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Part One:

My life had taken a turn for the better and I felt a thirst for it in a way I never had before. At 27, I had been divorced for about a year after a brief marriage to a douchebag. Luckily, I had been smart enough to see it before we were married for very long. And we had had no children, so that was also good. I was grateful for all these things and I caught myself grinning as I was driving home in the rain.

It had been a long week. I had begun my new job as a Certified Medical Assistant in a doctor’s office, and it’s never easy to be the new kid on the block. I had moved to California from Montana about three weeks ago, and I still hadn’t gotten everything out of the boxes yet — it was a slow process. There were just so many other things to worry about in a new place. But tonight, after a chicken dinner, I was planning to empty the boxes for good and call California my permanent home.

My dog, named Buddy, had been hanging around me when I initially moved in with my U-Haul. It looked like he didn’t belong to anyone. Any pet owner knows what I’m talking about. You take to them very fast and they become a part of your family. Buddy was very outdoorsy and I took him in to have all his shots and on Monday was his big “operation” to nuke his manhood so there was no little Buddys running around, in case he was to escape.

I lived in a decent apartment complex and even had kind of a crush on one of the neighbors named Marty. He looked maybe mid-30’s or so. He and I had talked several times, making chit chat, but I didn’t know anything about him, except that I was very attracted to him. I wasn’t even sure if he was single, but he began to pop up in my fantasies and dreams. He had the apartment above me, and I didn’t hear any sexual activity, so I took that as a good sign that he was single, but still, one never knew for sure. But one thing was for sure, I had my big blue eye on him.

I popped in a Hungry Man dinner for myself in the oven (I never claimed to be June Cleaver!), took off my clothes and slipped on my bathrobe and began to unpack the remainder of my boxes as Buddy looked on with big, curious eyes, his tail flipping back and forth across the rug with interest.

Part Two:

The next morning was Saturday. I had hooked Buddy’s leash up to his collar and we went into the elevator. The managers of the complex didn’t mind dogs in the building as long as they were under 20 lbs. and Buddy was a small Beagle/Welsh Corgi mix.

Once outside, he liked to trot along, do his business and sniff at the twigs. I sensed someone was behind me. I shaded my eyes and turned and saw Marty coming towards us.

“Who’ve you got there?” He asked pointing to Buddy.

I smiled. “This is Buddy.”

“Hi there, Buddy,” Marty put his hand down so that Buddy could sniff it. “You look nice today, Melanie.”

“Thank you,” I said.

I was wearing a white, spring dress with a floral print on it that ended at my knees and a pair of sandals. Marty was wearing a t-shirt and a grungy pair of jeans. They looked like they could use a washing, but they also looked kind of sexy that way.

“So what are your plans for the day?” He asked.

“I don’t know yet. How about you?” I asked him. Buddy wanted to go further up the walk, so we followed him.

“Not much. I was planning on doing some grocery shopping, but I think I’ll put it off till tomorrow.”

“You? Grocery shopping?” I tilted my head back and laughed.

“Why is that so unbelievable?” He asked.

I looked at him. He was dead serious. “Well, you made it this far on your own,” I told him. “I guess it’s not so ridiculous.”

“Thank you,” he said and rolled his eyes. “Jesus, you women are all alike. You all have the same mind.”

“Nobody’s making you stay here and talk to me,” I said to him. “Go ahead and leave if you don’t like it.”

He stomped off, muttering something under his breath. After he was out of earshot, I muttered something to myself as well.

Part Three:

Awhile after I had walked Buddy, my new friend Caroline came over to my apartment for lunch, which I fixed with white wine. We talked about Marty and we agreed I had been rude to him and he deserved an apology. I was never good at apologies, and he seemed like a very sensitive guy, so I had to word it right.

Did I mention I liked white wine?

After Caroline left, I went to the liquor store and picked up another bottle of white wine — this one was for Marty. I went to his apartment and rapped on the door. He opened it and looked at me defiantly. At 5’8″, I was looking at him eye-to-eye. He was wrong if he thought he could intimidate me.

“Marty, I just wanted to apologize for making fun of you earlier. I bought this for you.” I handed him the bottle of wine, or tried to, because he had the door open only partially.

He couldn’t help but grin. “Oh? For me? Thank you.” He read the bottle’s label. “This certainly looks very fancy. I should go drink this now.” And at that he quietly shut the door in my face.

What an asshole.

I stood there for a moment, laughing at my predicament. I was crazy-nuts over this kooky canlı bahis guy and here he was planning to get high with this bottle I had given him.

