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Big Dick

Okay seriously, I wrote five previous installments. You really want to start here and miss all the parts where we killed the zombies and brought peace to the middle east?

“Okay” I said as I got to the car at the end of the day carrying my over sized purse filled with sunscreen, a tablet and a ton of girl stuff I think I need everyday but sometimes never return to at all, and the dozen roses my so called “Secret Admirer” had sent me that day, “how did you do it?”

“How did I do what?” Brent asked.

“Send me roses from work.” I replied with a smile that a hundred cold slaps wouldn’t get off my face.

“I thought they were from a secret admirer” He said, grinning as we left the club property.

“Yeah, he’s a secret to everyone but me!” I laughed. I had been hit on most of the morning by the usual sun burned golfers who started drinking too early and remembered their dignity too late, but once the roses arrived they shied away and were replaced with gawking women members and female co workers desperate to find out who had sent them, Even Gail, my supervisor, came by for a while to try to gently pry into my affairs, but I gave no hint of knowing from where they came. All the ladies were happy for me though, as nothing makes the white suburban house wife purr like a notion of romance.

“So, how’d you do it? I asked again.

“Really? And you call me dumb.” he giggled, holding up his smart phone and a debit card.

“Simple and effective. I like it Secret Agent Anderson.” I joked.

This began a trend that lasted all summer and into the college year of leaving each other secret messages of love however we could. It became a game to us. I would find a card from my secret admirer in the cash drawer after a bathroom break, he would get a picture of my boobies from a blocked number that had a note that said “thinking of you” on a sticky between them. This one almost backfired when he didn’t recognize me due to the florescent lighting making me look yellowish and thought it was from one of the housewives by the pool, or one of his former girlfriends in our town from before he left for college.

Several of his former romances did show up by the pool that summer and rather than ignore them, he had to be nice lest someone at the club get the idea we were an item. That just couldn’t get out in our small suburban community as we had spent the last several years of school in the foster care of the Andersons, a well to do couple who were kind enough to take us in, and who were like parents to both of us. It felt hillbilly enough to us for our romance to blossom as it had after and there was nothing to be gained by dragging the Anderson’s good name through what might be perceived as a scandalous affair. We had both come to grips with our attraction as we recognized that we weren’t really brother and sister, were both 18 and free to do as we liked, and certainly it was genetically and legally okay, but it still seemed kind of hillbilly so it was best not let it become public knowledge. Ultimately I figured we would have to tell the Andersons, but probably not until I too shipped off to college and we could openly be together many miles away from the prying eyes of country clubs and gated communities.

Still, the surreptitious nature of our relationship was a bit of turn on. I liked having a secret the world didn’t know, and it was fun to shoot down the drunks flirting with me at the country club in full view of their wives, the ever increasing number of guys from my old school who “just happened to drop by” to say hello when they never had when we were in class together, and whose eyes never rose above my chest for some reason, while Brent did the same with the golfer’s wives and his former lovers. My favorite crew was the Danny Survivors Support Club as I called them, other girls who he had filmed with his smart phone camera to whom I was a hero no less in their eyes than Joan of Arc for kicking his ass and getting my ass suspended in the process. This was one scandal Allison Anderson, my foster mother, was happy to have and prior to leaving on vacation she took great pride in telling all who would hear that her dear Jessie had “taken care of that scoundrel that had defiled her!” The survivors club was worried that Danny had sent me the roses, but Sandy pointed out that she thought he was in the hospital getting his nose rebuilt from where I had kicked him in the face with the cutest little boots any of them could remember seeing, so it was unlikely he was able to send flowers. We had gossiped and chatted all afternoon as they vacillated between the pool, the concession stand I ran, and Brent’s life guard chair. Sandy, who I thought looked quite attractive in a bikini that was a bit too risque for suburbia, had asked me to introduce her to Brent as she had heard he was unattached at the moment. I warned her off, telling her he had come home from college in love with some girl and wasn’t going to be dating this anyone else this summer.

These were my thoughts as I rode home with Brent that afternoon, and I canlı bahis şirketleri must have smelled my roses a hundred times on the way. Finally I remembered his text, and asked “So what fantasy are you going to fulfill of mine?”

