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I had just stepped on the train after a long day at work. There’s a lady dressed in a business suit sitting in my usual seat at the end of the carriage. No problem, I think to myself, there’s a seat opposite her free, so I head towards it. She looks up, our eyes meet and she smiles the most warming smile. I smile back, glad to have given my favoured seat to such a pleasing smile. She’s wearing a figure-hugging black suit with a skirt…elegant, professional, and very alluring I notice that one side of her skirt has ridden up, no doubt as she sat down. I often daydream and fantasise about just such a woman…

I place my bag in the overhead rack before I sit down and notice her movement. Maybe thinking I need more space she moves her leg aside. I look across because the movement has slightly parted her legs. I ponder whether that’s a stocking top I can see. I look up and make eye contact again…she smiles once more with a twinkle in her eye. I smile back, her legs remain slightly parted.

As the train moves on and we settle into the commute, people leave as we pass the suburban rush hour. Eventually it is just the two of us left in that area of seating, with a handful of commuters in the rest of the carriage. A crossword puzzle appears to keep her attention and as she drops her pen I instinctively bend down to reach it. Her leg moves further, widening the gap between her thighs. This time the stocking tops are clearly on display…is that her knickers i can see beyond? The gentleman in me averts my eyes before I can fully confirm. We make eye contact again, this time a wink confirms the deliberate act.

I feel my arousal begin as I try to discreetly reposition my growing erection through my trousers. I wasn’t as discreet as I might have thought as she again smiles a knowing smile as our eyes meet for more than a glance.

Her hand reaches down and tugs upwards gently at the front hem of her skirt, scratches slightly and leaves the skirt in this new position, now enabling a glimpse of her inner thigh above the stocking top. She licks her lips, confirming that she is enjoying this game, further upping the stakes by fanning her legs apart güvenilir bahis in a swift and playful motion. The widening provides me with the perfect flash of her most private area, a nestled, lacy image that immediately draws a gasp from me. I smile my appreciation for the gesture, an apparent reward for my pen drop chivalry.

Partly to adjust my erection and partly to see if this game can be continued, I stand and reach for my bag in the luggage rack. My swollen trousers are now closer for her to see…she has no doubt how turned on I am. Her lips part as she mouths her interest, and when a sudden jolt of the train moves me forwards, her hands move to hold my hips for support. I thank her.

” My pleasure,” she replies, “Are you leaving me?

“No, just getting my bag down to put next to me, now that the train is quieter,” I say.

“Good, I’m just starting to enjoy your company,” she replied, smiling.

She pats the seat next to her, encouraging me to sit there rather than back in the seat opposite. I feel initially disappointed to lose the view, but she moves her hand to my trousers and lightly strokes my obvious bulge.

“Is this ok?” she asks.

I nod and she takes hold of my hand and places it under the hem of her skirt.

“It’s only fair,” she says.

I stroke her thigh gently, her skin feels smooth, warm to the touch. I feel her gently stroke the end of my pulsing cock through my trousers with her finger. I move my hand up, pushing the fabric of her skirt higher. She gasps as the tips of my fingers touch the delicate outline of her lips, the lace allowing the skin to protrude delicately and soft.

My hand moves up…feeling the lace covered mound of this most secret of places. Using just a finger to move to the side of her lips I feel her shiver. Her finger stops rubbing my cock as she concentrates fully on where my finger is heading.

My finger continues its exploring…then I stop, checking that she is giving her approval. She moans quietly…”keep going.” I continue, feeling the most delicate of panty edges, lacy, sexy. My finger continues, under the panties. I feel the unmistaken ridge of a lip, türkçe bahis wet, silky, swollen under my finger. I gently stroke up and down.

My finger begins a journey up towards the already erect clitoris, gently touching the nub, side to side, before continuing back down the other side, the lips here equally wet, the panties forming no barrier for her juices.

Breathing heavily, her finger begins to stroke me again, teasing precum onto the tip of my trapped cock. Her other hand unbuttons her blouse and begins to stroke and flick at her nipple, bra pulled down. I begin to make regular strokes around her lips, increasing the time spent on the clit, feeling the heat develop. I see no-one is left in the carriage so I ask her to unzip me, the pressure needing to be eased.

My finger moves down to her soaking entrance, I position my thumb onto her clit…pushing gently to provide some pressure. My finger begins to move in and out…coaxing the pulses of her pussy. My thumb increases and decreases the pressure in unison with my finger.

She now has my cock gripped firmly in her hand and notices the precum drooling on my cock and moves her hand from her nipple to take some, licking it with a smile on her face. I increase the pace of my finger in her pussy, her moans telling me she is feeling the sensations as much as I’m enjoying giving them.

I feel her body begin to writhe up from the seat as I fuck her harder with my fingers. She continues to pull on my cock, finding it difficult to keep a rhythm as her body begins to convulse with the onset of her first orgasm. I stop momentarily to allow her to enjoy that feeling on the edge. Her eyes are pleading with me to continue, her chest blushing with the heat that’s being generated.

I begin to finger fuck her again, sensing she needs to orgasm as her bottom rises from the seat, her neck and face begin to look fully flushed with beads of sweat as her juices flow onto my hand…three fingers now entering her as she simultaneously uses her own fingers to rub her clitoris to a crescendo. She releases my cock and buckles towards me, her legs crush my hand as her whole body shakes with the güvenilir bahis siteleri release of her orgasm. She cries out in ecstasy as her head collapses onto my chest.

I stroke her hair as she enjoys the feelings rushing through her body. Her hand finds its way back to my cock, moving her face around to take me, licking the flowing precum before moving her head down and back up. I notice her other hand is seeking out her hot, wet clitoris again, knowing that she can enjoy the continuing pleasure of her body while not leaving me out of this sexual adventure. Her hand moves with a persistent urgency in her lacy underwear, pacing it with the increasing pressure she is placing on my cock. I’m starting to feel the release is near, anticipating the explosion to come, but not wanting it to end. I sense her second orgasm is coming as wet, whimpering sounds come from her cock filled mouth. She releases me as the wave hits her, sweat and heat now filling her matted hair. The look of hunger for the sex we both feel is etched on her face. She stands, shakily at first, reaches under her skirt to remove her knickers. She lifts her skirt above her waistline, showing me her red and swollen pussy. I reach forward to lick, she pushes me back…

“No…I want to fuck you,” she says, the urgency to have her third orgasm clear.

She positions herself and sits on me, easily sliding onto my cock and beginning a rhythmic motion as I take a nipple into my mouth. She moves faster and faster, her body gasping for air as the feelings once more begin to ripple through from her pussy to her chest, filling her whole body with tingling sensations that she has not experienced before. She begins to shake as she fucks me harder and harder, shouting for me to cum inside her, to release my load and fuck her harder. I feel completely at her mercy as I feel the seed well up inside me…her pussy squeezing my cock as her orgasm hits. We both scream out as we feel our orgasms collide, our bodies wet with sweat and sex.

“Oh god, I can’t move” she says, her head stuck in a sweaty embrace with my head.

As she calms I help her up, knowing the train is nearing our stop.

“I love you…more than ever…” I say, as my wife lifts her head and we kiss passionately for the first time that day.

“Let’s go home and do that again” she says as she picks up her knickers and places them in my hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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