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Cum In

The evening starts out with you bringing dinner in and taking your seat across the table. I start to get distracted by the way you look tonight and with my distraction comes dinner conversation of a mildly more erotic nature. I pause to take in what you are wearing; I see a silky black dress that falls to just above your knee, the dress shows plenty of cleavage. The bra that is no doubt underneath your dress probably matching in colour and lacy takes full advantage of this, pushing your breasts out and tempting my eye during dinner. Your legs are clad in black stockings question is, are they thigh high or higher, and lastly what else is under the dress.

As the meal goes on and I suspect you have something planned, I can see it in your eyes and how the conversation turns sexual. We both finish eating and a few more sexual remarks are exchanged you declare “I need some dessert.” You rise up off the chair just enough to slide it out from underneath of you, then you sink to your knees. I lose sight of you under the table and can not see much due to the very long table cloth when I lean over to look for you. The next time I am aware of where you are is when I feel your hands on my knees, parting them and running your hands up along my thighs. Your hands slowly brush up over my crotch undoing the zipper and the buttons on my dress pants. You coo as you find out that I am wearing boxers and you quickly undo the button and fish me out of the hole in my boxers. I feel your mouth close on me, taking all of my soft cock into your mouth, your lips close around the base and your tongue rolls around me. You moan as you feel me grow harder and I begin to fill your mouth. I feel your head begin to bob up and down as I fill your mouth too much for my entire length to güvenilir bahis fit, as I continue to rise to my full size one of your hands wraps around me and begins pumping me up and down in time with your mouth.

Your free hand begins tugging at the waist line of my pants so I use my hands to prop myself up on the chair to help you do as you please. Never missing a beat you continue to work my shaft with mouth and hand while simultaneously removing my pants. One of my hands snakes down under the table cloth and rubs the back of your neck, not forcing your head down further but an encouragement to keep going, with my other hand I begin to unbutton my shirt.

Finally I am nude then pull away, my cock makes a popping noise as it frees itself from your mouth. “Hey where are you going.” I hear from under the table as you finally begin to emerge from beneath the table. I help you to your feet, pull you to me, kissing you deeply. I can taste my cock on your lips and tongue which only solidifies my lust for you. Under my direction we walk towards the table never taking a moment away from the kisses. Your butt bumps into the table and I keep pushing, I grab your ass and squeeze firmly causing you to jump a bit, which helps me get you up on the table. Your legs quickly wrap around me pulling me close to you, your stocking encased thighs feel wonderful on my bare skin, I figure out that you are in hose tonight as my cock presses up against your nylon covered crotch. I feel your heat and dampness through the nylon and reflexively begin to grind my hips into yours. We both groan as our crotches rub together, knowing what is to come later.

I begin kissing at your neck my arms wrapping around you and my hands seeking the zipper on the back of your dress. I türkçe bahis pull the zipper down and pull the straps off of your shoulders, kissing my way down your chest. You free your arms from the straps of your dress and run your fingers through my hair and groaning as I kiss the tops of your breasts. I unhook your bra, and pull it off of and toss it to the floor, you lean back on the table holding yourself up. My mouth immediately seeks out a nipple, you gasp as I close my lips around it and swirl my tongue around it. I push you back so you are laying flat, your legs still dangle off the table, I raise your legs up and spread them to take in the sight if your shaven, nylon covered pussy.

I rub your pussy through the pantyhose just long enough for you to start grinding your hips against my hand, fed up with just feeling wet nylon I tear the crotch out of your pantyhose. I dive in between your legs and lick your slit from bottom to top, your back arches, your hands run through my hair and your heels drag across my back. I suck on your clit and roll my tongue around it, you moan out loud and cup one of your breasts in your hand to squeeze it and pull at your nipple. You squirm all over the table, so much so that I hold on tight to your thighs so you can not escape my mouth as I continue to flick my tongue over your clit and occasionally lap up the juices flowing from your hole. I eventually gain enough control over your movements to free a hand, my mouth concentrates on your clit as I take a finger and rub it slowly around the entrance to your pussy before slowly plunging it in. You cry out loud and your heels dig into my back so I cant pull my face away from you, I play with your clit, moving my tongue as fast as it will go. I add a second finger inside güvenilir bahis siteleri you and probe for your g-spot, your breathing is very heavy and both of your hands are massaging your breasts.

“Now, I want it now” You say as you grab my hair and pull me up from between your legs by the hair with both hands. My face is pulled towards yours, your legs lock around my waist and pull me towards you. Our lips meet with a fierce kiss, my cock just misses the entrance to your pussy, sliding up and hitting your clit causing you to convulse with pleasure. With out breaking our kiss I reach down and adjust myself and I push forwards into you. I do not slow down for a moment until I am as far in as I can go. I pause savouring the feeling of your pussy surrounding my entire shaft. I pull out until only my head is inside, I rock back and fourth so just my head slips in and out of you revelling in the repeated sensation of initial penetration. Finally my urges take over and I begin thrusting hard and regularly. Our kiss finally ends and you lean back on one hand as your other rushes to your clit, you rub it furiously while you stare into my eyes. Both of my hands go to your nipples tugging at them while repeatedly slamming into you. Your hips start bucking your, breathing gets heavy and your moaning becomes more regular and higher pitched. I feel your pussy begin to clench my shaft rhythmically only moments before you cry out “Oh god I’m cumming”. Your arms wrap around me, pulling me into a kiss, your legs wrap around me making sure I cant leave you. I only make it half way through your orgasm before I fill you with my own orgasm, we stay intertwined until our breathing slows to something nearly reasonable. Slowly I pull out of you and sit in a chair just behind me, your legs are still spread so I can see the torn and soaked remains of your nylons and the white bead of my cum slowly seeping from you. You make a come hither motion with your finger and say, “I think it is time for your dessert.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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