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“I love your hard cock, baby.”

To emphasize her point she gave my erection a rough, hard squeeze. Elaine could be too rough sometimes but I lived with it. It hurt but it also felt good. A reply wasn’t necessary. I didn’t think she really wanted conversation at this point anyway with my finger sliding all around her clit. I was making her feel good and she was just telling me how good she felt in her own particular fashion.

“I used to go out with this guy in high school. He had a big one and I liked that it was big. But it never really got hard no matter what I did to it. You know I worked at it. You know I did. I sucked it. I rubbed it on my tits. I squeezed it and jiggled it, but it was always like this big sausage. Not limp, but not really hard either. It got drippy and sticky, but it never got stiff. Not like your cock, baby. Not at all. I love your fucking cock, you hard motherfucker.”

Elaine closed her eyes and began to make fucking motions with her hips. My finger kept a slow and steady pace. Elaine was not someone to be rushed into anything. We had all day and from where I sat cross-legged by her on the bed I could look out and see what was going on in the park across the street or I could look in the mirror on her bureau to see the reflection of my finger sliding between the dark, hairy lips. I was in no hurry. Elaine canlı bahis was in no hurry. Elaine liked to talk to me sometimes because she knew it made me excited to hear how she felt. She wanted me to be excited because she was excited. She moaned and stretched herself like a cat. She smiled at me and stuck her tongue out.

“I’ll bet you’d like to see me suck a big cock, wouldn’t you. I’ll bet you’d like that. You could sit there and watch me take it out of his pants. Then, after I got it hard, you could put it in my mouth so I could suck it. I’d swallow it and you could watch. I’d go up and down on it. I’d gag on it and then I’d rub that big cock on my lips and lick it all over. It would really be hot and messy. I might even lick some hairy balls. Would you like to see a big penis cum in my mouth? Would you like to see the cream running down my chin? I’ll bet you would. Or would you rather see him cum on my titties? You might like that better. You like to come on my tits, don’t you? I’ll bet you would like to cum on my titties right now, cocksucker. You would, wouldn’t you, tit fucker.”

Elaine was squirming now as the heat rose between her legs.

“Oh damn! I’m lying here on my back thinking about sucking your cock. You are making me so hot. I really, really want to suck it right now. I want to put it in my mouth right now. I bahis siteleri really do, but I don’t want you to stop touching me, baby, because it feels so fucking good. You are going to make me cum aren’t you, you fucker. You know you are going to make me cum, don’t you. You are going to make me cum so hard. But you are going to make me wait for it, aren’t you. You are so slow. I hate you for making me wait. If you make me wait too long I won’t suck you off, you hard bastard. You’ll be sorry if you tease me, Mr Hard Dick.”

I leaned down and gave her a kiss and then fastened my lips on her left nipple and sucked. She began to pant and moan. Her nipples were wired directly to her clit. A little suck and she got a rush. Her head tilted back, straining against the pillow and her legs got really restless. The hand tightened around my cock again and she pulled on it and not gently either. She gave me pain for making her feel hot.

“Oh you are making me feel good. Oh do it to me, do it to me. Oh, now. Do it now. It feels so good. Oh, I think I’m going to cum. Oh yes. I am going to cum. Oh here it cums. Oh yes, baby. I’m going to… Oh fuck yes!”

Elaine’s head came off the pillow as though she was doing a sit-up and her hips strained up towards her tight belly. She uttered a sound and began to snap her hips as the pleasure surged through bahis şirketleri her. I stopped moving my cunt finger and pressed it against her hard little clit while she was having her moment. Or at least, I tried to. It was hard to keep it where I wanted it because Elaine was busy cumming violently. She jerked, twisted, made faces and pulled on her breasts with her eyes wide open, looking into my eyes as she came. And when the wave of cumming subsided, Elaine pulled me down to her and her tongue slid into my mouth. She kissed me hard and pulled my hand to her breasts.

“Oh, baby, you made me feel so good.” She whispered in my ear. “Oh, you made me cum so hard, you son-of-a-bitch! I loved it. I fucking loved it.”

Then she lay back quietly with her eyes closed, breathing deeply, enjoying how she felt. She was glowing. I looked into the mirror. Between her thighs her cunt lay open. I wanted to put my face in her cunt and get her wetness on my face while I licked her. The thought made me tremble with anticipation. In a moment I was going to roll Elaine over on her stomach, spread her legs wide open, part the cheeks of her ass with my two hands, shove my rigid cock up her sloppy pussy as far as it could go and fuck her as long and as hard as I could. I would be rough with her. I didn’t think she’d mind and I felt like being rough. And when I was done fucking she would lick it off my dick. And I wouldn’t say a word.

In the park across the street a young mother pushed her baby in a stroller towards the fountain. Elaine sighed as I rolled her over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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