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Big Tits

I am a high school teacher in my late 30’s. I’ve been teaching for about 15 years. In that time I’ve had sex with many of my former students. I have been married (or engaged) for about 12 of those years.

I have always loved the thrill of being bad whether it is cheating or sleeping with someone I shouldn’t. I am 6’4” with a full head of blond hair and blue eyes. I used to play college football (not well) and have stayed in good shape.

Here is one of my favorite stories:

I was out at a strip club for my buddy’s bachelor party. We had been drinking for a few hours before getting to the club so I was very buzzed. At the time, I had been engaged to my now-wife for about 3 weeks.

It was a club in a wealthy suburb outside of a big city. It has a small club compared to what you find in Vegas or big cities, but it did have a couple small stages, an area for semi-private lap dances, and a champagne room. It was Saturday night and the place was packed.

After about 15 minutes at the club, someone grabs my shoulder and says, “Oh my god! Mr. Hanson”. I turn around to see a gorgeous 5’10” stripper in a sexy red bikini and matching high heels. She’s a strawberry blonde with dimples and a great figure. Her breasts are a solid D. She has a faint hint of a six-pack.

It takes me a few seconds to recognize her as a former student who graduated about 3 years earlier, making her about 21 years old. Eventually I say, “Hey Sarah, how are you doing?” while trying to maintain polite eye contact. We talk for a few minutes. She is very flirty even by stripper standards. She sits in my lap with one arm around my shoulders while we talk. She keep touching my arm and chest with her other hand any time I make a joke. After about 5 minutes, she says she is due up on the pole next and leaves.

My buddies and I laugh about the awkwardness of the situation until Sarah takes the stage. After about a minute of her performance, we are all in silence staring with our mouths open. She is putting on the most gymnastic performance I’ve ever seen in a club. She manages to mix impressive strength-based pole moves with ataşehir escort bayan very sensual, sexual dancing. She clearly understands how to move and pose her body in the sexiest, most feminine ways.

Sarah was on the dance team and cheerleading squad. She was putting her moves to work. About every 20 seconds, she would look over at me to see if I was watching and would smile or wink or bite her lip.

After her dance, she came back over to me. We chatted a little more.

“You had some great moves up there.”

“Thanks. I hoped you’d enjoy it.”

She blushes. That’s the only time I’ve ever made a stripper blush.

After some small talk about what we’ve been doing the past few years including my recent engagement, she asks, “So did you know that I had a huge crush on you senior year?”

“Oh, that’s sweat.” I had assumed she did. A lot of girls did. It doesn’t take much for a 23 year-old guy to get a teenager to form a crush.

“A lot of us did. Some of us had gym together right before your class. We would dare each other to see who could distract you the most. Bonus point if — oh my god, I can’t believe I am saying this — we could get — um — Little Mr. Hanson’s attention.”

Her eyes flashed down to my crotch. She started giggling and blushed even more.

“Ha ha. I do remember some of those classes my first year being a bit hard to get through.”

“Do you know who was the queen of distracting you? Becky Jones.”

Becky was a 5’2” student with a petite frame but very large breasts and big butt. She’s the type who you would think is chubby if she wore baggy clothes because of her curves. But when she wore tighter or more revealing clothes, you could see she was actually in very good shape with a toned body.

“Do you remember near the end of the year when she showed up to class in just a spaghetti strap top? Before class she said she was going a new record. She took off her sweater and bra so she could give you a show. She kept dropping things in front of you. You sent her to the bathroom to change after she spilled water on herself. I escort kadıöy think you spent the rest of class hiding behind the overhead projector.”

I did remember that day a little. What I remembered better was fucking Becky for most of the next summer after she graduated.

“I do remember. You girls were rough on me.”

“I’m sorry. We were bad girls. How about I make it up to you with a lap dance?”

“I’m not sure if that’s ok. I’m your old teacher and …”

“Well I am sure.”

With that, she grabbed my hand and led me to the lap dance area.

She started by grinding her ass into my crotch. Then she got up, turned around and straddled my lap. She whispered into my ear, “Mr. Hanson, I’ve dreamed of this since I was 17. I’ve wanted your body pressed against mine. I wanted your hands all over my body. I used to finger myself to you every week.”

In my mind, I am sure I know where this is going. She is buttering me up so I take her to the Champagne Room. For those of you who don’t know, strip clubs have private rooms where you pay a lot for cheap champagne and get a 20-30 minute dance from a stripper. The stripper always implies that “extra” goes on in the champagne room, but it never does.

But then she surprised me. She tells me her address and that her shift ends at 2:00 AM (about an hour away). She says, “I want to fuck Mr. Hanson tonight. I want to suck your cock. I want you to bend me over and fuck me like a slut. I want you to do all the things that are too dirty for your fiancée.” I am sold. We make plans to meet.

I head back to my friends. They ask how it was. I say fine, a little awkward. I don’t want them saying anything different to anyone else. As the club closes, I say I am heading home. I go to Sarah’s apartment. I stop at a 7-11 for Gatorade and condoms. I want to be on my game.

I get to her place. She isn’t there. I start to think about bailing. After all, I’m engaged. Right as I’m about to lose my nerve, she shows up. She is wearing a tight tank top that has a little cut at the top for extra cleavage and yoga pants.

She lets me in maltepe escort and we are instantly making out. She is moaning at every touch and bite. I get her shirt and bra off. I squeeze her D-cup tits and bite her erect nipples.

She peels off my shirt. She starts kissing her way down my body, first my neck, then shoulder, then chest, the abs. She drops to her knees and undoes my pants. She pulls out my hard cock. I am a little less than 7” long and pretty thick. Several women have told me I have a “beautiful” cock. Something about how symmetrical it is and veiny it is with the slight upward curve.

She looks at my cock for a minute then up at me with a big smile. She kisses the head then licks up and down my shaft. She then gives me great head for around 5 minutes. She alternates between deep throating it and sucking the head while stroking the shaft.

I stated to get close so I pull her up. I take off her pants and panties. I lift her onto the kitchen counter and forcefully spread her legs. I slowly kiss my way down her thighs towards her pussy.

“Oh yes, please. I need my pussy eaten. Please Mr. Hanson.”

I choose to take my time and torture her with anticipation. I kiss all around her slit. I get close like I am going to dive in but stop short and just breath hard on her. At this point, she is desperately begging and pushing her pussy towards my face. I end her misery and go for it. I spend most of the next 10 minutes flicking her clit with my tongue with two fingers stroking her g-spot. She comes hard on my face.

She catches her breath and pulls me to the bed. She begs, “Mr. Hanson please fuck me. I need you inside me.”

Her calling me Mr. Hanson turns me on so much. We spend the next 30 minutes fucking hard every way we can. She comes the first time when I tell her how much tighter her pussy is than my fiancée’s. She comes a second time while she is bent over a table while I keep her hands pinned down and use her ponytail like reins as I fuck her from behind. I come hard while she rides me while I hold her by the throat and telling her she’s Mr. Hanson’s new whore.

After a while, I clean up and head home to my fiancée. Sarah and I started seeing each other once or twice a week for sex for the next few months until the novelty wore off.

This is my first time writing one of these. Let me know if you liked it or how I can improve.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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