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Big Dicks

Now that Sister Katherine and I had mated several times, Magdalene had informed me that her work here was done. Since I had now accepted and embraced physical pleasure as an important part of my life, She felt compelled to seek out others and leave me to explore the depths of my feelings.

Last night, I received a phone call from the convent on the other side of the church. Apparently there were some plumbing issues and, since it was after hours, could I come over and snake out some pipes, plumbers being rather expensive.

I was met at the door by Sister Katherine, who greeted me with a warm, wet kiss, and led me to the basement. Upon entering the cellar, I heard her latch the door behind us. The room was large and warm, dimly lit by candles. I noticed two other women sitting on an old couch, recognizing them as fellow nuns, in spite of the lack of illumination.

“You know Sister Anne, and Sister Marie” Katherine said from behind me. “They were the ones who discovered the problem.”

“So where are these pipes I’m supposed to snake?” I asked innocently.

Both sitting nuns, flipped open their habits, exposing their naked breasts and pussies. “Right here!” the both exclaimed, simultaneously, as they pulled open their pre-moistened lips. Sister Anne was tall, thin, strawberry blonde. She had very small breasts with pointed nipples, and a thick bush surrounding her cunt. Sister Marie was shorter, darker, olive skin, jet black hair and full, round breasts, topped by large almost brown areola’s

I was stunned! Speechless! Staring at these two daughter’s of the church as they exposed themselves to me, feeling my dick react to the sight before me.

Sister Katherine ran her hand across the bulge in my pants as she whispered, “As nun’s we share all our wealth.” She led me to the couch and I sat between the two nuns, who attacked my zipper and belt, allowing my now fully erect penis to spring free.

“You didn’t tell us how well endowed he was, Sister! Shame on you!” Sister Anne teased as she lowered face to my helmet, now glistening with a drop of pre-cum. Extending her tongue, she swiped the pearl from my piss slit before wrapping her lips around the head and sliding down the blue veined shaft until her nose was nestled in my pubic hair.

Sister Marie cupped my face in her hands as she guided it to her cleavage, nearly smothering me between her soft, full breasts. I could smell the faintest of perfumes as I felt the heat from her ample flesh. I moved my head slightly to the left rubbing my face against the swell of her right breast until my lips came in contact with her nipple. Opening up, I caressed the hardening nub with the tip of my tongue, before devouring it, sucking hungrily on the dark pink flesh, moaning as I did so. My moans were as much a result of the ministrations I was visiting on Sister Marie’s ample bosom as they were the enjoyment of Sister Anne’s attention to my aching prick.

“Now, Sisters! Lets not be greedy! I said I would share him with you, not give him to you! Why don’t we all get comfortable.” Sister Katherine said as she stripped off her habit, leaving only her cowl on, knowing that wearing it excited me when we had sex. Reluctantly both women let me get up and we turned the couch into a bed.

Sister Marie sat, patting the bed beside her, inviting me to sit down. Lifting her breasts with both hands, she asked, “Do you want more of these, or would you rather taste my pussy?”

“I’m here to serve, ladies! To do your bidding, follow your lead, to give you whatever canlı bahis şirketleri pleasure you wish.” I answered, laying back, my cock thrusting upward.

Taking that cue, Marie straddled my face, and settling down, felt my tongue slide inside her already moist love canal. “Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have lusted after the local parish priest, praying daily to feel his tongue on my clit, his cock up my cunt, his cum dripping from me. I have been jealous of my fellow Sister, who has had her lustful prayers answered. Make me cum, Father! Please?” Her hips were moving, smearing her musky essence all over my nose and chin, as I licked her inner lips.

I felt a hand guide mine to the wet opening of one of the other women, and heard the pleasure moan as two fingers slid deep inside the warm wet silken glove of another pussy. “How does that feel, Sister Anne?” Katherine asked.

“Oh God! You were so right! Nothing takes the place of a human touch!” Anne said squirming on my invading digits. I could only imagine what was transpiring, as I could see nothing but the cheeks of Sister Marie as she fucked my face, but I could hear the gentle moans of all three women as we warmed each other up, preparing for a night of debauchery.

