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This is pure fiction, or fantasy, depending on how you look at it. I actually knew a girl almost like the one in this story a few years back. I don’t know if she ever change from the way she was, but an experience as follows would have done her a WORLD of GOOD in my opinion. This story will be continued depending on the response.

The letters instead of names for some of the characters are to protect the not so innocent. LOL.

REMEMBER: I welcome suggestions for things or situations you might like to see in my future stories. PM me with your suggestions if you wish.


The Abduction and Training Of Kitty
by Vanion_3000

It all began late one night when Kitty was walking home to her dorm from the library. She had been there late studying for her final exams. The night was extremely dark and the streetlights were far apart.

It was about fifteen blocks to her place off campus. There was very little traffic at this time of night, and one dark colored van had followed her slowly down the street behind her for a few moments, before passing her by. It had made her extremely nervous for a couple of minutes. She calmed herself down and shrugged the incident off, when the van did not stop.

A few blocks further on she turned the comer to her right to follow the street that led to the apartment she shared with two other girls. A half a block farther down, she heard the sound of a vehicle turning the comer behind her. Glancing back, Kitty saw the same van that had passed her earlier.

Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind as the van moved toward her and the side door slid open. Struggling violently, she began to draw in her breath to scream. She didn’t get the chance. A gloved hand, holding a vile smelling cloth, clamped over her mouth and nose, as the arm around her waist lifted her feet clear of the ground. Her last conscious thought was to wonder why she hadn’t called a taxi.

When Kitty came to her senses again, she had no idea of where she was. She was naked and laying on some sort of flat surface, with minimal padding under her. She thought it felt like one of those thin foam mattresses that back packers used some times, though there seemed to be holes in it. She could feel a hard surface through the hole under her rear, and it was cold. Her arms were above her head, with her hands tied to something solid above her. Her legs were similarly tied, but stretched slightly apart.

To make everything even worse, she was blindfolded and there was some sort of rubber plug strapped into her mouth. She could neither see, nor speak. But she could hear. Someone seemed to be moving around the room she was in. Where ever that was. Kitty began to struggle against her bonds and tried to yell out.

“AH, It seems our captive toy is awake,” Kitty heard a female voice say. “So it would seem,” a man replied.

“Shall we proceed Miss S,” a second woman’s voice suggested. We might as well Miss M,” the first female voice replied.

‘Christ. What was going on?’ Kitty thought to herself and struggled harder.

A hand dropped heavily on to her thigh just above her knee. “We’ll have none of that now,” the male voice said. “The more you struggle the worse this is going to be for you. Just lay back and go with the flow. Do you understand?”

Kitty began shaking her head back and forth, trying to deny the situation she found herself in. Wanting to beg them to let her go, but the gag held back her plea.

“It looks like we are going to have to teach her, that we are to be obeyed,” Miss M said in a stern voice. “Teach her we mean what we say. Miss M, Mr. P, if you would be so kind.”

Kitty suddenly felt wide soft leather straps being placed across her body. One at her knees, two at her hips, two across her chest and a final one strapping her head back. In short order she was securely synched to the table. She could barely move.

“Flip her,” Miss M ordered.

Kitty felt the surface beneath her lurch and suddenly the whole thing moved, turning her over to hang from the straps, but still tight to the surface of whatever she had been laying on.

Suddenly she felt a large round circle, that her ass had been pressed against, swing away, exposing her buttocks through the opening. Some form of brace or stand, was forced under her hips from below, forcing her ass up and through the opening.

“A very cute ass. And a nice pussy too,” Mr. P commented.

“Miss S, would you please instruct her. Show her that she must learn to obey,” Miss M said. Her voice coming from the floor below Kitty. She wanted to scream.

Without warning, the palm of Miss S’s hand, made contact with her right buttock in a ringing slap. Kitty jerked violently against the straps, her buttock suddenly stinging and seeming to be on fire. Before she could recover, the hand came down on her other cheek and it too began to bum. One cheek, then the other. Kitty jerked with each strike. Tears came to her eyes.

Suddenly the spanking stopped. “Are you ready to do as you are told?” Miss M asked, reaching up and wiping a tear away that had leaked from under her blind fold. Kitty jerked her head up and down quickly. Anything to stop the spanking. Her ass was stinging and hot.

“Good. Turn her back over,” Miss M told her partners.

In short order the brace beneath her was removed, the opening under her rear closed, and she was flipped back upright onto her back again. The hard surface that had closed the opening was cool against her skin and she relished the feeling, her rear beginning to cool.

“Now,” said Miss M, “There is not going to be anymore foolishness on your part, is there Kitty?” Kitty shook her head from side to side.

“You’re going to do what you are told from now on, right? Remember, we can have you flipped back over very quickly. And the next time it will be worse than just a spanking.” Kitty nodded her head up and down quickly in agreement. She did not want to find out what might be worse.

“I’m going to remove your gag now. You must be a bit thirsty after all that. You’re not going to be foolish and try to yell out, are you? Not that it would do you any good. We’re miles from anywhere, where someone could possibly hear you. But you’re not going to force us to put the gag back in, are you?”

Kitty shook her head back and forth quickly.

Hands reached down and removed the strap that held her head back, after which they undid the strap holding the gag in her mouth. It was pulled out slowly from between her teeth. Kitty ran her tongue around inside her mouth and out over her lips. She could taste the rubber the plug was made of.

A hand was placed on her head and turned sideways, a straw was slipped between her lip. “Drink,” Mr. P’s voice said. Kitty sucked at the straw greedily. The water was cold. Like wine in her mouth and throat.

“Now that you understand the rules, we are going to teach you a few things tonight,” Miss S told her. “Behave and do as you are told, and tomorrow you will be able to go back to your old life. That is if you can,” Miss S chuckled wickedly.

Kitty licked her lips. “Why?” she finally whispered, wanting to understand.

“Now that is the question isn’t it?” Miss M answered her. “Put simply, you’re the biggest cock and pussy tease on campus. You go out with both guys and girls but to the best of our knowledge you have never put out for anyone. Either you’re afraid to or you get your kicks out of working people up and then leaving them high and dry. We are going to change that before you leave here.”

“No. You can’t do this,” Kitty yelled.

“Why not? Are you going to try to tell us you’re a virgin? We know that you are not.”

“Well. No. But what is wrong with teasing? It doesn’t hurt anyone,” Kitty demanded.

“That is what you are going to learn all about. Learn from personal experience. And I do mean all about. You are going to be taken in every way we can think of in the time we have. But that is still several hours,” Miss M answered her.

Kitty began to yell at the top of her lungs, hoping someone would hear.

“Oh dear. That just won’t do.” Put the gag back in Miss S. “Nobody is going to hear her, but we don’t need to listen to that.”

Kitty’s head was seized and the gag was force back into her mouth between her clenched teeth and secured again. She could only whimper around it.

“What first?” Mr. P asked.

“Lets get her cooking first, before we decide the order in which we are going to show her the delights of actually coming through and actually having sex.”

“Makes sense to me,” Mr. P responded.

Kitty felt three pairs of hands begin to touch her body. One set concentrated on her spread legs. The second set on her abdomen. And the third set, on her chest, neck, and around her breasts. Their touch was light. The multiple fingers beginning to slide and caress her skin.

They moved lightly over her thighs, moving from her outer thighs to her inner. The hands on her stomach slid slowly down and over the top of her mound before sliding up her sides. The hands at her neck caressed softly, draining some of her tension away before moving down to lightly brush the outsides of her breasts. All of them moving in conjunction felt strange to her, but nice. It certainly beat the spanking she had suffered earlier.

The straps that had held her to the table were then removed, though her hands and feet remained bound. She eased herself slightly on the table. Their hands were feeling very good to her now. She didn’t want that, but there was no way to avoid the sensations she was beginning to experience.

The hands at her breasts slowly came up to cup them and squeezed firmly. The fingers began to trace circles around each breast. Slowly coming closer and closer to her nipples.

The hands on her stomach moved slowly down to probe gently at the lips of her pussy, slowly drawing them apart. She felt a warm breath blow down the length of her slit. And she shuddered slightly against her will.

The third pair of hands left off their stroking and Kitty felt a warm set of arms and shoulders side between her spread legs forcing them wider still. The skin felt very smooth and she thought it was the woman everyone called Miss S.

Whichever one of the women it was, she began to kiss the skin of Kitty’s inner thighs. Another shudder ran through her body. As the kissing continued, the fingers on her breasts reached her nipples and flicked across them abruptly, before gripping them and beginning to rotate them between each other. Kitty would have bitten her lip except for the gag.

As the woman between her legs continued to kiss upward toward her pussy, the fingers manipulating the lips of her cunt had been pressing them together and then gently pulling them apart. Kitty was becoming slightly wet between her pussy lips and more than a little aroused.

Her hips were moving slowly, in unconscious rhythm to the probing fingers. Even though they had not penetrated between her lips or down her slit to her hole yet, each time the fingers pressed her flesh together, Kitties hips thrust slightly upward, trying to put more pressure on her clitoris hidden by the skins folds.

The women between her legs, ran her hands up Kitties outer thighs and pushed the hands at her mound away, taking over the massage while continuing to kiss closer and closer to her love hole. Occasionally she would feel the woman’s tongue dart out to flick over her skin on the outer edges of her lips as well. It was beginning to drive her nuts.

She hadn’t wanted any of this that was happening in the first place. But now that it was, she wanted the woman to get on with it. She wanted to have an orgasm she could feel building. Maybe they would be satisfied and then let her go.

Whoever had been working her pubis before had transferred their attention to her tits, along, with the first pair of hands. Each one, Kitty thought they were Mr. P and Miss M, began using their mouths on each of her breasts, while continuing to caress the rest of her body with their hands.

Each was brushing their lips lightly across her flesh, alternating with darting their tongues out to quickly lick the skin, slowly drawing closer and closer to her nipples.

At some signal, that Kitty was unable to see because of her blindfold, the woman between her legs, spread her pussy lips wide and darted her tongue forward to stab at her clitoris. Then sliding her tongue down to shove it as deeply as she could into Kitty’s love hole, flicking it around inside against the walls of her vagina.

At the same time, those who had been kissing and licking her tits, took one of her nipples between their lips and sucked it firmly into their mouths, flicking the tip with their tongues, while gently biting and pulling her nipples out from her breasts.

The combination of having her nipples sucked and bitten, along with the woman’s tongue in her cunt, caused something to snap inside Kitty. Her body began to writhe with a mind of it’s own, at the pleasure it was receiving. And her pussy began to produce large amounts of her own love lubricant.

The woman between her legs began lapping avidly at her flow of love juice, running her tongue up now and then to flick the tip over her clitoris. Kitty jerked each time this happened. She was quickly building toward an orgasm, against her will. But there was nothing she could do about it. Her body was in the complete control and at the mercy of the three strangers that were manipulating her. She was almost there and was on the verge and her body tensed in expectation.

Suddenly the woman flicking at her pussy with her tongue pulled back, no longer touching her. “Stop,” she snapped at the other two, who quickly drew away from her breasts. Kitty was left hanging right on the edge of achieving her orgasm. It was excruciating.

She squirmed on the table, trying to press her thighs together. Anything to get her over the edge and make her cum. It was no use though. Her legs were held too far apart. Without another lick or two from the woman’s tongue, it was impossible to achieve her orgasm. She groaned at the back of her throat in frustration.

“That was close. She almost went over the edge on me, and that wouldn’t have served our purpose at all,” Miss S said.

“You’re lucky you stopped when you did then,” Mr. P commented. “Let’s let her cool down for half an hour or so, before we fire her up again.” Kitty couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She had been so close.

“Good idea,” Miss M said, “but while she is doing so, I want to give her a little hint of what is still in store for her.” Kitty froze, suddenly apprehensive of what Miss M meant. She was not long in finding out. “I think a half hour of these will give her some idea of what is in store for her,” Kitty heard the other two chuckle.

Suddenly someone grabbed her right breast and squeezed it fairly hard. It hurt just a bit and she whimpered in the back of he throat. But that was not what Miss M had meant. Her nipple had been force up and was quite erect. She felt something clamp on to it, gripping the nipple very firmly. It didn’t hurt as much squeezing her breast had, but it was definitely uncomfortable. The hand released her breast and her left nipple was given exactly the same treatment. Miss M’s fingers returned to the clamps on her nipples and gave them a little bit of an extra squeeze.

This time it did hurt, until Miss M released them and Kitty squirmed on the table until she did. “I just wanted to make sure they were on properly,” Miss M said with wicked chuckle. We wouldn’t want them popping off accidentally while we’re out of the room. I wonder, should we use that large clamp on her cunt lips?”

Kitty froze when she heard this. The clamps on her nipples were uncomfortable enough, but she didn’t want them to clamp her cunt together. Just the thought truly frightened her.

“No. Not yet at any rate,” she gratefully heard Mr. P say. “Let’s see what she says about doing exactly what we say in a half an hour. Besides, her nipples’ are one thing, but her pussy is something entirely different. I don’t want her sore or worse yet, desensitized, before I give her a little something.

What do you think Kitty? Should we leave the pussy clamp for now?” Kitty nodded he head vigorously in agreement. This caused her nipples with their clamps to jiggle. It definitely felt odd and the hurt a little bit, but surprisingly they had stayed hard and got a little harder still when the clamps moved. Oddly, she felt a small tingle begin between her legs as well.

A hand patted her cheek. “Be a good girl now. We’ll be back in a while,” Miss M. told her. Kitty heard their footsteps cross the floor and a door open. When it closed, the room was silent.

She tried to ignore the clamps on her nipples, but it was totally impossible. The more she tried to ignore them, the more she became aware of them. Her nipples seemed to be getting harder and they were tingling. It was going to be a long half-hour.

By the time the door opened and the trio re-entered, Kitty didn’t know if her nipples were tingling, stinging, or burning. Her nipples had seemed to get harder and harder during the time they had been gone. That was physically impossible of course. All she knew was that she needed some relief from the sensation she was feeling, any kind of relief.

She heard the three, approach the table. She tried to speak, but all that came out around the gag was a muffled, “mummmm”.

“Well Kitty, are you going to be a good little submissive girl now? Or are we going to have to leave those clamps there for a while longer and the pussy clamp as well?” Miss M. asked her.

Kitty nodded her head violently up and down. Anything to get them to remove the nipple clamps. But nodding her head made her tits jiggle. And that sent a whole new wave of sensation racing through her breasts and nipples. Air whistled in through her nose as she sucked in her breath. She nodded her head again, much more gently.

