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Do you remember the time you were hiking in the mountains? The wind in the trees made a warm comforting sound. Birds chirped and sang off to the left and a couple of large trees creaked together to the right. The fragrance of the forest, slightly damp and musky, filled your senses. You hiked unhurried, along the trail that would lead eventually to the old lookout tower on the ridge. As you hiked to the top of a small hill, you noticed several people ahead, working on the trail. You could tell there were four men and a couple of women. They seemed to be repairing a portion of the trail washed out by spring runoff. Someone had split a couple of logs and two of the guys were now driving reinforcing posts to hold them in place. A couple of others were filling between the logs with gravel. The youngest of the women was finishing a ditch that was designed to route the runoff around the trail. As you approached I lifted my head, wiped the sweat from my brow with the back of my glove. I smiled and said, “Hi.”

“Wow, you guys really have a rough job!” You said.

I smiled back at you and said; “Ah, it’s not too bad. Besides, the number of times we use this trail, the least we could do is spend a day or two fixing a couple of places.”

“But how did you get all this gravel up here? It doesn’t look natural.” You asked.

I laughed “Everybody asks that. Actually the Forest Service gets that delivered. Down here it’s brought in by horseback, but up higher they actually drop off loads by helicopter.”

“Well that makes a little more sense. I just had this vision of you guys and all these little wheelbarrows bouncing up the trail!” You replied.

“Now that would have been a rough job!” I agreed.

“We’re going to move up to the Slippery Creek crossing. You gonna finish spreading the last of this gravel?” One of the guys asked.

“Yeah, I can get it. I’ll catch up to you at lunch.” I replied.

“I should let you get back to work.” You said.

“It’s been great chatting with you. I really needed the break too.” I chuckled. “Maybe I’ll see you later.”

“That would be nice.” You replied. “It’ll give me something to look forward to.”

You continued up the trail, your thoughts drifting back to our conversation, wondering if I was just being friendly or was I more interested than that. You slowly strolled along enjoying the day, relaxing and letting your mind wander. You pass the rest of the work group and ask if they are going all the way up to the tower.

“We’re heading back into town when we’re done here. I think Randy was going to check out the tower and see if we needed to schedule a work party up there later.” One of the women mentioned.

“Randy? Oh, was that the guy I was talking to?” You asked.

“That’s the one.” She replied and turned back to work.

Maybe I should go up to the tower then. No telling what might happen, you thought to yourself.

It was late afternoon by the time you reached the lookout tower. It was still in good condition, although the Forest Service had abandoned it several years ago. Now it was used as a rest stop for hikers in the summer and cross-country skiers in the winter. Even though the tower was well maintained, it was still a little scary climbing the light stairway to the observation platform. Once you were at the platform area, you could see for miles. A deck ran all the way around the outside of the main room. The main room was surrounded by glass and the floor still had a directional illegal bahis reference plaque in the center, pointing out significant landmarks on the horizon. Suspended from the main room were sleeping quarters. They room looked a little rustic; with three bunks each having a footlocker next to it. They must have gotten these bunks from army surplus, you thought. As you walked back up the stairs to the main platform, you looked down the trail and saw me emerging from the tree line. You walked out on the balcony as I approached.

“What took you so long?” you yelled down to me.

“I didn’t know we had a date!” I laughed. “Besides we had to finish the repairs on the bridge at the Slippery Creek crossing.”

“I take it you got it finished?” You asked.

“Yeah, still could use a little cleanup, but it will do.” I replied.

I climbed the stairs to the platform and went over to a cabinet against the wall. I unlocked it and pulled out a gallon of water and some food.

“Here. Help yourself.” I offered.

“Thanks. I really didn’t plan to be out this late.” You replied.

“I’m planning to stay the night and hike out in the morning.” I explained. “I’m going to clean up a little. I’ll be right back.”

You looked at me with a puzzled look as I went down to the sleeping quarters, unlocked a footlocker and got a clean change of clothes. I tossed a towel over my shoulder and headed down the stairs. You watched as I hit the ground and headed to a small shack next to the tower. You noticed that the shack didn’t have a roof and saw that a pipe leading up to a large barrel.

“The original shower! Ok, that makes sense. Maybe he’s not insane!” You thought to yourself.

I came back up still toweling my hair dry.

“You’ve got quite a setup here.” You said.

“It’s well worth the few days a year we have to spend working on the trails. We also maintain the tower and do a little fund raising now and then.” I explained. “In return we get to use the place when we want for the most part.”

“Would you mind if I stayed the night up here too? I’m afraid it will be too dark to make it all the way back to the car.” You asked.

“I’d love the company.” I replied.

We talked for hours. We talked about our childhood, loves won and lost, the beauty of the area, just about everything. We went out on the balcony to see the stars unobstructed by the lights of the city. The stars filled the sky. I’m always impressed at the site and as luck would have it there was a new moon so the stars seemed to shine with even more brilliance than ever. You shivered in the cool night air and I offered you my coat.

“I couldn’t take your coat… But I might share.” You said smiling.

I can take a hint and put my arm around you as you snuggled under the edge of my coat. We stood there, letting the warmth of our bodies mingle. Our breath looked like little wisps of smoke as the evening breeze toyed with it. Finally we decided to let the coolness of the evening win and go inside, as we turned, you reached up, stoked my cheek, and lightly kissed me on the lips. I smiled and looked into your eyes. I wrapped my arms around you and held you close for a moment longer. A little shiver coursed through body, reminding me why we were headed inside in the first place.

Once inside I grabbed a blanket from the sleeping quarters and tossed it on the observation room floor.

“Now we can watch the stars and stay warm too!” I said.