I flexed my fingers inside Sister Anne, rubbing the soft, spongy tissue of her g-spot. She rolled her hips, pushing downward each time my two fingers grazed it, her moans muffled by the lips of Sister Katherine, as the two kissed deeply, their tongues darting in and out of each others mouths.

My tongue was getting a workout of its own, slicing up inside Sister Marie’s freshening cunt, drinking down the generous flow of her sweet juices. Her moans went unmuffled and it was clear how close to an orgasm she was. Her taste and scent filled my head as she began to cum. Slowly, at first, her movements became jerky and uncontrolled. The flow of honey increased, dripping down my cheeks. Staccato moans gave way to a low wail, ending in a shouted, “Ahhhh! Fuck! Yes!” as she rolled off my face and clutched her pussy.

“Sister, I think you need a stiff cock inside you, don’t you?” Sister Katherine asked gleefully.

“Oh God, no! It would be too much. ” she panted, still covering the entrance to her still spasming womb.

“Nonsense! Fuck her Father! Let her feel your manhood inside her!” Katherine ordered.

“I’d be happy to Sister. With your help of course!” I replied as I spread the nun’s legs, trying to expose her glistening wet pussy.

Sister Anne pulled her hands away, gently reminding Marie that the object of the nights get-together was to experience a man’s touch. Sister Marie relaxed enough to let me guide my stiff prick to the entrance of her pussy, teasing it with the head of my cock. After only a few seconds of smearing her essence against her clit with the crown of my cock, she said, “Oh God, please…please fuck me!”

Having gained her permission, I pressed forward, watching her puffy cunt lips swallow my cock. Slowly, I pushed it in, inch by inch. Darting my gaze between her cunt and her face, enjoying the look of total amazement as I slide my entire length inside. Leaning forward, I rested my hands on her breasts. Feeling the stiff nipples against my palms, I nibbled on her ear as I began rocking back and forth, sliding in and out of her tight hole. Almost involuntarily, she locked her ankles around my back as she rolled her hips up to meet my slow, deep thrusts. The tight walls of her womanhood caressed my cock each time I pushed in, my canlı kaçak iddaa balls gently massaging her pussy lips. By this time she was panting and babbling incoherently, reveling in the heightened sensations she was feeling as we fucked.

I was edging ever closer to an orgasm of my own, in spite of my efforts to control myself. Giving up, I increased the speed of my thrusts, my hands roughly kneaded her breasts, pinching her nipples. Marie howled, ” Oh my fucking God!” as I felt her fingernails dig into my back and her inner walls clutched and unclutched my cock. At the insistent urging of her velvet cunt, my cock exploded, drenching her birth canal with copious amounts of my seed.

Huffing from the exertion of my orgasm, I rolled off Sister Marie only to feel the lips and tongue of Sister Anne as she lapped up the remnants of my just completed coupling. My protests at her attention were quickly silenced by Sister Katherine who kissed me, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth. She tasted of Sister Anne, whom she had been eating while Sister Marie and I had been fucking. The discomfort in my loins was quickly soothed and my penis began to grow again in answer to Sister Anne’s expert cock sucking skills.

Sister Katherine turned her attention to Sister Marie, latching onto her drooling pussy, drinking the combination of honey and semen, first licking, then sucking the syrup from the deep folds of her fellow cleric.

When she was satisfied that I had regained my full length, Anne straddled my hips and impaled herself on me, sighing deeply as I entered her well lubricated cunt. “Fuck me, Father! Fill me with your sperm!” she demanded as she rose and fell with a smack as her rump and my balls collided. Grabbing my hands she clutched them to her small breasts. “Pinch them! Pull them! Bite them! I need to feel the pleasure pain of your uncontrolled lust!”

More than willing to comply, I grabbed each nipple in my thumbs and forefingers and she leaned back, stretching the elastic tissue of her bosom. By leaning back she exerted pressure on her g-spot as my cock pounded in and out of her wetness. ” Oh fuck, yes!” she cried as she began to cum. I grabbed her hips and led her through her first orgasm, feeling her cunt clench as she bucked and rode me until she swooned, collapsing on top of me, my cock still buried deep inside her.