Kitty felt someone’s hands grasp the ends of the clamps. Suddenly they were removed and the pressure was released. If she had thought they had felt hot before, it was nothing to the feeling now as new blood flowed back into the tips of her nipples. She was suddenly sure that they were holding lit matches to both.

The feeling lasted only for a moment though, as someone applied ice cubes directly to the tips. Kitties’ body jerked and tensed. For a moment the ice seemed to bum worse than the non-existent matches might have. Finally though, cold replaced fire, and she relaxed back onto the table with an audible sigh of relief. The ice was slowly moved off her nipples to trace slow circles outward on the skin of her breasts.

“There. That’s better now. Isn’t it?” Mr. P’s voice asked her. Kitty nodded her head, but shivered slightly at the feeling of the ice on her skin. She felt him bend over her and shuddered as he gently kissed each nipple. They had never seemed so sensitive every before.

“Would you like me to remove the gag now? You’re going to do as we tell you now, without a lot of yelling and screaming, aren’t you?” he asked.

Kitty nodded her head and the gag was quickly removed. When she could get her tongue to function again, she asked, “Could I have a drink,” and then added a hasty, “Please.”

“Of course, but here is something better for the moment. Suck on this,” and she felt an ice cube pressed up against her lips. She took it into her mouth and began to suck on it. It was cold and wet, and did wonders for her parched mouth. When the cube was gone, he gave her a drink from a class with a straw. The liquid was cold, but it wasn’t water. It was some sort of cold liqueur and it burned slightly going down. It did however, start a warm glow in her stomach.

“Now,” Mr. P. went on. “In a moment we are going to release your bindings, but not the straps on your wrists, and ankles. We will need those later, but you will be able to get up. You are not to try to remove your blindfold. I doubt if you could anyway. It is on very securely. Then we are going to move you to where we want you next. You will cooperate with us completely and you will do as you are told. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I will do what you tell me. I promise,” Kitty said, sounding almost relieved. Mr. P. sounded almost sympathetic. Maybe the worst was over.

Kitties’ bindings were removed and they helped her to sit up. Her hands were still bound together in front of her, but it was simply a relief to sit up. Her wrists seemed to have a soft padded strap around each, as did her ankles. But only her hands were still linked together.

“All right Kitty. Stand up and come with me,” he said, taking her by the elbow when she began to move and guided her forward.

“Directly in front of you there is a curved stand about waist high. I want you to bend down over it and rest your weight on it with your hands out in front of you. Don’t worry it’s padded,” Mr. P. told her.

“But I though,” Kitty began, only to be silenced by a sharp word from Mr. P.

“I though we had been through this. You promised me you would obey and do as I told you. Now bend over the stand. Or would you prefer that I turned things back over to Miss M?” He left the threat hanging there.

Kitty quickly felt her way forward and bent over the stand she felt there. It was about two feet wide and it supported her from the area just above her crotch, to just below her breasts. Her arms were stretched out below her, almost touching the floor. Her tits hung free as well, gravity pulling them ever so slightly up her chest and totally free of obstruction.

“Girls. Give me a hand here. You know what to do,” Mr. P. said, as he moved to stand directly behind her. She could feel the heat of his body on hers.

‘Oh my God. He’s going to fuck me,’ Kitty thought to herself. But he didn’t. He grasped her by the hips and lifted her, sliding her forward until her feet were off the floor with just her toes touching.

Hands grabbed the bindings on her wrists and pulled her arms toward the floor, where they were secured firmly. Next she felt the women’s hands grasp each of her ankles and snap something on to the straps. Her legs were then pulled apart and fastened there, exposing her ass and cunt totally.

“Now that is a very pretty picture,” Mr. P. said, as he laid his hands on her lower back and trailed them down over the tops of her buttocks and down her outer thighs. “Somebody remind me to take some pictures before we are through.”

Miss S. chuckled and Miss M. laughed out right. “Don’t worry. I’ll remind you,” she said. Kitty was mortified. What was happening to her now was bad enough, but to think of pictures being out there, for just anyone to see was a horrifying thought.

“Please no. You wouldn’t,” kitty said; only to have Mr. P’s hand land on her right cheek soundly. “Quiet. You will speak only when spoken to.” She nodded her head vigorously, her ass stinging. He continued to run his hands over her bottom and thighs, now and then moving to her inner thighs.

He ran his hands up her thighs to her cheeks and gripped them firmly, pulling them farther apart and exposing her to the maximum. Even her rectum was stretched and spread slightly.

“I’ve just got to have a taste,” he said, and Kitty felt his face pressed firmly into her rear. He kissed her love hole lightly and then darted his tongue out to stab into her vagina, before sliding down to flick at her slit and clitoris.

Caught off guard, Kitty stiffened in shock and then relaxed. Mr. P. flicked the tip of his tongue against her clitoris for a moment before beginning to slide it up and down the length of her slit, toying with her opening before moving back to her clit. Kitty began moving her rear, inviting more. A definite change, from her attitude when all of this had begun.

As Mr. P. continued to lick at her pussy, the women were caressing the rest of her, their hands darting everywhere they could reach. Kitty was becoming aroused again very quickly. Mr. P. pulled back from her and stood up. She felt the head of his penis probing against her love hole.

Where before she would have tried to pull away from his intrusion, now she almost welcomed it. She actually wanted to have his shaft inside her. She only hoped he was not too large. She had a small pussy and she had only ever gone all the way, with two different guys. She had always preferred to tease. Getting almost as much enjoyment and satisfaction from that, as the actual sex.

Kitty sucked her breath in and gave a small squeak, when Mr. P. pushed the head of his prick into her. She wiggled her rear, inviting more. He held the head there for a moment before withdrawing it. He slid the head of his shaft down the length of her slit to her clitoris, which he tapped with the head. This brought a quick moan from Kitty’s throat and she pushed her ass back a little more. The head slid back up to her hole, and again it was pushed into her. Withdraw. Push in. Withdraw. Push in, over and over, but only with the head of his penis, never more than that.

Kitty was beginning to feel frustrated now. Her pussy was hot and she really wanted to feel his meat inside her now. Mr. P. continued teasing her now very wet cunt for several long minutes. Kitty’s desire and frustration both built to almost unbearable levels.

Suddenly with no warning, he gripped her hips and with one long powerful stroke, he pressed the length of his shaft into her as far as it would go, filling her totally. He was much larger that either of the guys she been with before.

It almost hurt. But it was a good hurt to her and she groaned, biting her lip at the feeling. He held it deep within her for a long moment before withdrawing completely, leaving only the very tip nuzzling her hole. He moved the tip over her lips and around her opening, teasing her before he slammed his cock back into her. This time she gasped with pleasure and a throaty moan escaped her lips.

Normally she did not care to have a man’s cock pushed inside her quite so forcefully, but she loved the feeling of this mans penis. It was so large. It filled her completely, stretching her hole and vagina to the limit. She thought she would be split in two. It was completely new and fantastic feeling to her.

Kitty jerked at the bonds that held her arms toward the floor. She wanted to be able to reach around and feel the size of his penis with her hands. But it was totally impossible with her body tied in this position. She could move and wiggle her ass and rear, but little else.

Mr. P. was stroking in and out of her cunt now, in long, slow, smooth thrusts. Kitty pushed her hips back to meet each stroke, a small cheep coming from her each time the head of his penis bumped the wall of her vagina at it’s greatest depth. She wished he would go quicker. She was very hot now.

While Mr. P. had been eating her out and fucking her cunt, the two women had not been idle. Miss S. had trailed her fingers up and down her back and sides before reaching under her to tap and massage her slit and clitoris with one finger, in rhythm to each of his strokes. Miss M. had concentrated on her tits. Caressing them gently and occasionally brushing her fingers over each of her nipples. Kitty twitched each time. Her nipples were very sensitive now.

She was beginning to pant slightly with anticipation when Mr. P. pulled out of her. “No,” Kitty cried out, “I’m getting close.”

Miss M. pinched her nipples firmly. Enough to make them hurt a bit. “We know. That’s why he stopped. And you know you were not supposed to speak until spoken to. Remember,” she added, flicking Kitty’s nipples with her fingernails once, hard. Kitty sucked her breath in quickly, and then nodded her head.

“As long as you remember. You really want to cum, don’t you?” Miss M. said. Kitty didn’t answer, but nodded yes.

“It’s all right now. You can talk. You really want to cum? Don’t You?” she asked again.

“Yes,” Kitty almost sobbed as she said it. “Please. It’s almost more than I can stand.”

“Now you are beginning how those men and a few of the women you have teased and led on felt. I’ll admit what you are feeling is stronger than what most of them had to endure, but you understand now. Right?”

“Yes,” Kitty almost yelled it. “Yes, I understand. Please!” she begged.

“Don’t worry Kitty,” Miss S. said to her. “We’re going to make you cum. You don’t have to worry about that. Like you never have before.” She chuckled. “But first you’re going to have to show us just how much you want to cum. Call it a little penalty for all those men and women you’ve frustrated over the last few years. You are going to let us do what ever we want to you. And you are going to cooperate with us every step of the way. Aren’t you?” she asked. “Remember. You’ll be punished if you don’t.”

“Yes, yes. What ever you say,” Kitty told her, “but please make me cum now.” A hand landed on her left buttock with a solid slap.

“Obeying and cooperating, does not mean making demands. That would be very unwise in the position you’re strapped into. Now, again. You are going to let us do what ever we want and you will follow our orders implicitly,” Miss S, told her sternly.

“Yes,” Kitty said, letting her head hang in submission. “What ever you want.”

“That’s a good girl. Then the first thing you are going to do, is to eat Miss M’s pussy for her until she comes,” Miss S. told her.

Kitty’s head came up suddenly and then slumped back. “Yes Miss S. What ever you say,” Kitty responded.

“Excellent. Miss M. is getting into position now. Make sure you’re enthusiastic and do a good job. While you’re eating her out, I’ll be doing some other things to you. Just relax and go along or I’ll have to punish you. Do you understand?” Miss S. asked her.

Kitty nodded her head, but she felt apprehensive about what Miss S. was going to be doing.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes,” Mr. P. said. “There are a few things I want to check on and a couple of things I want to get to use on her.” Kitty heard the door open and close. She swallowed hard, more nervous now, than ever before.

In short order Miss M. was in position. She had lain down on a low gurney. Almost like a hospital gurney, but much lower. She had sat down so that her hips and pussy would be at the very edge with her legs down on the floor. She had laid back and Miss S. had put a pillow under her hips to help raise her cunt to the proper angle. There were two stirrups as well, so that she could raise her legs up and rest them comfortable if she wished.

When she was comfortable, Miss S. rolled the gurney toward Kitty. Grasping her by the hair she lifted Kitty’s head, and moved Miss M’s cunt directly under her face and then pushed her head back down. “Do a good job now. Let’s see how talented you are with your tongue,” Miss S. told her.

Kitty’s lips and nose had come down directly on Miss M’s slit and hole. It made it slightly awkward with her hands and arms firmly chained to the floor, but she slowly began to kiss and lick the woman’s cunt.

Miss S. moved around behind her and brought something cold and round up against her Inner thigh. It was hard, but not very large around. Maybe an inch, but no more than that. Miss S. drew it slowly up to her pussy and rubbed the cold plastic up along her slit to her clitoris, where she rested it. Then she turned it on.

Kitty jumped violently when the vibrations of the small vibrator hit her clitoris. She came slowly down off her toes as Miss S. began sliding it up and down her slit, to her wet hole and back.

She continued to work on Miss M’s pussy, but with more diligence now, sucking the woman’s clitoris and juices between her lips and into her mouth, when Miss S. slipped the tiny vibrator into her cunt and began moving from side to side as well as in and out.

Kitty felt something being dribbled on the top of her rear end to run down the crack of her ass between her cheeks. Miss S. continued to hold the vibrator in her vagina and brought her other hand up to Kitties cheeks and began spreading the oil over them, massaging the flesh. It felt very good to Kitty and she pushed her rear back, trying to get a little more of the tiny vibrator into her hole.

Miss S’s thumb slid down the valley of her ass and came to a stop, pressing firmly against her rectum. The thumb began moving in circles, massaging her rose bud ass hole and pressing harder against her spinster. Kitty’s head came up from the pussy she was ministering to. “No,” she yelled, and tried to move her ass away from the woman’s thumb. She received a hard slap on her buttock for her resistance.

“None of that now,” Miss S. told her. “Relax and find out what you’re missing. You might find out you like it.” Miss S. moved her hand back to her rectum and placed her finger directly on it. She made several slow circles with her finger, added a bit more oil, and began to worm her finger into Kitty’s ass.

Kitty sucked in her breath. She had no experience with anal sex and was frightened of it. Especially after some of the stories she had heard. It felt extremely weird as Miss S’s finger began to slide into her. It didn’t really hurt exactly. It just felt weird. Miss S. had the first joint of her finger in her and she began wiggling it back and forth as she continued to press into ass. There was a slight slip and suddenly the finger was in her to the second joint. Kitty tensed, but then tried to relax and get used to the feeling. It didn’t hurt. At least not yet; and there was nothing she could do about it in any case.

With the intrusion into her ass, Kitty had forgotten that she was suppose to be eating Miss M’s pussy. A pair of hands clamped on either side of her head and pulled her back down. Her head was pressed into Miss M’s cunt and the hands began moving her head up and down, rubbing her nose the length of the woman’s slit.

“Don’t get distracted dear,” Miss M told her. “Now, I want you to tongue fuck me for a while. When I bring your head up, I want you to lick and suck on my clit. When I push down, I want you to go back to tongue fucking me. And if I grip your hair I’ll want you to go faster. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Kitty mumbled into Miss M’s cunt, and began thrusting her tongue out and into the woman’s wet hole. Miss M sighed with pleasure. “That’s better. Keep going. A little deeper if you can.” Kitty pushed her face more firmly into the woman’s cunt.

Kitty could feel the finger in her ass moving, being rotated. It was in her to the third joint and almost buried to Miss S’s knuckles. Miss S. had been very gentle about it. Her hole was well lubricated now and it didn’t hurt at all. It still felt very odd to her, but she caught herself pressing her ass backward inviting more of Miss S’s finger.

