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The heat outside is palpable as we wait for our train to depart from a small town in Switzerland. Beads of sweat form upon our brows as the announcement arrives that there is a technical problem and the train will be approximately 2 hours late. You look at me with a frustrated and desperate expression, since your plans have been altered against your “control.” I am still smiling. You shake your head, not knowing how I do it, but you are fully aware that my facial expression reads that I am hungry for an adventure. You lean across the seats and cum close to me and place your hands around my ass as I lean back and whisper in your ear

“I have plans for you today. Just relax and let me pass the next two hours for you.”

I am wearing a light blue see-through sundress, and as I lift my legs and stretch them across to your seat on the train, facing me, i create a V-like shape with my legs, capturing you within them. I spread my legs just enough to see that I have chosen a white mesh G-string that allows you to peak at my smoothness. You disappear cognitively for a moment, but I know exactly where you are 🙂 All other passengers have disembarked by this time, and as you return from your brief mental imagery, I tell you that we should find a locker for our bags and take a short walk. You know this code language. Translation: we have two hours to find a place, and I want to fuck.

After we have placed our bags in the locker you become quite determined to find a spot private enough for us to enjoy each other as we wait for the next train to arrive. Not wanting to venture too far, you pull at the knob of the door of a proximal residential güvenilir bahis building. The building has 4-5 floors. We climb the staircase and I can tell you are nearly ready to propose a fuck right there in the stairwell, but for now it just seems a tad too public (though we both know that a bit of public risk has always held its rewards)!

We climb to the top and find a door to the attic. We are quite fortunate as the door has been left open. We find a considerably clean attic in which the locals dry their laundry. “Perfect” you mutter. There is a window at the end of the attic. We slowly venture towards the window and marvel the view over the alps. While we become overwhelmed at this natural view we begin to embrace each other and feel each other’s various body parts. This “stale” moment does not last long.

You whisper,

“I want you…”

starting to caress my ass and kiss my neck. You hear me sigh in pleasure and slowly begin to pull up my dress from the bottom as you continue kissing every inch of my flesh, teasingly caressing your hands over my tight abs and down to the sensitive creases of my groin. Finally you have access to my pussy. You reach behind me with both hands, guiding me towards you, and then reach over to touch my smoothness.

“My god you are wet,”

I hear you whisper. As you begin to fine-tune the circular pressure-filled movements along and against my clitoris, I kneel down and unbuckle your shorts. Your already erect penis springs out as I free it from the grip of the sports boxers beneath. I take a close look at the engorged veins of your penis, followed by a glance up into your türkçe bahis eyes and then I take the tip of your cock in my mouth. I can tell that you could cum any second and so I release the grip of my hand against your hardened shaft and I just linger delicately with my tongue around the head of your penis.

When I feel your tension release, in a single motion, I dive upon you and allow yourself as deeply into my mouth as possible. I pull back and repeat the motion a few times, adding the slow oppositely twisting movements of my hands in rhythm with my mouth against you. You pull me up by my hands, no longer able to wait, you crave to feel your fully erect cock inside of my sweet slippery warmth. You turn me around against the little windows and place your hardened shaft between my legs and with your hand start to slowly penetrate me. Once fully inserted, you just have to stop and stand still to enjoy the perfect fit. And then you begin to feel my vaginal walls squeeze you. In ecstasy, you grab my waist and start to pump slowly from behind. You watch your cock as it slides in and out of me, marveling at the natural lubricant that is glistening upon you. You sigh in pleasure and I ask you to fuck me harder by pushing back on each thrust.

You respond by grabbing my waist and pouring yourself into me fully. As the sweat rolls down our bodies, you turn me around and walk me to a support pole in the attic (I know this action is in large part to prevent yourself from allowing the experience to end quite yet).

You lift me up so to support me against the leaning pole with your body. My ankles are pressing into your shoulders; my back güvenilir bahis siteleri is firm against the pole, while you stand fully erect. I grab your cock and guide you into my pulsing wet pussy. The position is perfect. It is as though I am supported by your fully engorged cock against that pole. Both of us groan at the perfect view of the penetration, as you support me with your muscular arms while you fuck me standing up. Your animal and male instincts are ignited and I sink into this position, feeling like a feathered angel being fucked brutally against a pole. You begin to feel the internal contractions of my vaginal walls against you, and I close my eyes to allow every sensation to penetrate me fully.

As the climax grows, I push farther into you. The sight and feel of these pulsations against you is simply too much. You slowly lower me and I kneel before you, working your shaft in the rhythms that I have learned, imagining my hands and mouth to be the “milking contractions” you felt while inside of me, as I move up and down, adapting to your every move. Not much is needed at this point as you lean back and begin to release yourself fully, and I am aroused even more so by your own arousal. But realizing that there is more to cum, I take the tip of your cock in my mouth until you have emptied completely. I collapse to embrace you on the concrete floor in complete euphoria. Soon we realize we have only half an hour to return to the train station. We kiss each other fully and chuckle as we search for the pieces of clothing we have torn from each other, and together, we leave the attic and head back to the train station. As we board the train and resume our positions across from each other once again, I immediately rest my legs upon your thighs, take your hand and place it in my lap, indicating that “this” journey is over, for now…yet far from over…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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