I went back to my apartment and did a little bit of cleaning, then went to my bedroom, lied down and watched some television. Buddy curled up to me, my trustworthy and loyal man. I fell asleep and woke up about an hour-and-a-half later. My bedroom was on the fourth floor and has one window and I heard a tapping on it. What the heck…?

I turned on the light and peeked out the curtains. There was Marty, drunk as a skunk, standing in the grass, throwing pebbles at my window! I opened the lower half of the window and yelled out from behind the screen.

“What are you doing Marty? Why didn’t you just come to my door?”

“Oh, Melanie, Baby, I’m so sorry for the way I acted today,” he held his hands over his heart and fell to his knees. “Will you please come town and dalk to me? I won’t ever bother you for, like, anything ever again.”

I groaned. “Oh, alright. Hang on a minute.”

I took the stairs, as they would be faster, still dressed in my dress of that day. Marty tried to stand up when he saw me, but he fell back on his knees.

By this time it was dark outside. “Marty, come on, we should get you inside,” I said, trying to pick him up under his arms, throwing one of his arms around my shoulders. He could pick up his feet a little bit.

“Melanie, ohh, I’m sick, I drank that whole damn bottle and I think I had some in my house, but I’m not sure.”

Once we got in the elevator he seemed to be perfectly comfortable slumped over against the wall, so I let him stay there till we got to floor five. The elevator door moved to the side and I took him by his hands and slid him onto his floor, in front of his door. I searched the front of his jeans for his keychain. By this time he was out cold. I found the key and put him in bed, unbuckling his belt and taking off his boots. He was sure to regret this in the morning.

Part Four:

A few days had passed and I hadn’t seen Marty. There were no antics at my window, no words spoken during my dog walks. I let him be, like I thought he most likely wanted and Buddy was recovering from his operation.

Marty was still the center of my sexual fantasies, even though I couldn’t figure him out. He had gotten drunk on his ass and made a fool of himself to which Caroline suggested he was most likely embarrassed and hiding from me. I thought about this theory and thought it might be possible, but I wanted him more than ever. He was reckless, bad, rough — the kind of man my father would warn me about. He held down steady work in construction and I had seen the size of his hands when we were getting our mail at the same time awhile back; they were nice and big. He couldn’t have been any taller than 5’9″ and he was out to impress no one (as the readers can gather.) And all these things made him the most erotic creature I had ever come across. He was of average weight, but I noticed his thighs were thick and strong.

The Thursday morning after his drunken stupor I was putting the finishing touches on my make-up while I was getting ready for work when I heard a knock at the door. I looked through the peephole. It was Marty. I opened it and smiled.

“Hi Marty, how are you?”

He looked completely different than the way I was used to seeing him. He was still wearing the old jeans and t-shirt, but his posture was upright, he had a clean shave (no more five o’clock shadow) and his very slightly receding hairline was neatly combed. It was then I noticed just how stunning his light blue/green eyes were.

He grinned. He had a bouquet of roses in his arms. “I’m good, how are you, Melanie?”

“I’m fine, thanks.”

He cleared his throat. “The other night I must’ve come across as an awful….”


He chuckled and looked down. “Yeah. And, well, I got you these. If you’ll accept them. I just got completely wasted. I apologize. I was acting like a real jerk.”

I took the flowers as he handed them to me. I smiled at him square in the eye with that special little sparkle. “Of course I accept them, thank you. And don’t worry about the drunkenness, I think most of us have been there.”

“Well, thanks,” he tucked his hands in his front pockets. “I’m also here to ask you out on an official date. We have something between us, and I think you know it, so will you go out with me Friday night? My treat, 7:30?”

I grinned and blushed. “Sounds like a plan to me.”

“I’ll pick you up promptly. Are you heading off to work this morning? You look a little different.” He commented.

“I’m almost ready for work, I just have to put my lipstick on and then I can go,” I told him.

He held my upper arms and gently drew me close to him and kissed me very gently. It was a sweet, closed-mouthed kiss. “Your lipstick will be easier to put on now that they’re warmed up.” We held hands for a moment and then parted ways, as we both had to get to work.

All of Thursday during my workday was like a dream. I had been so urgent for him to ask me out and it certainly wasn’t my role to bahis siteleri ask men out, as I just am not comfortable doing it. We had had kind of a weird friendship and it evolved into…well, into a date. There was obviously no guarantees the date would lead anywhere, but I was looking forward to it nonetheless.