She admitted to herself then, that she really did like bursa escort the feeling and was getting off on it. Kitty felt slightly humiliated making such an admission to herself, that she was enjoying the woman’s finger in her ass, and more than a little dirty and depraved. But she didn’t really care. Besides, there was nothing she could do and no way of stopping what was being done to her. Her conscience felt a little bit better with that thought.

Miss S removed her finger and slid the vibrator out of her pussy and trailed it slowly up to her rectum. She slowly began to insert it into Kitty’s ass. This was a totally different feeling for Kitty. For one thing, it was hard and ridged. Not soft and flexible, like Miss S’s finger did. For another, it was larger around. The woman’s finger had been about a half an inch round. This was about an inch or perhaps a little larger.

Kitty felt her spinster contract, but tried to relax and accept the hard instrument into her hole. She felt her rectum stretching to allow it in. Miss S pushed the vibrator in slowly, a quarter of an inch at a time, twisting it back and forth at the same time to help ease it’s progress. She would let it slide back out now and then, allowing Kitty’s spinster to relax a little before pressing it back into her.

Kitty tried to help, pressing back slightly. Finally, she had six or eight inches of the vibrator buried in her ass. Thankfully during the process, Miss S had not had the vibrator switched on. Nor did she turn it on now. She left it there, holding it firmly in place with one hand, as she sank down on her knees behind Kitty. She began to tongue Kitties clit and hole as she started fucking her ass with the dildo. Stroking it in and out of her in long and very stow strokes.

Kitty was totally turned on now and gave herself up to the sensations she was experiencing. She buried her face into Miss M’s cunt and began to tongue her clitoris with a vengeance. Sucking and lapping at the juices that were flowing from the woman’s cunt. Miss M’s hands on her head, gripped her hair and pulled her face in even tighter to her now swollen clitoris. Her hips began bucking, her cunt thrusting against Kitty’s mouth.

Miss S had left off tonguing Kitty’s pussy and had moved around beside her where she could see the action better. Beginning to move the vibrator in her ass, in and out more quickly. “Tongue fuck her,” Miss S told her, placing her free hand on the back of her neck. “Stick your tongue in her hole as far as you can get it. Let her fuck your face.”

Kitty did as she was told. Craning her head a bit more, she shoved her tongue into Miss M’s sex hole as far as she could. The woman was pulling and pushing at her head. Literally fucking her cunt with Kitty’s tongue and face. Her clitoris bumping into Kitty’s nose, over and over. Kitty’s face was totally covered in the woman’s sex juices and they were dripping off her chin.

“Suck on my clitoris,” Miss M told her suddenly. “Suck it hard.”

Kitty did and the woman’s body tensed and began to literally vibrate as her orgasm built. “Flick it. Flick it with your tongue.” Kitty did. “Faster,” the woman ordered, quivering now. Suddenly she tensed, “I’m cumming,” she screamed, as her orgasm hit her. Her hips jerked violently, as she came again, and again, and again. Her breath coming in short little gasps and small squeaks escaping her throat with each wave.

Finally, the waves of Miss M’s pleasure began to subside and she released her grip on Kitty’s head, though she continued to quiver and take long shuddering breaths for several minutes.

Kitty let her head hang down on her arms, that were still chained to the floor, and breathed hard herself. Miss S let the dildo slide out of her ass. It was the first time she had ever made another woman cum. The combination of having Miss S moving the dildo in and out of her ass, and making Miss M cum, had been a total turn on, but she was nearly out of breath herself.

“Bravo,” Mr. P. said clapping his hands. “Very well done Kitty. You’re learning fast.”

Kitty had not heard Mr. P come back into the room, and suddenly she was wondering if he had left in the first place. Though she could think of no reason for the subterfuge if he had not. He came over to her and ran his hand across her shoulders. “Would you like to get up out of that position and stretch a little bit?”

“Yes please. My legs are getting a bit stiff,” Kitty replied. “Very well,” Mr. P told her, “but first there is something we’re going to give you. We’ll do it now so that you will have time to get used to it.”

“What is it?” Kitty asked in a tremulous voice.

“Open your mouth and suck on this. Get it good and wet,” Mr. P told her. Kitty did and a rubber plug was slowly slipped into her mouth. It seemed to be another gag, but it was a little smaller than the one, they had made her wear before. It was oddly shaped too. It had a round end like the vibrator, but it did not continue back in a long smooth shaft. It widened fairly quickly for the first two and a half inches, until it was about two inches in diameter. It continued like that for an inch before narrowing to an inch and three-quarters. At the end there was a narrow strip of rubber that extended a couple of inches to either side. Kitty didn’t know what it was, but she was suddenly certain that it was not a gag.

“That’s good,” he said and took it out of her mouth. “Miss S would you do the honors. You’re the one who did such an excellent job of getting her to open up in the first place.” His hands moved down to the cheeks of her rear and gripped her buttocks.

Kitty felt the tip of the oddly shaped thing pressed against her rectum. She sucked in her breath. ‘God,’ she thought to her self in sudden panic, ‘that thing will tear me in two.’ She tried to squeeze her rectum and the cheeks of her ass together. It was no good. Mr. P had a firm grip on her buttocks and was holding her spread open.

Miss S sensed her apprehension though. “Don’t worry Kitty. It will be a little uncomfortable at first. Especially until I get it all the way in, but I’ll be gentle. Once your rectum and spinster stretch out and get used to it, it won’t be so bad. You might even get to like it. Remember my finger and the vibrator? You got to like them. This will be the same.”

Kitty tried to relax. They were going to shove it into her no matter what she did. Miss S added some oil to her ass and slowly began to push the plug in. Rotating it slowly as she did so. Kitty felt her rectum stretching and stretching. It hurt a little bit, but not too much. Suddenly the plug was far enough into her ass, it reached the area where it narrowed again and it popped into her ass the rest of the way by itself. The two bars at its end prevented it from going all the way into her.

It didn’t feel so bad now. It was a little weird feeling and a little bit uncomfortable, just as the dildo had been when Miss S had used it on her earlier. But she found that she did not mind having it in her after the initial stretching of getting it in. She wiggled her ass getting the pug to seat itself more firmly. It felt better after she had done so.

Kitty heard Miss M laugh. “She takes to it like a duck to water, doesn’t she?”

Kitty felt her face grow hot as she blushed, thinking of the three of them looking at her draped forward like this with her rear in the air and a butt plug in her ass. Especially since she had been moving her rear as though she liked having it in her. She had to admit that she did, but it was still a humiliating position to be in.

“Release her straps and let her get use to it,” Mr. P said. “Kitty, move around a little bit. You’ll get used to the feeling of it in you easier that way.”

Kitty felt the chains holding her arms to the floor release, and then her ankles. A hand helped her to straighten. The plug in her ass felt extremely weird. Like she wanted to relieve herself and couldn’t. She took a couple of tentative steps. She could feel it moving slightly inside her. She found that it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling.

“Here. Sit down and have something to drink,” Mr. P told her, guiding her to a chair. The plug pressed into her as she did. She could feel the two bars at the end running up and down the crack of her ass and she suddenly understood why they were there. There seemed to be a cord dangling from the end as well. A string perhaps.

“Here. Have a drink of this,” Miss M said, pressing a glass between her hands. Kitty drank. It was more of the cold liquor. It burned a bit going down, but it was good.

After she had rested for a few minutes, they required her to stand up again. She didn’t understand what they were doing, but they seemed to be strapping some kind of harness to her back. They began high on her thighs. A strap went around each, and one around her waist. They didn’t seem to be to holding her. Rather they held some sort of pad or harness to her.

“What is it? Kitty asked timidly, half-afraid that Miss M would spank her again, or decide to put her gag back in. Surprisingly it was Miss M who answered her. “It’s nothing for you to worry about. Call it a sling. It’s just to hold you in the position that we will want you. Just do as you’re told, and you’ll be fine.”

Kitty stood silently as they finished their preparations. They released the binding that had held her wrists together. That surprised her, but she wisely said nothing. When they were done, Kitty was ordered to stand up. Mr. P guided her forward and then turned her around. He picked her up by the waist and lifted her onto a table or bench of some kind.

“I want you to lay back while we hook you up to this,” he told her.

Kitty started too speak, but didn’t. She lay back and felt them attacking chains to the harness she was now laying on, two at her shoulders and two at her hips. The tension was taken up on the chains and she was partly lifted from the table.

“Kitty,” Mr. P said, “‘ want you to reach your arms up and grasp the chains above your shoulders.”

Kitty reached up and grabbed them blindly. Her wrists were quickly secured to the chains. She couldn’t bring her arms down. Next, a soft strap was placed around each of her knees and drawn up. She was now three-quarters reclined, knees drawn up and attached to the chains from her hips. There was a spanner bar of some sort between the chains because her legs were forced wide apart, exposing her nether regions of all to see. When she was secure, she was lifted clear of the table which was removed.

Suddenly she heard a whirring sound and she felt herself being lowered. Mr. P was standing between her legs and she felt his hard cock bump into her ass and her butt plug, before sliding up to her pussy. ‘He’s going to screw me again,’ she thought in near panic, ‘God, he will split me for sure this time with that plug in my ass as well.’

But he didn’t. He moved back from her and instead, slipped his index finger into her opening. Kitty gasped. The intrusion had been so sudden that she hadn’t had time to prepare herself. It was a shock. For the next few minutes, he simply moved his finger around inside of her, while occasionally rubbing his thumb over her clitoris. Kitty felt herself beginning to get very wet, covering his finger and knuckles with her juices.

One of the women was caressing her body slowly and very gently. It felt nice. The other woman was doing something under her rear end. Occasionally touching the plug in her ass, tugging at the cord from it now and then.

Mr. P brought up a second finger and slipped inside her along with the first. Kitty moaned slightly. He continued gently rubbing her clitoris with his thumb. Suddenly Kitty jerked violently and her breath whistled in through her teeth in an almost in-drawn shriek. Miss M had turned on the butt plug to which she had been attaching the controller and batteries.

It was a vibrator and it was buzzing like mad in her rectum, causing her ass to quiver uncontrollably and her vagina to clench down on Mr. P’s fingers. A shudder ran up her body. It was the most indescribable sensation she had ever felt. It made her feel totally wanton and immoral. It was the most obscene feeling she’d ever had, and she loved it.

She was quickly building toward an orgasm, but Mr. P pulled his fingers out and the vibrator was switched off before she could cum. “No,” Kitty screamed, whipping her head back and forth, “No, no, no, no. Please!” she begged. “If I don’t cum I’ll die.”

Miss M laughed. “No you won’t. You may want to, but you won’t. Just think of how good it’s going to be when we do finally let you cum.” Kitty wanted to scream in frustration. “What next Mr. P?” Miss M asked.

“Get her sitting up right in that sling and then lower her down. I’ll take it from there. I want to keep her simmering for a while before we get to the main event.” Mr. P answered.

Quickly the women adjusted the chains holding her until she was up right in the sling. Her arms were still drawn above her head and sitting in the sling with her knees drawn nearly up to her chest. Her ass and cunt were hanging down below the sling. The muscles in her rectum were still quivering and the lips of her cunt were stretched apart, exposing her clitoris was totally.

She was lowered closer to the floor. Kitty squealed and jerked when the head of Mr. P’s cock slapped against her slit lightly. “Now for a little fun. Let’s see if I can drive her insane,” Mr. P told the women. The women laughed loudly. “Lower her down just a bit more and then give me the control for the lift.”

“What ever you say,” Miss S said. “This I’ve got to see.”

Kitty felt herself lowered another inch and felt the tip of Mr. P’s cock press against her quivering hole. He moved it around the opening, teasing her. She bit her lip, waiting. As much as she admitted that she wanted him in her, she was a bit apprehensive about it hurting with the plug in her ass already stretching her to the limit.

Mr. P repositioned his cock and she felt him begin lowering her. The head of his cock slowly pressed into her pussy and her vagina begin to stretch her open. Kitty bit her lip. It hurt just a little bit, but she didn’t care. She wanted his shaft inside her.

He stopped with the head of his cock and maybe an inch of the shaft inside her. He held her hips steady and began thrusting the head into her slowly and withdrawing it again, going a little deeper each time. Kitty could feel herself stretching and the plug in her ass moving each time he moved deeper into her. It was a very tight fit and she was panting with both effort and desire to have him inside her to the maximum.

Mr. P had continued to lower her while he had been working his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. Now he was as deep in her vagina as possible and the plug in her rectum was sitting firmly on his pelvic bone adding pressure into her ass. Mr. P let her relax there for a few moments, to catch her breath, before beginning to move his shaft. He simply rocked his hips from side to side. This caused him to move in and out of her slightly and it caused the plug in her rear to wiggle. Kitty found the feeling very arousing.

With the sling holding her at the perfect height. He started taking short strokes in and out. Slowly at first, then a little faster. Kitty groaned with pleasure. His cock felt fantastic and the pug in her ass was being bumped and pushed into her each time it came down against his pelvic bone.

She felt a woman’s hair, brush her thighs, and a mouth and tongue came down on her slit. She thought it might be Miss S’. The tongue slid down the length of her slit over her’ clitoris, and between her lips to where Mr. P’s shaft was moving in and out of her. The woman dragged the flat of her tongue back up over her clitoris and began circling it with the tip.

Mr. P increased the tempo of his trusts into her and Miss S began flicking her tongue back and forth over her clitoris. Kitty groaned and bit her lip. She was building toward an orgasm quickly. Very quickly in fact, but after the experiences of the last few hours she didn’t think they would let her achieve it.

Mr. P’s thrusts had become strong and deep, coming nearly out of her hole and thrusting back in strongly. Each time he did the plug jarred in her ass, heightening the sensations she was feeling. As the pace of his thrusts increased until he was fucking her hard, Miss S speeded up the movement of her tongue, shipping it back and forth over her love knob at a furious rate.

Kitty’s orgasm built faster and faster. A moment or so before she came, the plug in her ass started vibrating. The muscles in her rear began to spasm, her orgasm almost there. The tongue was flicking her clitoris harder and faster, over and over again. The vibrator was going and her rectum going crazy. Suddenly she felt Mr. P starting to cum. His cock pulsing hugely inside her. His cum shooting out of his tip to hit the walls of her vagina like molten metal. His shaft pulsed over and over again, as he continued to cum until her hole was full and cum began to spill out of her cunt around his shaft.

