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Well, will introduce myself, I am an African princess, somewhere in Africa. My family has been ruling the kingdom forever, and it is hierarchical, I happen to be one of the daughters of the current king. I was well educated in some of the best schools in the country, and I am smart in school, therefore passing exams was never a problem. But right now, with my university degrees, I keep it in the house and work at charities. I would like to work normal jobs like other people, but I must admit I love the privileges that come with my position. I have social events planned for me, that I attend and contribute to the development of our kingdom.

My life is pretty interesting I can say, I have servants at my beck and call, chefs, chauffeurs, and all that I can ask for. I am yet to be married; I am yet to find a suitor that can impress my family. But I am not complaining, I get a lot of sexual experiments and I would like to experiment as much as possible before I get married, who knows, I may end up marrying a boring man who is all business and only wants to have sex on missionary position with the lights out. I have to get married eventually, since I must have heirs to the Kingdom, plus in our tradition, it is almost mandatory that a woman gets married. My father is a bit liberal, plus I am not one to always follow the rules, but it will be to my benefit if I do, if I want to hold an important place in this family.

Well, what I have not mentioned is that I am very attractive. I am 5 7″, weighs 56 kilos and have a light to chocolate complexion. My African hair is long and thank goodness for perm, flows silkily on my shoulders. I have DD 36 breasts that are a little full and not so perky, but hey I am not complaining. I love feeling them myself, of the expression on a man’s face when they fall out of the bra and slam them on the face for the first time. Most times when I am speaking to people I have to remind them where my face is.

I have 5 servant girls, aged between 22 and 28 years, who are well paid and they do not complain. They like me, I am nice to them and we have a lot of fun together. Plus I have paid for college for 2 of them, and one of them ended up being my assistant. They are loyal girls and they love their job, they would be in tough places were it not for the jobs they have. Plus, with my socialite status in my city, a good number like to be associated with me.

My day starts at 6 a.m., where I wake up, and work out, either pilates, yoga or from a number of workout videos I have collected from workout experts around the world. I am not a huge fan of the gym, though I have one. Instead, I work out in my room, I like my fluffy carpet as my mat and I also get to work out naked, gives me a relief and turns me on. After that I take a shower at around 7 and my morning beauty regimes. Depending on how horny I feel, sometimes I use the shower head on my pussy, aim at my clit and cum loads, getting energized for the day, you should try that by the way. Brina, my stylist and makeup artist, comes in and we get ready for the day. She updates me on new trends in fashion, make up and parties I should attend. That girl is a genius in the department of looking good.

I then get breakfast delivered in my bedroom by my chef, Annette. She is a pretty thing and makes glorious food. I eat as I chit chat with Annette who has cooked in various hotels in the country and is very cultured. I enjoy cooking to and sometimes we try out new recipes with her, I’ll let you in about some other things that we do in the kitchen.

After breakfast I head to my office where my assistant Loni is waiting with the day’s schedule, her tight ass squeezed into a formal skirt. That is a sight I never tire of, every day she looks even better. It was my father’s idea, the king, that all my staff be female, that way no man has access to me in private. He has no idea how much I prefer the way things are. Some days are crazy, busy schedules and formal meetings. Other days we just plan for the charities that I attend, book openings, dinners and events. I get invited to a lot of events, for publicity and in I get favors, in monetary form and others, this is for my socialite side, not my princess side. The princess events that I attend are mandatory, I have no idea how Kate Middleton puts up with such, serving a bigger kingdom and being married with two kids.

Today we have to take a drive to the city for a meeting, as well as shopping for a ball that I have been invited to. I ask Loni and Brina to come with me, in the bahçelievler escort car where Lexi, my driver is on the wheel. Yes, I told you all my employees are girls, pretty ones I may add. We drive to the office building where I have a meeting with the chairman of the rotary club. He is a young man in his 30s and feels very good about himself. I hold the meeting, keeping it short as we agree on the dates for the sponsored scholarship selection. He seems sorry to see me go, but I am not exactly into his type right now.

We had to the designer shop where Brina is already waiting with the dresses that I have to try on. She stands outside the fitting room handing me dresses one after another. The soft clothes feel good on my skin and I’m starting to feel horny. I pull Brina inside the fitting room and she knows what to do, this is not the first time we have done this. She kneels on my side and puts her right hand three fingers in my pussy, her thumb caressing my clit as her left pinky nibbles my asshole. She fingers me forcefully and I can hear the smacking noise as my very moist pussy comes in contact with her fingers. I am biting my arm to stifle my moans as I am cumming hard on her hands. After I have buckled on her and my legs can support me, she lets go and licks her hand, sucking her fingers one by one, naughtily smiling at me. Enough with the clothes, I choose the last dress I tried and we head out of the store.

It is almost noon and I intend to head back home with the girls, I get into the back of the SUV with Loni while Lexi and Brina seat at the front. We discuss the scholarships selections for the rotary club with Loni, as Brina and Lexi catch up in low tones. After we are done, I realize we still have about an hour before we get home, and since I am not in a hurry, I get an idea. Lexi is an exhibitionist and enjoys being watched having sex, with other people or with herself. From the look of things, I could use a show.

