuette, one of Pharoh Setti the First. It made her wonder.
She looked around and saw a few coins to the side of the cave. Her eyes widened in astonishment of find gold laying all over the tomb. It was such a valued item she didn’t think it possible most of the time to think of a treasure to be buried with any body. As she ventured further into the sandstone tomb she smelled something. 
Her heart beat increased, she knew that mummies were buried with spices and different fragances to give them a pleasing odor instead of a decaying body.
Emily was a Japanese archaeologist, she went to Harvard and got a masters degree. She had light brown hair, almost a dark red, pale skin, that reflected her light chocolate eyes, slightly almond shaped. The explorer was 5’4 wearing a size “B” bra. Her porcelain skin seemed untouched for her line of work. Her delicate fingers shook a little from excitment from possibly dicovering a new mummy. She was a very slender girl and only 24. She had soft features and a kind face.
She wore a tan pair of skinnies made of normal fabric. She also wore a black loose shirt with a black leather duster. The loose shirt gave her an excuse to not have to wear a bra. Alls it was, was another layer of fabric in an already hot enough shirt. The dusker was full of ice packs that were sown into it. However she kind of had to wear panties. Alot of times she would sneak a peak at her fellow co-workers and get wet, she couldn’t let that soak through her skinnies.
Hear she was, someplace she never thought she’d be in, a tomb to call her own. If there was treasure she would sell half on the black market, the rest she would let get taxed, first by the Egyptian government then by the American government which seems to take over half of her cash, or just take it all together, but she would still have half. She reached the end of the tomb. A room filled with gold and a brass sarcophagus in the middle of the room. She forgot the gold for a minute surprised at the sarcophagus, metal was nailed in all around the edges. On the front of the metal piece there was messege.
“May the afterlife never take this soul so it may be condemned to a never have rest. May he be buried with the Sceptre of the Tortured Undeath to be left in an eternal unrest.” she read aloud,
She pulled a pair of wire cutters thinking to herself of how these people, so adanced, could really believe that the man would stay alive in here for over a 1000 years. She wondered however how much this sceptre would be worth. 
She snipped the sides all over the steel coffin with the face of a scratched out Anubis in it. She pulled on the sides and with one hard tug the lid fell off. She backed off görükl escort coughing once as the dust flew everywhere. She waited until the dust settled to really look. She couldn’t believe what she saw. A rod of obsidian, a head piece of brass with three rubies encrusted in the metal. The mummy was contorted in several different ways, it’s head was to it’s side, it’s back was arched, every individual finger was bent in one way or another. It’s legs looked as if it were trying to kick the door off. The scared wrappings were intact on the mummy. Only the gaping mouth and eye sockets were really visible. And in it’s left hand it held the sceptre. It was fairly old however, it’s wraps were dark, a blackish red color, as if it were still decomposing under the wraps. She took a mournful look at the mummy. 
“You poor soul, it must have taken you days to die.” She said in Egyptian.
She grabbed hold of the sceptre and gave a single tug, pulling it loose from the mummies hands. 
“What did you do to deserve this?” she asked the mummy in Egyptian not really expecting an answer back. She turned her back on the forsaken man taking a good look at the sceptre talking to herself about it. The reason why she didn’t hear the first crack of it’s finger bending. 
It clentched it’s fists and rolled it’s wrist letting out a series of cracks. It had, had a good long look at it’s visitor. She looked odd to him, she was exotic. Smaller then what he was used to but she seemed very slim, almost like a teenager. Not having been able to escape for so many centuries, it was longing to do it’s favorite thing. It felt it’s ecrection slip past the ceremonial wrappings.
She coughed once getting a smell of the mummies spice filled odor, she had to admit, it smelled better then most mummies she had uncovered. 
That cough masked the first step onto the sand filled floor, it leaned on it’s foot to hear it’s decomposing flesh squish on the floor. 
Emily suddenly stared at the wall in front of her when she heard the second step, a small squish came from behind her and suddenly felt something poke her butt.
It eyed her up and down. In life it was a sinner and the ultimate blasphemer. It would commit rape, and anal, both crimes at the time, it would strangle men to death in their beds and then rape their wives, then their daughters and strangle their sons while they slept, he was the boogeyman in his time. But when he was caught it was sentances to condemnation. He knew one day, one day he would be set free, and be at liberty to prowl the streets again. It saw however some of her equipment, the times had changed. 
She slowly grasped her pistol hidden in fanny pack, a small revolver with quite a punch. She whipped it out and spun around firing once. 
The mummy loomed it’s eyes at the wound in it’s chest. Black gooey blood oozed out of the wound. Times had changed indeed.
She watched in horror as the decomposed flesh healed somewhat around the wound. It’s almost notexistent lips curved into a wicked grin.
With an uncanny speed it flung it’s self at her, with extended fingertips it tore the light fabriced pant legs apart look at her fleshy but slim legs. It lifted one of her legs onto his hip and glided a hand slowly up her thigh and sqeezed her leg tight. She gave a whimper, it went further up to the tear in görükle escort bayan the pants. It slipped it cold wet fabric covered finger in and tore the rest of the pants off exposing her pink panties. It then ripped off her jacket tearing the back of it and finaly pulling it off, her shirt ripped just as easy exposing her small yet pronounced breasts. It greedily stared at her magnificent body. It had always perfered cute over beautiful. Mainly because the cuter you looked the more more innocent you looked and he had taken, by force, the virtues of many innocent girls. He smelled something he almost never smelled back in the day. Her juices flowed soaking her panties. Now that he was a ghoul, he especially did not see this twist of events coming. 
