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It must of been March or maybe April. The three of them had been living in the house for about 6 months by then. Hally had found the place through a lady friend she knew, and had rented the 3 bedroon 2 bath home in north Dallas for about 700 bucks a month. Nothing special, just a house in a quiet neighborhood on a corner lot.

The 700 bucks was a little steep for one person, so Hally had asked Glen, a guy she knew through another friend, if he wanted to share the rent with her. Glen agreed, and the two had moved in together. Shortly after that, when Sues’ lease was up at her apartment, Hally had asked her to move in, and take the third bedroon, reducing the shared rent even further. Sue agreed. Hally had the master bedroom, with its own bath, and Sue and Glen shared the bath in the hall.

Before Sue moved in, Hally and Glen had hooked up a few times, as neither one was in a relationship. Hally was about 5’6″ 135 lbs, blond, big boned but not overweight, but didn’t have much in the chest department, but was very pretty in the face. Glen was about 10 years older than Hally, a Vietman vet, in very good shape, tan and muscular with a deep voice, but had acne scars on his face from the agent orange the army used in Vietman. He also had a very long and thick dick, which Hally loved, but the chemestry just wasn’t there, so no lasting thing ever evolved. They both used the sex with each other as they needed it, which was acutally quite often and very good, but thats all it was, just sex.

In the spring sometime, Hally announced she was going home to Phoenix for a week to see family. She had traded the time off at work and booked space available reservations with the airline she and Sue worked for. Sue was to take her to the DFW airport on one of her days off, and pick her up a week later when Hally returned.

On the way to the airport, Hally and Sue talked about the house arrangements, what they both liked, what they both disliked, etc. Sue also asked Hally how it was going with Glen. Hally told Sue they didn’t really have a relationship other than the sex, and that was about to come to an end as Hally had met John, a really nice guy who Hally hoped to get serious with. Hally was giving the green light to Sue as far as Glen went.

Thinking Sue might have a shot with Glen, she asked Hally how he was in bed. Hally told her Glen had a big one, that was really thick, and he knew how to use it too.

Sue had seen Glen naked by accident once, and knew of his size. She had gone into the bathroom right after Glen had showered. As she was closing the bathroom door, she glanced into Glens’ bedroom which was right across the hall. He had dropped his towel and was reaching for his boxers when Sue looked between his legs and saw the ‘baby leg’ hanging down. It was at least 7 inches long, thick, and was not even hard. Glen never looked up, and didn’t know Sue had seen him.

In the car driving home from the airport, Sue thought about having sex with Glen and that monster cock. It made her tingle all over, and she could feel moistness between her legs.

Sue was 20 years old then, 5’3′, about 110 pounds, with 34c breasts that were full and delicious. She thought about her sex life, the boys she had had sex with in high school, the one, two, three pumps your out kind of sex. She was ready for something different, something new. Maybe something big. Hally had given her the green light, and Sues’ boyfriend Taylor, was a thousand miles away back in Arizona. She needed something closer. She needed something now. She certainly hadn’t had anyone who came close to Glens’ size. She wondered how it would feel inside of her.

Sue pulled onto their street, and parked her car out in front of the house. Glen had the garage. He kept his car and his ‘motorcycle projects’ in there, so the women had to park in the street.

She had thought about stopping and getting some fast food, as she hadn’t eaten since a late brunch, but didn’t, opting to find something at the house. She went into the kitchen to look, and there was Glen. With a big smile and much enthusiasm, he asked,

“Well, how bout it Sue, wanna go out dancin? There’s a bar down on lower Lemmon Avenue with a good country band and they’re havin’ 50 cent longnecks. Whada ya say? Feel like getin’ drunk? I’m buyin’ “

Actually, Sue did feel like having a drink. It was her day off, in fact she had tomorrow off too.

“Ya know, I just might, Glen. Let me take a quick shower first, and your on!”

“Great! I’ll be waitin!” he replied with a smile.

Sue went back to her bedroom to get ready. She picked out some 501’s that fit her butt perfectly, and a plaid blouse. She was in the shower in a flash, and actually found herself looking forward to going out dancing. She really did like to dance. Maybe not country and western so much, but right now anything would be better than sitting around the house. Maybe she could tallk Glen into buying her something to eat too, she was starving.

