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I stood on the balcony of the mayor’s mansion, sipping my vodka tonic and watching Rachael Harris as she worked the small crowd of people that were gathered around her.

I had walked past them and had smiled politely at her as I made my way to the double, glass French doors that led to the second floor balcony, and she had gone on about the best ways to invest your money and get the most return and returned a matching polite smile.

Everyone around her seemed enamored with the stunning brunette including me, what had started a few months ago as a casual fling was quickly becoming a dangerous ride for both of us.

Rachael brought out that reckless side of me, despite what rules I tried to set for myself.

I wanted her each time I was near her, and the things she could do with my body would make wet at just a mere thought of her.

“What’s got you so deep in thought?” Jason’s voice suddenly startled me.

I hadn’t expected to see my older brother tonight.

“Nothing much, I didn’t know you were going to be here tonight.” I lied.

“It was a last minute decision, is Becca here tonight?”

I gave him that look of disapproval that he hated so much.

“Your wife already despises her, why would you add fuel to the fire?”

“I’m not adding fuel, just curious?” he said.

“Last time I saw her she was standing by the bar.”

“You want another drink?” he asked slyly.

I just smiled and shook my head yes, I knew exactly what he was doing.

“I would love another drink.”

Taking my empty glass, Jason quickly disappeared back inside.

Rachael had been watching us, waiting for him to leave and she smiled politely to him as they passed one another going through the doors.

“You didn’t tell me you would be here.” She smiled, her gaze taking me in.

I had chosen a simple black dress for the evening, nothing elaborate just a perfect little black dress and a pair of Vera Wang black platforms and had left my blonde hair loose and straight.

“I didn’t?” I teased.

Rachael reached up and ran her index finger lightly over the velvet choker I wore, the soft, simple touch vibrating through my body.

“You’re a bad girl, putting me in this position.”

“What position is that?”The grin on my lips was automatic.

“Not telling me you were going to be here, wearing this dress and looking so damn sexy in it, I’ve had to walk around here watching you all night, when all I really wanted to do was pull you off into a dark corner somewhere.”

That smile told me she was contemplating just that, her smoldering green eyes told me the same thing.

Over her shoulder I could see her date Steve Johnson just inside the glass doors, his gaze falling on us casually as he spoke to the group of men standing around him.

Taking a sip of my drink that little voice inside my head was coming sancaktepe escort to life, forming a plan.

“With your significant other just inside those doors?” I challenged her with a sexy grin.

Rachael stepped closer to me, leaning into me as she spoke.

“Is that a dare Jordan?”

Becca was looking for Jordan, and couldn’t find her any where.

The night was getting long and she wanted to leave.

As she walked away from the bar, she was stopped suddenly by a hand lightly on her bare arm.

Turning around she came face to face with Jason.

They hadn’t spoken since he’d gotten married months ago, he looked tired she thought and thinner.

“Sorry.” He said politely, removing his hand.

“That’s ok, how are you?”

“I’m good, how was your trip to Miami?” he asked.

She looked amazing he thought, tanned, toned and her hair was shorter than when he’d seen her last.

“Needed.” She said flatly.

An uncomfortable silence fell between them.

“We haven’t made it to polite conversation yet, have we?” he finally asked.

Becca looked at him softly and smiled.

“If anything, that’s all we have at the moment.”

“I’ll take it then.” He said.

The grin on his face was almost childlike.

“Have you seen Jordan, I’m tired and want to leave?”

“I was just getting her a drink, she’s on the balcony.”

Jason stepped aside and she led the way.

The balcony was empty, as they stepped out into the cool night air.

“She was just out here, I swear.”

“Are you sure your not just trying to get me alone?” she joked, noticing how nervous he suddenly was.

“What . . . no!”

“Relax Jason, I’m kidding I wouldn’t dream of coming between you and the new wife.”

Jason smiled, as Becca moved away from him and began to walk around the enormous balcony.

“So how is married life anyway?” she asked casually.

“It’s fine.”

“Just fine?”

She turned smiling at him.

“It has its moments.” He said truthfully.

Becca continued to stroll around as they spoke, looking over the edge of the railing down into the elaborate back garden.

“Good, I’m glad your happy.”

“You look amazing.” he said quietly.

The look she gave him told him that he had just passed polite conversation.

Her blue eyes pierced right through him.

“That’s against the rule’s Jason.”

“Sorry, old habits.”

The layout of the mayor’s mansion was not that difficult to navigate, if you took the stairs outside on the second floor balcony, they led to the third floor balcony that was attached to the master bedroom of the enormous twelve room mansion.

It was fairly common knowledge that the third floor, which was the private bedroom of the elected couple was off limits during any function. Our sarıyer escort father had been bringing us here since we were children and I knew the place like the back of my hand.

