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Well, I had begun writing about my first encounter with a girl named Lauren when something else happened. It was inevitable, I guess – though my boyfriend Keith wouldn’t agree – that I allowed one of the guys to ‘push’ me into actually having sex with him. Okay, maybe ‘push’ isn’t the right word; after all, it didn’t take much more than a suggestion, really…because I already wanted it. It’s funny; when girls do it, they automatically take on this label of being a “slut”, whereas guys just become more “studly”. Is that fair? Really? My story about Lauren – my new bff in so many ways – will have to wait. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this brief accounting, in the meantime.

After giving Randy a few blowjobs over the past year (with my boyfriend’s consent, I might add) I was developing a definite crush on his dick. Keith’s dick is nice, as are James’s and David’s, all in their own ways, but whoever said that size matters was NOT lying! Omg, ever since that first rainy day, when I took the sweet juice from all four of the guys, Randy’s dick was the only one I ever thought about! The second blowjob I gave him was just he and I (with Keith watching, of course), and it was, if anything, more wonderful than the first. I came – again! And his load was just as massive as that first time, causing me to lose some of it around the edges of my mouth – again! David showed up shortly after Randy left for his turn – again – and I began to realize that, even though all this was fun and Keith enjoyed the inevitable frantic sex afterward, the part I looked forward to the most involved only Randy. I began to seriously obsess about getting that dick inside other places than just my mouth.

You did know girls fantasize, too – right? Sometimes I think guys don’t allow us that liberty; that they think of us only as the objects of their fantasies. Willing participants most of the time, sure; but the actual sex act is always on their own terms. Well, wake up, guys! Every one of my friends, even back in school, fantasized about the boys we saw, and we all shared those fantasies with each other (in lurid detail, most of the time!) I’m not sure most guys’ fantasies could hold a candle to what we envisioned!

When the third rainy morning came around I looked forward to feeling Randy’s thick cock stretching my lips again, but what I really wanted was to lay him back and climb over him – I didn’t even care if Keith went off the rails at that point – and take him inside me. I didn’t, of course. I did take an extra long time giving him head, bringing him close and then delaying his climax, but after a while it seemed like he just needed to cum. He actually grabbed my head in his vise-like grip and began to “skull-fuck” me (that’s exactly what he told Keith he was doing!) and oh my god, just hearing him say that plugged me into overdrive. By the time he filled my mouth again I had already climaxed once, and was well on the way to my second. Honestly, I think if my mouth hadn’t been overflowing with his cum I might have screamed! He let me swallow, milked another spurt or two in my throat, then pulled out and, as had become his custom, left without a lot of conversation. I wondered if he had any idea how badly I wanted him inside me, or even if he had the same desire. He said very little at work, other than the usual jokes the guys shared afterward.

Then one day last week, when he and I were cleaning up hedge clippings and the others had moved onto another customer’s yard two doors down, he suddenly dropped the rake he was holding, pushed the plastic bag I was holding out of my hands, and kissed me. I was caught totally off-guard; I didn’t even kiss him back, though I might have, if I wasn’t so surprised. He pulled back, still with his hands on my neck, and said, “I think it’s time you and I got together, Stace.”

I stared at him like an idiot for a moment, then I just nodded and said, “Yeah.” Wow, that sounded lame! I took a quick breath and said, “Yeah, we can do that, yeah.” I mean, I was gobsmacked! And then he just picked up the rake and gathered up another bundle of hedge clippings and held it out toward me. He looked strangely at me and I suddenly went, “Oh, yeah,” and picked up the bag again. When he dropped the branches in he said, “So, when?” and I didn’t know what to say. I was still so surprised! By the time we finished picking up everything I told him I’d let him know, and then we went to join the others. Omigod, all I could think about the rest of the day was, I’m finally gonna get that dick!