It was too much for her. The orgasm that they had continually denied her slammed into her pussy with the force of an exploding bomb. Her body jerked and convulsed as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body like an electric current. Miss S. continued licking and sucking her clit. It seemed to last forever as her climax went on, and on, and on. Kitty’s last coherent thought as her mind floated away on a tidal wave of pleasure, was that nothing in life, especially sex, would or could, ever be the same for her again. And She didn’t want it to be.

When kitty came back to herself, she was out of the sling and lying on a soft bed. She was still wearing the straps on her wrists and ankles, and though she was not tied down, her blindfold still firmly in place.

For a moment she was at a lost as to where she was, then the memories of all that had been done to her came flooding back. She shivered with the thought of everything she had experienced. Some of it had not been so nice, at least in the beginning. But as she thought about it she was honest enough with herself to admit she had loved every second of it. Even the spanking and nipple clips had turned her on. Sure they had hurt a little bit to begin with, especially the spanking, but all in all they had heightened the overall feelings she had experienced.

Especially her climax when they had driven her over the edge, and allowed her to have the release of finally cuming. She had to admit it had been mind blowing. There was no other way to describe it.

She began to get hot in her face, blushing involuntarily, when she realized the truth that she wanted more and she definitely wanted to cum like she had again in an overwhelming wave. She shivered with her desire for it and hugged herself with her arms.

“Well, Well,” Mr. P said from nearby, “look who is back in the land of the living again.” Kitty gave a squeak and turned her head toward his voice even though she could not see him.

When she got herself under control, she asked, “What happened to me?”

“You had you first; how can I put this? Proper orgasm,” Miss M answered her. “You passed out with the pleasure of it.”

She heard Miss S chuckle. “I heard someone describe it as ‘glimpsing the land of the Gods’. But I think you liked it didn’t you Kitty? Tell the truth now.”

“I’ve never felt anything like it before. It was fantastic!” Kitty exclaimed truthfully.

“And you want some more of it. You want to have another orgasm like you just had, don’t you?” Mr. P asked her.

Kitty swallowed hard and said in a small voice, “Yes I do,” feeling herself blush hotter at the admission.

“Now, Now. That won’t do Kitty. You have to make us believe it.” P told her.

Kitty threw her dignity out the window for good. “You’re damn right I do,” she said loudly and then went on in a calmer tone, “Yes, I want to be able to cum like that again. But I don’t know if I will ever be able to.”

“OH, I think you will,” Mr. P told her, “In fact we’re going to teach you a few more things right now. I am sure you will learn them well.”

Kitty swallowed, “I don’t know if I’m up for it yet.”

Miss M gave a small laugh. “On the contrary, you should be ready to go again right now considering how long you slept. About four hours.”

“And don’t you feel nice and clean again? Miss S and I gave you a nice sponge bath,” Miss M paused, “Inside and out.”

“Hey! I helped too,” Mr. P spoke up.

“Tongue cleaning her nipples, doesn’t count and you know it Mr. P,” she told him.

Kitty had thought she couldn’t blush any harder, but she found she could. Knowing that all three had handled her and given her a bath while she slept was, well, almost more personal than fucking her brains out. But she really did feel clean and rested. And she realized that she really was ready for another go-round. Unbelievable as the thought was.

Summoning up her courage she asked, “OK, what next?”

“You’ve heard of voyeurism haven’t you Kitty? Mr. P asked her.


“Well to start things off, we want you to give us a little show. We will tell you what we want you to do, and you will do it. You are going to masturbate yourself, but you will follow our directions as to what we want you to do to your self. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” she told him feeling embarrassed.

“One other thing,” Miss S told her, “under not circumstances are you to let yourself cum. If you do, you will be seriously punished. You are not to cum until we tell you, you can.”

“All right,” she said in a small voice.

“Good. Then we can begin,” Miss S told her. “One more thing. You really want this don’t you? I can hear the need in your voice, but I want to hear you say it.”

Kitty nodded her head, feeling tears in her eyes for the admission she was about to make because she realized it was absolutely true. ‘Yes, I really want this. I want you to take me in every way you want. I want it too.”

“Then I think we will take the cuffs off your wrists and ankles. You don’t need them any longer. You’ll be more comfortable that way as well.”

“Thank you,” Kitty told her. And meant it.

She felt hands working on the cuffs and in moments they were off. She rubbed her wrists for a moment and then asked. “What do you want me to do first?”

“Just close your eyes and start as if you were at home. Not fast mind you. Begin with your tits and then move on to your pussy,” Miss S told her.

Kitty pushed herself up on the bed, fluffing a pillow up under her head and squirming her rear into the mattress to get comfortable. Placing her hands on her chest, she lightly drew her hands outward and slowly brushed her fingertips down her ribcage past her breasts to her hips. Slowly moving her hands inward to her bellybutton, she swiveled her fingers down toward her pussy stopping just above her mound. She pressed in slightly just above the pelvic bone before beginning to draw her hands up her body, over her stomach toward here breasts.

Kitty gently cupped the outside of her breasts, sliding her hands up with her fingertips reaching toward the center of her chest. The palms of her hands brushed lightly over her nipples and made her shiver inside slightly. Placing the tip of a finger one on each of her nipples she began moving them in a circular motion. Kitty licked her lips lightly at the sensation.

Taking the nipples between her thumb and forefinger she groaned softly as she began squeezing them lightly and rolling them between her fingers. Keeping one hand on her breast she slid her right down to pussy lips rubbing and squeezing them together gently. She could feel a tingle from her clit under them and gave a soft sigh, unconsciously begin moving her hips in pleasure.

Cupping her whole mound in her hand she began squeezing it rhythmically pressing her fingers in and toward her hole. All the while she had been doing this she had been gently massaging her breast. Kitty brought the thumb and forefinger of her left hand to her mouth and wet them with her tongue. Moving them back to her nipple and rubbed them over it, before moving back to her mouth to get more spit to lubricate the other nipple. She alternated sliding her wet fingers over each nipple as she continued squeezing her pussy,

She was breathing a little harder now as she realized how turned on she was becoming, knowing that she was being watched. She had never done something like this before and the thought of them watching heightened what she was feeling. She thought of it as being very naughty, but very exciting as well. The thought sent a shiver of delight threw her.

Leaving her mound for the moment Kitty brought both hands to her mouth to get all of her fingers wet before moving her hands back to her nipples. Keeping her fingers rigid she rubbed her fingers back and forth across her nipples like a washboard making her nipples move up, down and sideways as they slipped for one finger to the next.

Cupping her hands over her breasts completely and began squeezing and massaging, her fingers slipping on the wet skin of her tits. Squeezing and gripping her nipples between her fingers she began pushing them up from her body as she squeezed a little harder. Her whole body was tensing slightly at the sensation she was giving herself.

She heard the others move to sit on the edge of the bed where they could see her better. She shivered at the thought of their eyes on her.

“A very good start,” Miss S said in a soft approving voice. “Take your right hand and get your’ index finger good and wet.” Kitty did so. “Now, take your hand and slide your finger between the lips of your pussy and get them and your clitoris wet.”

Kitty did as she was told. She moved her hand down and slipped her finger between the folds of her slit. She sucked in her breath slightly it felt so good.

“Good. Now wet your finger again and start sliding it slowly up and down in your slit. I don’t want you rub your clitoris specifically, just long slow strokes up and down. You clit will get enough stimulation just from that.”

Kitty did as instructed. It felt very good and even with only this slight stimulation her clitoris tingled and began to respond and started to swell in response.

“A little faster Kitty,” Miss S told her. Kitty was happy to comply. Miss S allowed her to do this for almost a full minute before she was told to stop.

“Now, place your finger right on your clit but don’t rub. I want you to simply put pressure on it, on and off. Continue doing that continually until I tell you can rub it.” Miss S said to her.

Kitty began pressing her clitoris over and over. It wasn’t as good as letting her finger slide over it, but it was stimulating and her clit swelled slightly more in response.

“All right, you can rub and flick it now if you want. But only for a minute.”

Kitty began rubbing slowly and gently. It was a little ruff and she quickly stuck her fingers in her mouth again. Quickly returning to her cunt she began rubbing again but soon began alternating with flicking her finger as well. She was breathing quickly now and she could feel herself building toward a climax. She wanted it badly, but knew she would not be allowed too. She speeded up her finger anyway.

“Stop,” Miss S said quickly, grabbing her hand and pulling it away. “You were told not to try that.” Kitty felt frustrated and a bit pissed off at her. After a few moments her desire began to fade and her frustration as well.

Kitty didn’t know what she was going to be told to do next, but she imagined it would be something she had never done before, and what she would have considered before this, dirty as well. She shivered in lustful anticipation.

“Now give me your right hand,” Miss S ordered.

Kitty did as she was told as she wondered why? Each of her fingers and thumb was examined individually. “Very good Kitty. You take care of your hands and nails,” Miss S commented.

“I don’t understand. What difference does that make?” Kitty asked.

“You’ll find out in a minute,” Mr. P chuckled making her apprehensive as to what they had planned for her.

“You keep quiet Mr. P. this is my show for now. You’ll get your turn at her again soon enough,” Miss S told him.

“Yay, It’s our turn to show her some alternative delights,” Miss M spoke up for the first time.

“All right, just remember your word,” Mr. P told the pair.

‘Just exactly what had been promised and what it involved?’ Kitty wondered to herself a little apprehensively.

“Now Kitty, I want you to roll onto your left side and bring your knees up toward your chest. You can brace your right foot against the bed with your leg up if you want to. I want you to reach behind yourself so you can reach your rear and pussy.” Miss S told her.

Kitty rolled over as told and reached back and down as far as she could. She was surprised to find that she could reach her ass and love hole right and to her clit if she stretched just a little harder. It wasn’t uncomfortable, just a little awkward because she had never tried it before.

“Good girl”, Miss S said. “Now get you finger wet again and start playing with your slit and love hole. No penetration mind, not yet.”

Kitty wet her fingers and reached back again put them over her slit and hole. She began moving her hand around, just massaging her hole and then her slit. Kitty found it felt good, but odd in a way. She had never played with herself in this way before. ‘Probably,” she thought to herself, ‘because all I wanted to do then was simply get off fast.’ This was different, she was actually turning herself on thinking about what she was doing to herself at Miss S’s direction.

“Now take your index finger and slide it up into your slit and give your clitoris a couple of flicks.” She watched closely as Kitty did so. “Now bring your finger down to your hole and slip it in. Push it in slowly as far as you can do so comfortably. Don’t strain your back trying too hard,” Miss S told her with a giggle.

“Then you can start moving it around and stroke it in and out. Every once in a while I want you to slide it right out and up to your love button and give it a flick as well. The go back to your hole and start over. Slowly, don’t rush.”

Kitty followed the instructions. She put her finger to her hole and slowly pushed it into herself. It felt different doing it this way, but good. She began wiggling her finger back and forth. She could feel the wall of her vagina against the tip of her finger. Both the feeling on her finger and on the wall of her vagina felt different than the way she normally got herself off. She found the sensation in her cunt to be new and she liked it.

Kitty began stroking her finger in and out of her pussy, not forgetting about her clitoris. Each time she pushed into herself and then out and touched it she felt what was almost a little shock to her senses. ‘It feels good, really good,’ she thought to herself. ‘I think I could get myself off this way.’

Miss S let her continue finger fucking her self for a few minutes. She was starting to produce a fair amount of her own love juices by then, and feeling herself getting very hot. When Miss S told her to stop she was extremely disappointed.

Kitty heard Miss S ask Miss M. “Which do you think is the better lubricant. Spit or Vaseline? Or one of the sex gels?”

“They are all pretty good, but for a first time I think we should go with the Vaseline to begin with and then switch to the gel. She will have a good sliding base with the Vaseline and the gel will then be even that much slipperier,” Miss M answered.

Kitty, listening to the conversation had no idea of what they were talking about. Her pussy was already sopping wet with her own love juice. ‘What’s next?’ she wondered to herself.

“Good idea. Kitty, make a fist and then give me your hand with your index finger sticking out straight.”

Doing as told Kitty felt her finger side past the lip of a container into a cool substance that oozed up around her finger. Vaseline of course. The jar was removed and she could feel the coating on her finger.

“Now put your hand back behind you. Here I’ll guide it for you.” Kitty felt her take her outstretched finger and hand, moving it to her real. But instead of placing her finger at her cunt, it was brought down on her anus.

Kitty gasped, sucking in her breath through her teeth in surprise, as she realized what they intended to have her do. She had never done anything like this before. ‘Hell,’ she thought to herself, ‘I’ve never let anyone stick a finger in my ass before.’ ‘Well,’ she amended the thought. ‘At least I hadn’t until a few hours ago, and that really wasn’t a case of me letting them. They didn’t give me much choice.’

“That’s right Kitty. You are going to butt fuck your ass with your own fingers,” Miss S told her.

Surprising to her, Kitty found the idea both dirty and fascinating at the same time. She felt a wicked thrill run through her. She wanted to try this.

“Start by rubbing some of Vaseline on your pretty rose bud and trying to press some of it inside gently,” Miss S told her. “Then try inserting the tip of your finger. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough. When you get your finger all the way into your ass, you can start moving it and fuck yourself. Do you understand?”

Kitty nodded her head and began a slow circling motion with her finger around the opening in her ass. She wiped some of the Vaseline on one cheek and scraped it up again into a small glob on her finger to try putting into her rectum.

Once her finger was in position she slowly tried to push the tip in. There was fair resistance and she pushed a little harder. Slowly her spinster gave up the battle and her finger moved it a half inch. She held it there for a moment getting use to the sensation. Removing her finger Kitty scooped up another dollop of lube and pushed her finger back into herself. There was less resistance this time and her finger moved into her ass hole up to her second knuckle with little problem. She withdrew it slightly and then pushed in as far as she could get her finger to go.

The sensation of having her own finger in her ass was almost indescribable. It felt weird, but more than that it made her feel like a bitch in heat. She slowly began wiggling her finger around and moving it in and out or her ass.

Kitty was breathing quickly now in short little gasps. “You can use your other hand on your pussy now. It will make it feel even better,” Miss D told her.

She quickly reached her hand down to fondle her cunt. Squeezing it at first before beginning to run her finger through her crack over her love button. ‘Miss S is right,’ she thought to herself, ‘this is fantastic.’ She was beginning to pump her finger in and out of her ass in a quicker movement. She was truly trying to fuck her own ass. She found that while she was flicking her finger over her clit, it felt even better when she pulled her finger almost all the way out and then shoved it back in hard and as deep as she could.

bursa escort bayan Kitty kept up the movements of her hands in a faster and faster tempo. ‘God,’ she thought to herself, ‘I really am fucking myself.” Quickly she moved her left hand lower and pushed her finger into her cunt hole. She thought she was going to explode from the wild sensation it was giving her.