After giving her a brief rest, I began to roll my hips, driving myself deep into the silken depths of her womanhood. I lifted her semi-limp form and latched onto her right nipple, sucking and pulling on the nub. Reviving, she grabbed my head, holding it to her as she rocked back and forth, meeting my thrusts. My left hand drifted down to her drenched clit and I strummed it with my thumb, working harder and faster as her pleasure moans increased in length and volume. Suddenly she stiffened, grinding her hips against my cock and hand. She flooded my lap with a great discharge of her heavenly liquid as her cunt spasmed uncontrollably, choking my prick, trying to squeeze my essence from it.

She lifted off my honey soaked cock and immediately engulfed it in her sensuous mouth. Bobbing up and down, barely gagging as my crown entered her throat, she moaned as she worked my cock. Her left hand steadied the base of my dick and her right hand cupped my testicles. Popping off briefly she panted, “I need to taste your cum, Father! Please?”

My answer was to jerk my hips upward, kissing her lips with the dusty rose colored head of my cock Returning to her task, she took me in to canlı kaçak bahis the root, my pubic hair tickling her nose, then sliding upward, exposing all but the head, sucked voraciously, trying to pull my cream out..

I felt a finger insinuate itself into my ass, gently probing, massaging my prostate. Now it was my turn to moan, begging her for release. Our eyes locked for a moment and she attempted to smile. She rasped her long tongue on the underside of my cock, humming as she did so. The vibrations of her mouth, the caressing of her tongue and fingers finally triggered me. Grunting, I grabbed the back of her head and shot hot cum deep in the back of her mouth.

Pulling off my still leaking manhood, she and Sister Marie shared my gift before burying their faces in each others cunts.

Katherine curled up next to me as we watched the other two nuns pleasure each other using my discharge as lubricant for their wanton act.

Once the two nuns had satisfied their needs, they excused themselves, leaving Katherine and I alone. We fell into each others arms, kissing long and deep, my hands roaming all over her waist and hips. We behaved more like lovers than sex partners, which, I suppose we were, even though we had not admitted it, yet.

I gently kissed her nipple, starting on the left, teasing it to stiffness. I kissed my way down between, then up the other slope, feathering my tongue against the deep pink bud. Then I kissed my way down her belly, inhaling her scent as I reached her damp bush. I spent the better part of an hour exploring her, bringing her to near orgasm before backing off. Bathing her moist slit with my tongue, tasting her, and bringing her to the edge again, until, in ecstatic frustration, she grabbed my head pulling it into the soft wet folds of her sex, she washed my face with her musky honey. “Make me cum, Father! Please make me cum!”, she pleaded.

Reaching around her thigh with one hand, I caressed her nipple, squeezing it between my thumb and forefinger. The fingers of my other hand insinuated themselves at the entry to her silken cunt. Slipping two inside, I wiggled them around until I found her g-spot. My exploration was aided by her moans, felt more than heard as she humped my face. I latched onto her swollen clit with my lips, sucking it into my mouth and rasping it with my tongue, wagging back and forth across the tender tip. With a loud animalistic roar, she came, pouring her essence onto my hand and into my mouth.

Pulling me up across her lush body, she gazed into my eyes. “Fuck me! Fuck me NOW!” She growled, grabbing my rampant cock and guiding it to the entrance of her still pulsating pussy. “Deep! Not hard! Not fast! Just deep!” she said, wrapping her legs around my waist. And so I did. Long, slow deep strokes filling her tight wetness with as much of me as I could. She came again, raking her fingernails across my back, pleading with me to fill her with my sperm, but I kept fucking her slowly, only my crown never leaving her heavenly haven. Finally, I reached the point of no return and kissing her hard on the lips, emptied my balls into her birth canal.

Still clutching each other tight, our chests heaving with exertion, we lay there until my cock shrank, and slid out from inside her. “I have a confession to make, Father. Will you hear it?” I nodded, smiling down at her. “I’m in love with a married man, Father.”

My smile faded instantly. “Go on.” I said.

“He is married to the church. I must let him go. But I don’t want give him up.”

“Why must you let him go?” I asked.

“Because, I am leaving the convent.”

“But why? You love it here!”

Looking deep into my eyes she whispered, “I’m pregnant! And unless there has been a second immaculate conception, you are the father.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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