Yesterday turned out to be the day. We worked in the morning; then, as usual, the skies began to güvenilir bahis darken in the west in the early afternoon. Keith took his truck to deposit the money he’d collected so he could cover checks for the guys, and told us to get the trailer emptied. I don’t get a check; I get mine in cash from him, and I usually go with him to the bank, but the weather was building faster than usual. He said, “I’ll go. Go with the guys to the dump and then have Randy drop you off,” so I agreed. We made the landfill just before the rain hit, then Randy drove us all to our place. Keith wasn’t there yet. David and James got in their own cars and headed out, and Randy waited for them to leave. He cocked his head at me. “My place?” he asked, and with my stomach suddenly full of butterflies, I nodded.

On the way he said, “Janine won’t be home for a couple more hours, but Keith’ll be wondering where you are, so we gotta be quick. I’m sorry about that.” Janine is Randy’s girlfriend; she works as a drive-up teller at a local bank. I had completely forgotten about her!

Without looking at him I asked, “Are you sure about this?”

He looked at me and waited for my eyes to meet his. “Absolutely,” he said, and smiled. I nestled in next to him on the seat, feeling more ready for this than ever. When we got to the house he rents with Janine, he told me to wait in the truck. “I gotta tie up the dog,” he explained. I knew he had a female pit bull named Loretta, but I’d never had occasion to get friendly with her, so I decided that was probably a good idea. I felt funny sitting in his truck in front of his house, but no one had driven past by the time he came back out. He opened my door and said, “It’s safe now,” but I had serious reservations about that, for a lot of reasons.

“What if Keith comes over here looking for me?”

Neither of us had considered that before this moment, but Randy didn’t hesitate long. He shrugged his shoulders. “I’ll tell him I was getting a blowjob in advance,” he joked. “It’s supposed to rain tomorrow morning, anyway.”

I slapped at his arm as I climbed down out of his truck. “Very funny,” I said. But I wasn’t embarrassed by his reference to my sluttiness; mostly I was horny.

Loretta began barking up a storm when she heard our voices; feeling left out, I suppose. Neither of us cared. As we walked through the front door Randy dropped his hand to my ass. My shorts, I knew, were damp from working in the humid Florida air. I smelled of sweat, and probably the fecund odor of desire, too; but then, so did he. I turned and put my arms around his neck and let him pick me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me down a hallway. In the bedroom, he let me slide down him until my shoes touched the floor. He slid his hands up under my t-shirt and unfastened my bra with practiced ease as he leaned in to kiss me. I kissed him back, hungrily. We both knew we didn’t have much time. I raised my arms and he slipped my shirt and bra off over my head. He looked at my boobs.

My nipples were hard, begging to be touched. I whispered, “I know, they’re not mu…”

His lips closed over my left nipple, closest to my heart, and the words stuck in my throat. The lightning bolt of lust went right through me, and I arched my back, feeling his hands close around my back as he leaned into me. I gasped. His tongue made a circle around my nipple and I thought I might cry out, but instead my breath became even more raggedy. My hands clawed at his shirt. I pulled it over his head just as his hands dropped to my shorts, and he let me drop the shirt onto the floor before he went back to work unfastening the top button, then unzipping my sweat-stained shorts. My bikini panties followed them to my ankles, and I stepped out of them as he bent to unlace his work boots.

His dick, that lovely thick monster I already knew so well, sprung upward as he peeled his jeans and boxers down, and I took it in my hand as he put one hand on my shoulder to balance himself. By the time he had kicked off his boots and rid himself of pants, underwear and socks, I was leaning over, eager to take him in my mouth. I dropped to my knees before him, my sneakers still on, and he spread his feet widely. His hands went into my hair and he sighed as I closed my lips around his dick.

He didn’t let me suck him long. I think he was afraid he might ‘bust a nut’, as he calls it, before he had a chance to get inside me. I was just enjoying the funky smell of his stomach and balls when he pushed my face off him. “On the bed,” he said, and I stood up. He pushed me backwards with his hands on my waist, türkçe bahis and after three steps the bed contacted the backs of my knees. I fell back and he followed me, grabbing my arm to cushion my descent. I spread my legs, ready for him, but he just stared down at me.

