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When I was in my college sorority it was not uncommon for us to hold car washes to raise money for our charity cause, which led me to believe the call I received from my friend and, sorority sister, Sarah, was on the level when I received a call on Saturday morning, asking if I wanted to help out with a car wash.

With nothing better to do, I agreed, but found Sarah’s next request quite odd: that I wear the hot pink bikini that I wore one day during Spring Break. As I recalled, the bikini did not fit that well, as it was a size too small. It was a gift from Sarah, and she said I looked hot in it, so I wore it, but noticed that it barely covered my breasts, and the thong was so small it was a good thing I was nearly waxed bare “down there.”

I quickly said OK, and agreed to meet her outside in 15 minutes. Sarah said I was to wear nothing but the bikini, not even shoes, and was to bring nothing else with me.

When Sarah arrived, I opened the door to her SUV and climbed in. It was not until after we started moving that I noticed Sarah was wearing a bikini top but no bottom, and had some puffs of hair protruding from her lower back. Not wanting to make things worse, I kept my mouth shut and we drove for what seemed like forever, stopping in a part of town I never knew existed.

Driving into the garage, I was a little scared when the garage door automatically closed after Sarah stopped her car. The door which led to the house soon opened, and a girl I recognized from our sorority came out and ordered Sarah and myself to exit the car and get inside. Tina was about 5’6″, 125 pounds with medium boobs, flat stomach, narrow waist and medium-sized hips. She was wearing a halter top and short shorts which amplified her figure.

Before I could blink Sarah was getting outside the car, which is when I caught a glimpse of what looked like a little pony tail sticking out of her butt.

“Katie, I said exit the car and get inside, now,” Tina said.

I jumped out of the car and followed Sarah inside the home. I wondered how this girl knew my name. Sarah opened the basement door and I followed her down the stairs to the finished basement of the house. Tina was walking right behind me and was pushing me forward with what felt like a riding crop, so I did not hesitate to move forward, only to bump into Sarah when she abruptly stopped and knelt down to the floor.

“Get down, Katie,” Tina commanded. I did what she said, and then noticed a fourth girl was in the room. It was Jackie, the sorority vice president.

“Katie, did you like your ride over here today. Did Pony give you a good ride?” said Jackie, who was a bit taller than Tina but otherwise the same size. Both had dirty blonde hair, which I found really attractive, so much that I dyed my hair the same after I joined the sorority.

Not knowing who Jackie was talking about, I said yes, and Jackie ordered Tina to take me away so she could take Pony for a ride. Before Tina grabbed my arm I realized maslak escort Sarah was Pony, which frightened me a little bit.

Tina led me down a long hallway and into a room which had an examination table like one in a doctor’s office. I did as Tina said, removing my bikini and getting on top of the table. Tina inspected me and noticed my landing strip.

“Ever had a Brazilian wax before, Katie,” Tina said. Before I could say anything, Tina proceeded to give me a bikini wax unlike any other I had ever had. Tina used a tongue depressor to spread the wax over my pussy, then laid two white paper strips over the wax. She ripped them off without warning, quickly removed what hair I had around my pussy, and then ordered me to turn over, where she removed all the hair around my asshole and the area in-between.

She then started to rub some lotion onto the area which had a cooling effect. I then felt her jab something into my butt, a Pony tail butt plug, and when I started talking, she came up to my left ear and whispered in a menacing way, “Pony’s don’t talk!”

I quickly understood what was happening, that somehow I had become a Pony in Jackie and Tina’s weird sex game, and I had no where to go.

Tina braided my hair into a short pony tail and then led me out of the room.

I was on all fours and quickly crawling in front of her, with Tina slapping my ass with a riding crop to make me move faster. As we got into the main room, I saw Jackie riding Sarah around the room, pulling Sarah’s long blonde hair as a reign, and Jackie told Tina to ride me around, too.

Tina hopped on top of me and started slapping my butt to make me move. She yanked on my hair, too, causing me to trot faster around the room. After a couple laps around the room, I noticed Jackie had gotten off of Sarah, and was fucking her from behind with a huge strap-on. This freaked me out, as I had never seen anything like this.

Tina kept riding me until I got right next to Sarah when we stopped. Tina hopped off. I was so exhausted from crawling around with Tina on top of me that I forgot what was in store for me. Tina quickly put on a strap-on, and began riding me from behind, telling me to shake my tail.

I soon started hearing Sarah moaning and I joined her, as the action of Jackie and Tina fucking us was very intense. Each of them thrust their large cocks into our pussies which were sloppy wet and made squishy sounds with every thrust. I must have cum twice before realizing Tina had pulled out. She moved around so she was in front of me and ordered me to eat her out. I lapped at her pussy, tasting the juices which had formed when she was fucking me. She tasted really sweet, making me want to lick her more.

A couple hours of play had elapsed when Jackie told Tina to clean the Ponies and send them home. Tina ordered Sarah and me to follow her to another room, which held a large shower. She told us to stand up, and mecidiyeköy escort bayan to lean against the wall with our hands out. Tina removed the Pony Tail butt plugs from our butts, and said we had three minutes to get cleaned and dressed and to get out of there.

