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I had just finished a long hot shower to cleanse the aches and tiredness of another hard day at the office from my body. It was our intent to go out for a romantic dinner to celebrate the finalization of the year-end at work; it had been over three months of preparation and auditors. The financials were finally in the hands of the Board for approval and then I could start catching up with the usual backlog at this time of year.

I stepped out of the shower stall feeling much more human again. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I wiped the accumulated steam from the mirror and gazed at the reflection. I saw a somewhat worn face (with the usual wrinkles that I preferred to call laugh lines), silver white hair and beard and blue eyes. I suppose not too shabby for a man of 62 years (soon to be 63). My enduring hope was that I would be able to keep up with my much younger wife for at least a few more years.

You and I had met at a company mixer just after I joined the firm of Young, Miles and Ferguson. You were the Executive Assistant to one of the managing partners and I was a lowly accountant. Within a year, I was wooed away from YM&F to work for one of our major clients as their Financial Officer and was finally able to advance both career and income wise. My friendship with you flourished both while we worked for the same firm and finally gelled once I had moved. Within a few months, we became steady lovers and you accepted my proposal for marriage after only a year.

When we were wed in Acapulco, Mexico with only a few of our friends present, I had just turned 60 and you were only 26. An amazing age difference – all our acquaintances were sure it wouldn’t last out for six months but it has been a wondrous roller coaster ride of love and affection ever since. In point of fact, the past 2-½ years have been the happiest in my long life and I hope that we will continue to see many more to come.

I segued back to the present and dried my hair with the towel and then used the blow dryer to finish the job. After I applied deodorant and a light sprinkling of after-shave (I can’t use too much since I have a touch of emphysema as a result of second hand smoke in several earlier work places), I re-wrapped the towel around my middle. I went to the door into our bedroom and quietly entered. What I saw not only stopped me dead in my tracks; it also created an instant tent in the front of the towel as my cock leapt to immediate full attention.

You were standing by the side of the bed bending over to straighten the seam on the back of your white hold-ups. The erotik film izle sheer sheen of the nylons sparkled in the light of the bedside lamps (the only illumination in the room) and I could see that you were wearing the new pair we purchased in the Love Shop down town. The 3″ strappy white heels you wore on your delicate feet defined each of your calves magnificently! As my eyes followed the natural line upwards, I feasted my eyes lustfully on the white lace bustier caressing your slim waist to rise to cup your low hanging breasts. You had yet to don the matching lace panties and your pussy and sweet bum were on full display.

Sensing that you had an appreciative audience, you looked back through your legs to smile seductively at me. Your angelic face was framed by your long firm legs (encased as they were in their gleaming sheaths) and you winked wickedly at me. At this signal, my hard dripping cock finally became too much for the towel and it dropped to the carpet beneath my feet. I was standing there stark naked with my cock swaying and bobbing with each breath. Slowly, I approached you from behind and, taking your hips in my hands, pulled your firm bottom into me. My shaft slipped between the warm globes of your ass and I could feel the heated liquid of your arousal lubricating my way.

You gripped your ankles and let me take control. As I slid the crease of your pussy lips along my aching cock, your deep guttural moans told me that you were feeling the same need that I was. With you completely open to me like this, I quickly slid into your well-moistened pussy and I pulled you back gently until you were fully seated on my shaft. I then held you there for a few minutes until I could steady myself. I was so turned on I was afraid that I would cum too soon!

Since the side of the bed was so close, you released your ankles and, without breaking our connection, you leaned forward on the high mattress. I followed you to keep my cock fully inside you and as you moved, I felt the gentle pressure from your muscles as they milked my cock. I needed to slow this down; besides, I had other plans for tonight!

I slowly withdrew from you.

“But what about our dinner reservations?” you laughed.

“It’s all right; we are good enough customers at L’Auberge that Claude will hold our table for as much as a couple of hours.”

With those words, I helped you to lean far enough onto the bed to support your weight on your forearms only thus lifting your bum high in the air. I gently forced your legs apart with my hands and leaned over to kiss film izle your shoulders and then lower along your spine. At each vertebra, I licked and kissed until I reached that amazing dimple at the top of you rear crevice. I lowered myself to my knees as I trailed warm soft kisses along and over each firm cheek and down along your crack until I reached your puckered star.