“Oh my god,” he said softly, his dick standing straight out just above my right knee. He said, “Let me look at you.”

I lay there splayed out, half-embarrassed, half filled with pride. I know my skin is pale white where my bikini covers it, the rest of my body tanned a warm brown-sugar color. I was suddenly very aware that I’m lean, and not curvy, and I hoped he didn’t mind that. I looked at his dick, my mouth dry, and I felt reassured. It absolutely throbbed above me, full of pulsing hot blood. I wanted it.

“Randy” I said in a small voice, “fuck me?”

He didn’t hesitate another second. His hands went to my thighs and slid under my knees, then he picked my legs up as he pulled me across the sheets toward him, so my butt was at the edge of the bed. I put my arms up over my head and grasped the sheet in each hand. He leaned forward and the head of his cock touched my labia. It felt like an electric shock. I gasped again, waiting for his plunge forward, but it didn’t come immediately. Instead, he rolled his dick against me, back and forth, teasing me, with my legs held high in the air. In a husky voice, he said, “Put it in.”

As my right hand contacted it, I could feel its heat. I aimed it without looking toward the heart of me and pulled slightly, leading him in. The head parted my labia, then slid smoothly past and inside me. He leaned forward as I took him, inch by magnificent inch, until at last he was buried inside me. I could feel his pubic hair against my shaven mons. “Oh god,” I moaned. He began to move.

At first he was slow, deliberate. He pulled back until he was almost all the way out. I could feel my pussy lips being pulled outward, my skin clinging desperately to his. I tried to squeeze his cock head as it hovered at my entrance, unwilling to give that pleasure up so easily. I was a vessel that had been opened wide, a fragrant flower waiting for him to fill me again. Then he pushed forward and I took him back in with a long, low moan in the back of my throat. I could feel, literally, every centimeter, each vein and indentation of his skin as he coursed back into my hotly grasping body. Then, once again, I felt his hair against me, his belly pressing against my mound; his balls softly caressing my ass cheeks. Again he withdrew, although this time, mercifully, not quite as far, and I awaited his full return to me.

This went on for what seemed like forever, but in reality it was probably only a minute or two, before even he could no longer bear the anticipation. He began to thrust deeper and more urgently, and that was even better. Everything he did only served to arouse me further. Now I craved the feeling of being taken completely, hungrily; no matter how hard Randy wanted to bring it to me, it wasn’t enough. I begged him to fuck me harder, “HARDER!” He complied, growing more and more aggressive. His breath was coming in ragged gasps, his hands squeezing violently into the tender skin at the back of my knees. I began to climax.

I began to scream.

My orgasm washed over me like a tornado. I went limp as it coursed through me, a virtual rag doll at the mercy of Randy’s controlling hands and rampaging dick. I had never surrendered so completely to a man before, but this was beyond my ability or desire to control. I was practically standing on my head, helpless for the first time. Whereas sex with Keith was usually leisurely and I was often on top, with Randy it was total submission, total abandonment. I shrieked and gasped until my throat was dry. Then I felt his hands slide from my thighs to my ankles, and he was pushing them forward, compressing me back until my knees flattened against my breasts. He climbed up onto the bed over me and continued his assault on my pussy. The room was filled with the sounds of wet flesh slapping together and my orgasms continued, one after another, until he released my legs at last and stood up.

But he hadn’t cum yet.

I looked up at his red face. Sweat rolled off his cheekbones as he reached for me, and at his urging, I rolled over and struggled up onto my knees. It took all the strength I had; my legs didn’t want to cooperate, and I wasn’t sure how long I could remain upright like this. I felt the bed move as he moved behind me, and his hand pressed down on my lower back. The head of his dick contacted me again and I shivered. güvenilir bahis siteleri In another instant he was inside me, his massive tool moving smoothly into the damp heart of my being. I moaned again, hoarsely. Once again, he began to fuck me, slower than before, building his momentum.