She was ready in no time, canlı bahis şirketleri and they were off to the bar. It was about a half hour drive, and on the way, they made pleasant conversation. Sue realised she didn’t really know Glen all that much, even though they had lived in the same house for almost 6 months.

Glen worked for a well known computer company and was doing quite well. He knew he was on the ground floor of a business whose potential was limitless. Vietnam and the war memories were fading, sometimes still, very real and disturbing, but fading nonetheless. Sue noticed how handsome he actually was, inspite of the acne scars, and she was also finding out what a really nice guy he was. He was turning out to be quite the gentleman.

She also noticed he couldn’t keep his eyes off her breasts. When he would turn to look at Sue during conversation, his eyes wandered down to the generous swell of flesh that was filling her blouse. Glen wasn’t used to breasts like these, Hally was flat compared to there babies.

Sue, feeling a little daring, reached up and undid the top button on the blouse when Glen looked to the left at a red light. She then opened up the blouse a little, and when Glens’ gaze returned, leaned forward, changing the radio station as an excuse. She wanted to give Glen a little show before they got to the bar.

Sues’ actions did not go unnoticed. Glen had a nice long look at the clevage in front of him. As Sue returned to a normal sitting position, she ‘accidently’ let her left hand graze across the side of Glens’ thigh, lingering just long enough to make sure Glen felt it. Glen returned the gesture by telling Sue how good she looked.

They pulled up to the bar, parked and made their way into the crowded room. There was no cover, and there were two bars, one on each side of the door as you entered.

“I’ll get us some drinks” Glen shouted above the noise of the band. He quickly returned with 2 beers in each hand, and made his way to the side of the bar, where there were a couple of small empty tables left. They sat and Glen upended a beer, finishing it in one pull. Sue started on her first one. It was ice cold. It tasted really good going down too. She then remembered she hadn’t had anything to eat and reminded herself not to get too drunk or she might get sick.

As the next song started, Glen asked her to dance, and they made their way to the crowded dance floor. They had a good time bumping into other people and each other until they found their groove and then got into some serious dancing. After two songs, they went back to their spot.

“I’ll get us some more drinks” Glen said as he headed back to the bar. He returned with 2 more beers, and 2 shot glasses full of tequila.

Sue had just finished her first beer. She thought, ‘Oh great! Just what I need on an empty stomach. Tequila!’

She grabbed the tiny glass and toasting Glen’s glass said,

“Down the hatch!” and swallowed the liquid gold. She chased it with a good swig of beer, and then it was back to the dance floor. They danced a few dances this time, and by the time they got back to the table, they had worked up a thirst. Glen was off to the bar again and returned with another shot for each of them. They repeated the ritual, and were back dancing.

This song was a rocker, and Sue was starting to get loose. Glen was watching Sue dance, and Sue was watching Glen. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her chest. Her tits were bouncing and swaying with the music, a beautiful sight to behold. With Glen watching her, Sue reached up and undid the next button on her blouse, and pulled the fabric aside, allowing her black bra to become visible.

She then raised her hands above her head, and moved her shoulders from side to side, shaking her tits for Glen and anyone else who was watching.

Next, she bent at the waist, lowered her arms to her sides, and again, moved her shoulders from side to side, shaking her heavy breasts from side to side.Glen could see almost all of her breasts as she bent over. It wasn’t the first time he had seen them though.

Hally and Sue worked the swing shift at the airline, and were home during the day, most of the time. Hally liked to tan topless in the backyard, and when Sue moved in, Hally asked her to join her, which she willing agreed to.

Glen figured out what they were doing, even though Hally had tried to keep it secret from him. The girls would go into the back yard, not quite visible from the kitchen, so Glen couldn’t see. What the girls didn’t know, was that when Glen was in the garage working on his motorcycles, he would open the garage door, and from a gap between the edge of the house and the fence, could observe the girls in their topless state without the girls knowing he was watching.

Yes, he had seen Sue’s nice big tits lots of times. The girls would even rub lotion on each other as they tanned, which Glen particularly liked to watch. Neither one had any tan lines on top. The long hot Texas summers canlı kaçak iddaa meant the girls were out tanning well into October.