I planted a series of soft kisses on this most private of spots as I felt you press backwards into my lips. I rained more kisses there and then moved downwards across your perineum to the rear of your very wet pussy. You were flowing so much by now that I had to lick along your thighs (from that sensitive spot where thigh meets pussy to the top of the elastic lace top of your hose) to capture the nectar flowing there. I covered my tongue over and over again as I tasted you again for the first time and felt so very lucky!

It was my time to groan “Mmmmm! You taste sooo good!”

This seemed to spur you on to produce even more treats for my hungering lips and I relished every drop! I proceeded to suck in your puffy outer labia – cleaning the droplets of pearly dew from each. As I drew them deep into my mouth, you moaned in words I didn’t recognize. But then I realized that you were biting down on a pillow to try to stifle your cries so we wouldn’t wake the baby. I, in turn, muffled my own sounds in your pussy, which caused a humming along the outer edges of the utopia awaiting me. I took this moment to plunge my rigid tongue deep inside that hot tunnel that was your puss.

The juices you were producing flowed freely over my tongue and with a delighted taste, went straight down my throat. I wanted more! I plunged on with deeper and deeper forays inside you until you started to shake with the wave of a massive orgasm. I didn’t slow but rather continued with my attacks of love until you were almost begging me to stop. It wasn’t until I heard the sound of your mewing and moaning that I finally eased up. And I had yet to touch your super sensitive clit!

I stood again – although somewhat shakily – and once more slid my still unfulfilled cock into that super heated puss until I was fully imbedded. I could feel the tip brushing over your cervix each time I bottomed out on a thrust and you were meeting each over my inward moves until we really got a rhythm going.

Suddenly, you pulled yourself off me and, looking back with a gleam in your eye, asked my to slide my 7″ into your ass! We haven’t had anal sex in months and then only at your request. I simply never wanted to hurt you and seks filmi izle didn’t feel that it was a good idea unless you really wanted it.

“Are you sure, darling?”

“Yes, damn it! I am so hot I feel like I will explode! Please. Please! Just take it nice and slow – you know the way I like it” You wiggled your sweet buns so charmingly – how could I resist?

My cock was so wet and shining with your cum and my own precum that no lube was required. I simply placed my cock head at the pucker of your ass and it seemed to draw me in! The first 2″ slid in with an audible pop. I held still to allow you to get used to the ‘invasion’ but you started to press back onto me and I felt my cock slipping further and further into the warmest place outside of your pussy. The walls were slick and the muscles so strong, I wondered if I would ever escape. I was a willing captive and never, ever wanted to leave!

My hands gripped your hips to slow you down; if we didn’t, the heat and squeezing muscles were going to drive me over the edge. But there was no controlling the situation – you were leading the pace to reach your own satisfaction and I was just along for the sweet ride! Bucking your ass back and forth along my shaft (squeezing me tightly as I moved out and releasing the pressure on the down stroke), was taking us both to the brink.

We both were panting and calling out one another’s names as we could feel the orgasm building. As you cried out “I’m so close” I reached around you and thrummed your clit as I pushed deep inside you and exploded over and over again as I filled your sweet ass with the cum I had been holding in my full balls. The feeling of my hot cum as it filled you to overflowing – coupled with the feelings of my fingers on your engorged clit – sent you soaring higher and higher and you gushed your cum to fill my hand and flow down your legs to the floor.

I wrapped my arms around your waist as I led us to the edge of the bed where, with me still hard inside you, we fell spooning in the middle of the mattress. I held you tightly against me until I felt my cock soften and slide from its warm safe place onto my thigh.

Turning you into my arms, I kissed you slowly and tenderly on the lips until we were virtually falling asleep. I eased myself from our bed and went quietly to the bathroom where I soaked a face cloth in warm water and washed first myself and then I brought a fresh wet cloth and towel to the bed where I removed your hose, shoes and bustier and gently wiped you until you were warm and clean.

I returned the towels to the bathroom, shut off the light and crawled into the bed bedside you and gathered you into my arms. As I pulled the comforter over our exhausted bodies, I heard your smiling whisper in my ear “we never did get out for dinner..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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