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Big Tits

Special thanks to the editorial skills of REMARCSD. Without his help I would still be stumbling in the dark with grammar and punctuation.


“By the power invested in me by the great State of New Hampshire, and with my full approval, I now pronounce you man and wife and…,”Bert Winston, Justice of the Peace and father of both of the brides, paused and looked at his new son-in-law, Gary Clark and then at his oldest child, Sharon before peering over his half glasses at the other bride, his son Bruce.. ‘Not exactly the most traditional wedding I’ve ever officiated,’ Bert thought, ‘nor are either of them virgins but they are my children and I love them with all my heart.’ A wry smile formed on his lips before he mirthfully continued. “I pronounce you man and wife and Bruce. Gary, you may kiss your bride….ah make that your brides.”

Gary Clark lifted Sharon’s lace veil and took her into his arms and tenderly kissed her. “I love you Sharon Clark.” His hard-on pressed against her and he felt her return the pressure. “Such a naughty girl,” he whispered.

Sharon laughed and then began to happily cry and told him, “I love you Gary, and yes I am.” A lock of long brown hair escaped the sprig of Baby’s Breath holding it in place. Gary pushed it back for her.

Gary next took Bruce, his other bride into his arms and tenderly kissed him. He knew how Bruce worried about his appearance but, thanks to his mother Marie, he looked stunning. He ran his hand through Bruce’s shoulder length blonde hair and told him, “You look so beautiful honey and you make me so proud to be your husband.” Although he’d kissed Bruce numerous times in front of his father in-law, he wanted to make sure this time memorable. Taking him into his arms, he kissed Bruce with as much passion as he could. Caught up in the moment, he held him by his firm little bottom and pulled his sexy new bride into his growing hard-on. Bruce’s short skirt rode up and exposed his pretty panties and white cheeks to his father. Loud enough for everyone to hear, Gary told him, “I can’t wait to make love to you as your husband.”

“I can’t either darling,” Bruce breathlessly gushed. “I love you so much and I promise to always make you happy.” Bruce felt his husband’s cock and moaned softly and pressed his back at him. “You feel so good.” With his heart tripping like a snare drum and his cock begging for release, Bruce turned and embraced his sister and now wife and kissed her. “I love you so much Sharon and I can’t wait to share the rest of my life with you and Gary.” Their incest had been out in the open for months so there was no reason to pretend they hadn’t been fucking for a long time so no one batted an eye when he said, “And I can’t wait to make love to you for the first time as your husband.”

“Damn,’ Bert Winston said under his breath. His cock was swelling with blood as he watched his son and daughter kiss. He would have given anything to be able to kiss either one of them like that. Their incest was a huge turn on for him and as much as he’d love to fuck his daughter, it was his breathtaking, cross-dressing son that drove him crazy. He’d never been with a man before but the idea of fucking his son had become all consuming.

Sharon, always the brassy one, told her younger brother, “And I can’t wait to fuck you as your wife for the first time. I love you so much Bruce and I’m so excited to not only be your sister but your wife now also.” It was all she could do not to reach under his short skirt and find his cock. “Oh Brucie, we’re going to be so happy and have so much fun…all three of us.” Guilt free, she passionately kissed him and ground her body into his. Not caring what anyone thought, she hooked a leg around him and ground her cunt against this throbbing cock. Out of breath, she whispered, “Damn you make me so horny.” When she finally broke their embrace, she glanced at her father. He was smiling from ear to ear. His eyes told her he not only approved but also that he might even be a little envious. She knew he liked watching them make out and his infatuation for Bruce, since he started dressing as a girl was obvious to all of them. She and Bruce often joked about how their father had the hots for him and they’d done everything they could to encourage him to do something about it, but so far he’d never even made a pass or indicated in any way that he wanted any part of their incest. She, Bruce and Gary and especially their mother wanted to change all that… today! She gave her father an amused smile and saucily said, “I thought you’d be used to seeing us kiss by now dad.”