“Hey Lexi, why don’t you let Brina drive and you can give us a show?” I ask.

“Really?” she asks, already looking excited.

“Yeah, it is a lonely road, not many people will see you, we are your audience and there is hardly a chance that Brina could cause an accident if she gets destructed.” I respond mischievously. Lexi has given us shows in least expected places; any place is a pleasant challenge for her.

She pulls over, gets out of the car and they switch seats with Brina. She pulls one of her toys from the glove compartment, (always armed Lexi, huh?) starts the vibration and squeezes it into her shaved pussy. She has placed on of her leg on the dashboard and the other on the hand rest, leaning against the passenger door and giving us a good view. The vibrator is sending waves on her thighs and it is quite a sight I am getting turned on. She gets back to the glove compartment and pulls a clital pump that she places onto her clit and pumps. It sucks her clit such that it looks engorged. She pulls anal beads and slowly inserts them into her asshole bead after bead, I wonder, is her ass always ready and lubricated?

Holy shit! I’m watching my sexy driver with a clit pump sucking on her pussy, an 8″ vibrator into her pussy and 5 levels of anal beads into her asshole and I am so turned on. She is moaning, and from the sight of our faces, enjoying very much to be watched. Her ass is bouncing as she is close to cumming, I can smell sex all over the car and we are also so horny, telling from how Loni is breathing, and how slowly Brina is driving. I had forgotten Lexi is a squirter, and just as Loni leans forward to have a better look, she is washed by a squish of squirt on her face and we all start laughing, including Lexi who laights after every orgasm. We are still giggling when we get to the house hungry and ready for lunch.

At lunch I have some of Annette’s signature dishes, which I escort with some wine I had got from my recent trip to Italy. I then head to the spa. I built a spa in-house so I can go as often as I like, as well as have as much privacy getting naughty as I can. Here, I spend time with Brina, my makeup artist/ hairdresser/ stylist/ beautician. Since today I am not in need of any manicure or pedicure, I get into the steam bath for a refreshing steaming and thereafter a facial mud mask by Brina. She also makes a wonderful masseuse for me when I need one, which always ends with a happy ending. Brina is a pretty thing to watch when she is working with me. I can hardly get my eyes off her rounded bahçeşehir escort ass, or her nipples pressing against her white top. I lick my lips when I remember what happens when I get to those nipples. I know, you’re getting curious, but soon you’ll know what happens.

Once I was so turned on when Brina was massaging my shoulders in front of me, and her pussy was right in front of my face. I could smell her juices and I knew she was horny. I asked her to climb on the massage bed and straddle my face. She keeps her pussy bushy, with curly black hair, which I find exotic. I enjoy when I have to push it apart with my tongue to reach her engorged clit. This time, I was penetrating my tongue into her glorious pussy as I slapped her perky tits. That day she rode my tongue like a maniac and I pinched her nipples so hard they were sore for days.

In the evenings, depending on my social schedule, I go out to events, or stick around in my house and catch up with my reading, or movies. I usually let my staff leave after dinner except for Alicia who is a live-in house keeper. She likes living here anyway because she doesn’t like her family very much; my home is her second home. I don’t complain because she assists in various ways when everyone else is gone.

Tonight I feel horny, it has been a while since I had fun with the girls. I ask Alicia to get me some wine as I run the bath. I take the wine as I take a bath and feeling much horny, red wine! I also asked Alicia to tell the girls today is fun day, they all know what that means. They come in, head to my bar and get their favorite drinks. We have stocked the bar since we do this quite often, the girls like it.

I am lying on my cozy bed, reading some erotica as I sip some wine. Alicia, Brina, Loni and Annette come in, take various positions and take drinks as they chat among themselves. The erotica I am reading is getting pretty hot and I can feel my pussy pulsating. I did not bother to put some clothes on after the bath since I would be removing them anyway.

“Girls, it is time!” I call.

I put my book and wine aside as I lie on the bed eagle-spread. Loni gets the love swing ready, lowers it from the ceiling, to by bed, straps it as always around my hips and shoulders and raises it, I am suspended in the air. Let me paint the picture for you. My love swing is like a hammock, except shorter. My legs spread on both sides, and so do my arms. My pussy is exposed, ass is exposed too as my legs are tied and elevated, for the girls to get easy access. I like to feel tough in every part of my body, that is why I came up with the idea of the sex swing. This way, the girls can access me from any angle, above, below and both sides, and I can have as many girls as I’d like, especially when I am feeling needy, and I need touch from all sides. When I am well in position, the girls start caressing my body.

“Today we are going for the kill ladies,” I say.