Glen started to get turned on, and moved closer to Sue, moving his hips right next to hers, he began to bump hips. Sue started bumping back. Just then the song ended, and a slow one started. Glen took Sues’ hand and began the slow dance, pressing his groin against hers. Sue could feel the large thick meat in Glens’ pants. He was rubbing it against her, and she thought she felt it get bigger. Glen was looking down Sues’ blouse now, still staring at the beautiful cleveage. Sue was starting to press her chest into Glens’ chest. She wanted him to squeeze her tits so bad. She ached.

That song ended, and the band announced a 20 minute break. They made their way back to their table, and Glen went back to the bar for more shots. Sue stopped him before he left, and asked if he could find something for her to nibble on.

“Oh I got something for ya ta nibble on darlin’ just don’t choke on it!” he joked. He couldn’t resist that one.

He did come back with some popcorn and pretzels, so Sue was happy. She just needed a little something. Glen also brought back 2 more beers each and another shot each.

By the time the band started back up, neither one was feeling any pain. They kept up the routine of dancing three or four songs, taking a break for shots and beers for a couple of hours. Sue was wasted by then. She was getting tired too, she hadn’t danced this much in years. She couldn’t remember how many shots she had had or how many beers. All she knew was, she was having a really good time, and wanted to end it with a bang.

Glen kept a close eye on Sue, and noticed after her third shot, that she was not inhibited at all. On the dance floor, they touched each other openly, grabbing each others ass, Glen rubbing his semi-hard penis anywhere on Sue he could rub it, and Sue in turn pressing her breasts into Glen. At the table, Sue would place her hand in Glens lap, gently squeezing and stroking his dick, Glen would return the favor by pressing on Sues’ crotch through her jeans, rubbing her clit with his strong fingers.

By the time the band took their next break, Sue leaned into Glen and wispered in his ear, ” I’m ready to go home” while she pressed her breasts into his shoulder. Glen rubbed back, and said

“Alright, if you think you’ve had enough dancin’. I had a really good time.”

“Me too” said Sue, “but the night isn’t over yet!” she said with a sly smile.

They found their way back to the parking lot, found the car and began the drive home. On the way, Sue had scooted over to the middle of the bench seat, and began to rub Glens’ thigh. Glen spread his legs and let her have at it. She began to stroke his growing cock through his jeans, and couldn’t help but say something about how big it felt. Glen reached over and placed a hand on one of Sues’ breasts and began to squeeze.

Sue began to moan and rub Glens’ dick harder. By the time they got back to the house, they were both worked up pretty good.

Sue entered the house first and went straight to the bathroom. She had to pee something terrible. When she was done, she came out and looked for Glen. She found him in his bedroom lying on his bed. She kneeled beside the bed and began to undo his belt. Glen just laid back and watched her. She was pretty drunk, and had some trouble with the zipper of his jeans. The fact that there was a huge bulge underneath the zipper didn’t help matters, as it was distracting to Sue. She couldn’t wait to feel it in her hands.

Once she had the zipper down, she unbuttoned the buttons on Glen’s shirt. Starting at the top, she slowly worked her way down until she had them all undone. Then she pulled the shirt to the side and looked at Glens’ body. He had a six pack, was very tan, and had nice muscles on his chest, with a small patch of blondish hair in the middle.

She bent down and began to kiss his nipples, slowly working her way down to the exposed boxers Glen was wearing. When she got to his waist, he lifted his hips off the bed and began to tug at the jeans, working them down past his hips. The bulge was now prominent. Sue tugged at the legs, helping Glen rid himself of the clothes. When she had them removed, she started to pull the elastic of the shorts down, but Glen stopped her. He sat up and removed his shirt completely, then reached over and began to unbutton Sue’s blouse.

The top few buttons were already undone from earlier, so there were only three more and her blouse came open. Sue quickly removed it and reached behind her and unhooked the three clasps of her black bra. She left it hanging, allowing Glen to slide the straps off her shoulders and down her arms, exposing her magnificient breasts to him.

Her aereolas were half dollar size, and her nipples were just starting to peek out. Sue’s nipples always took quite a bit of coaxing before they stood out. Glen reached over and gave one a little pinch, then canlı kaçak bahis leaned over and took her left tit in his mouth, kissing and licking the nipple.

“Ohhhh, that feels so good” Sue moaned, throwing her head back, giving Glen full access to her chest. “Don’t stop….”

