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It had been a great birthday. Drew’s family had surprised him by throwing him a party, and his wife, Celia, had made sure it was truly a surprise. There were lots of presents, but the best one was a card from his wife. Inside had been a certificate claiming that for one evening, Celia would do anything he wanted. He knew she had meant she would go to a ball game with him and pretend to enjoy it, or let him host poker night at their house and not complain about the smell of cigars, or something like that.

They’d had a decent sex life for the 10 years of their marriage, and Celia even gave him head more frequently than most guys he knew got it. But there was one thing she had never let him do.

“I know what I want,” Drew told her later when they got home.

“What?” Celia asked. She was willing to grant him anything, she thought. She prepared herself to say she would happily welcome all his buddies for a poker game.

“I want to cum in your ass.” he said boldly. “You said whatever I want. And what I want is your sweet, tight little ass wrapped around my cock.”

“Oh!” Celia gasped. She tipped her head to the side and looked at him. She had always been a spitter. “Don’t you want me to suck your cock and make me swallow you?”

“No,” he said. “I want to fuck your ass. You promised I could have whatever I wanted, and that is it. Now either you’ll let me have it or I’ll take it, it’s your choice.”

Celia looked up at Drew. By his slightly narrowed eyes and the determined look on his face, she knew he wasn’t kidding. She decided to go along with him for the moment. There was always a chance she could talk him out of it. “Okay,” she said resignedly.

“Good,” Drew answered her. “You’re going to let me do it tonight. Now take off your clothes and get on your knees facing the mirror. I want to watch your face when I slide canlı bahis myself into your tight hole.” He watched her undress and then took off his own clothes after she was kneeling on the bed. His cock was already hard at the thought of sinking it into her ass.

Celia watched Drew as he got up behind her. His cock was swollen as big and hard as she had ever seen it. She flinched as he rubbed it between her ass cheeks and down between her pussy lips.

“Mmmmm….” Drew said tauntingly. “You’re already wet. You like the thought of me fucking you there, don’t you? This is going to be so good.” Then he surprised Celia by getting down and licking her pussy from behind. He took his time, running his tongue between her lips and up the crack of her ass to rim her before going back and sliding his tongue as deep into her wetness as he could and fucking her with it.

Drew could feel her getting wetter with his thorough tongue lashing. He pushed a finger between her swollen pussy lips and began sliding it in and out of her as he returned his tongue to her little snug hole. She had not minded a good rimming now and then, but had never let him penetrate her there. He could feel his cock dripping pre cum as he slid his tongue inside her puckered hole for the first time.

Celia was enjoying all the sensations as Drew licked her slit and fucked her with his finger, but she wasn’t sure about it when he pushed his tongue into her ass. It didn’t hurt, but it was a little uncomfortable. She didn’t want to go on, but she knew she had to. She didn’t want the alternative of him maybe tying her up fucking her in the ass anyway.

Drew began sliding his finger up to her ass each time he would pull back from her pussy, spreading her own wetness all over her as he prepared to take the next step. He wanted to take this slow. He wanted to be able to have bahis siteleri her like this again. He got up on his knees and pressed his cock up between her lips, his pre cum mixing with her juices. His cock was so stiff at the thought of entering her forbidden zone it was almost aching.

He slid deep into her with the first stroke. She gasped at the force of their joining, but got quickly into rhythm with him. Drew put his hands on her hips and pulled her to him, pushing her away to slam back into her with each stroke. He watched her face in the mirror, and knew she was loving it.

“Ohhhh, yessss…” Celia began moaning. “You’re so hard, baby.”

“This is getting to feel too good,” Drew thought, and pulled back. His cock was slick, coated with her stickiness. Celia sighed as they lost contact, then she remembered what else he had in store. She moved forward a little, but he pulled her back to him and said, “Oh, no, baby, we’re going to do this. You said anything I wanted, and I’m not letting you go back on it now.” He placed his cock at the entrance to her ass and pushed, just a little.

“Unnnggghhhh…” Celia groaned, but he pushed a little more and suddenly he was past that first resistance. She cried out as he popped inside her and tried to move forward again. She whimpered as he started to push inside her more, but he wasn’t going to stop now. Drew held her tightly by both hips and kept pushing into her very slowly.

He pulled back just a little and gathered up some more of her juices to spread on his cock, then pushed back into her. He kept pulling her back on him until finally he was all the way inside her tight ass. The sight of himself buried between her ass cheeks was almost enough to make him cum already. He held steady for a minute, giving them both time to recover.

“Ohhhhh…” Drew heard Celia groan again, “Fuck, bahis şirketleri baby!” He looked up at her face in the mirror. Her face was twisted up and he knew she didn’t like him being there. He wasn’t going to give up though. He was going to cum in her ass at least this once. He pulled out a little and then pushed back into her all the way again. The next time he pulled back a little more. He heard Celia groan again, but this time he wasn’t sure if it was pain or pleasure, or maybe a little mixture of both. He only knew how hard he was, and how badly he wanted to stroke all the way in and out of her.

He pulled back and pushed her forward at the same time, until he was almost all the way out, then brought her back quickly, his cock sinking in to the hilt. “Oh, fuck, it feels so good!” Drew thought. He watched Celia’s face as he impaled her again and again. He watched her expression change from agony to extreme pleasure.

“Oh, yes, fuck my ass!” Celia cried out. “I want you to fuck my ass so good….”

“Rub your clit.” he told Celia. “Rub it good, baby. I want you to cum with my dick buried in your ass.”

“Yes, Drew, yes….” Celia moaned as she began rubbing on her swollen clit. She couldn’t believe she was liking it, but she did. His cock felt so tight in her ass, she just wanted him to keep fucking her like that. She could feel her orgasm quickly building. She was going to cum hard, she knew.

Drew was pounding into her as hard as he could, pulling her hard against him with each thrust. He could feel Celia’s spasms begin… She moaned loud and long with her pleasure. That was too much for Drew.

“Oh god!” he shouted. He felt his balls bunch up against the base of his cock, and his cum exploded into her tightness. His whole body shook as he filled her ass. His cock throbbed and pulsed as he emptied his balls into her.

As soon as Drew let go of her hips Celia collapsed underneath him onto the bed. As he moved over to collapse on the bed himself, she rolled onto her back and smiled. “Why haven’t we ever done this before?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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