This had puzzled me, as I didn’t recall ever discussing my fantasies with Brent.

“Oh, you’ll see. Let’s get cleaned up and go out to dinner, unless you feel like cooking.” he replied.

“Cryptic. I like that.” I smiled, thinking to myself that if his idea of my fantasy was having his dick up my butthole again he was wrong. “No, I don’t want to cook, dinner sounds good. Dress casual?”

“Oh sure, whatever you want to wear.” he said.

I guess I should say that I can cook, and am pretty good at it from the years of experience I got cooking when my mom was too drunk or stoned or too busy stripping or too busy selling ass to take care of me. This fourth point was what ultimately got me removed from her custody several years before and began the chain of lousy living situations I endured until I landed at the Anderson’s just before the start of my junior year in school. But I didn’t want to cook and it would be nice to get out of the house for an evening.

We both showered, separately so that wasn’t the fantasy, and I put on a mid thigh black denim skirt and a blue sleeveless top that buttoned up the front with a collar. No need for hosiery, and I wore comfy cotton panties (with I think pictures of panda bears on them) as my ass was still a bit too tender still from the pounding last night to wear a thong. My bra didn’t match my panties, but it was a comfortable one that perked my already perky C cups up nicely. The real bitch was I never wore much make up or fixed my hair to work by the pool, so I had to basically start at ground zero in the application of junk to my face and hair to “bring out my best” as my foster mother Allison would say.

I went downstairs where Brent was waiting, looking nice in a pair of khakis and a retro tee. We left for a dinner I assumed would be at one of the local restaurants, but instead Brent drove about twenty miles to a neighboring town for dinner at a local meat and three which while good and filling, wasn’t any more spectacular than a number of closer places. It was nice being in another town though where no one knew us as I could walk with Brent’s arm around me and hold his hand in public.

Next we went to the town’s theater where Brent got tickets to an otherwise unimportant romantic comedy with Julia Roberts in it. I thought the fantasy might be something to do with sex in a dark theater for a minute, then remembered this was supposed to be my fantasy and I never had one about that. I considered that maybe he was confusing something some skank at his college had said for something from me, but decided that no, that didn’t’ feel right. He was enjoying me trying to figure it out too much, like it was a puzzle he had constructed for me to solve.

About an hour in, it was apparent that Julia was going to get her man, and the theater seats were designed with arm rests that lifted up out of the way to let couples sit closer. Oh sure, it was Wednesday, and the theater was practically empty, but it was liberating none the less. The one that would have divided us had been out of the way all night, and I had enjoyed snuggling up against my man brazenly out in the world like we were on a date like any other couple.

“That’s it!” I thought to myself, and I believed it was a close race between that and the roses earlier for the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me. Just to feel like everyone else, like I fit it, was the best gift Brent could have given me. Maybe he’s not as romantically inept as I though. I pulled his arm tighter around me as I lay my head on his shoulder to watch the screen and pay no attention what so ever to the movie. For all I know, Julia got kidnapped by alien shark men. I didn’t care. I was on a real date with my boyfriend, and life was perfect.

The movie ended and we walked to the car hand in hand, like a regular couple, although instead of walking I may have skipped a bit, or even floated. Brent had once again made me blissfully happy. “Thanks!” I said at the car as I stood on my tip toes and threw my arms around his neck for our first kiss in a public place.

“You’re welcome” He said, “But what are you thanking me for?”

“For taking me on a date you dummy!” I grinned, “that’s the best fantasy you could have fulfilled for me!”

“That’s a fantasy of yours?” He asked, “Why? You’ve been to dinner and the movies before.”

“Not with you!” I said, smiling and wrapping my arms around him as I leaned back a little to talk and at the same time pressing my hips against his groin.

“What? Of course you have. That’s about all we did last summer before I left for school.”

“That was with the Andersons, that’s not a date silly.”

“No, we went with just us sometimes.” he reminded me.

“Okay, but next week when Ron and Allison come home, we can’t go out like this.” I added.

“Sure canlı kaçak iddaa we can.”

“Yeah, but you won’t be able to hold my hand or put your arm around me” I said, and almost added “or stand here with our junk grinding together in a crowded parking lot” but it would have ruined the mood to say it.