Glen didn’t have to be told. He contunued to kiss and suck as he scooted closer and began to undo Sues’ button flys on her Levis. She was still kneeling on the floor beside the bed. She didn’t resist as Glen undid the buttons and began tugging at the waist of her jeans. Sue slid her thumbs in her waistband and helped. Her jeans pooled at her knees. She then lifted one leg, and tugged the jeans down and off. She did the same with the other leg, and then all she had on were her flower print panties.

At this point, Glen gently pulled Sue up on the bed. Sue resumed her caress of Glens humongus bulge. She had to find out what it would feel like. Still buzzed from the tequila and beer, she attacked the boxers like a ravenous wolf. She whipped ’em down, and out sprung the biggest, thickest cock she had seen in her young life.

She gasped! Then she just stared for a moment. Glen was enjoying the show. Sue reached out and began to stroke it. Her small hand could not reach all the way around. It would have taken about four of her hands to fully cover it from the base to the tip.

It felt firm and warm in her hands, yet it was pliable. She could bend it a little and there were thick blue veins running all through it. The head of it was larger in diameter than the main shaft, and was pinker in color. She noticed there was a large hole in the end, and a large drop of clearish liquid oozing out from it.

She felt the nut sack, kind of scratchy with Glens’ hair. The 2 balls within were large and felt heavy, but she was able to move them around inside the sack. This was the first time she had actually examined a guy’s nuts and was somewhat facinated by them.

She returned to the shaft, and with both hands, started to slowly rub the loose skin up and down over the stiff shaft. Glen reached for a nearby tube of lube he kept on the headboard of his bed, offered it to Sue, and said,

“Here, put this stuff on, you may thank me later.”

Sue took the tube and opened the end and squeezed a generous amount into the palm of her hand. It was cool to the touch. Then she began to coat the stiff shaft from the base to the tip, working her hands up and down slowly.

When it was evenly covered in the cool gel, she grabbed the tube and again filled the palm of one hand with the lube. Then she rubbed it right in the middle of her chest, coating the valley between her breasts. The coolness shocked her nipples and they stiffened even more.

Then Sue leaned in to Glen, and placed his long shaft between her warm soft tits and then squeezed her flesh together, enclosing the fuck stick in her softness. Moving her body up and down slowly, Glen watched as his dick would disappear between the mounds of her breasts, and then reappear as Sue would move her body.

As the swollen head of Glens’ dick would appear, Sue began to kiss and lick it. Glen moaned his approval, and began to move his hips in time to Sues movement, slowly tit-fucking those lucious mounds.

At one point, Sue released her boobs, and just started sucking the head of Glens humongeous penis. At the same time, she slipped her thumbs under the elastic band of her panties, and slipping them over hips, and down her legs, removed them completely.

She then positioned her knees on either side of Glens’ hips, and reaching down with one hand, guided the tip of Glens pulsing meat to the entrance of her wet snatch. She was so eager to feel the length of him inside her, once she had the tip of the slippery cock in position, she abruptly impaled herself with its full length.

Pausing to catch her breath, and to adjust to the size of the giant flesh now inside her, Sue then began to slowly fuck Glen, moving her hips away from his body as she rose up. This move made the contact between the ridge of Glens’ head and Sues’ g-spot more pronounced. In just a few strokes, Sue had worked herself up close to orgasm, her movements becoming more rapid, and her cunt clinching becoming more powerful and she got closer and closer.

Glen could sense her pleasure, and began to thrust in time to Sue’s gyrations. Soon, the two bodies were bucking wildly in unison, and the thunderous orgasm that rocked Sue’s body was far and away the most intense, longest lasting, best feeling one she had had in her life to that point.

She paused, trying to catch her breath, lying for a moment on Glens lean body. After a few moments, Glen rolled her over, and positioned her body perpendicular to the bed. He then stood next to the bed, and spread Sues’ legs wide, and stepped between them and placed his still raging cock at the entrance to her drenched pussy.

Pulling her ass to the edge of the bed, Glen fully entered her, pushing his balls right up next to her asshole. Then he began to pound into her, withdrawing all of his dick except for the head, and then slamming it home, again and again. He began to fuck her faster and faster, Sue’s tits bouncing across her chest in time to Glens’ thrusts.

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