Miss S reached out quickly and grabbed her wrists pulling her hands away from her body. “None of that now. We don’t want you getting yourself off yet. That’s our job, and you’re not going to spoil the fun.”

Kitty let out her breath in a rush. “Damn it. This isn’t fair,” she said in some heat.

“We never promised to be fair,” Mr. P said from the head of the bed. “I think we can move on to the next stage though and then we’ll see about giving you a rest for a little while. You know, get up and move around to stretch your legs.”

Kitty could almost hear the laughter in his voice as he explained it to her. ‘What the hell have they got planned next?’ she asked herself. She was not long in finding out.

“Get up on your hands and knees with your ass toward me,” Miss S told her.

Kitty did as she was told. She felt vulnerable in this position, but taking everything else into consideration it didn’t mean much. “Miss M, will you grease these up for me, and I’ll take care of her rear,” Miss S said. Kitty didn’t know what she was talking about, but knew instinctively, they were going to do something new to her.

Suddenly she felt a finger touch her rectum and begin massaging gently. Kitty gave a squeak but stayed where she was. The she felt something cool and solid placed by the finger that was beginning to force her spinster open. ‘Another vibrator.’ She thought to herself, but she was wrong. What ever it was, it was flexible and fairly small in size.

Kitty felt the object being pushed into her ass which, she wiggled to help accommodate. When it was perhaps two to three inches into her she felt something cold, squirt into her ass, and almost immediately her love hole was given the same treatment but with a much larger shot. She sucked her breath in through her teeth at the shock. “What the hell was that?” she demanded.

Miss M chuckled. “Don’t worry Kitty it’s just a very, very slippery love gel. It will warm up quickly enough. Now what we are going to do is put some anal beads in your ass. Don’t worry there are not large. Not even, half an inch. It might feel odd and perhaps uncomfortable for a bit because they are hard, unlike your nice soft finger. But you’ll get use to them quick enough.”

Kitty felt Miss M knelt on the bed beside her. One arm was draped over her hips with the hand pulling her left cheek wider, the other holding her right. Then she felt something small and hard press against her rectum. Suddenly she tensed with worry. “How do I get it back out?” she asked plaintively.

She heard Mr. P laugh out loud at her question. Even Miss S chuckled. “Don’t worry Kitty they are all linked together with a very strong string and the string end stays out side. They’ll come out when we want.”

“All of them?” she asked in a small voice.

“That’s right. The are grouped in three’s about one inch apart and two inches between each group. Nine in total,” Miss S told her as she continued to push the first into her rear. She felt it going into her ass and suddenly pop inside almost on it’s own. Kitty gave a jerk. “We told you that lube was slippery.”

With that, Miss S continued pushing the beads into her until all nine were gone. It felt decidedly odd to Kitty, but rather nice as well. When she wiggled her rear end she could feel them move ever so slightly inside her.

“OK, roll over on your back and spread your legs for us, with your knees up,” Miss S told her. When Kitty had done so, Miss. S continued, “Just let me make sure your’ lubed up properly.” She shoved her finger into Kitty’s cunt quickly and wiggled her finger up and down while pressing her thumb on her clitoris, pressing firmly but not hard.

Kitty gave a loud shriek at the unexpected intrusion, but settled down quickly as Miss. S continued her finger action and began rubbing her clit. She was squirming; her rear into the bed from sensations from her cunt and this made the beads in her ass move a little bit more. This in turn got her hotter strengthening the feelings from her pussy, sensation building on sensation. It was a great feeling to her and she wanted it to continue, but as quickly as the finger had penetrated her it was withdrawn.

‘Damn!’ Kitty thought to her self, ‘They’re trying to drive me insane. But I guess that is the intent. Either that, or die from frustration.’

“Now Kitty, we have one last thing to do and then you can try to relax for a while. You’ll be able to get up and move around and stretch a bit,” Miss S informed her.

“Try to relax, doesn’t sound all that comforting for some reason. What are you going to do to me next?” she asked.

“I’m glad you asked. We’re going to put a couple of ben-wa balls in your cunt.”

“What are ben-wa balls?” Kitty asked apprehensively.

“They are like the beads we put in you ass, but only two of them. They’re just a bit bigger is all, would you like to feel them before we go on?”

Kitty nodded her head as she felt something cold and round placed into her hand. She found them to be about two inches in diameter, or maybe two and a half, which frightened her a little bit. She didn’t think Mr. P’s cock was that big, but if it was, it was soft in comparison to these.

Miss. S took them back from her. “Just lay back with your legs up and spread. This shouldn’t hurt at all. Not with your pussy being broken in as it was, and all that lube in you should make them slip right in. The lube will let them move around in your vagina quite easily. It will be a nice sensation for you. Are you ready?”

Kitty nodded her head and tried to spread her legs as wide as she could. She felt the first ball placed against her opening. It began to move around her opening and up her slit and she could feel the coolness of it.

She could feel it just beginning to open her hole when it stopped. “I’ve changed my mind,” Miss S declared. “Kitty I want you to slide you hand down and under my hand. I want you to push it into your hole yourself. I’ll just help guide you. Would you like that?”

“Yes,” Kitty answered hoarsely and quickly reached for her pussy, sliding her fingers under the other woman’s hand. Both the hand and ball felt extremely slippery. Cupping the ball she began to push in slowly with Miss S’s hand guiding the angle gently.

She could feel her lips and hole begin expanding to accept the ball. She was surprised that it felt good and realized that despite the size she wanted it in her. She had it nearly into herself when she felt her vagina spasm, the lips and opening gripping down on the ball and pulling it inside. The feeling was unbelievably good. She was almost light headed from the pleasure she was experiencing. ‘It’s almost like my cunt now has a mind of it’s own, and it knows what it wants,’ she thought to herself with a giggle.

“There, that wasn’t so bad was it?” Miss S asked her. “Do you want to put the other one in by yourself?” Kitty nodded her head vigorously and reached down slightly for the second ball. She quickly brought it to her opening and quickly pushed it in. It hurt a little bit because she had done it so fast. But it was a good kind of hurt.

Kitty felt absolutely wicked. ‘It’s almost like I’m raping myself,’ she thought to herself as she lay panting, ‘but I’m loving every second of it. This is fantastic!’

“Good girl,” Miss S praised her. “You’re definitely getting into the spirit of things. Now let’s get you up and you can have a stretch and loosen up.”

Her arms were gripped firmly and she was helped to her feet beside the bed. She found there was deep warm carpeting under her feet, and for the first time she took note of what she could feel around her. The air around her was warm and had a pleasant fragrance to it. The bed she now realized had been very soft and if she was not mistaken the sheets were silk, or at least satin. Wherever she was, it had the feel of being lavish.

Then she took her first step forward, stretching her arms above her head as she did so, and froze in shock. She could feel the balls and the beads in her ass moving. The balls moving much more than the beads. She had never felt anything like it in here life. It was wonderful.

“Oooh,” she breathed out. “That’s fantastic. I can feel each of them moving all at the same time it my ass and pussy. And my pussy muscles keep trying to clamp down on the balls, but them keep slipping and moving around inside me. I can feel them bumping each other and sliding along my walls. WOW!” she exclaimed.

“I believe we have a convert here Mr. P,” Miss M spoke up. “Would you like to learn some more sensual pleasures? Some different ways of love making and hot dirty sex?”

“GOD YES!” Kitty exclaimed loudly. “To start with I was frightened and hated you for what you were doing to me, but I don’t think that anymore. I think I actually love you all for showing me what I have been missing. It’s fantastic. If there is more you can teach and show me. If there are more sensations and feelings like I’ve experienced so far, I want to know them,” she finished. And after a moment she added an emphatic, but almost begging, “Please!”

Mr. P spoke up for the first time in quite some while. “I agree with you Miss M. She has definitely being converted, but I don’t think the process is complete yet. Tell me Kitty, would you like to leave now? You can you know. We’ll get you cleaned right up and take you home if you want.”

Kitty felt startled and confused by the question. “You’ll take me home?” she asked.

“Yes. If that’s what you decide you want to do. Why don’t you come over to the table and sit down. You must be thirsty by now. Especially the way you have been panting,” he chuckled, “Sit down, have something to drink and think over what I just told you.”

The women helped her across the room to a chair. As she moved to the chair and sat down the balls in her moved in new ways. Each movement gave her a beautiful sensation. Especially sitting down. The balls moved into a different position, pressing her vagina walls and causing her to suck her breath in quickly.

Some one placed a glass in her hand and told her to drink. She sipped at the liquid and realized it was a delicious punch, sweet and not too tart. She found that her mouth and tongue were indeed dry and this was the perfect remedy.

“Kitty, we will be back in a few minutes. There is something we want to take care of. We’ll leave you alone to think about our offer to take you home. You think about it carefully. Just one thing, don’t try taking that mask off. We are going to trust you about that. Do I have your word you won’t try?” Miss M asked her.

Kitty nodded her head. “I’ll leave it on. I promise.”

“Good. We’ll be back in a little bit.’

Kitty heard a door open, and in a moment close again. She couldn’t hear anyone still in the room, but she wasn’t sure if they had really gone out or just pretended too. ‘To hell with that,’ she thought to herself, “I’m going to sit right here. This feels like some sort of test. Even asking for my word.”

Kitty sat quietly sipping her drink. She was trying to decide what to do. They had told her she could go home if she wanted. Right now she didn’t know what that she wanted.

She realized suddenly, that this was exactly why they had left her alone, to think. For the next ten minutes she thought very carefully about her situation and what she wanted. She was honest enough with herself to admit she was no longer the same person she had been only a few short hours ago. She would never be that person again. She also admitted that by being a tease, she was being a bitch.

By the time the door opened again she knew what she wanted to do.

Kitty heard the door open and people enter the room. “Who’s there?” she asked.

“Just us Kitty. How are you doing?” Mr. P replied.

“I’m OK. What’s next?”

“It sounds like you’ve made your mind up about something. Are you ready to go home? Or do you think you would like to stay for awhile?”

“I’m staying,” she answered.

“Miss M thought that would be your answer. Are you sure that’s what you want to do?”

“Yes. I really want to stay. This has been the most mind-blowing experience I have ever had. I feel like a dirty slut with the morals of an alley cat, but to be honest about it, I love the feeling and I want more of it.”

“What do you really want?” P asked her.

“I want to know all the things about sex that you guys seem to know. I want to get off again just like I did when I felt your’ cum jetting inside me just as my climax started. I’ve never in my life had an orgasm at the exact time as the guy that was fucking me did. And nothing anywhere near as intense.”

“Really?” Mr. P questioned.

“Really. When I felt your’ cock pulsing and hot cum flooding into me, I thought I would die. It was fantastic and I want you to fuck me again. And I want someone to finger fuck my ass when you do. I want to be eaten out till I scream. I want to dive into a pussy and lap like a kitten until I get all the milk. HELL, I want everything, I want it all.” She finished in a rush.

“Very well. That is quite a change of character in just a few hours, but remember one thing. If you stay you still have to keep the blindfold on and do exactly what we tell you to do. That’s the deal. Are you in?” Mr. P asked her seriously.

“Damn straight, I’m in,” Kitty answered boldly.

“Good,” he said as she heard him moving toward her.

He raised her from her chair and she felt his lips close over hers. He kissed her thoroughly, probing with his tongue and French kissing her. As she entwined her tongue with his, she felt the kiss become more and more passionate. At that point she gave herself up to him totally.

She wanted this man, and she suddenly realized; the two women as well, so badly it hurt. She found herself crying with the joy suddenly for no real reason she could think of. It was crazy, she didn’t know who any of them were.

Mr. P slowly disengaged and pushed her back holding her by the shoulders. Kitty just knew he was looking up and down her naked body. She felt herself quiver at the thought even though she knew he was already intimately acquainted with just about every part of her.

“Very well, come back to the bed kitty,” Miss M said speaking up and taking charge. “I want you to come back to the bed and sit down on the edge,” she told her taking her by the elbow to guide her.

Kitty could feel the balls inside her moving as she went to the bed and shift position completely when she sat down. She shivered with pleasure when they did.

“Now Kitty, you’ve such guys off before, haven’t you?” Miss M asked.

“Well, sort of. I’ve licked the shaft and had the end in my mouth to suck on,” Kitty answered truthfully.

“I thought as much,” Miss M said. “Well what we are going to do is teach you how to give a man a really good blow job. The whole nine yards. You would like to know how to do it properly, wouldn’t you?” Kitty nodded her head vigorously, which cause the balls to shift again and make her suck her breath in.

“What’s the matter? Your not scared of the Idea are you?”

“No. Those ball were moving in me,” Kitty explained.

“And they will keep doing so until we take them out. They should keep you on simmer until later,” Miss M told her.

“What comes later?” Kitty asked.

“You will find out when the time comes, not before. Just focus on the task at hand. Mr. P is going to let you practice on him. You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Kitty nodded her head again.

“Just pretend he is the all consuming love in your life and you really want to suck and please him anyway he wants you to. Do you think you can do that?” Miss M asked her.

“I can do that,” Kitty answered, “and I don’t think I’ll have to pretend very much.”

Mr. P laughed out loud. “That’s my girl. I’ll be gentle with you. Just follow my lead and what I tell you and you’ll do fine. The first thing I want you to do is take my cock in you hand and fondle me. Get familiar with it. Then I want you to kiss and lick the head and shaft. From there on I’ll simply guide you or tell you something new to do. Do you understand?”

Kitty smiled and nodded as she felt him move between her legs. She reached up blindly trailing the back of her hands up his thighs to his cock. Cupping his balls in one hand she grasped his shaft in the other. She was surprised it wasn’t rock hard after the kiss he had given her.

‘He must have great control,’ she thought to herself as she gripped it lightly and began massaging and beginning to pump his shaft slowly. After a moment or two she could feel it beginning to get larger and harder. Bringing both hands into play, she grasped his shaft with her right and the head in her left. She felt the head of his cock swell enormously in her palm. She let go of the head and guided it toward her mouth and waiting lips.

Kissing the very tip for the first time she felt him give a shudder of pleasure which pleased her enormously. She then slipped her tongue out and circled it around the tip before kissing it again. Leaning forward slightly, Kitty let her lips part and sucked the head into her mouth sliding her tongue along the underside of it.

