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* WARNING: this might offend somepeople, but please be open minded

Waking up after such a dominate evening i call Ana and make sure everything is all right. I have so much to do still and it’s going to take alot of time. I told her it would be a few days but the truth is, I have to stay till May. She will be so disappointed when I tell her. I have never lied to her until now.

I leave at about six in the morning to get to work. i have alot to do. On my way out of the hotel i see the bell boy. He smiles at me devilishly. I have a feeling he’ll be visiting me often now. Not that I’m complaining. My boss greets me at the door and we circle the office talking about my schedule. I have a wedding to do today and then i have the rest of the day to get acquainted with Japan. I can feel his eyes watching me as i walk away. And as you all may already know is i love attention.

The wedding is typical. Two teenagers desperate to get away from their families, more than likely they want kids, or they don’t want to die lonely. The bride is Japanese and the groom is African. I heard the family talking and they think he’s after her money. Not surprising at the least. I look down the isle and see a young man in a white suite. I figured he must be the best man. He was Japanese as well. With a muscular build, dark brown eyes, cute smile, nice but, and he seemed to be watching me. I walk over to him and start a conversation. ” hello, you must be Neiko the brides brother?”

” Yes, and you must be the photographer?”
” Yes. My names is Tiffany.”
” well Tiffany, do you want the scoop on the family?”
” sure if you think it’ll help” i said smiling. He put his hand on my waist and walked me around the wedding. I was surprised at the things he was telling me. Like the man sitting in the back row is actually the grooms boyfriend. That i think was the most shocking. I sat in back of the wedding waiting for it to start when Neiko grabbed my arm and led me away.

He took me to this closet in the bursa escort back of the building. ” i know you want me. I can read it all over your body.” he said as his hands wondered up my dress. He kissed my neck as he rubbed my pussy. Once again i got the urge to dominate. I push him against the wall. ” look here bitch. you’re going to listen to me and do what i say. understand?” the look in his eyes showed fear and lust. Every man wishes to be dominated. Because we would soon have to get to the wedding i decided to just fuck the shit out of him and go to the hotel and fuck the bell boy. I kissed him passionately. He grabbed my ass and lifted me up on a shelf. I reached my hands inside his pants and rubbed his long, hard, thick dick. His breath quickened. I spat on my hand and jerked him off. ” do you give your self to me completely? do you want it? will you let me take control? let me be your mistress” i whispered as i stroked his member. He looked into my eyes and said ” yes”. I got on my knees and took his 7 inch cock into my hot waiting mouth. I rolled my tongue and teased the head. He put a hand on my head and began to face fuck me. But I’m in control. I slap his hand and tighten his tie.

The look in his eyes tells me he wants more. And I’ll give it to him. I push him down onto his knees and squatted on his face. Forcing him to eat my pussy. I love an Asian tongue deep in my cunt. He seemed to love how i taste. The rolling on my clit sent electricity through my body. I pull his tie to make him stand and kiss him once more. I reach down and take hold of his dick. ” please fuck me” he says. I could read his mind before he said it. He bit his lip and begged once more. ” fuck me” he said. I pulled his hair and bent over the shelf. ” what do you want me to do?” he asked. I told him to fuck me harder than he has ever fucked before. He began to smash my pussy. Drilling into me deep. He fucked me like a wild dog. I turned over and wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him in deeper. ” fuck me harder” i said. bursa escort bayan I leaned forward and nibbled his ear and whispered ” fuck me harder”. He picked up the paise. I felt like exploding. I told him to fuck my ass. His cock slid into me completely.When i felt his cock jerk right after i had came i pulled away. I got on my knees shoved his cock in my mouth and sucked him off until he came down my throat.

After cleaning up we returned to the wedding. Life looks so happy when your looking through the lenses of a camera. But as soon as you lower it everything seems to be in black and white. Life is sad but we must do whatever it takes to have fun. It took me about an hour to get back to the hotel. I took a side tripe to an adult toy store. When i arrived my play toy Mizuhashi was naked on the bed. He looked at me with pitiful eyes. I have scarred this boy for life. ” do you give your self to me completely? do you want it? will you let me take control? Do you trust your mistress?” i said.

He looked at me and said ” I am a loyal slave for my dear Mistress. I will do as you please”. I smiled and leaned into kiss him. ” bend over” i said. He did as told. I pulled my hand back and smacked his ass hard. ” Your such a dirty slut Mizuhashi! Your my dirty Japanese play toy!” i yelled in his ear and slapped his ass three times in a row. He began to whimper like a helpless puppy. I licked up and down his spine and bit his shoulder. He moaned and gripped the pillow as i reached below and grabbed his dick. I got off the bed and went to change into something different. When i came back he was jerking his cock. ” what the fuck are you doing?” i said. I was wearing a leather thong with studs, a studded collar, leather thigh high boots, cuffs, and my hair is pulled back. He looked at me like i was the greatest thing in his life. ” Get back on your knees!” i told him. He seemed scared at first but i seen curiosity in his eyes.

I tied his hands to the head board and put a belt around his escort bursa neck. He seemed to get into it. I reached into the night stand and grabbed a bottle of lube. He started to struggle. I leaned forward grabbed the belt and pulled it tight. ” I promise you’ll like it. Don’t you trust me? Aren’t you loyal? Trust me Mizuhashi” i whispered in his ear. He sat still and bit down on the pillow. I spread the lube over his virgin whole. He began to moan. Tonight he’s not only my slave but my bitch. I push in a finger and slide it in and out. He started rocking and pushing against my finger. He’s beginning to enjoy this. Just as i knew he would. I slide in a second finger. He back harder. ” fuck….ssss hhhaaa…fuck me” he said. I slide in a third finger and reached up to jerk his cock while i finger fucked his ass. He started to make growling noises. I was turning him into a freak. He looked back at me and i knew what he wanted. I reached into the night stand and pulled out a strap on i bought before i got to the hotel. His eyes widened at the size of the purple cock i held in my hand. He prepared himself for the penetration. I positioned the head of the dildo at his puckering whole. He held his breath as i pushed the first few inches. I allowed him to adjust to the size. When he was ready he began to grind his ass back. I pushed in the rest of the way and pulled back out. He quickly recovered from the pain and was in pure ecstasy. ” do you like my cock deep in your ass? I’m going to fuck your ass raw bitch” i said devilishly. He seemed to want it even thou his eyes protested. I began to thrust inside of him hard. He was moaning uncontrollably. I knew what he wanted. I fucked him until he begged me to stop. Then i kept going. When his dick was raging hard i pulled out. I slipped a green vibrator in his ass and turned him on his back. His face was red and he was sweating. I smiled and climbed on top of him. Straddling his dick. I rode him slowly while the vibrator was deep inside his ass. He loved it. I got off and fucked myself with his tongue as he laid there like a nasty whore. I came all over his face. Not too long after he squirted his cum all over my back and his chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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