Friday when I came home from work, I checked my mailbox and saw Marty coming towards me with a basket of laundry. He smiled when he saw me.

“Hi there, you just get home?”

I nodded. “How was your day?”

“Good day. Come on, let’s take the elevator up together.”

Once in the elevator, we pressed four and five. We stood side-by-side for a moment when I hooked my finger into the side belt loop of his pants. He immediately dropped his laundry basket and kissed me passionately, his arms circling my waist. I was stunned at first at his sudden reaction. I couldn’t help myself, but I started making out with him too. All our tension was being released as we caressed each other. The elevator made a “ding!” sound as the door opened on my floor.

“See you tonight, Handsome,” I whispered in his ear.

That night I was dressed to the nines. I was wearing a skimpy black skirt and a white blouse with a diamond earrings and black flats (I couldn’t wear heels or I’d tower over him.) I was also wearing black, nylon stockings. I had put my raven locks in hot curlers and fixed my make-up differently — I put on pink lip gloss and curled my eyelashes and added blush, which I never did except on dates.

I had a nice figure. I was a full C-cup and was a tall girl at 5’8″ with long legs and a perky butt. I was a regular jogger, and although I hated it, I liked the results. My measurements were 36-25-35. I check my watch as I sat down. It was 7:25. I got up and put my nose in the vase of roses Marty had given me the day before. There was a rapping on my door. I opened it.

I grinned. “Hi Marty.”

“All ready for our big date?” He asked with that charismatic grin.

“Hang on, let me just grab my purse,” I said. I grabbed my purse from the couch. Marty lent his crooked arm out to me. I circled my arm around it and we went in the elevator, down to his car and on our way to the bar.

He looked very handsome in a pair of dark blue slacks and a white shirt with a tie. We were going to Gangrene’s, a bar and restaurant type of place.

He parked in the lot and before I got out, he told me to wait. I did so, and he came around the front of the car and opened my door for me and took my hand.

“Why thank you,” I said. We walked in, hand-in-hand. “Have you been here before?”

“Not in quite a while. Here, allow me,” he said, opening the building door for me. I smiled once more at his manners.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. How about drinks?”

“Drinks sound good.”

We took a couple of stools at the bar and ordered a couple of drinks — he wanted a Martini and I wanted a Screwdriver. We drank and talked, flirting, leaning on the counter, very much involved in each other’s words.

“So are you glad the work week is over?” I asked him.

I lifted my drink to my mouth. He put it back down. “You know I am. If it weren’t the end of the week, I wouldn’t be sitting here with you now.”

I smiled at him. “Be careful what you try to do with me.”

He chuckled. “Why? Do you think you can hurt me?”

“Not that I can hurt you, but I could send you to an early grave.”

His sexual urgency always seemed immediate, and he held my waist and put his lips next to my ear. “When did you want to test that theory?”

I gently put him back in his seat and whispered in his ear. “As soon as I finish my drink.”

He laughed out loud. “God, you’re torture.”

I took a drink and then put a hand on his strong thigh, then kissed the side of his cheek, smearing him with my lipstick just slightly. “You’re torturing me, too.” I looked down and saw quite a design in his pants. My hand started slithering up his thigh and he started to blush. We were in the corner of the bar, so I felt safe.

“So how are you liking California so far?” He asked, taking a sip of his drink.

“Oh, I love it, I love the weather. I used to live on a farm, which I didn’t mind, really; it taught me my work ethic.”

“Really? I didn’t know that about you. I come from Kansas.”

“Did you come here for the warm weather?” I asked him, sipping my Screwdriver.

“Well, I mostly wanted a fresh start. My folks didn’t get along too well, so when I was 18 I moved out here.”

“Well, I’m moving out here for more than the weather,” I admitted. “I needed a fresh start, too. I’m coming off a divorce.”

He nodded. “I’m divorced, too, so I know what you mean.”

There was a pause, then I spoke.

“Did you know that when I was a kid, Montana had no speed limits during the day?”

He smiled at me and put his glass down. “It seems you were going twice as fast you should, young lady.” At this point he lifted my hand from his leg and put it on my leg, savoring the moments.

“You have that effect on me,” I said to him and gave him a wink.

“Now it’s my turn to be forward,” bahis şirketleri he said. “Do you want to go back to your apartment?”

We got up from our seats. Marty paid the bartender, telling him to keep the tip. We got into the car and headed to our complex. I unbuckled my seatbelt and scooted next to Marty and began to kiss his earlobe.