Taking him deeper into her mouth she began sucking gently while stroking it all around with her tongue. Continuing to suck she pulled back letting it pop out of her mouth. Kitty could hear him breathing a little heavier than before. Quickly she pulled him back into her mouth and began stroking up and down his shaft using her lips and tongue. He was fairly large and she could only get him a little over half way in. She thought she might do better in a different position.

Mr. P pulled back from her. “That is enough for the moment. Have you ever given a tittie fuck before?” he asked her. She shook her head no in answer.

“Then it’s good you’re so well endowed. Not overly large, but ample for the task. Women with small breast just aren’t really able to give a good one. You have to be able to wrap your tits around my cock and use your body to move them up and down the shaft. Make sure my cock is good and wet before you start,” he Instructed.

Kitty did as he told her. She took him back into her mouth and stroke up and down a few times trying to generate as much spit as she could. Taking him out again she licked the shaft to its base.

Moving herself forward to the very edge of the bed she felt the balls in her pussy move and gave a small sigh. Mr. P flexed his knees slightly to help her as she grasped her tits. It felt funny when she pressed them around his meat. Not what she had thought it might.

She began by trying to move her chest up and down, and while it worked, it didn’t work as well as she had hoped. Finally she began bouncing herself slightly on the bed to help. Each time she did, she could feel the beads in her ass being compressed and the larger balls in her vagina moving around.

Kitty gave a large groan, and heard Miss M chuckle. “Like it Kitty?”

“You knew that was going to happen, didn’t you?” she demanded still continuing to bounce and move her tits up and down Mr. P’s hard on.

“For course. But wasn’t it a lovely surprise for you?”

“Well. Yes, but you could have warned me?”

“Then it wouldn’t have been a surprise.”

She continued bouncing for a couple of minutes before Mr. P told her to stop and more back on the bed. As she did so, she felt him crawl onto it with her and lay back.

“Now kneel over top my legs and go back to your tittie fucking again. You can alternate with your mouth once in a while. If I move my hands to your head, just follow my lead.”

Kitty moved over him and got in a comfortable position with her breasts over his cock. She found she had to kneel with her legs slightly spread and her elbows braced on the bed so she had her hand free to squeeze her tits around his cock. She licked it again before beginning to move up and down it with her tits.

After a minute or two she slid down enough to get his head in her mouth. She sucked it in and pushed her head down on his shaft. It was easier this way than sitting on the edge of the bed. Another thing she realized was that the balls in her cunt didn’t move as much. She found herself disappointed much to her surprise.

It didn’t matter; she was hot enough just from sucking his cock and tried to get it further into her mouth.

“Very good Kitty,” Mr. P told her. “Do you think you can deep throat me? Get me all the way in and down your throat?”

She pulled back from him. “I don’t know. I’ve never tried it before. Won’t I gag and maybe throw up?” I know you can make yourself throw up if you’ve had too much to drink, by pushing a finger down your throat.”

“True,” he told her, “but in those cases your stomach was probably already to heave. You haven’t had any alcohol in the last few hours. That’s why we gave you punch instead of booze. All you really have to do is concentrate and try to relax your throat muscles. Do you want to try?”

Kitty thought about it for a minute and nodded her head. “I’ll try.”

“Just go slowly, don’t try it all at once,” Miss M advised her, “If you feel yourself beginning to gag, pull back for a moment and try again. You have to get use to the feeling of his meat invading your throat. I hate to say it, but it is an acquired taste,” she chuckled.

Kitty leaned over again and slipped Mr. P’s cock back in her mouth. She slowly slid down on it as far as she thought she could. She could feel his head pushing at the back of her mouth. Summoning up her courage she pushed harder trying to force his cock past her mouth and into her throat. She gagged immediately and pulled back. She let him fall out of her mouth and swallowed convulsively. “This is harder than I thought it would be,” she said.

“It simply takes a bit out practice,” Miss M told her, “Try again. This time pretend you’re trying to swallow a wiener whole. Actually try swallowing his cock. It might make it a bit easier, but be ready to pull back. Learning to open your throat comfortably takes practice. Believe me I know.”

Once again Kitty got in position. This time when she had him as far as she could she did as she had been told and tried swallowing. She could feel him beginning to move past the back of her mouth and into her throat. She gagged again.

“Perhaps we should leave off this for now?” Miss S suggested.

“No,” Kitty said in response. “I know I can do this. I had him starting into my throat when I gagged that time.”

“All right. Just remember, if you heave you clean up the mess.”

“I won’t heave,” she said as she bent forward again. She sucked his cock into her mouth again. Slowly she pushed down and began swallowing almost convulsively doing her best to swallow the head of Mr. P’s cock. She felt herself beginning to gag again and paused controlling the feeling. When it subsided she tried again. This time she manage to get the head into her throat further down. Encouraged she pushed harder and felt his shaft sliding into her throat behind the head. She was beginning to run out of breath when she felt her lips reach the base of his cock and her nose press against his stomach. She held herself there as long as she could and then pulled back quickly gasping for air.

“Well done,” Miss M exclaimed clapping her hands.

“Thanks,” Kitty muttered sarcastically as she breathed deeply. When she had her breath back she leaned forward again. It was much easier to get his cock into her throat this time. She began by sliding it just so far into her throat before withdrawing. Each time she moved down on him, she took him in deeper and deeper until she was able to take him in from the tip to the base of his shaft more comfortably.

She both heard and felt Mr. P responding to her each time she had him down her throat. She heard him groan in pleasure and she could feel the head of his cock swell and pulse in the back of her mouth and down here throat. She found the feeling intense and highly erotic. She felt herself getting hotter and more aroused herself by the thought of the pleasure she was giving him.

Kitty began sliding him all the way out and back in and down her throat a little bit faster. She heard him groan louder and press his hips and cock up to meet her downward thrust. Every so often she would take him down her throat and stop. Then she tried holding him there and bobbing her head as it she could get more, literally fucking him with her throat.

She felt his hands come up to grip the sides and back of her head, and she let him control her movements. He began by moving her head up and down his cock more rapidly. Not into her throat, just fucking her mouth to start with. Then he pressed down harder and she knew he wanted to go deeper. She found herself happy to oblige. He was fucking her mouth and throat now. Moving all the way in and out at a faster pace.

Suddenly she felt his head begin to swell ominously deep in her throat. She wasn’t sure she would survive it he came directly down her throat but hung on grimly. Just at the split second she felt him begin to ejaculate he pulled back slightly and she felt his jet of cum hit the back of her mouth and throat filling her mouth.

She could taste him. His cum was hot and slightly salty and not unpleasant at all. She swallowed quickly, not wanting any of it to escape her. When her mouth was reasonably clear she began sucking and pumping his shaft wanting to get it all. Finally as his spasms were beginning to subside she continued to suck using her tongue, her cheeks sucking in as she began to pull off him, trying to get the very last drop out of his prick.

Slowly she let him slide out of her mouth and brought her hands up. She could feel some of his cum on her lips and rubbed it over her face. Doing so made her feel wild and wanton and just a bit dirty. It also made her feel horny as hell.

She realized she had nearly cum herself just from the feedback of emotion she had felt from him as she had tried to pleasure him without thinking of herself. It was totally new experience for her. Kitty suddenly realized that she had always been selfishly. Thinking of getting herself off in any of her previous sexual encounters, she had never thought about her partner.

Kitty rolled off, to lie on her back beside him. She felt the one of the women climb on the bed and a warm wet cloth was applied to her face removing the residual cum she had spread there.

“Very well done Kitty. I thought for a minute you were going to loose control and cum yourself the way you were moving and bobbing your ass while you were sucking him off,” Miss M told her.

“I was?” Kitty asked.

“Yes you were.”

“I hadn’t realized I was doing that, but your right, I nearly did cum,” Kitty replied.

“That’s all right dear. It just shows how much you were into it. How was it by the way? Did you like your first deep throat experience?”

“It was hard to begin with, but once I found the trick to open my throat without gagging and to breath through my nose when I had the chance I was fine,” Kitty told her.

“You didn’t answer all the question. Did you like it?”

“Yes, damn you. But you already knew that. Once I really got into it, it was great. It’s weird, I could almost feel what he was feeling and that only turned me on more.”

“That’s the way it should be. Now are you ready for what we have planned next, or do you want to recuperate for a few minutes?”

“There’s more? What more can there be after all you’ve shown and done to me?”

“A very great deal more. And we still have the rest of the weekend to show you. Are you up for it?” Miss M asked seriously.

Kitty nodded her head. “I’m up for it, but I had been planning to study this weekend. I have an exams on Tuesday.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If nothing else I am sure we can get you a postponement. But I am sure you will do fine in any case.”

“ How can you possibly get an exam postponed?” Kitty demanded.

Miss M chuckled evilly. “Lets just say you are not the first person we have helped educate and leave it at that. For now, why don’t you just rest here for a while, then we’ll move on.”

Kitty nodded her head and snuggled in tight to Mr. P’s body as she felt Miss M leave the bed. Mr. P slid his arm under her head and around her shoulders and drawing her closer. He reached his hand down and tilted her head up. “You did very well for a first time trying what you did. I give you an A and A+ for effort,” he told her and moved his lips to hers to kiss her very gently. When the kiss was done she snuggled down in the curve of his arm and sighed.

After what felt to be about ten minutes Kitty heard the women return. She almost wish they hadn’t, she was very comfortable were she was with Mr. P holding her. She thought she might have gone to sleep.

“Come on Kitty, time to wake up,” Miss S told her not unkindly.

“I’m awake,” she mumbled.

“Yay, it sounds like it. You’ve been asleep for almost three hours.”

“What?” Kitty said sitting up startled. “It couldn’t have been that long.”

She heard Mr. P chuckle. “I guarantee it was. And I have an arm, which is sound asleep to prove it. It’s OK, you were tired. You’ve had a lot happen in the last few hours. And there is more to come.”

She thought about it for a minute and found that she did feel rested. “All right, what’s next?”

‘You’ll see. Mr. P why don’t you get cleaned up and we’ll get her started,” Miss S said.

“Right you are,” he responded and rolled off the bed. “Back in a couple of minutes Kitty.”

When he was gone, the women had her lay back again and with them laying on each side of her they began to kiss her face and run their hands up and down her body. One of the women moved to kiss and fondle her breasts, while the other move her attention to Kitty’s pussy.

“Spread your legs Kitty. You can leave them flat on the bed for now if you want,” Miss S told her.

Kitty did as she was told and felt Miss S’s hand slide over her mound and grip her gently. Then an exploring finger slipped between her pussy lips and down to her hole. She felt the finger begin to slide in.

What Kitty had forgotten were the balls they had placed inside her earlier. They had settled in place while she slept, but when the finger touched the first and pushed it in a little farther it touched the second and they both began to move around slightly.

Kitty sucked in her breath sharply but calmed herself for what ever came next. She felt Miss S lower her head to her crotch and her tongue begin probing her lips. Slowly the tongue slid into her slit and began moving over her clitoris with the flat side. At the same time the finger in her pussy began moving the balls around more.

Kitty was getting hot again from the manipulation and licking. Continuing to lick a little faster Miss S pulled her finger out and grasped the string that connected the balls and was still dangling outside and gave it a small tug. Kitty felt a surge of excitement from her cunt.

Very slowly the first ball began to come out. The tongue licking her now turned to flicking very lightly over her clitoris. The ball was having to spread her open again to get out, as it had on the way in. She found the feeling exquisite. Suddenly the first ball popped all the way out and Kitty gave a groan of pleasure. The second ball was up to her opening waiting for it’s turn, but Miss S picked up the first instead and moved it around the outside of her hole and then down the cheeks of her ass. It felt round and warm now from her body heat, not cold like when it was inserted.

Miss S then began pulling the second ball out, again spreading her hole in doing so all the while continuing to flick her tongue against Kitty’s clit. This time when the ball popped out Kitty gave a cry of delight. She wanted to have it done again.

“There, wasn’t that a nice little warm up?” Miss S asked her removing her mouth from Kitty’s pussy.

Kitty giggled. “I feel like Oliver in the musical wanting to ask for more.”

“And more you shall have,” Miss S said laughing with her. “Mr. P is back now so we can move on. “He will take over now, though Miss M and I will assist when the time is right.”

“What do you want me to do Mr. P?” she asked quickly.

“Slide over a bit so I can lay down. Then you can get on top of me. I want you to get me hard again with your hand and fingers. Then I want you to straddle me and slide my cock into you slowly, This time, you will be on top and controlling the motion. For a little while at least. Just remember to follow our lead when we tell you to do something.”

“All right”, she answered moving over and feeling him lie down. Once he had made himself comfortable she got on top, sitting on his thighs and grasped his member. It was already half hard and she felt it jerk at her touch which brought a smile to her lips.

Slowly she began to massage and jack his cock. In almost no time at all it was rock hard in her hand. Kitty leaned forward to quickly and slipped him into her mouth to get his cock wet. Rising up and moving forward she positioned his head in the opening of her vagina. Hold his shaft she slowly began to press down onto the head, wiggling slightly to help him enter her.

She sighed with pleasure as his head moved inside. Suddenly she couldn’t wait any longer and pushed down enveloping his cock in a fast, hard, movement. Kitty heard Mr. P groan which made her grin. She was getting a little of her own back at him.

Now that she had him inside, she pressed her mound down on his pelvic bone and rubbed herself against him. Kitty began to stroke up and down on his shaft almost letting him slip out of her, but not quite. She continued her fucking motion quickly increasing the tempo until she was slamming down on his cock hard. She paused and wiggled her hips forward and back to stimulate her clit against him.

At this point Mr. P reached up, and drew her down on his chest holding her lightly but firmly in place and told her to pump her ass up and down slowly. In this position her mound and clit made more contact with his pubic bone which got her hotter very quickly. She began pumping faster feeling her orgasm begin to build.

She was almost to the point of cumming when she felt a hand press down on her hips pinning his cock in her with her clit in full contact with him. She was right on the edge of being able to cum. Kitty felt a second hand reach behind her and grasp the string holding the beads in her ass.

Very slowly the beads started to be pulled out of her one at a time. When the first popped out she felt her ass and pussy shudder with pleasure. escort bursa As the next bead came out she pressed down as hard as she could. The feeling was fantastic. As each successive bead popped out Kitty she gave a squeal of delight and found herself wiggling her ass from side to side stimulating her pussy and clit to the maximum.