“Why not?” I did last year.

This took a moment of reflection. Last year Brent had, I thought, treated me like a little sister, although I am only a few months younger than him. He would take my hand at street crossings or when we were in a hurry so I wouldn’t fall behind, which was silly I thought as I could probably out run him, even in heels maybe. He had often placed his arm around me lovingly, and I again had always thought it was him being the big brother. But two days ago, he confessed that all his gentle flirtations were because he loved me. Now it dawned on me that taking me on a date, and putting his arm around me, and holding hands, well, that was his fantasy. And I was making it come true.

“So this was to show me that we could date once Ron and Allison get back? I asked.

“No, I just figured you might want to see a movie and neither of us felt like cooking.” he replied.

“Ugggg” I grunted as I opened the door and got in the car. “I’m beginning to have a fantasy about celibacy on the last night we can be intimate now.” I deadpanned, reminding him in my subtle way that Aunt Flo was due for her monthly visit starting sometime late tomorrow.

“Oh, don’t be that way. When we get home, I’ll explain everything.” he said.

“This better be good” I said in a clearly faux angry voice, giggling as I did so, crossing my arms across my chest, pouting overtly and stamping my foot once for good measure, before smiling at him again. My secret boyfriend had taken me on a real date, whatever else the night held, this was a good night.

We made some small talk on the way, but mostly I studied his hand in mine, memorizing every tiny wrinkle and scare, each curve around a knuckle, just everything about him, I wanted to learn each and ever inch of his body, just as I wanted to learn each thought in his mind. I hoped he felt the same about me. I didn’t feel like I was just another conquest, but his trying to leave this morning was still in the back my mind. Some fears are easily overcome, and to a foster kid, even one who is now an adult and could leave her foster home whenever she wanted, rejection is the greatest fear of all.

When we got home, I half expected clowns to jump out of the topiary or something, but it was completely normal. Nothing was out of place, and after we went in, he asked if I was tired and wanted to go to bed.

“Sure, I guess.” I said. “Are you sleeping with me tonight?”

“Of course” he replied.

“My room or yours?”

“Yours has a bathroom, girls like having bathrooms,” He said, altering his voice to sound like a stoner or moron in a weak attempt at humor.

“Okay, mine it is.” I said and began going up the stairs.

“Wait, you said you would tell me what fantasy you were fulfilling when we got home.”

“Just a few more steps and I will.” he said, then at the top of the stairs concluded “I’ve got to get something out of my room, can I meet you in five?”

“Sure.” I replied.

I went in my room, figuring the fantasy had something to do with what ever he was getting, and quickly changed. I decided to just wear my regular pj’s and camisole to bed, but I ditched the panties figuring that sex was going to come into this somewhere, as it had every night and morning since we became a couple, all two days of it. Three now. I turned off the overhead, turned on the table lamp and slid between the covers. A moment later Brent entered wearing basketball shorts that came down to nearly his knees, walked around the bed and crawled in beside me. Most girls would kill to have an Adonis like Brent beside them in bed, with his muscles and blue eyes, but I was getting irritated at him. He wasn’t carrying anything else. Then he waited for me to speak.

Laying on my back when he entered, I rolled towards him and asked “Well, are you going to tell me what fantasy we did?



“Normality. Its the fantasy of every foster kid, but you in particular. I wanted you to feel normal. Because you are, and because I love you.”

It was silent for a moment, but after the long pause had given me plenty of time to come up with a reply, the only thing I could think to say was “What?”

“Look” he began, sliding his arm underneath and around me, embracing me gently, as his other hand reach across his body and slowly rubbed my tummy in big lazy circles, “I know you don’t want to talk about last night, but one of your rules referred to us thirty years from now. I wanted to show you what we will be like then. We will be just a normal couple, going out to dinner, like we do, maybe watching a movie. Honestly if there was anything worth watching on Wednesday nights I would have just stayed in with you and ordered pizza. But I wanted to show canlı kaçak bahis you that thirty years from now, we will be normal.”

He was right, but it was the least sexy fantasy I could think of, and given that we had such great make up sex that morning, I was hoping for something,.. well, more erotic.