“Why does your privates dampen in excitment? What aphrodiacte causes such a response?” it asked in a gurtal Egyptian.
“F-fear.” she replied almost hyperventalating.
It eyed her curiously,
“Fear, turns me on… Makes my vagina wet like this.”
It gave a gurtal groan of joy smiling again.
It lifted it hand and ripped her panties off with one quick and swift jerk. She flintched once giving a soft cry. 
“Of what heritage are thee of? I have never seen one with such white skin.” it asked. 
“I’m, Japanese.” she said in a quiet tone of fear.
It smiled, it looked to her wet pussy, she was in terror only guessing what it planned to do, would it kill her, or eat her like a zombie? Why strip her naked, why feel her? Why– suddenly it all became so clear to her. It was her turn to look down, she saw it’s wet, decomposed member sticking out at her at a full 7 inched but twice as thick as the rod she held. 
It reached down rubbed her pussy staring into her fear filled eyes. She gasped as he rubbed her clit slowly. It’s other hand slowly reached behind her and grabbed a handful of her firm, round, cute butt. He stopped rubbing her pussy with his finger and started to rub her with it’s grotesque member. She recoiled at the feeling of the muchy but yet hard but cold and wet member being pressed against her soft delicate womanhood. She screamed out when the undead dick being slid into her soaking pussy. She screamed in mostly pain as she felt the walls of her soft silky pussy stretch. With a loud moan and her loins burning from the force and the surprizing amount of pleasure she got from the soft, deeply crevassed flesh inside of her. It slowly moved the hand on her butt to her back hole. He slowly started to rub the incredibly tight asshole. The wrappings on his fingers came undone and his wrinkled decaying finger had to sqeeze inside of the tightest asshole they had ever had the pleasure of penetrating. 
“So… Tight…” it said in her ear and she grasped his shoulders pulling herself close just to maintain balance from the cock ravishing her pussy. She moaned so loudly he wondered to himself if the pharohs guards would hear, or if there were even if there were pharohs guards anymore. It did not matter, he was inside the tightest and softest pussy he had ever felt, or maybe it was just centuries of depravity talking. It crushed one of her silky feeling small breast in it’s hand, her nipples were hard and not big but dainty. It came forward sucking on one roughly. She grabbed it’s head and rubbed her hands all over it’s head loosening escort görükle the ceremonial wrappings. It lifted it’s head back up as a few of them fell to the ground revealing it’s black muscle oozing face filled with black skin fragments that had not fallen off yet. She saw his face and only moaned louder, her only action was one of lust, she pulled it’s head toward her and licked the exposed flesh with her soft, delicate, pink thin tongue, in such a way her cheek bones were a bit more pronouced. 
Truthfully it didn’t taste terrible. She might not eat it everyday but it did have all the tastes of the spices and the flesh itself tasted almost like sushi. 
She looke to the ceiling and screamed an orgasm in a high pitched squeal. It took out it’s member and grabbed her by the throat and forced her to the wall. She bit her thin cute bottom lip in excitment. It unhanded her throat and lifted her legs above her head with her back pressed firmly against the wall. It then pressed it’s member against her tight little ass. She squinted her eyes shut in pain and sqeezed her legs as the undead penish slowly made it’s way inherent untouched asshole. She cried out in pain as a tear flowed down her eye. It pushed deeper, putting her in this position knowing this was the tightest she would ever be. The first thrust in was everything it expected and more. It finally let her down and spun her around roughly forcing he face to the walk and pulling out her pelvis and shoving it back into her ass, sqeezeing her asscheeks around it’s lustful dick. Her soft, firm ass cheeks felt amazing against it’s dick, it had not had such good ass since the very first time he raped a woman. He pulled out a shoved it back in causing her legs to start quivering. It started ti’ go faster and in notine was going fast then any mortal man, with an uncanny speed it thrusted in and out of her with such force Emily’s moans blurred together and soon turned into a scream instead of a moan. 
She came, her pussy gushed as she cried out an orgasm surpassing the one before. He took his member out of her as she slipped to the ground it stood over her in triumph. She slowly got to her knees and put it’s member into her mouth. An action he had never seen before. She licked around it’s head licking up all of the black chunky cum from his member. It was cold and still had that salty taste. It was the mummies turn to look up to the ceiling and shout in utter pleasure. It looked back down at her as she put it’s member into her mouth slowly suckling it’s head slowly reviving it’s not so dead cock. 
“You shall live as under me mortal. You will be my sex slave, my lover, in public my spouse.” it’s commanded as it stretched forth it’s hand, the Sceptre suddenly flew into his hand, his flesh started to reinvigorate. Color returned and muscles pulled together, the wrappings fell off and eyes regrew. She noticed the change looked up at her new lover just as his face became complete. 
He was an extremely hansome man, darker skinned but had attributtes to him that Egyptians usauly didn’t have making him stand out more, one thing for instance was he had blonde hair and blue eyes.
“You will teach me of how this world has changed, starting,” he stretched his hand and pulled the pistol to himself, his voice suddenly gentle and soothingly smooth, “with this, what manner of magic and metal is this weapon.” she giggled at his suddenly cute ignorance. 
“It’s called a gun… Master.” she answered in utter acceptance.         

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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