Bert Winston shook his head and chuckled. “Honey, seeing you and Bruce kiss as brother and sister is bad enough but seeing two hot beautiful girls kissing… well honey, I don’t ever want to get use to that. You have no idea what a turn on that is.” He chuckled again. “You’re both killing me.” He kissed his son’s cheek and told him, “It’s not your fault Bruce, you and your sister are just too damn beautiful, so forgive me for getting a little flustered when I see you two kissing like that.” Looking at his son in-law, he told him, “I feel etlik escort blessed that my children have married a man that is so obviously in love with both of them. You’ve made their mother and me very happy as well as very proud.” It also made him jealous. He knew it wasn’t right to want to fuck his daughter and son but he couldn’t help it. He really wanted to. Their incest turned him on but he hadn’t worked up the nerve to tell them that, or how much he wanted to be part of their illicit lovemaking. He wasn’t even sure they would even be interested so he’d kept silent. But incest… their incest was all he thought about.

Bert stood back and admired the brides and told them, “I can say unequivocally, that I’ve never married two more beautiful women.” His compliment was directed mainly to his son, but he knew his daughter would appreciate it too. They were wearing matching outfits; sheer white blouses, short white miniskirts, white nylons and heels. Sharon, he thought, looked dazzling in her four inch heels while Bruce, who still hadn’t quite conquered anything that dangerous, was wearing a pair of more sensible two inch heels. The fact that neither was wearing a bra made it impossible for him not to stare and admire their tits. Sharon’s conical shaped breasts and perfect little rose tipped nipples looked mouthwatering under her all but transparent blouse, but seeing his son with tits… that was something! His were perfectly proportioned synthetic breasts that made him ache to touch them. Each breast was topped by the most perfect little cherry pink nipple. They were a gift from his new husband Gary, and if he hadn’t known they were false, he would have sworn they were the real thing. Bruce had chosen a voluptuous 34 C cup model to flatter his petite 5′ 3″ frame, while Sharon, two inches taller, had the perfect body for her 36 B cup breast. His dick was ready to burst as he gazed from one pair to the other. ‘Tits are tits, a cute ass is a cute ass,’ Bert Winston silently mused, and his son and daughter had each.

He remembered how ready he had been to throw them out after they’d shocked him by telling him about their incest. But when they explained to him that they weren’t just fucking each other for fun but that they actually loved each other and were committed to the other, his anger gradually turned to curiosity and then to what it was now, pure envy and lust. He had often stood outside their bedroom and listened to them fuck and wanted more than anything to join them. On one level, he was actually very proud of them and their incest and it killed him that he wasn’t able to brag about them to his friends. They were both adults so there was really nothing he could say or even wanted to say to them other than he wished he could join them. Just when he’d come to grips with their incest, they’d dropped the next bombshell on him. His son came out of the closet and not only informed him that he was bisexual but that he was now going to live his life as a girl. The first time, well, actually the second time, he’d seen his son dressed as a girl was still fresh in his memory. He’d thought him gorgeous and it had taken his breath away to realize he was looking at his son. It didn’t matter what he wore, jeans, dress, tight skirt or butt hugging shorts, he looked fantastic! There was nothing that wasn’t feminine about him… her when he was dressed like that. For awhile it drove him crazy trying to understand why his daughter would want to make love with her brother if he was now a girl. ‘Who’s the guy and who’s the girl?’ At the time, it was an unanswerable question. Much to their surprise, he had insisted on expanding Sharon’s bedroom so the two of them could comfortably share the same room. It made him feel like a mischievous little cupid to know he’d made it easier for them to fuck. “Since your practically living as man and wife, I thought you should at least be able to share the same bed… and closet.” The kids loved what he’d done.

Their mother Marie, on the other hand had had no time to adjust to the idea that her children were having sex. Almost two years ago, she had accidentally walked in on them one day as they were fucking. After much talk she had not only ended up promising them that she’d keep their secret from their father, but had also become sexually involved with them. Now that they were married, she hoped she could somehow find a way to tell her husband about her own involvement. She hated keeping secrets from him, but until recently he’d been so negative about everything that she’d kept quiet. Little did she know that all she had to do was ask. Although she’d seen signs that he might be opening up to the idea, she’d been so caught up with her own lust and lovemaking with her children that she had either ignored them or missed them entirely. It wasn’t until she began noticing the lusty looks he gave Bruce when he was wearing something especially sexy that she began to think he might be having sexual thoughts about his son. That, she thought would be wonderful. It made for all sorts of delicious combinations for the four of them. It was the night when she’d etlik escort bayan caught him masturbating outside of their bedroom as Sharon and Bruce noisily made love that she knew there was a real chance that he wanted what she had. She had just about gotten the courage to tell him everything when Gary came into their lives and surprised even her by proposing to both Sharon and Bruce. ‘Poor Bert,’ she reflected today, ‘he thought all the surprises were over once the incest and Bruce’s little secret was out in the open, then Gary came into our lives.’ She’d kept quiet again.