“So for my fantasy you picked that we could go to dinner and a movie in thirty years if Matlock wasn’t on. I see.” I rolled over away from him and said “You’re stupid.” I left enough humor in my voice that he would know I was just kidding, but if he wanted “normal” I was perfectly willing to roll over and go to sleep like I had normally for the previous 18 years of my life.

“Why is that stupid?” He asked.

I rolled back towards him and said. “Honey bunch, I didn’t say it was stupid, I said you were” as I smiled.

“Well, why am I stupid?” he asked.

Now I was getting a bit exasperated, “Brent, I love you, but we don’t even know if we’ll last this summer. Hell, after last night and this morning we don’t know if we’ll last this week. And you’re planning how we act thirty years from now?”

“Last night you were planning that as well.”

“Well I didn’t mean to make you think…, oh shit. Look, I hope we make it. I really do. I would love nothing more than to grow old with you in a McMansion in the burbs. I love you more than anything or anyone, but we can’t see the future. Most couples don’t make it. And you! You have so many women after you,, well, you could, … you could fall in love with another girl at any minute.” I finally got the words out through my shaky, cracking voice as the horrible image entered my mind of losing Brent to another. I was almost crying when he finally replied.

“Jessie, if I ever fall in love with another girl” he said, and the words alone stabbed my heart, “it will be because she looks like you, has the same last name, and calls us mom and dad.”

“Oh god” I gasped then attacked his mouth with a long kiss. How is it he always says the exact right thing?

My tears of happiness dripped onto his face as I smothered his mouth with mine, our tongues entwined and time frozen.

Finally in the midst of what was our most passionate kiss to date it occurred to me what to say.

“Okay look Ace,” I began, my index finger thumping into his chest, “First off a dream of the future isn’t a fantasy, it something we’re going to have to work for and build together. Agreed?”

“Agreed. I guess you are right about that.” he admitted calmly. “And second?”

“And second” I answered, “Your dick had better be hard because its going inside me as soon as I get these pajama bottoms off.”

I lifted my hips off the bed quickly and pulled them down, kicking them first off one foot and then the other, while Brent, surprised into in action for a moment, got his shorts to his knees before I dove on top of him, throwing my left leg across his waist, reaching between my legs and aiming his cock at my pussy. I wasn’t totally wet yet, but my core burned and the juices were on their way. Likewise he wasn’t totally hard yet, but he was hard enough and I figured that a few moments in my hot, wet snatch would take care of that problem. As usual, I figured right.

The head of his cock pushed my mostly dry outer lips apart and about an inch into me he passed the level of normal vaginal moisture and tapped into my molten pit of nasty cunt juice. I slide down as far as I could comfortably with the outward dryness, and this really didn’t feel particularly good, then rose back up letting his cock take my natural lubricant to the outside, and we were ready to go. I had fantasized about being on top before and was happy I could try it. It seemed perfectly natural as I began rocking my hips against his, rolling my pussy up and down his now fully erect, throbbing shaft. Soon our moans and heavy breathing filled the air.

Brent reached up to massage my breasts as our bodies synchronized into a natural rhythm. He lifted my camisole over my head as I used his pelvic bone to massage my not throbbing clit. Orgasm was quickly building within me, Brent held my waist and began pumping his cock into me from below even more, and I picked up the pace to match his thrusts. I closed my eyes and let the feeling of pure sexual abandon wash over me. Recall that I had always had a negative self image, but as I closed my eyes and imagined his cock inside, spraying his seed directly into my womb, it somehow occurred to me that I would never feel this comfortable and confident if I were naked in front of any one else, much less naked and riding their member with such wanton abandon.

I opened my eyes at this revelation, as I realized the love I had for Brent had altered my basic being and made me stronger, better, and more confident of the woman that I was. Brent had his eyes closed and his brow was sweating as we continued to fuck each other, with a feeling that was so natural that it seemed almost wholesome somehow. I leaned forward until my face was near enough to kiss him, and showered his face with tiny pecks of my lips before our mouths intertwined. His thrusting came to a stop and I thought that perhaps he had already launched his creamy load into me, but he remained rock hard and just smiled as I slowly ground my pussy onto his member.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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