Mr. P reached up and cupped the back of her head bringing her lips down to his. He began kissing her passionately probing into her mouth with his tongue. Suddenly she felt herself begin cumming and pulled back. As she did so she felt the last three beads pulled from her ass in quick succession and screamed in excitement as her orgasm exploded in her pussy and swept through her body. Her back arched and her whole body tensed, tremors running through her as her vagina muscles clamped down on his shaft and small electric charges sparked in her clitoris.

Kitty slumped forward onto Mr. P spasms continuing to shake her body. His arms were around her holding her gently and kissed her cheek as she nuzzled her face into the curve of his neck and shoulder. He held her like that for several minutes until her orgasm was finished and she began to relax.

When her breathing had calmed she sat up and ran her fingers through her hair. She was surprise to find that though as intense as her orgasm had been, she was ready for another. She felt totally wanton and wild. She reveled in the feeling.

Kitty rolled onto her side beside Mr. P and asked, “What’s next?”

Miss S laughed out loud at the question. “I think we have real little vixen here. A real femme fatale.”

Miss M laughed with her, “You might be right. I think we are creating a monster.”

“You have no one to blame but yourselves if you have,” Kitty responded chuckling as well. “So like I said, what’s next?”

“Well, you’ve learned a lot since last night when we picked you up,” Miss S told her. “What it is like to be teased, sucking and fucking and the use of some toys. But there are more toys and ways to fuck. First we are going to teach you some of those. Then we’ll move on to the main event. We always save the best for last.”

“There’s better than what I’ve already experienced?” Kitty asked in disbelief.

“Hell yes, lots more. When we get done you might want to sign up for the extended in depth classes.” Miss S laughed.

“Well bring it on then,” Kitty declared.

“We’re going to teach you how to please Miss M and myself using various toys as well as your hands and mouth. Along the way you will be pleasuring yourself as well.”

“Here’s what you are going to do. We have some toys here. We want you to feel them to get use to them. You will be using them on us as well as yourself. Don’t worry. We’ll guide you through everything we want you to do. Just get use to them first.”

Kitty felt several things drop on the bed beside her and reached out her hands. The first thing she encountered was a small vibrator maybe an inch in diameter and only five inches long. Just a standard small vibrator. The second was a rubber dildo that was a little bigger. The third was another dildo, but this one was much longer and had two ends with a scrotum sack dangling half way between the two heads.

The fourth and final one felt very odd to her. It felt like a double dildo, but instead of being smooth it had humps running it’s length from one end to the other. The humps or balls began fairly small at the outer ends and increased in sized as they moved to the center where there seemed to be some form of hand grip.

“We’ll start with you using the small one and your mouth on Miss M. While you are warming her up, I’ll be warming you,” Miss S informed her.

Kitty felt Miss M shift on the bed and realized she had spread her legs in front of her. She reached forward and found Miss M’s legs were up and bent at the knee, angled outward far apart. She started at the knees, first trailing her fingertips down her inner thighs toward her pussy followed by her tongue. She felt the woman shiver.

She reached her pussy and gently spread the lips of her mound with her fingers. Leaning farther forward Kitty placed the flat of her tongue on the exposed flesh with the tip of her tongue tickling her love hole. She gave one long slow lick upward to Miss M’s clitoris flicking it with the tip of her tongue in passing causing her to jerk. Next she kissed her love button massaging it with her lips.

Spitting on a finger Kitty slowly inserted it into her sex hole slowly and as deep as she could penetrate. She began to wiggle it around against the inner walls of her vagina while she alternately licked Miss M’s slit with her tongue and circled the tip around her clitoris. She heard the woman draw in a whistling breath.

Miss S placed the small vibrator in her hand and nudged her toward the pussy in front of her. Kitty removed her finger and replaced it with the vibrator, which she turned on before touching it to Miss M’s pussy. She brushed it lightly over the lips before sliding it between them to touch her clitoris. Miss M gave a small squeak at the touch.

Moving the tip down she slowly pushed it in and held it in place as she lowered her head to lick her pussy lips before moving on to her clitoris again. Miss M began to move her hips in appreciation of the sensations she was feeling.

Kitty began sliding the vibrator in and out of her cunt starting slowly at first, but began to build the speed of her strokes. Miss M was moaning softly and she redoubled her efforts.

She felt a hand on her shoulder, “Use the dildo on her instead,” Miss S told her softly. Kitty quickly removed the small vibrator and grabbed the larger dildo. She put it in her mouth to get it good and wet before placing it at the woman’s opening. She didn’t wait for her to get comfortable with it, the pussy was already well lubricated with love juice. She pushed it into her hard and quick. Miss M bucked her hips at the violent penetration and gave a yell. “Oh God, Yes. Now fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Kitty was happy to oblige. She pumped the dildo in and out as fast as she could. Every once in a while she would pull it completely out, wait a moment, and then plunge it back in hard. Miss M loved every second, moaning and writhing her hips.

Kitty felt a hand grasp hers. “I’ll take that for the moment Kitty,” Miss S told her. “That really slippery gel is just to the right of your hand. Get some on your fingers and try rubbing it onto her ass hole. Then work your finger in. Go easy. A rectum is not a pussy. Push in as far as you can and wiggle your finger around. When I tap your shoulder, start finger fucking her ass. Slowly at first and then you can speed up a bit. You’ll know when, I’ll speed up the strokes of the dildo. Just follow my lead.”

She relinquished her hold on the dildo and groped for the gel. When she found it she squeezed out a generous amount on her fingers and transferred it to the crack of Miss M’s ass. She began by smearing it liberally on her and tracing a circle with the tip of one finger around her rectum. She tried to push some of the gel inside but Miss M’s spinster was tightly closed. Using more force and wiggling her finger back and forth soon gained her entry to her first knuckle.

She held it there for a moment before withdrawing it to scoop up a bit more gel. When she tried again her finger went in much easier. With her finger in to the first joint she moved it back and forth using pressure to gain deeper penetration. She would push in and then pull out slightly while continuing to wiggle the finger. Each time she did she was able to get deeper until her finger was in the hole as deeply as she could get it.

All the while Miss M had been squirming and moaning deeply in her throat. Kitty felt a hand on her shoulder and began moving her finger in and out. This was the first time she had ever finger fuck anyone’s ass before. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. The channel felt slightly corrugated but smooth at the same time.

As she felt the tempo of the dildo speed up she started fucking Miss M’s ass quicker as well. To her surprise she found that it gave her a heady sense of power. Of being in control of someone else, and she realized she liked the feeling. It was a head rush.

Suddenly she felt someone behind her. The tip of a vibrator was being pressed against the opening of her ass. Probably the small one she had relinquished, but who was beginning to push it into her? With shock, she realized it could only be Mr. P doing so from behind her.

He slowly pushed it in and left it there as she continued to finger Miss M. After a minute or so it was removed and replaced by his finger. She felt another rush at the thought. He was at a different angle than she could use on Miss M. His hand was cupped over her cheeks with the fingers down and his index finger inserted. In this way he had more control of the angle and speed of his manipulation in finger fucking her ass hole. It felt wonderful.

Miss M was moving almost uncontrollably now. “Lick her clit,” she was told. Kitty stretched her neck and quickly began tonguing her, flicking the clitoris as quickly as she could. She speeded up her own hand as well to match Miss S’s movements of the dildo. Within a few seconds Miss M started to cum screaming like a banshee. It was the headiest feeling Kitty had experienced till now. She had never in her life had an experience like making another woman cum.

They let her rest for a few minutes. As she lay there she wondered what else they had in store for her. She had already experienced more ways of screwing and giving pleasure than she had ever tried before and a couple she hadn’t even heard of. She just knew that anything that came next would be really out there.

“All right Kitty,” Miss S spoke up. “Now you get to be a guy.”

“I what?’ She exclaimed in total surprise.

“You heard me. You are going to fuck me just like a guy would. And fuck yourself at the same time as well.”

“How in the hell am I suppose to do that?” Kitty demanded.

“I’m glad you asked. We have this nifty little toy we had made. It’s one of a kind. In
fact as far as we know it is the only one in the world. Mr. P is going to help you get into it. I want you to stand up, spread your legs slightly, then bend over and brace yourself against the bed, ” Miss S answered.

Kitty rolled off the bed and did as instructed. She didn’t have a clue as to what this was about, but she was certainly eager to find out. She felt Mr. P’s hand on her left cheek.

“Just take it easy and try to relax. I have to lube you up first, then I am going to insert two dildos in your ass and cunt. They are attached to a set of latex panties with snaps up the sides to hold everything in. And On,” he added with a chuckle.

Kitty felt him spread her cheeks and spread generous amount of gel over her ass and pussy. He began working it into her holes. First her cunt and then her rectum. When he had the gel in her, he inserted his Index finger in her cunt and began working his thumb into her ass. She sucked in her breath as his thumb slipped in. It was larger than his finger.

She wiggled her rear to accommodate him as he began moving his fingers, fucking both holes slowly with one hand. He squeezed his fingers together inside her. She could actually feel them touch through the walls of her vagina and rectum. It was the weirdest feeling she had ever experience. It gave her the feeling of being dirty. “A real slut in heat, that’s what I am,” she thought to herself.

After moving his fingers around a little more he removed them and brought something up between her legs. Kitty felt the end of a dildo being pushed into her cunt. It was medium in size she thought to herself. She wiggled to allow it to slip in easily. When it was firmly inside her, she felt a second dildo, smaller than the first, moved to her rectum to be inserted. It felt weird though, there seemed to be a third one still dangling between her thighs.

When the dildos were firmly in her, Mr. P reached between her legs, one hand from the front, the other from the back. He played with her pussy lips for a minute before spreading them apart with his hand from the front. At the same time he brought something up from the rear. It felt like a soft rubber plate with a ridge running vertically up and down it. The ridge fitted between her lips and sat firmly against her clitoris.

“Reach down with your hand and hold this in place,” Mr. P instructed.

Kitty did so and realized what she was holding was a third dildo sticking out from her hand with a slight curve upward. Now she understood what they had meant about fucking like a man. The thought excited her immensely.

Holding it in position she felt Mr. P stretch the latex from front and back up her hip and fasten the two pieces together with four snaps. He quickly did the same thing with the other hip. When everything was secure, he gave a tug upward on both sides like he was pulling on her panties for her.

Kitty could feel the dildos in both her ass and cunt, but she could also feel something between her thighs about the size of her little finger running from the cock pressed against her pubic mound at the front to the dildos in her cunt and ass. She had absolutely no idea what it was for. There was also a fake set of balls hanging between her legs. Kitty thought this was taking realism too far. What good were they if they weren’t functional?

“All right Kitty, I want you to grasp the shaft and pretend you’re a guy jerking off.” Kitty hesitated. “Go ahead, give it a try,” Mr. P told her.

Kitty grasped her fake cock to start jacking it up and down. She didn’t get the point of it. After all it wasn’t part of her body, but she did as she was told. At the first stroke downward she nearly jumped out of her skin in unexpected shock. “Oh, My, God,” she said slowly after a moment.

When she had stroked down it had not slipped in her hand. It had move down about an inch and a half to two inches. What had shocked her was that when it moved down the dildos in he ass and cunt had pushed into her by the same amount. By jacking the cock she had fucked herself. It was almost unbelievable,

“You are one sneaky, lowdown, son of a bitch,” Kitty told him. “You could have warned me.”

“Would I have gotten the reaction I did if I had?” he laughed. “It felt good didn’t it?”

“Well, yes. I guess so. It was just the shock of it.”

“OK, Miss S is on the bed and waiting. Pretend you’re a guy and eat her out for a minute to get her wet. Then try fucking her like a guy would. Remember you’ll have to use your hips more,’ Mr. P told her.

Kitty got on the bed and felt for her. When she located her legs she slid herself up between them. Lowering her head she nuzzled Miss S’s pussy with her nose spreading her lips with the tip. Using her tongue she licked her once from her hole up and over her clitoris. Miss S groaned with pleasure.

She continued licking and flicking her clit for several minutes, occasionally running her tongue inside her hole. The woman’s hips were gyrating under her and Kitty could feel she was completely turned on.

She left off licking and moved her body upward over Miss S. When she was in position she spit on her fingers and wet the head of the cock before placing the tip in her opening. Slowly she began to push forward, rotating the cock a little to help it enter. As the pressure of getting it in mounted, the pair in herself began to push further into her ass and cunt. It felt good and gave her a strangely lustful feeling. She suddenly realized this must be the feeling guys’ had when they took a woman for the first time. It was a heady sensation of power.

The movement into her ass stopped and she realized that the reaction from the cock would go only so far. She didn’t have to worry about impaling herself. She had two or three inches into the cunt under her when she pulled back slightly. She paused for only a moment before thrusting into the woman with one long forceful push that did not stop until the tip reached the back of her uterus.

Miss S gasped for breath under her and gave a shiver. Kitty pulled back out and then thrust in again with a little more force than the first time. The dildos in her own body reacted with each thrust and withdrawal pumping into her cunt and ass and back out. The feeling was indescribable, especially when she took into account the feeling from her clitoris because of the ridge on the base of the cock that was pressed between her pussy lips on her clitoris.

As Kitty speeded up her fucking the fake balls between her legs began slapping into Miss S’s ass with a wet smacking sound as the struck her cheeks that were covered in the pussy juice leaking out of her. It was a erotic sound that burned in Kitty’s mind causing her to increase her efforts until she was fucking the woman’s pussy with wild abandon.

Kitty was becoming overwhelmed with the feelings she was experiencing. Not just from what she was feeling physically, but from the mind rush she was experiencing from fucking another women and dominating her.

After a couple of minutes she was told to stop. She didn’t want to, but did with one last fierce thrust into Miss S. “Role over one your back and help me role with you. I want to be on top and control the action for a while,” Miss S told her.

Shifting her weight she did so, grasping the woman’s hip to bring her on top. Miss S brought her knees up to kneel on top of her keeping the cock inside her threw the transition. Miss S wiggled a bit to get comfortable and began pumping her ass up and down fucking herself on the fake cock, causing Kitty to be fucked to a lesser degree at the same time. Each time she came down the pair of dildos pushed into Kitty at a faster rate.

Kitty felt herself being fucked with no effort on her part at all. Miss S continued to pump away for several minutes coming down on Kitty harder and harder. It was like she was possessed. Suddenly she stopped and swiveled herself around on the cock to face away from Kitty. “Play with my tits,” Miss S told her.