When Gary approached Bert Winston and asked his permission to not only marry his daughter but also his son, he’d almost had a heart attack. ‘Are you out of your mind,’ he’d asked. Gary had assured him he wasn’t. “I love them equally Mr. Winston.” He freely admitted he was bisexual, which to Bert meant he was fucking his son. But he found Gary’s openness refreshing as well as exciting, especially when he’d confided to him how much it turned him on to be in love with a brother and sister that were committing incest. “I love them Mr. Winston, and I want to marry both of them.” Once again, after the initial shock had worn off and he’d gotten use to the idea, Bert finally accepted what the three of them wanted and had given his blessing. A quick wedding was arranged and since he was also a justice of the peace, he’d agreed to officiate at their unusual ceremony.

“Congratulations kids,” Bert Winston proudly said and warmly shook Gary’s hand. He really wanted to hug his son and see what those tits felt like but he didn’t trust himself or the boner he was sporting. He played it safe by gingerly kissing his son’s cheek. “You both make such beautiful brides.” Taking his daughter into his arms and hugging her, he said, “Not your normal wedding honey but I have to admit, I’ve never married three more in love people than you all are.” Bert shook his head in wonder. He knew he was happy for them, he just wasn’t entirely sure his reasons were completely pure. The whole incest/bisexual thing was still such an incredible turn on for him. He’d been hard from the moment he’d learned they were fucking and then even more so when he’d first seen his son in a tight skirt, but when Gary asked his permission to marry both of them; he’d beaten off dozens of times thinking about how hot that was. His cock throbbed now as he thought about that same conversation with his son in-law. Although he’d always considered himself straight, after hearing Gary talk so freely about his love for Bruce, he’d become fascinated with the idea of fucking another man. Picturing Gary fucking his son drove him crazy. He suspected, from the times he’d listened outside their bedroom that Sharon was using her brothers ass the same way Gary did. That made him insanely envious. If it hadn’t been for his fear of what his wife would think of him for admitting he might be bisexual and that he thought their incest exciting, he would have come right out and told her. Now he lived in his own agony and it was driving him crazy.

“Thank you daddy,” Sharon said hugging him again and kissing his cheek. “It was so special to have you marry us. I promise you’ll never regret it.” For a brief moment as she’d hugged him, she could have sworn she felt a hardness in his pants. She almost said something but held her tongue for now but did manage to sneak a quick look down there.

“I know I won’t honey.” Bert held her at arm’s length and openly admired her fabulous tits. “I can’t believe how fantastic my little girl looks.” After a long and approving look, he pulled her to him and told her, “Just promise to give your mother and me plenty of grandchildren.” Looking over her shoulder, he winked at his son and added, “And I don’t care who the father is.”

“Me either daddy,” Sharon said as she ran her hands lovingly over his chest. She intentionally pressed her body into his when she kissed him. That was all it took to confirm that he did have a hard-on. She wondered who was turning him on, her or Bruce or both of them. Turning, she took her brother’s and Gary’s hands and laughed happily and told him, “I don’t care which of my two handsome and beautiful husbands makes me pregnant first, just as long as one of them does…and soon! We plan on giving you and mom a house full of grandkids to spoil, don’t we honey.”

“Yes dear,” Gary and Bruce said in unison. That broke everyone up.