“Oh Melanie, come on, we’re almost home. I can’t drive if you’re going to tease me.”

I laid it on him even thicker. “Oh, really? Why not?” Once more I put my hand on his thigh.

“I’m serious now, I can’t concentrate.”

I sat in my seat with a huff.

We arrived at our building and I opened my apartment door. I shut the door and he cornered me near the coat rack. He smiled with a naughty grin.

“So you think you’re big stuff, huh?”

“I think you’re the one that’s big stuff,” I retorted, looking down at his crotch.

He got down on his knees and took off my flats and caressed my legs and slipped his hand under my miniskirt. I moaned. He found the tops of my stockings and pulled them down and slipped them off completely. He stood up to face me once more.

“Such sexy, smooth legs,” he said, holding my hips.

I unbuckled his belt and searched for his dick. It was a big one. There was only one light on in my apartment, so I could only feel it. It was wet and hard. I was so aroused, so wet. He grabbed at my panties and slid them down and off.

“C’mere, Baby,” he said to me, digging his fingers into my hair and kissing my lips. I kissed him back, passionately. We groaned into each other’s mouths as our lips and tongues made love. I closed my eyes and let myself feel his body and tongue.

His hand slid down under my skirt and very gently he began to finger me. I was so wet, I felt drenched for him. In and out, in and out went his index finger. It was so pleasurable. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. He slid his finger out and put it up to my mouth. I opened up obligingly and sucked on it.

“Goddamn Baby, you’re hotter than hell.”

“I taste good,” I whispered to him. My head fell on his shoulder, totally defeated by my lust.

“I agree, Sweetheart,” he whispered in my ear after he also tasted his finger.

I grabbed his butt. Oh, I loved the feel of it, it was ecstasy. I was urging him to put it in me, but he was teasing me — like I had teased him earlier.

“Oh Marty,” I whispered in his ear. “Come on, I need it bad. I need you bad, I want it bad.”

“Go over to the couch, Sunshine.”

I could see where this was going. I went to the back of the couch and stood against it, facing him, slowly unbuttoning my blouse. He undid his tie and took his shirt off. It was hairy and masculine looking. It renewed my lust for him.

He put his hands on my breasts and we kissed with renewed passion and hotness. We breathed heavily into each other’s mouths and grinded into one another’s bodies. He unhooked my bra and stared at my tits.

“They’re beautiful.” And at that he bent down to suck them. I held his head, forcing his head furthermore into my cleavage.

He told me to turn around. I did so and I could feel him take off my skirt. My naked body before him, I felt liberated before this man I was so attracted to. I wanted him to fuck me. I spread my legs for him.

“Come on Marty, give it to me, Baby.”

“Oh, you want my cock, do you Sweetheart?”

I bit my lip at his dirty talk. I hung onto the back of the couch with all my strength. He eased his luscious cock into my pussy. I looked behind me to see him stroking my butt with his big hand. His pants and shorts were down partly, but not all the way off. I could feel myself opening up to him. His pre-cum was staining the beauty of my pussy — and I loved it. Soon, he was all the way in.

“Oooh, Marty, you know what to do now, Sweetie.”

“Such a sweet little pussy, so pink and innocent. It looks like it could use a full cock like mine, huh?”

I nodded, still looking back at him.

He began to rock back and forth, my pussy adjusting to the size of his dick. His meat was so delicious-feeling. He secured his hands on my hips tightly and I could read what he was about to do. I faced forward. He began to bang me with no pity, no teasing.

I couldn’t help but let go of the sexual ecstasy I was feeling: “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” With each inward thrust. My tits were bouncing with his thrusts.

The air of my apartment was filled not only with my noises, but with his. With his fucking motions he was moaning/talking: “Oh! Oh! God, yes Baby, fuck yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he would chant. We sounded like two jungle animals in our ritual fucking.

As Marty got more into it, he held me around the waist with his arms and leaned over my back, back against back, thrusting up into me, sex animal against sex animal, sweat dripping, skin glistening. I held onto his hands around my waist as I came. I came twice with two shudders of the body — once as I rubbed my clit furiously and madly as a mad woman would do, and once vaginally as his meat filled me up. As my pussy orgasm made my pussy walls grab at his cock, he could hold on no longer and he came inside of me, pumping me with rope after edible rope of cum that was mingling with my insides. We were both panting when he very softly pulled himself out of me. I stood up and turned around and grinned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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