Kitty reached up and cupped a breast in each hand and Miss S lay back on her slightly off to the side. She began massaging and squeezing, finally turning to pinching and manipulating the nipples. All the while Miss S was pumping her pussy up and down on the dick and shoving the dildos into Kitty.

Suddenly Miss S stopped and lifted herself off the dick. Reaching under herself she moved the head to her ass and began pressing down on it. She kept pressing until it was as deep as she could get it. Slowly she began to pump her hips, fucking her ass with the fake dick, speeding up the tempo after a minute until she was pounding down on it forcefully.

Miss S slowed and Kitty felt another weight on the bed with them. Miss S straightened her legs and hooked them inside Kitty’s pushing them both wide. She felt something soft brush her thigh and realized it was Mr. P’s cock. He was going to fuck Miss S’s cunt at the same time as she was fucking her ass. I was a bizarre situation but she loved the idea all the same. She would be taking another woman at the same time as the man who had taken her.

Mr. P was between their legs and beginning to enter Miss S who groaned with expectation and lust. When he was fully in place he leaned down and rested most of his weight on his arms and elbows. “When I thrust in, you do as well with your hips,” Mr. P whispered to her.

Mr. P started stroking in and out of Miss P in long even strokes. Kitty tried to match his stroke for stroke despite Miss S’s weight on top of her. Miss S was wiggling her ass and pussy under the combined assault and groaning heavily. As Kitty was thrusting upward she was pinching and pulling the woman’s nipples out from her breasts.

“Mr. P picked up his pace until Miss S was beginning to breathe in short little gasps. Miss S began to go wild and Mr. P began slamming into her as hard and as fast as he could. Miss S dropped her hands to Kitty’s hips to urge her on, which she did.

Pushing into her as hard as she could was causing the rubber ridge that was nestled between Kitty’s pussy lips to push harder on her clit, and she could feel her own orgasm building. Kitty wondered if it was possible for her to come at the same time Miss S did. That would be wonderful.

Kitty began thrusting harder and faster stimulating both Miss S and herself as Mr. P picked up his pace to match Kitty. Miss S’s breath was coming in short quick gasps and Kitty did not think her orgasm was very far off. Her own was coming on fast as well.

Miss S suddenly gasped, “Oh God, I’m going to cum. I want to cum now, make me cum you fuckers.

Mr. P quickly reached under her and Kitty felt his hand and fingers brush her ass as he grabbed the fake balls between her legs. “Hang on you two. Let’s see if we can blow the dams apart,” and Kitty heard a click as he squeezed the balls laying on her ass.

Both women shrieked as the imbedded vibrator started and began sending it’s vibrations into the shaft of the cock in Miss S’s ass hole and through the ridge firmly pressed against Kitty’s clitoris.

“Oo, oo, ooo, cum in me, cum in me now,” Miss S yelled.

“Here it comes baby, my hot cum all for you,” Mr. P gasped to her.

Kitty could feel Miss S’s body tense just as her own orgasm slammed into her at the same time. Both women screamed out their mutual orgasms that seemed to keep going on, and on, and on, continually triggered by the built in vibrator until Mr. P after what seemed like an eternity, reached under them to turn it off.

Kitty could feel her whole body spasm and give a quivering jerk as each aftershock rolled through her as her head collapsed back on the pillow. Slowly Miss S began to subside back on Kitty and Mr. P leaned down by her ear. “Nice job partner,” he whispered. Kitty felt a smug pleasure and smiled to herself. What a fantastic experience.

Everyone had disengaged and Miss M had removed the dildo contraption from her. Kitty didn’t know what else to call it. ‘A three way humper,’ she thought to herself with a giggle. She moved her arms above her head in a luxurious stretch. She felt like the cat that ate the canary. What ever came next, she was ready for it.

When everyone was thoroughly rested with their breath back, Mr. P told the other women to get cleaned up and then come back. “I can start things off here myself, but don’t be long or you won’t be in on the finales’,” Mr. P told them.

Kitty heard the women moving and soon the door closed behind them. She wondered what the finale was? She didn’t know what could possibly top anything she had already experienced.

Mr. P rolled on his side beside her and stroked her face gently with his fingertips. “You know,” he said softly, “I would like to that that mask off, but of course that is impossible under the circumstances.”

“Why?” she asked, “What can it hurt now?”

“A great deal actually. Right now you don’t know who we are and can’t identify us.”

“I wouldn’t do that,” Kitty stated quickly. “Or I could keep my eyes closed.”

Mr. P chuckled. “I’m sure you would try, but involuntary twitches do happen. It won’t make much of a difference to you. I would just like to be able to see your eyes while I make love to you.”

“Make love?” she asked. “What have we been doing for I don’t know how many hours now?”

“That was sex Kitty, not love making. Sex is an act performed for release. Making love achieves the same end, but you are doing it because you want to, because you want to make someone part of you. I don’t believe anyone has ever made love to and with you. They were simple after the sex. There is a very great difference. Can you understand that?”

“I think I do, oddly enough. You mean the mental feeling that goes along with the sex act don’t you, not the physical?”

“That is exactly what I mean. I think you and I know each other pretty well after the last few hours. Don’t you think so?” Kitty felt herself blush. Something she thought she was well past by now. But with him talking to her like this she realized how much she had actually come to like him. She wished she knew who he really was.

“I guess we have.” She answered, and then screwed up her courage. “Would you make love to me?” she asked in a small voice. “Please?”

“Kitty,” he said in as very soft comforting voice, “I thought you’d never ask.” With that he drew her to him and kissed her very tenderly. His hands began to explore down her body to her hip as he transferred his lips from hers to her neck kissing it lightly. His hand cupped her breast and he kissed her lips again.

Holding her breast lightly but firmly he moved his thumb to her nipple softly brushing over it. Kitty could feel her heartbeat quicken. He kissed her face and lightly trailed his lips lower to her neck and down to her breast where he kissed her nipple, merely brushing it with his lips before taking it between them. Kitty drew in her breath.

His hand trailed lower to her pussy and cupped it, holding it a moment before continuing to her thighs. He urged her to part them with gentle pressure lightly brushing the inside of each as she moved them apart for him. This was totally different from what had gone before. This was gentle and very tender.

Sliding his hand to her outer thigh he caressed up and over her hip to her side. Kitty rolled toward him reaching for his face with her hands. His arm came up around her back and he held her close her breasts pressing into his chest.

This time it was Kitty who initiated their kiss. Softly at first, then harder as she felt the passion build in her. Mr. P was content with that, but she wasn’t. Kitty pushed her tongue at his lips wanting entrance and he responded in kind, their tongues entwining in hunger.

Mr. P slid his hand down to her cheeks and pressed her hips forward into his. Kitty moved her mouth to his neck to kiss and nibble gently before moving to his chest. Mr. P drew her back up and kissed her lips again while sliding his hand and fingers lower between her cheeks probing for her ass hole and pussy. Kitty felt her breath whistle in.

Slowly he turned on his back drawing her with him, moving his kisses to her neck as he did so. Kitty arched her neck for him, loving the sensual feeling. She began grinding her hips into his as he continued probing at her pussy. She felt herself getting hotter and hotter. Straddling him she moved up and then back down his stomach until she felt the head of his cock pressing her hole.

Squirming her hips and pressing backward she felt him slide into her and gave a groan of delight. She sat up for a moment to get him deeper into her pussy, grinding her pubis against him as she did so. Lowering herself to his chest again she began to pump herself up and down slowly, savoring the feeling of his shaft gliding in and out of her. It was a beautiful feeling to her. She realized that for the first time in her life she wasn’t in a hurry to get her self off. She was actually making love to him because she wanted to and not just fucking a guy.

Mr. P rolled her over on her back taking over the pumping action that she pushed up to meet. He leaned down and kissed her as he moved one hand to her breast. He rolled her nipple between his fingers and pinched it gently. Kitty groaned in the back of her throat with passion. Pulling out of her he rolled her onto her side and got behind her, sliding back into her cunt from the rear spoon style.

He began moving his hips stroking in and out while holding her close to his chest and fondling her breasts. Kitty rolled her head back to be kissed again. He did so at the same time moving his had to her pussy lips and clitoris beginning to massage her slit with one finger laying firmly on her clitoris. Kitty groaned into his mouth.

Continuing his slow stroking movements in her love hole, he drew back from her face. “Kitty is there anything that you, want to try before we get too far?” he asked her gently.

Kitty felt her face go hot as she blushed furiously. She had been thinking about it since he had gotten behind her. ‘How could he have possibly guessed anything?’ she asked herself as she nodded.

“What?” he asked kissing her cheek.

She blushed even harder, if that were possible. In a small voice she told him. “I want you to fuck me in the ass. Not some vibrator, or dildo. You; I want to feel you in my ass and I want to cum at the same time you cum in my ass hole.”

He kissed her again. “I think that is a great idea,” he told her. “Anything else?”

Kitty swallowed hard and summoning up her courage told him, “I want to be the one to put your cock in my ass myself.”

“I think that is a fantastic idea,” he whispered in her ear and hugging her close. “How do you want to do it? The position we’re in right now is pretty good,” he suggested.

“No. I want to sit on you. I want to be facing you so you can see my face if not my eyes when I push down on you for the first time. I want you to be able to see what I am feeling,” she told him in explanation.

“That is terrific,” he said pulling out of her cunt and rolling onto his back. “It’s all yours then Kitty. I’ll just watch you. Can I play with your tits as well?”

Kitty giggled at the reversal of roles. “Not until I have you in my ass,” she told him as she straddled his hips.

Reaching down, she did not move his cock to her ass to begin with but to her cunt. She pressed him inside and took several strokes up and down before pulling off him again.

This time she reached behind her and grasped his shaft maneuvering the head to her rectum. Her ass and his cock were already well coated with love juices. She did not think she would need more. Slowly she pressed her ass down, willing her spinster to cooperate and relax.

She could feel the head begin to force into her opening. Her ass continued to stretch as she wiggled his cock slightly to help. Suddenly her spinster gave up and the head slid all the way into her. She held it there for a moment before pulling it out and pushing it back in again.

Kitty slowly began to press her ass down on his cock forcing more of it into her. She pulled back slightly and pressed down again, She had more than half of the shaft in her now. With one final violent movement she plunged her ass down, and squealed in pleasure when she had him all the way up her ass hole.

He was letting her control everything. Kitty found it a wanton and heady feeling, and loved it. She held herself in place and began gyrating her hips in circles, feeling him move inside her. Biting her lip she began her first stroke up and back down. Her ass felt wonderfully full. She felt completely depraved and was thrilled at the thought of what she was doing.

She reached down to finger her clit and pussy. She could do so, but only by leaning back slightly. It was more awkward than she had thought it would be. Leaning even a little bit back made it very hard to fuck her ass with his cock.

Quickly Kitty brought one knee up and swung her leg over his chest and swiveled around with his meat still inside her so that she was facing the other way. Now she could get at her pussy and still fuck her ass on him using her legs.

She began stroking up and down his shaft slowly, at the same time playing with her pussy. After a moment or two she slid one hand lower and pushed her finger into herself. It felt great, but she realized she wanted something bigger in her cunt than her finger. “Where are those damn women when you really need them,” she muttered under her breath.

As if by magic she felt someone sit on the side of the bed. Kitty felt shock at not realizing they were in the room. She hadn’t heard them come in. “What do you want me to do?” Miss S asked her in a soft but husky voice. Kitty realized that the woman was completely turned on by what she had been watching.

“I want that big dildo in my twat. I want both my holes fucked,” she told her.

Kitty felt Miss S shift slightly and bring the head of the dildo to her. She heard and felt the woman spit on the end of the dildo and her pussy hole for extra lubrication. Slowly she felt it begin to move into her. When the head and a couple of inches of the shaft were in Miss S withdrew it again, teasing her. “Will you get that damn thing in me,” she said forcefully.

The dildo was pushed all the way into her with one long easy thrust and Kitty sucked in her breath as it did so. It felt great now that both her holes were totally full. In fact it was better than great, but she couldn’t think of a word to describe it.

“You can pump it a little bit, but make sure you keep it as deep as you can,” She told Miss S. With that she began pumping up and down on Mr.P’s cock pushing it as deep as she could each time. At the same time she began rubbing her clitoris quickly. The feelings that she was experiencing were fantastic and she could feel herself building toward her orgasm.

Her knees had been up so she could pump her ass, but suddenly she felt Mr. P reach down and grasp her behind her knees pulling her legs up and out as he took over fucking her ass. He picked up speed and did Miss S with the dildo, though she was careful to keep her strokes short and deep inside her.

Kitty’s finger was flicking her clitoris at a furious rate bringing herself closer to cumming. Quickly she reached up and grabbed Miss S by the hair and pulled her head down. “Eat me,” she told her, “lick my clit. I want to cum.”

Miss S’s tongue darted out and began flicking wildly on her clitoris. At the same time, Mr. P began really pumping in and out of her ass. He was driving into her as hard as he could with long deep strokes and kitty could hear her cheeks slapping against him. With a final effort he pumped even faster. In and out, of her ass as fast and as hard as he could go. The experience was unbelievable.

Suddenly Kitty began cumming. It was mind blowing and realized she was screaming at the top of her lungs. Both her pussy and ass seemed to explode at the same time as she felt the first jet of cum fire into her ass hole followed by several more. It was a totally shattering experience as she continued to cum over and over again with totally uncontrollable shudders racking her entire body. She felt as it she, were being electrocuted with the shocks running through her.

Slowly she began to calm, though she could still feel Mr. P’s cock still pulsing and twitching in her ass and she pressed down against him. Miss S kept the dildo firmly planted in her pussy and waited for the contractions she could feel through her hand gripping it to subside.

Kitty lay back against Mr. P and rolled her head toward him to be kissed, which he did very tenderly. She slumped back with a sigh as Miss S removed the dildo. She was not about to get off that glorious cock in her ass though. At least, not yet. It felt too good just where it was.

When his cock did finally begin to soften, she lifted up and rolled off. She leaned over grasping it in her hand and kissed the underside of the tip. “Thank You,” she whispered to it, and heard Miss M chuckle from next to the bed. Kitty slid up Mr. P’s body and kissed him soundly. “And thank you too,” she said as she snuggled in next to him.

She suddenly found herself very tired and totally exhausted sexually. “Do you think we could go to sleep for a little while now?” she murmured, “I’m pooped.” With that she fell asleep.


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