Sarah and I frantically washed ourselves with water, put on our bikini’s and ran out to the SUV. Sarah pulled out of the garage and drove off. On the way back, I asked Sarah what had happened there. She said she had become Jackie’s Pony by accident, after getting caught up in something which she could not get out of. Sarah said she had been coming over to Jackie’s house for a few months, allowing Jackie to do anything she wanted. At some point Tina came over, saw what was happening, and said she wanted her own Pony to play with.

Knowing that I was a good friend of Sarah’s, Jackie ordered her to invite me to a car wash, knowing I would gladly help out a friend. Sarah also told me Jackie secretly videotaped all of her sessions, including this one, which forced Sarah to comply to her every whim. I would have to also, or fear Jackie would humiliate me.

Now it seemed I really was a Pony, as the next day Sarah called me on the phone, asked me if I wanted to go to a car wash, and to wear my hot pink bikini. I knew what she was asking, and did not hesitate to comply.

When Sarah called me the next day after my first session as Tina’s Pony, I did not expect it so soon. I kind of thought it was a one time deal. I knew that Sarah said she had been Jackie’s Pony for several months, but I never thought I would get as deep into it as I was about to experience.

I did as Sarah asked, so I stood outside waiting for her, wearing my little hot pink bikini and nothing else. The thong that ran up my ass was not enough fabric to hide the crop marks Tina left from my first session yesterday.

A strange vehicle pulled up to the curb, and after a couple seconds the side door of what was a mini-van opened up. Tina was there, wearing a really hot halter top which clearly showed her nipples. A gold belly chain was wrapped around her middle, and little Daisy Duke Cutoffs hung on her shapely hips. I never realized how attracted I was to Tina until that moment, and at that moment Tina ordered me to get into the van.

I got in the van and saw that Jackie was driving, and my friend Sarah was in the back, tied down like the Pony she was. When the van started moving, Tina ordered me to scoot next to Sarah. Tina tied my ankles together, and then tied them to a hook on the floor of the van. She then did the same with my wrists, and lastly put a gag in my mouth, before she stuck a Pony tail in my ass and took a seat next to Jackie. I turned to my side and saw Sarah looking at me with tears in her eyes. Apparently she knew what was about to happen.

We arrived at Jackie’s house, and Tina untied us both. We were ordered to crawl out of the merter escort van and into Jackie’s home, and crawl down the stairs. It was difficult, but with no other choice, I made the best of it. It was strange having a gag in my mouth, something Tina did to get me used to what was about to come next. Jackie ordered Sarah and me to stand at attention in front of her. That meant on our hands and knees, with our heads up straight and our hair back. Jackie said we were going to become real Pony’s that day. I did not know what she meant, but Sarah did. Tina had left the room, and came back with two sets of horse bits, the kinds horses have in their mouth which have straps on either side which their riders use to make the horses go.

Tina put a bit into Sarah’s mouth, and ordered her to bite down hard. The bit expanded and she was unable to open her mouth. Tina then tied the straps around the back of her head, and tied the reigns to a post, before doing the same thing to me.

Jackie grabbed Sarah’s reigns and started riding her around the room, ordering her to move faster as she pulled on the reigns with one hand and used the riding crop on Sarah’s ass with her other hand. Tina liked to use the riding crop more, and would slap me what seemed like every few seconds for no particular reason. She also pulled on my reigns and yelled to me to go faster.

We both rode around the room a dozen times. When we stopped, I was sweating all over. Jackie told Tina to hose us down. Tina grabbed our reigns and pulled us toward a room I had not seen before. Inside was a large area a drain on the floor. Tina ordered us to stand at attention over the drain. She grabbed a hose, and started spraying cold water over our bodies. It felt so relaxing to have cold water on my hot body.

After a couple of minutes, Tina patted us down with a towel, then grabbed our reigns and led us back to the main room, where Jackie was wearing a large black strap-on cock, larger than the one I saw yesterday. Instead of fucking Sarah, she pulled out Sarah’s tail and stabbed her with the strap-on in her ass. Sarah winced from the pain.

Fearing what was going to happen to me, I waited for Tina to put on her strap-on. When she pulled out my tail, I knew what to expect, and I too, winced. It was so large, and Tina took such deep thrusts inside me. She really filled my ass with her cock. The strokes were so intense I felt like I was having multiple orgasms. Tina followed Jackie’s lead when she unhooked herself from the cock and came in front of me, taking the bit out of my mouth and forcing my face into her pussy.

Her vagina was sweaty and her labia were thick from all the thrusting. I lapped at her like a Pony would, and felt her appreciation when she ran her fingers through my hair. After Tina had cum three times, she kept ordered me to lick her clean. I obeyed her and did as she said. Then she ordered me and Sarah to crawl back to the hose room. Again Tina sprayed us with cold water, only this time it felt really cold.

Afterward, Tina told us to go back to the main room, where Jackie was waiting for us. Instead of giving us a ride home, Jackie said Sarah and I would be spending the night. She had Tina bring in a pile of hay from the garage, and told Sarah and I to make our beds and get to sleep, as we were in for a big adventure the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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