Marie Winston started to cry. She embraced her daughter and told her, “You better. You’re my only daughter and my only hope to be a grandmother.” Marie, could at any one time be described as the confident, outspoken and liberal Beatrice Arthur from Maude or the sweet, understanding and sometimes ditzy Edith Bunker from All in the Family. Today she was a little of each. Neither her children’s incest, nor her son’s sexual preference bothered her in the least. She did find it somewhat odd that the three of them insisted on getting married though. “You can all screw without getting married,” she’d jokingly reminded them. But once she’d gotten to know Gary and grown to escort etlik love him too, she understood why her children wanted to make it official. She only cared that they were happy… and that she would always be welcome into their bedroom… or wherever they wanted to fuck. Gary had assured her that she would always be welcome to join the three of them. The only thing that could make it more perfect for her today was if she could somehow get up the nerve to tell her husband that she was having sex with them and then convince him to join all of them. She’d never been happier since that first time with Bruce and Sharon and knew her husband would feel the same way. She had embraced their incest with the same enthusiasm that she had for life… with a passion. ‘We’re all adults,’ she told herself. ‘Bruce is twenty and Sharon is twenty four and we should all be able to do as we wish and besides, I think incest is the most fun I’ve ever had.’

Like her husband, when she first discovered them in bed, she had been neither calm nor understanding. She had been shocked and disgusted and was ready to disown them but after listening to them explain their love for each other, she had quickly softened her feelings and accepted what they were doing and had promised not to tell their father. It was a terrible secret, one that consumed her but if asked now, she would readily admit that she would do it again. Of course, helping Bruce with is daily transformation into a girl was special and rewarding. He’d always held a unique place in her heart. He was her gentle and sweet son. She’d seen signs of his femininity early on but had thought he’d grow out of it once he began excelling in sports. When he hadn’t, she’d enthusiastically embraced his desire to be a girl and excitedly taken him under her wing and helped him. Mentally, she had accepted him as her second daughter… a daughter with a very lovely cock! She was so curious about their incest that she couldn’t help asking dozens of questions. She quizzed them daily about every aspect of their incest, including asking what positions they liked, what they talked about, intimate questions no mother would normally ask her children, but this was far from normal and she couldn’t control her curiosity. They were open about with their answers and never seemed embarrassed, always ready to elaborate, even if it meant being sexually explicit. Eventually she’d dropped enough not-so-subtle hints about wanting to watch them that they had excitedly asked if she would join them.

They were thrilled to involve her but wanted to make sure she really was serious before letting her. It was something the two of them had often fantasized about, but to make sure she wouldn’t back out at the last minute, they made her agree to one condition. “Mom,” Sharon said, “you can watch but it would be too weird if you had your clothes on. You have to get naked with us.”

Marie giggled and blushed but thought that was fair. She already felt comfortable being naked in front of Sharon and now that Bruce was becoming more like a daughter than a son to her, she lost any shyness she might have had about being undressed in front of him. Since they were already naked, she quickly disrobed and gaily told them, “I think this is going to be fun.” She hadn’t been naked in front of anyone except her husband in years and it made her whole body tingle as she stood in front of them. Not knowing what to do with her hands, she left them at her side and let them look. “I feel so wicked,” she giggled nervously. “It’s kind of fun though.” She moved around their room to see how that felt. “I wish your father was here too. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Sharon laughed and said, “It really would be fun mom, but I think daddy would kill us if he ever found out.” As she played with Bruce’s cock, she gave her mother one last chance to back out. “Mom, are you sure you really want to do this?” They really wanted her there but not if it was going to freak her out. “We get pretty raunchy sometimes,” she warned as she lavished Bruce’s cock with her hot tongue.

Marie’s eyes were already as wide as saucers. “Oh I’m very sure and don’t worry about me, be as… raunchy as you want to be, I can take it,” she said as she raptly watched her daughter take her brother’s cock into her mouth and begin sucking him off. She couldn’t believe how quickly she’d gotten turned on. Her naked body began responding to what they were doing. Her breasts throbbed and ached and her pussy became a burning river of passion. Her juices were flowing and within minutes she was touching her fifty two year old body. She knew hers wasn’t as trim or firm as her daughter’s but she thought her tits were still pretty nice and everyone told her she still had great legs. Incest had always secretly fascinated her, almost as much as the idea of making love to another woman did. Now, as she watched her daughter suck her brother’s cock, she wondered if she was bisexual also. She innocently told them, “I can’t believe how much fun it is to watch you two and just to let you know, just because I’ve never done it before, that doesn’t mean incest doesn’t turn me on too. You two aren’t the only ones with secrets.” She pulled a chair beside their bed so she could better see. “Go ahead; I’ll be quiet as a church mouse. Just do what you usually do,” she cheerfully told them as she made herself as comfortable as she could under the circumstances.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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