I had been watching her date, the D.A., waiting for the right moment to make my move.

Steve Johnson turned and walked toward the bar and I made my move knowing she would follow.

“I double dare you.” I had said simply and turned heading toward the staircase that led to the third floor.

I couldn’t get enough of this woman, every time I was near her I lost all ability of rational thought.

“You’re a fucking tease, Jordan .” she had said as we reached the top of the small balcony with its neatly kept house plants and single door that led into the bedroom.

Rachael pulled me against her warm body and kissed me roughly, leaving me breathless and panting as she turned me around to face the railing.

My arms went instinctively around her neck as those perfect hands lifted my dress slowly to reveal that I was naked underneath.

“Such a tease .” she whispered as her right hand slipped between my legs and her left arm circled around me holding me tightly against her.

My breathing became deeper as her fingers moved over my already soaked cunt, spreading me open as two of her nimble fingers slipped easily inside me.

I turned my head capturing her lips in an intense kiss to keep from crying out from the pleasure .

“Oh my god!” I panted as I broke the kiss.

I tilted my head back on her shoulder as her lips teased at my neck, biting and sucking gently perfectly matching the rhythm of her fingers.

I could faintly hear voices below us, through the blood pumping in my ears and my breaths that were coming faster now.

In and out slowly she pumped her fingers, her palm grazing lightly against my clit with every delicious thrust.

Her warm breath tickled my neck and ears as she spoke to me softly, encouraging me and teasing me .

“mmmmm . . . so wet for me aren’t you?”

“Always.” I panted quietly.

In and out she stroked, my body moving with her shaking and trembling as my orgasm built deep inside me.

Rachael’s slow thrusts became deeper and each time those fingers plunged further inside me her palm ground against my clit, causing me to cry out.

I couldn’t help it. The feeling was too intense, her fingers sliding deep into me and out again only to plunge back in again bringing me closer and closer to the edge.

“Shhhhhhh . . . someone will hear you.” She whispered against my ear.

My grip around her neck became tighter as I pumped back against her hand, I was lost in the feel of this and truly didn’t care one bit if anyone heard us.

Rachael’s left hand moved up my body, still holding me tightly against her as her hand slipped around my throat, her grip firm silivri escort but not enough to hurt me.

The feel of her hand around my throat only intensified my orgasm as it suddenly crashed through me, causing me to cry out breathlessly as my body shook uncontrollably.

Her hand never stopping its motion as I came, waves of pleasure washing over me again and again as she continued pumping in and out so very slowly.

I was shaking so hard I thought I would collapse, Rachael slowly released my throat and her arm held me tightly against her as she slid her fingers out slowly.

I was still trembling and trying to get my bearings as she turned me back around to face her. Slowly she slipped the two fingers that had just been inside of me between those full lips of hers.

“Mmmmmm thank you.” She said pulling me against her, my body still shaking.

I leaned in to kiss her softly and she pulled back from me smiling contentedly.

“Meet me later Keller and you can pay me back.”

“Did you hear that?” Becca asked.

“Hear what?’

“I thought I heard someone moan?”


“There you are. I’ve been looking all over for you.” Ashley Keller said as she came through the double doors.

Her gaze immediately fell on Becca, and her husband and he could see the anger in her face instantly

“Hello Ashley, how are you.” Becca said politely.

“Fine .” she said bitterly.

Ashley knew of their history, and wasn’t happy one bit about the scene in front of her.

“Jason, if your done here I would like to go home now.”

The glare she gave him, said a myriad of things.

“Of course, honey .”

“Rebecca, you have a good night now.” she said her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Of course and you two do the same.”

The last thing she wanted was to get into some catty thing with the busty blonde, all she wanted to do was leave if she could only find Jordan.

She watched them walk away and could tell by Ashley’s body language that Jason was going to get an earful on the ride home.

For a moment she almost felt sorry for him, until the bitterness she still felt took over.

At that moment Rachael Harris came down the steps that led from upstairs, smiling as she ran her fingers through her dark hair and down over the black anne klein suit she wore, as if she were straightening it.

“Rachael, have you seen Jordan?” she asked startling the woman.

“Becca, how are you.” she stumbled for a moment.

“I’m fine, have you seen Jordan?” she asked again.

Just then, Jordan came walking down behind her.

“And just what are the two of you up to?” Becca half joked..

“Getting stoned on the balcony, what else.” I answered, trying my best to play off the shock of her standing there .

I suddenly realized that it had been Becca I’d heard just moments ago.

“I’m sorry, have you been waiting long?” I asked turning to Becca.

“Yeah and I’m ready, so if your done fucking around?’ she asked point blank.

“Well then, you ladies have a good night, and thanks again Jordan.” Rachael smiled as she turned to go inside.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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