We lay on the illegal bahis siteleri floor staring out through the floor to ceiling windows trying to identify different constellations. Unfortunately neither of us was terribly well versed in astronomy. We did wonder about those who first named the constellations. How long did it take, who decided that the particular name was right and which stars to include in the figure. You turned over on your stomach, propping yourself up on your elbows. I slowly ran my hand along your back, up and down, softly caressing you. I gently caressed the back of your neck. A low moan escaped your lips and you laid your head down on your arms. You closed your eyes and turned your face toward me. I bent down and softly kissed your cheek. I continue to run my fingers along your spine, stopping just at the top of your pants. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I noticed you scoot up each time my fingers approached your bottom. Finally, I took a chance and slid my hand up under your shirt to caress your bare skin. My fingers continue up and ran across your bra strap.

I grinned at you and said; “This just won’t do. How can I give you a proper massage with all this stuff in the way?”

With that I raised up, pulled your shirt up and unhooked your bra. I ran both my hands up and down your back. I let my fingers run down your sides as I bent down and kissed the back of your neck. As I ran my fingers along your sides, I could feel the softness of your breasts.

“Shall I continue?” I asked, hoping I already knew the answer.

“Yes, please.” You whisper.

“Ok then. Let’s get these pants off.” I suggested.

With that, you raised your hips, reached down, and unfastened your pants. The two of us tugged your pants down over your hips. You lifted your feet and I pulled off your shoes and socks, and then finished pulling your pants completely off, leaving just your panties covering your most private parts.

I continued caressing your back, now letting my hands travel down across your butt and along the back of your thighs.

Soon you were grinding your hips into the blanket.

I softly kissed my way down from your neck along your spine. I swirled my tongue in small circles in the small of your back before kissing across your butt and along your thighs. I ran my fingers over the band of your panties. I slowly eased them down, kissing each inch of skin as it was revealed.

As I continued to kiss farther and farther up your thighs, you slowly eased your legs apart, inviting me to explore you further.

My tongue flicked out, teasing the outer edges of your pussy. My hands stroked and caressed your legs while I slid my tongue as far inside you as I could.

Soon you were thrusting your hips back to meet my tongue. You raised your hips slightly and I moved my fingers between your legs.

My tongue ran up and down your wet slit as my fingers found your clitoris and gently teased it.

Your moans filled the air as I slide my thumb into your hot pussy. You could feel it rubbing against the wall of your pussy as my fingers rubbed over your clitoris.

It felt like you were on fire.

You slowly turned to lay on your back, never letting my fingers out of your fiery pussy.

“Harder! Faster! Make me cum!” You begged. “I’m so close.”

I moved my fingers as fast as I could while softly kissing your mound.

All at once, you screamed and your entire body shook. You clamped your legs tightly around canlı bahis siteleri my hand; your fists clenching the blanket and your back arching as you let out a low hiss.

I stopped moving my fingers and let the waves of your orgasm continue to wash over you.

You slowly lower your trembling body to the floor.

I moved beside you and kiss your lips.

You pulled off your half-buttoned shirt and let your bra ride up over the top of your breasts.

I bent and took one of your breasts in my mouth as you pulled me tightly to you.

You whisper in my ear; “You’re still dressed. I think we should do something about that.”

You sit up as you removed my shirt and unbuckled my pants, pulling them down as I step out of them off in one quick tug. You wrapped your fingers around my half-hard shaft and flicked your tongue over the tip.

“Now let’s see what I can do for you,” you smiled.

With that you slid your lips down over the head of my shaft and swirled your tongue over the tip. Your breasts brushed softly against my thighs.

I enjoyed watching as your stroked and sucked my cock. The feeling of your hard nipples rubbing against my skin let me know that you were enjoying it too.

Your fingers caressed my balls as you moved your lips up and down my now throbbing cock.

“If you don’t slow down you’re going to make me cum.” I moaned.

“As much as I think we’d both enjoy that I’ve got other plans for you! Now lay down, you…” you laughed.

You straddled my body and slowly lowered yourself onto my shaft. Your pussy was so hot and wet I slid in effortlessly.

I could feel the walls of your pussy pulsating around my shaft, gripping me. I start to move in and out of you, letting you feel every inch of me. I pulled back until I was nearly all the way out and ever so slowly press back inside you.

You lowered your breasts to my mouth and I flicked my tongue over your nipples.

My hands caressed your butt and guided you up and down my shaft as our tempo increased. I loved watching your expression I we moved together fast and harder, with my cock throbbing deep inside you with each stroke. I grabbed your hips tightly and pounded my aching cock into you faster and faster. Your breasts bounced softly against my chest. You thrust harder against my hips to get all of my hard cock inside you.

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.” I said through clenched teeth.

“Cum with me baby. Fill my pussy. I want to make you cum.” You replied.

With that, you squeezed my cock with your pussy and moved even faster.

I felt like I was going to explode. Faster and harder we rocked together, my hands clenching your butt.

“Ah… Ah… OH GOD I’m going to cum.” I moaned.

“Yes! Give it to me!” you screamed.

I felt like it started in my toes, as I pulled your hips down hard against me.

You could feel my cock twitch over and over as I climaxed. You clamped your thighs against mine and rode my throbbing cock to your own orgasm.

Our bodies twitched and shook together, finally falling together in total exhaustion. We lay there intertwined trying to catch our breath.

“My god you make me feel good!” I whispered in amazement.

“You’re not half bad yourself, lover,” you laughingly replied.

We softly kissed once more, our tongues dancing over one another while my hands ran up and down your body. We drifted off to sleep that way.

Your head lay on my chest, listening to my heart beat, my arms wrapped around you.

When I awoke mid-morning, you were gone… Was it real? Just as I was beginning to wonder if I had simply dreamed all of last night, I found your panties in the pocket of my jeans…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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