When my next climax hit I collapsed onto my tummy, my arms unable to hold me up any longer. I was physically spent. He rode me down, only breaking his rhythm long enough to reposition his knees, then he thrust again, harder and more urgently. I squeezed my vaginal muscles around him, milking his dick for the most pleasure I could get. It was the only thing I was able to by then, but it had an effect. He groaned, then hesitated for just a beat. I felt his dick swell inside me and I knew he was going to cum. He began to thrust wildly, his balls smacking into me from behind. I screamed one last time, sharing his release as he slammed his dick inside me, filling me with load after load of his hot seed.

My scream died in my throat as his groans subsided. And then it was over. He lay on top of me, his sweat mingling with mine in the small of my back as he thrust one last time, kind of half-heartedly. We both lay panting like dogs. I turned my head on the sheet and moaned softly as I felt our juices beginning to flow back out of me, pooling under us. I had never felt so exhausted, or so good!

My pussy spasmed twice, contracting around his dick, which was still thick inside me. I clenched my vaginal muscles in response and it felt good, but Randy wouldn’t allow our last moments of bliss to last for long. He pulled from me and climbed off the bed, smacking my ass as he did. “C’mon, girl,” he said, “we gotta go.” What a romantic!

I didn’t move. It felt too good just to lay there, physically wracked and sexually sated. My hair was covering my face like a damp curtain, but I knew what I probably looked like to Randy. Okay, it wasn’t my finest hour, but I was enjoying it nonetheless. Then I heard, “Oh, fuck!”

I rolled quickly over onto my side and stared up at him. “What?” The tone of his voice had given me a sense of urgency, as if the room was on fire.

He was looking at where we had just lain. “Oh, FUCK!” he repeated, his voice higher, “look at the damn bed!”

The bed was a mess, for sure. The sheets were wet and swirled into a jumble, but it was nothing a little quick straightening-up couldn’t fix. His sudden sense of alarm struck me as funny. “Calm down,” I said, “don’t you have any more sheets?” I got up, a little unsteadily, and put my hand on his back as he stared at the bed.

“You don’t understand,” he said with a note of resignation in his voice, “I never make the bed! Janine’ll know something’s up!”

I started laughing, and he turned to look at me crossly. The expression on his face made it seem even funnier. “Oh, like she’s not gonna smell the sex in here?” The whole room reeked with the fetid odor of sweat and sexual fluids and desire; I could smell it already. I watched the recognition of it come over his face, then he turned and looked me up and down.

“You still got your sneaks on!” he suddenly, and burst out laughing.

He was right. I looked down at my bed and realized my dirty sneakers had made as much of a mess of the pale yellow sheets as our sweaty bodies had. “Oh, fuck,” I said, repeating his earlier assessment. Randy was still looking at me, with more than just humor in his eyes, now. I realized it was time to get back to business, so I bent quickly and gathered up my clothes from the floor. “Okay, you strip the bed while I get freshened up,” I directed, and headed for the bathroom.

When I came out, he was dressed. He held the crumpled sheet in his hand, looking as if he didn’t know what to do with it. “Do you have a washer?” I asked, taking it from him. I was out the door and down the hall by the time he said yes.

“Just past the kitchen.”

I started the wash, changed the sheet set (they only had one yellow top sheet), and put the ceiling fan on high, then we headed for his truck. I instructed him to be in bed when Janine got home, and to tell her he’d messed the sheet up with his dirty work boots. “And it wouldn’t hurt to tell her you don’t feel good,” I said. I surprised myself with my own deviousness, but I didn’t want him getting in trouble. As for Keith, I could only hope my ‘indiscretion’ with Randy hadn’t taken so long it aroused his suspicions. My clothes were now dry, but I was still perspiring, mostly from nervousness. I planned to tell him we got held up at the landfill, but when we got to our place Keith’s truck wasn’t there. I kissed Randy quickly (we never kissed during my blowjobs) and tried not to feel uncomfortable. He asked when this would happen again, and I told him I wasn’t sure.

“It will, though,” he said.

I nodded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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