Loni starts licking my nipples, biting and pulling just as I like. I feel Annette blow air around my asshole before pressing the tip of her tongue inside. Brina comes from side and starts fingering my pussy and flicking my clit with her long tongue. Brina has such a long tongue we always tell her she was made to lick pussy and clits. We are not wasting time today; I want to have a thousand orgasms. Alicia is licking my toes, swirling her tongue in between my toes. The tongue in my asshole probes inside and I am being fucked with a tongue so deep in my ass I can feel tears balancing at the corner of my eyes. Loni pinches my nipple so had I yelp in pain, she knows I love this and she bites the other nipple as hard. Brina is flicking my clit like crazy and I am mourning so loudly. The girls know I don’t taste any pussy until I have had enough orgasms. My toes are about to orgasm from being licked by Alicia as if she is licking mayo off a hotdog. Soon I am curling my toes, screaming like a maniac, as my asshole gets licked so deep I am shaking, my nipples pinched so hard, and with one final flicker on my clit I squirt onto Brina’s face.

“Fuuuckk I am cummingggg!!! Fuck fuck! I cum and cum as Alicia is now fucking my toes into her pussy, riding my big toe and fucking herself with it like a dildo. Loni is licking the ring around my asshole, licking the juices that ran from my pussy after the squirting. When I finally open my eyes I see Alicia licking my squirt from Brina’s face and making giggling swallows, while still fucking herself with my big toe.

After bakırköy escort I can talk I ask the girls to pull the sex swing down, I am still trembling from coming so hard. That is the thing about squirting, it drains all the strength from you; this is not a complaint. I watch the girls get touchy with each other; Alicia has now quit licking Brina’s face and is sucking her nipples like a new born, while they are on a standing position. Annette gets behind Brina and spreads her asshole. I smile as I remember how much Brina loves assholes, she smiles at Brina’s sweet ass before she shoves her tongue into it and laps like a sunken ice cream cone. Loni, detaching her eyes from the sights walks towards the bathroom and I stop her.

“Going to pee?” I ask.

She nods.

“Come pee on me,” I say with a wink.

Loni comes, straddles me and starts to pee on my belly. I watch as her lips open up and let out the clear juice. Loni’s pee is always clear; she is such a health maniac and drinks a lot of water in a day. I take in the sight, until she is done and now peeing drops.

“Place your pussy on mine,” I say.

Loni straddles my pussy and we start tribbing. Our clits are rubbing against each other like small penises, with the occasional smack when our pussies kiss. Loni is getting carried away and is cursing as she wildly shakes her head from side to side. I distract myself as I watch the sight of the girls, whereby Brina is on all fours her butt pointed in the air, Annette lapping on her asshole like a puppy as Alicia is having her pussy being licked while lying on her back in front of Brina. I hear Brina’s muffled moans as she comes into Alicia’s pussy as she comes too and screams louder than anyone. Loni is cumming too as she rides my pussy, and falls off me like she was riding a rodeo horse.

We all lie there panting, and I notice Annette, out amazing ass eater has not cum yet. I feel horny already from tribbing with Loni so I ask Annette to lie down and I sit on her face and she inserts her magic tongue in my ass. Alicia licks her pussy as Loni is on all fours behind Alicia, inserting her saliva filled finger on Alicia’s ass and constantly licking it. Brina straddles Annette at the waist, behind me, and pees on her belly as she rubs herself against the pee. Brina put her arms around me from the back and fondles my boobs as I ride Annette’s tongue. The room smells like sex and moans are filling the room, me cursing as a tongue is pushed inside my asshole, Annette’s screams muffled by my ass, Brina licking my ear as she pinches my nipples and Alicia munching Annette’s pussy as if slurping, one of Annette’s amazing oysters.

I flick my clit as I cum, falling off Annette’s face and taking Brina with me, just in time for Annette to yell, “fuuuuccckkk I’m cummming!!”

Alicia licks her lips like a happy cat and turns to exchange sloppy kisses with Loni. I like seeing my girls like this, they work hard and they know how to play hard. We’re all exhausted from cumming so hard, or is it just me?

“Time for bed ladies,” I call “who’s sleeping over?”

Wordlessly, Loni crawls into my bed as the others send air kisses and leave. She and I have a special bond, her being my assistant and we seem to like the same things sexually. We fall asleep almost immediately, as I cuddle Loni’s hot body, her rounded ass pressing against my groin.

I am woken in the morning by Loni lapping on my pussy like pancake syrup. This is why l like Loni to sleep over, she is officially the best at morning pussy eating. She has positioned herself on her elbows in the sheets, and sloppily licking my pussy from the ass hole up to my clit in long strokes. She inserts her tongue into my pussy fucking me with it, Gosh how does she manage to make her tongue so rigid? I really feel like peeing, and I release the pee straight into Loni’s tongue who licks it as if nothing happens and goes back to fucking my pussy. My clit is calling for attention and I whisper to Loni. She puts my clit into her mouth and suck on it while flicking her tongue at the tip. I feel like peeing, did I just pee? Turns out its squirt that I release into her mouth, which Loni licks religiously even smacking her lips.

Today I have a busy day ahead; I head to the shower with Loni whose round bum is my daily fantasy. She lathers it with soap and watch how the water runs down with the foam. Damn! I have to eat that ass today, but I am running late, I’ll need to find time. Annette delivers breakfast looking as professional as ever, it is hard to believe she is the one who laps assholes like her life depends on it.

Knowing the kind of fun that waits for me at home at the end of the day, how could I complain about my royal duties? I’ll let you know about more fun that we have with my servants in the future series.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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